Cannon Canon: Guns Of Icarus

Veterans of our adventures in Air Buccaneers will understand why I was excited to discover airship-defence game Guns Of Icarus, which is web-based 3D combat thingy with both multiplayer and single player campaign aspects. The basic “lite” version allows you to play through a limited version of the game, which gives you a taste of the aeronautical antics. I’ve not braved the multiplayer as yet, but I’m a little disappointed by how far away the sky-pirates remain from your aerial cargo-ship. Running around manning the guns is fun, and the tech-tree progression gives you something to aim for, but a genuine successor to Air Buccaneers, I suspect, remains the stuff of optimistic dreams.


  1. Army of None says:

    Which is a damn shame, because Air Buccaneers was brilliant. Played it once at a LAN party, was the craziest/most awesome thing… this flash game is interesting, not bad, but it’s no Air Buccaneers.

  2. DMJ says:

    Air Buccaneers can’t possibly strike twice. It’s like expecting someone to spontaneously invent Marmite. Again.

  3. Senethro says:

    We should have a 1 year RPS Airbucs reunion.

  4. Gibius says:

    I still have Air Buccaneers installed. Let’s play it, or summets.

  5. oceanclub says:

    Yes, let’s play! I missed the last MP session and was highly disappointed.


  6. matte_k says:

    This reminds me a hell of a lot of Project Nomads…

  7. Matt says:

    Air Bucs was an awesome time. Count me in for playing again… if ever.

  8. DarkNoghri says:

    Totally missed out on Air Buccaneers last time. I think I was out of town, or some such. Would totally join in, if possible.

  9. Stromko says:

    I’ve tried out Guns of Icarus before. Its campaign system is frankly rather terrible, especially if you haven’t purchased the premium version.

    The game play itself isn’t too bad, it plays fast and loose enough … but I really can’t forgive it for my experience. After finishing the tutorial level it gave me two options, one path was Hard and one Normal. I decided I’d go ahead and take the Hard path. Got through it the first time, well enough that I could afford some upgrades. Hooray! Then I find out that both paths after that are for Premium users only– I turned back, and found that the upgrades I earned were gone. Not only that but I failed to successfully make the return journey 11 times. Whether it was just more difficult, or I couldn’t do it without the benefit of beginner’s luck, I have no idea, but I entirely ran out of patience.

    The campaign is built on the theme that you’re some sort of freelance sky captain that makes money ferrying goods from place to place, but in fact it is an entirely linear experience. You can’t go back and forth, you can’t go sideways, the only way it will take into account your upgraded ship is if you keep going straight ahead. I’d see that as rather a missed opportunity on making a decent meta-game to prop up the slightly sparse action and presentation.

  10. roryok says:

    could be getting ahead of things here but an air buccaneers style game that overcomes any shortcomings this has could be the next project after the RPS game (if the former is successful)

  11. damien says:

    i’m trying to find someone, anyone, who has played this game.

    i suspect i am about to become my own guinea pig in a moment…

  12. Andrew Mao says:

    I just put up an ABu server at ut2004:// and I will leave it up indefinitely until we get this community going again! Please play, ask your friends to play, and e-mail me!