Borderlands’ Dr Ned Will See You Now

The Zombie Island Of Dr Ned, Borderlands’ first piece of downloadable content, is now available. You can get it here (link dead at time of writing, which is a lot of use…) for retail versions of the game, and here for the Steam version. I’m not sure about other digi-download versions, but I’d assume the retail patch will work? Any ideas about that, comment below. I’ll have a play and report back if it’s worth paying the $10/£6.30. Trailer below.


  1. Sly Boots says:


    Just what I needed to freshen up a game I’ve played a lot, but gotten a bit bored with recently.

  2. Tunips says:

    The DLC comes with activation limits and SecuROM, and is $13US in Australia. Good work, 2k. Borderlands has demonstrated your dedication to the PC platform time and time again.

    • JuJuCam says:

      You probably managed to snag the full game before they “corrected” the Steam price to US$80 like I did. (I even got the 10% preorder discount for a resultant price of US$45). I guess $12 is about right given that ratio.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      2K wouldn’t sink so low as to get back at people who paid the advertised (and reasonable) price would they…. oh wait, maybe they would.

  3. CMaster says:

    Waiting on a patch to fix interface issues (keyboard/mouse dissonance etc) and bizzare graphics issue with dynamic shadows before giving them more money.

    Also, while I realise that the original game had too little copy protection (IE none at all. The lack of even a CD key or similar means that pirates and cheaters can’t be banned from online play) limited activations in a DLC, especially when bought over steam is just erm, bizzare.

    • Toby says:

      If you haven’t tried it already alt-tabbing in and out solved the shadow-lines problem for me, though I hear that’s not a cure for everyone…

    • CMaster says:

      The shadow-lines is a weird one. Alt-tabbing can (but not always) cause it.
      Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t.
      All around pretty weird, and pretty irritating.

    • Chris R says:

      Disable Shadows in the options, then alt-tab out. Then go back into the game, turn shadows back on, and it should be fixed. Works every time for me.

  4. Tei says:

    I was about to buy the expansion pack, but the news that include a activation limit is deal break for me. I was about to install it, play a while, and uninstall the whole game. Now, I don’t want to waste “activations”. Limit activation = renting, If I am renting your expansion pack, or game, best give me a good deal. If you buy a MMORPG is 50$, but if you rent it for a month is about $15. If I rent your expansion pack for 3 installations, give me a price that is 1/5 of the price a “Own forever” version. If a “own forever” expansion pack is $20, this expansion sould cost $4.

    Fair prices result on good bussines, If you try to screw the other side, you will kill the whole commerce thing and people will not buy from you on the future. (note to self: Stop playing M.U.L.E. )

    • Tei says:

      wait… is just 9€…

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Note to self: Oh well, with no DLC to play now, I’ll have time to install M.U.L.E.

    • bookwormat says:

      @Tei: Amen

      A company has the right to sell its product in every way they want, but they need to adjust the prices to the offer. $10 for a 5 activation pack is too much for me. I personally buy a single activation for $2.

      What really makes me angry (yes, ANGRY) is that companies try to get away with this by keeping the DRM as secret as possible. They write something about 5 activations in a tiny font below the offer and then the offer you to “buy DLC” for a price they used to charge for a real purchase.

      For someone who reads forums about videogames, this is not much of a problem. But for the average consumer, buying PC games becomes a nearly inaccessible task, because nobody explains them what the deal is about.

      For the borderlands addon, I’m also completely clueless of how the DRM works: Is there a deauthorization tool? Can I globally deauthorize my copy at any time and get all my activations back? Will I get a huge warning before I run out of activations so I can run global deauth tool and reset the count?

      Literally, “5 concurrent activations” means that i can activate a product sequential as often as I want. But i guess that’s not it.

  5. TehOg says:

    May have bought it, if my friends game didnt crash like a mofo, stunting our progress (dont see the point in me playing if he aint because of the constant crashing). Gotta love PC gaming when issues that make no sense appear (nothing overheating in his system, cleanly formatted with issue still coming up, other people in forums saying the game crashes for them, yet not for others with the same specs, ATI taking 10 years with drivers, patches that do nothing). Probably would of been best to get the 360 version (or not bothered at all).

    • Sacred_flame101 says:

      i had a problem that sounds similar to the one described .Check the ram with Windows Memory Diagnostic and check that there are no errors , my computer had a problem with 2 sticks of ram being in it so try taking one out and see if that fixes it

  6. Alphabet says:

    I bought it too. I loved the game in its original incarnation. Do any of you know what level character is appropriate for the DLC? I know they scale the levels, but I’m sure there’s a sweet spot. My Siren is level 36 and that’s probably too high, right? Might restart as a soldier….

    • Sacred_flame101 says:

      it seams that it will scale to your level as pointed out here:

      link to

    • Sacred_flame101 says:

      it seems that it will scale to your level as pointed out here:

      link to

    • Dave says:

      I went into it at level 48, but everything is around level 42-44 so far and presents no challenge. Perhaps in “Playthrough 2.5” the level increase makes it more interesting, but I seem to have hit it at the worst possible level… it’s a cakewalk. An amusing one though.

    • Chris R says:

      If you’re on play through 2.5 (beat the main quest on the second play through), the zombies are level 50 or 51 and a bit tougher, but not by much. Try using a weapon type you normally wouldn’t use, it’ll make the game tough again. For example, I’m a shotgun zerker guy, and my pistol proficiency is level 10, so I’m using a lame old pistol I picked up to kill zombies. Great fun until you run into a badass. :)

  7. Mads says:

    €8 in the european tier 2 on steam, I’ll pass and forget this disgrace of a console port.

  8. MonkeyMonster says:

    woohoo – and there I was pondering what to do on sunday morning while recovering from a no doubt rather harsh hangover…

  9. derFeef says:

    Activation limit for a DLC pack? Yeah right, throw some more dirt on the PC gamers Gearbox.

  10. The Sombrero Kid says:

    WARNING: you need to get the dlc from the same place you bought the game, therefore if you got the game from direct2drive you need to wait.

  11. Vandelay says:

    I would be interested in this, but I’m still waiting on my copy of Borderlands to arrive from CD-WOW. Been waiting since their despatch e-mail on the 23rd November.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Hmmm…the usually fast delivery is getting delayed… must be Christmas coming! :D
      On a serious note, though…I’m personally waiting for The Saboteur from GAME to arrive..sniff…dang, couldn’t have they get they presents earlier, damnit?

  12. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Oh good. More zombies. Haven’t played anything with zombies in it for at least 10 minutes.

  13. Dante says:

    I haven’t gone back to Borderlands since Dragon Age was released, can anyone tell me if they’ve actually fixed the online play by now? No matter what I did, I simply could not connect to a game before.

    • CMaster says:

      If you were trying to connect to random public games then it isn’t your fault, it is the players at the other end (hell, even with friend’s games it is likley their fault). Hosts need for port foward for the game to work (this isn’t unusal. See any of Valve’s games for similar examples). It’s best played with friends anyway – the couple of public games I’ve hosted/joined have had people with blatantly hacked weapons in.
      I won’t say that is beyond possibility for gearbox to fix this – GPG/Stardock did with Demigod. However I will say that port fowarding is a sad reality that we will probably have to put up with. Still, nothing stopping you doing the port fowarding (should take you 10 minutes or so) and hosting games yourself.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      it’s unusual for a game not to use dedicated servers which is were the problems came from, in this case though why they didn’t use dedicated servers is totally understandable and acceptable.

    • Dante says:

      I was actually trying to host a game for friends, and yes I did forward the ports (which incidentally I’ve never once had to do for a Valve game, even though I always host a local server for Left4Dead.

      The connection issue threads seem to have slipped down the support forum, so I guess either it works now or people stopped caring about those like me who haven’t been able to play the game they spent their hard earned cash on.

      You know, I don’t think I’ve ever once successfully played anything through Gamespy, it makes games for windows live look good in comparison.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      there was a bug with ports not getting opened, were you needed to host a public game, then log out and host a private game or something to get it to work which has been fixed since.

    • CMaster says:

      I’ve had no probnelms since fowarding ports and neither have any of my friends. I’d suggest something went wrong somewhere along the line for you there. Of course, for some people port fowarding isn’t possible.

      You need to foward ports for any Valve game expcept L4D. L4D “works” without port fowarding, but my experience of it was any non-dedi game, was horribly, horribly laggy, regardless of the spec of the person running the game or the width of their connection.

    • Vandelay says:

      Back when I had a mate that lived in Uni halls, we used to always play L4D with him hosting the game. Never had any lag problems.

    • Erlam says:

      “(this isn’t unusal. See any of Valve’s games for similar examples).”

      The last time I tried to play with three of my friends, none of us could connect to eachother, even after port forwarding.

      The Interesting thing is we had just finished playing both L4D2 and TF2, neither of which required aforementioned port forwarding.

      After removing the port forwards, L4D2, TF2, L4D1, Diablo 2, WoW, and various other smaller games worked fine for all four of us.

      Why do so many people say that ‘all you have to do is port forward,’ and chide people for not knowing how because ‘you’ve had to do it with PC gaming forever.’ Really? Because since the LATE NINETIES I’d actually forgotten how to do it because no game before Borderlands forced me to do so.

      So now I’m non-port-forwarded and playing every other game I’ve ever bought on Steam or at Retail just fine. Fuck, we even played Rainbow Six, Rogue Goddamn Spear with eachother without any of that crap.

    • Jad says:

      Playing Quake/Quakeworld back in 1997 was easier than this. And hell — I used Gamespy/Quakespy back then! And it had more options to filter the games, favorite servers, search for who’s online than Borderlands does today! What the hell happened?

    • Wisq says:

      Wasn’t GameSpy just a server browser back then? It scanned a bunch of servers and launched the game when you selected one. And even then, it was nowhere near as good as the services that did server-side filtering so you didn’t have to probe ten thousand servers to find the fifty you might be interested in.
      Now that they’re trying to actually integrate it into the games, it seems to have gotten even worse. For example: Here I am playing singleplayer, not thinking or caring about GameSpy one bit, and it interrupts my game to tell me I’ve lost my GameSpy connection and ask if I want to reconnect. Mildly annoying, but whatever. I hit “yes”, it starts to reconnect (takes several seconds), and then I realise OH GOD IT DIDN’T PAUSE THE GAME. So apparently GameSpy decided that Borderlands wasn’t difficult enough and added a “blind the player at critical moments” feature, then?
      Right, so next time, when presented with the same message box, I say “no”. Problem solved, right? Well, sure, except now I’m logged out. I can’t see what my GameSpy friends are doing, and worse, there’s no in-game option anywhere to log back in. So they didn’t think I might want a “log back in” button on that little message box telling me I need to be logged in to do things? Instead, I have to save and exit to the main menu, log in from there, and reenter the game at my last save station. Um, thanks.
      Never liked GameSpy — the product, the site, anything. And every time I’ve happily forgotten about them, they find some other way to annoy me.

  14. El_MUERkO says:

    bought last night, waiting for friends to get it so we can coop :D

  15. latedave says:

    Flatmate and I have been playing Borderlands pretty much to destruction since I ‘borrowed’ it off a mate and its seriously good fun with friends. Island of Dr Ned is a laugh but be wary of enemies scaling up, we’re 48 and 47 and there’s very little in the way of challenge although blowing up zombie does of course have its perks…

    Oh and does anyone know if the electric shock stuff they tell you about at the start actually does anything to the zombies as we’ve tested on a few and nada so far

  16. SomeCallMeDave says:

    Borderlands just didn’t captivate me, the wall of text story delivery and the go here, collect/kill this style of missions made it so damn boring! Its only saving grace is the weapons system in my books
    This DLC will need to pull alot of tricks out the bag for it to be worth buying IMO

  17. Joseph says:

    USD $13 for some DLC that I will have to buy again after 5 PC upgrades? To be polite about this: fuck off, gearbox, you slimy douchebags.

    • Joseph says:

      Love from Australia.

    • Ubiquitous says:

      I suspect 2K’s shenanigans are more to blame than Gearbox’s.

      But yeah, Aus/NZ price hike is annoying as all buggery.

  18. mitch says:

    Any activation limit at any price = no buy. I’ve bought it, if I want to play it in 10 years then I expect to be able to. Gearbox can go ef-you-see-kay themselves; I ain’t touching this until the activation limit is gone.

  19. Torgen says:

    Regarding the initial connection issues: Even with ports forwarded on my router, I could not get a game to host reliably (maybe 20% success rate). Did the “host public game then you can host private game” hack for a day, then started using Game Ranger. The first PC patch fixed things for my and my friends, and we haven’t had problems since.

    As far as the DLC, it sounds like Gearbox released the game, and someone said “Didn’t you put the DRM in?” “I thought YOU put the DRM in!” “Oh shi we’re going to be pirated to death! What will we do?”

    “I know! Quick, make a couple of zombie levels, and we’ll put the DRM on that! We’ll release it as DLC!”

    Then someone higher up decided hell, we can charge for it, too!

  20. Popular Energy Drink says:

    Poor PC support by Gearbox, 2K’s utter bollocks, an overly boring game and Securom makes for a no-buy. Not supporting that mess.

  21. Dave says:

    I am a big fan of Borderlands and have been playing it every day since its PC release. (I am not a big fan of the second class citizenship PC gamers seem to have, but that doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the game itself.)

    That said… the DLC is kind of disappointing. I’ve started into it with a level 48 siren, and all the zombies are in the level 42-44 range and provide no challenge whatsoever. If I’d waited until clearing the Vault on the second playthrough, maybe they’d have gotten a boost to level 51 and become worthy opponents.

    The area is oddly quiet. Nobody is yelling or shooting at you. The majority of zombies are slow, weak melee fighters, which mostly serve to demonstrate why L4D uses fast zombies. They’re hard to see in the swamp, which would have presented a bit of tension if not for the other balance problems. There are too many empty places with no enemies at all.

    There are no vehicles or fast-travel points that I’ve found so far.

    On the bright side, the sense of humor is still there, maybe more so than in any other area of the game.

    • Zerotime says:

      I’ll second everything Dave said, except:

      1) I was level 50 when I played, and it was still way too easy.
      2) I pretty much only keep my PC around for Russian stuff like Stalker and Cryostasis that’ll never make a console release, and I suppose for Diablo 3/Starcraft 2/Episode 3 on the off-chance that they ever see a release date, so I got to play this like a week ago on the 360, without the DRM and the like.
      3) Corrosive and electricity-based weapons are totally useless in the DLC. Yeah, take that, Lillith.

  22. Niels Walta says:

    I ordered it two days before you and it just arrived in the mail this morning. Don’t think that’ll be any indication though… I’ve had frequent delays with anything from CD-Wow.

    • Niels Walta says:

      … that was meant to be a reply at Vandelay. I’m surprised it didn’t show up there.

    • Vandelay says:

      Cheers for the info. I’m not really that worried yet; overseas deliveries often require patience. What did annoy me was their rather optimistic delivery estimate of 5-7 days.

  23. Tei says:

    The DRM on the expansion is weird. More because It could be just a bunch of files, so maybe the DRM is on the installer, but If you backup the files, or use a *cough* backup version *cough* It may work.

    Why was the dude of Gearbox was angry with Steam? maybe he planned from the start to use Steam, but the prices of Steam are expensive, so he changed opinion to use the GameSpy cheaper system??? It smell like that. Is weird to use something like GameSpy for a game that is designed for 4 players coop. It screems STEAM in every byte. Also, the GameSpy implementation is awnfull (is getting slighty better, methinks) so maybe is a “last minute change” or was contracted to the “low bidder”.

    Now… a expanion with DRM. Lunatic. The $50 game, that can connect and play everywhere, unprotected, and $9 files, protected. It don’t make sense. More… using a unfair system that will make some people angry (some, before the buy, others… in a distant or no-so-distant future wen the installer fucked your 5 lives, and you end with zero installations left).

    Some companys seems to do everything right, and others like GearBox seems to chew a mix of bull shit and crack.

  24. suibhne says:

    I was set to buy this until I noticed the lifetime limit of 5 activations. That is, to put it bluntly, sheer bullshit on a game that I purchased over Steam. It’s also utterly weird. I really, truly hope that the DLC is an abject failure on the PC.

  25. Thermal Ions says:

    Borderlands on Steam for me, so no DLC as long as it’s got this 5 limit activation.

    Also just to note that on Steam (possibly some other digital services, I don’t know) the DLC once purchased becomes part of your Borderlands install, so not only does the DLC have the install limits but you can no longer install just the core Borderlands game without the DLC and its activation limits. Check the statement on the DLC tab in Borderlands properties window.

  26. VHATI says:

    ill play the expansion, but i wont buy it now because i dont like being treated like a criminal, or like getting repeatedly lied to by a company.

    Just wait for it to be cracked. Wont be long. So they will have wasted all that money protecting it from pirates, but it will be cracked just like everything else. So now pirates get all the benefits, but paying customers are screwed over again.

    No thanks.

  27. Bleeters says:

    Inevitably the case with pretty much every DRM, ever. The concept that people are less likely to actually pay for things that are far, far more trouble to actually play than a downloaded version is one companies don’t seem eager to grasp.

    Anyhoo, zombies. Snore. Won’t be buying this one either way.

  28. Marty Dodge says:

    OMG Zombies… how incredibly original.

  29. Wedge says:

    I dubbed the whole game a failure because the shitty PC portiness aside, the job they did with the “RPG” numbers bit of the game is an absolute fucking travesty. The idiotic and senseless level/damage scaling and the lack of a remotely decent loot system kind of ruined the game, youl’d be a fool to think they’ve fixed anything with this when their focus is squarely on cashing in on some more consolerific DLC. At least Bethesda had the dignity to still release the SDK for FO3 on PC…

  30. Goody says:

    I was excited about it, but upon playing it with my two usual borderlands friends, I have severe lag/connection issues, not to mention chests and barrels were rendered invisible, and eventually I couldn’t even see enemies and friends either. Can’t play until they fix all of the issues. :/

  31. Jeremy says:

    It’s nice to see how a little DRM can bring everyone together.

  32. Blather Blob says:

    So how big is “5 New Areas to Explore”? Is it 5 new areas + dungeons, or are they counting dungeons as part of the 5? Only about as big as the tutorial up until you get the cars and can jump the ramp, or more like up into the rust fields?

    Either way, with more DLC already on the horizon I think I’m going to wait for some sort of collection / GOTY edition to get it all.

  33. torchedEARTH says:

    Sorry I was playing Codern Warfare 2, a real game without annoying mission bugs. What were you saying?

  34. TotalBiscuit says:

    Securom = no sale. Made that mistake with the original retail release of Mass Effect and ended up with a game that wouldn’t run.

  35. JohnB says:

    Like someone mentioned, it does shite all for those of us with high level characters. My lvl 49 berserker takes things out with one shot for a pithy 2 XP. Not so fun. Will go back and play it with a new character, probably get some co-op in for maximum fun-age. The humor in the DLC is great!

    Can’t be arsed to complain about the DRM. I’ll probably change my tone when I upgrade my rig and can’t reinstall.

    • Starky says:

      At which point you just download the crack from gamecopyworld and continue to play as per normal (online and everything) given it has no account/serial online protection.

      I returned my copy for a refund (thanks to a shrink wrapper I own “It’s unopened, give me a refund thanks”) and can still play it when I want (which at the moment is “never”) – I’ll re-buy it when they release a game of the year version with all the DLC included or steam has a crazy sale (less than £10).

      It’s a fun game, but if ever a game screamed “weekend rental” it is Borderlands.

  36. A-Scale says:

    Few times have I seen a worse effort than the lame ass covering of almost all NPC mouths to mask the lack of facial animation and voice work.

  37. Count Elmdor says:

    F this S. While I enjoyed Borderlands’ core gameplay, the slap-dash job they did on the PC port is shameful, and zombies are done to death.

  38. The Dark One says:

    Note that the 1GB 1.1.0 patch they’re releasing doesn’t provide any bug-fixes. It’s there just to set up a framework for the DLC.

  39. archonsod says:

    It’s $9.99. That’s cheaper than a cinema ticket and far more value for money.

    Although admittedly, given the output of the modern movie industry paying $1 to have someone come around and staple your bollocks to a chair offers more value for money and probably less pain too. And they won’t expect you to re mortgage your house for the world’s smallest hotdog.

  40. malkav11 says:

    Glad I read this. Activation limits are always a no sale for me, and particularly peculiar on DLC.

  41. Chris R says:

    Activation Limits, SecurROM, whatever. All I know is my coop group of 4 is really enjoying this DLC pack. I spend $10 a day on lunch, and this will entertain me for quite some time.

    Do yourself a favor and either get to Playthrough 2.5 (beat the main quest again on the second playthrough) so that all the enemies will rescale to level 50 and 51. The game will still be too easy, so use a secondary weapon that you wouldn’t normally ever use. I’m a shotgun guy, and I’m using a revolver I picked up randomly. In 4 player coop it’s a hectic and frantic time we encounter a group of zombies, since we’re not doing that much damage.

    Loving the cheeky humor of this thing too, pretty funny stuff. The hacked claptrap is great.

  42. Corbie says:

    Note that the DLC scales to the *point of the main quest you are at* NOT the level you are. So for example if you just killed Krom and you are level 28 then the Zombies start at level 30-31, however if you are level 30 and just into New Haven then its going to be a huge cakewalk. So go do the core quests in the main game and go back till you get a challenge.

    5 installs isnt great but you can’t beat a game that allows you to harvest brains!

    So there.

  43. Buzko says:

    longtime lurker, etc.

    @CMaster: the way I fixed that horizontal line shadows issue was to force Vertical Sync to be on through my graphics card’s control panel. I’d done the .ini file editing but it wasn’t making a difference. For NVIDIA, it’s NVIDIA Control Panel > 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings tab > Vertical Sync > Force on > Apply.

    @2K: fuck you, your DRM and your price-gouging. I love the game (USD 45 preorder ftw), but there is absolutely no reason this should be more expensive in Australia: you’ve got no retailers to keep parity with. It’s DLC, you morons!