Are Your Exp.erienced? Kumar Goes Ziney

This will be today's least of our Photoshop marvels.

Our second favourite Scots-Malaysian person of all time (behind Betty Boo), occasional-RPS contributor and general games journalist king Mat Kumar has done a zine. Exp. is “Intended to offer a different and defiantly print-orientated style of video game writing, the magazine takes the form of several experiential articles considering the games Mathew experienced from the 21st September to 25th October 2009 (though not in chronological order.) The articles aren’t reviews or critical essays, and are instead intended to reflect the thoughts had while playing”. Crikey! Lots more details here, plus ordering info for where you can put down your COLD HARD CASH. Of course, this isn’t the end of his recent extra-curricular activities. He also designed a cocktail for Ste Curran’s All-Tomorrow’s-Parties’ festival chalet, inspired by the famed incident where he crashed the ListenUP podcast whilst steamingly drunk, as described here.


DESCRIPTION: I don’t want to talk about boners; I want to talk about
feelings. This drink begins the madness.


1 shot vodka (any)
4 drops tabasco (at least. it must BURN.)


1. Put the tabasco into the vodka.
2. Toast Charles Barkley (IMPORTANT).
3. Slam drink.


Long Live The Party – Andrew W.K.


Rakehellish, unmuzzled, bezerk

Meanwhile, in PC games, other stuff happened.


  1. qrter says:

    That might’ve been the only episode of Listen Up actually worth listening to. Made me laugh, at the time.

  2. milko says:

    now I feel like my cocktail was a bit over-elaborate compared to that simple bolt of rocking out power.

  3. Martin Coxall says:

    Sounds a bit… NGJ.

    • AndrewC says:

      Vodka and Pepsi, right? It being basically the same as normal old Vodka and Coke.

  4. Martin Coxall says:

    1 part lighter fuel
    1 part kopparberg pair cider
    1 x bacon rasher to decorate

    • CMaster says:

      My mind boggles imagining the may things that pair cider could be made from.
      A pair of shoes, for example.

    • jsutcliffe says:

      @CMaster, a golden rule: always check your own spelling meticulously when picking on someone else’s.
      Also, it’s clearly a pair of kopparbergs. Or one part of one, which might just be a single kopparberg.

  5. diebroken says:

    That’s great, will check this out sometime.

    Lived in Penang for ~3 years between 89-91, great times – I’ll go back there one day…

  6. Junch says:

    Malaysians FTW! What can I say? (I am one too)

  7. Weylund says:

    So he writes “experiential” articles and makes up drinks? I assume you have a NGJ Dorothy Parker tucked away somewhere, writing scathing stories about your lifestyles.

    All seems a bit… masturbatory, doesn’t it? Next you’ll be having games developed around the themes you espouse… oh, wait. Although to be fair the (I think everyone agrees) excellent Penny Arcade can be said to have started that trend.

    Maybe Penny Arcade is your Dorothy Parker?


    • Riesenmaulhai says:

      “All seems a bit… masturbatory, doesn’t it?”
      And that is a bad thing?

      Besides: Not everybody agrees with Penny Arcade being excellent, but that might well be due to some strange foreign language/humour barrier I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

  8. Alex says:

    So this man is a Scotsman, yet I have to pay extra for shipping to the UK?
    I was so ready to cold-hard-cash this, too.

  9. mathew says:

    Thanks Gillen.

    When the exp. website is up properly, I should really make sure to put up some posts “bigging up” your comics, making sure to spell only half of your first name as you insist on doing for me

    (I love you really, Kie.)

  10. Ste says:

    Urrbody In The Club Gettin’ Tip Ste: One part vodka, one part malibu, one part haribo, one part pineapple, one part terror. Amazing.

  11. Baris says:

    Jesus, it was horrible listening to the pure idiocy half the cast of that podcast displayed. If I was in Matthews position I would have walked out halfway through the damn thing.

    • mathew says:

      Technically I did. I still demand a re-match against Robert Ashley when I’m sober. I will DESTROY HIM (with words)

      (and then karate kicks to his FACE)

  12. Baris says:

    You deserve that re-match. Also, bit of a shame that you did leave, I think you could have added some great counter-points to the conversation that followed.

  13. Luckylad says:

    Okay… this is oddly specific.
    His name is Mat Kumar
    His 2 races are scottish and malaysian

    Me and my roomates name are
    Matt and Kumaar Respectively
    Our two races are german and Indian

    I like things with alchohol
    He likes things with spice

    And this guy offers vodka and tabasco….

  14. Munken says:

    You are a fantastic drunk. I also love that even while obviously pissed Robert Ashley still sounds incredibly stoned and/or like a member of the Meat Puppets. The Love guy also sounds like he has some serious problems with his girlfriend.

  15. hmm says:

    The people up in arms about a drunk person on a videogame podcast in that neogaf thread are really embarassing.

  16. avocet says:

    For some reason I read:


    Too much 4chan for methinks.