On The Radar: Arma II DLC Plans

Bohemia have announced some new, free DLC for Arma II. It’s a new campaign in which you play as the pilot of an attack helicopter, after the events of Arma II.

The “Eagle Wing“ mini-campaign expands upon one of the seven unique endings of the original ARMA 2 over two extensive new levels; It’s the year 2012, the war in Chernarus has overgrown into a conflict between the USA and the Russian Federation. The player finds themselves caught in the middle of an escalating conflict. As a pilot of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, the player’s task seems easy – to get behind enemy lines and attack. However the situation is about to change rapidly…

The campaign will come as a new patch, v1.05, due at the end of this month. The patch will introduce some diplomacy options for the strategic “warfare” mode, making a ludicrously ambitious game even more so.


  1. Jon says:

    I´ll take this chance and reask a question:

    Is the campaign still broken? I remember playing to an awsome open ended mission, that was basically unbeatable.
    I´d like to finish it one day.

    • Dominic White says:

      @Jon – It’s a serious ‘YMMV’ deal. There were people managing to beat the campaign with minimum trouble just a week or two after launch, wheras some folks still can’t make any headway in it even to this day. And yes, a lot of the patches have addressed campaign issues, but there’s so many moving parts that if something slips, everything just kinda breaks.

      It sounds like these two ‘missions’ will actualy be of the huge nonlinear variety as in the ArmA2 campaign. If so, that’s pretty great.

    • Antlia says:


      Just press Left Shift + Num – for a while and write “endmission” (without quotes). You will not see the text, because this is not the console.

    • Jon says:

      Problem is that the mission is really cool and I want to finnish it “the real” way, though I guess its better then never finnishing the game.

    • Pl4t0 says:

      I’ve managed to make it to the “Badlands” mission, as well as put hundreds of hours into the editor and missions that I’ve created (albeit, with the most recent patch), and I mean probably hundreds of hours, with the only significant bugs being a few crashes here and there. The patches addressed almost every single one of my issues, and I’m sure that 1.05 will probably clear up any ones that you’ve still got floating around, from what it sounds like.

      In a word: Yes. You can get through it just fine – it’s just a roll of the dice.

  2. Weylund says:

    As far as I can tell, yes, the campaign is still horribly broken. I was playing it with the latest patch this week and… shudder. They clearly have some bizarre form of Developer ADD over there – they seem to spend more time developing bullshit updates than fixing their damned game.

    Sorry. I actually *have* to finish the campaign for something, and it’s killing me.

    • KP says:

      I’m curious what the “broken” part is?

    • Weylund says:

      That’s an excellent question. Have you played through the campaign with the most recent patches? Enemies appear from nowhere (as in, from places where I *just* was). Friendly vehicles and soldiers routinely shoot or run over my men, which immediately ends the missions. My soldiers follow orders (and me) when they feel like it. Mission objectives appear well before the “orders” to get to them come through.

      Granted, it isn’t as bad as it was with 1.01 (where totally random crap was broken and missions ended when they felt like it)… but it’s pretty bad.

  3. RGS says:

    There was a patch to address the mouse lag issue a while back, can anyone (who was previously experiencing this) confirm that it’s now gone?

    This is the only thing holding me back from getting the game.


    • hmm says:

      @RGS: I had crippling mouse lag and couldn’t play the game at all. The beta patch has basically fixed it completely for me. I still detect a minor amount with some larger weapons, but it’s along the lines of Arma I or OFP and relatively minor. Worth a try.

    • RGS says:

      Thanks man. I had problems with ArmA also, but I’ll give ArmA 2 a try now. Thanks for the reply.

      Fingers crossed it’ll do the trick!

  4. robrob says:

    Is that FLIR in the trailer? I thought that was coming with the expansion.

    Also is this really DLC? It seems too free and substantial to be tarnished with the DLC brush.

  5. Bananaphone says:

    I don’t get it…to whom do I give my money for this DLC?

  6. Dominic White says:

    Oh, to anyone coming back to ArmA2 after a hiatus, there hasn’t been a major patch release in a while. Don’t worry, though. That’s just because they’ve been putting out a ton of smaller ones under their beta patch header:

    link to arma2.com

    Get the latest one. The changelog from the last major release to the current beta is huge.

    • Jim says:

      Will this affect joining servers not running the beta patch though?

    • Dominic White says:

      I’m fairly sure that current beta patches are all backwards-compatible to the last major release, but almost everyone is running beta anyway so it shouldn’t matter too much.

    • Walsh says:

      The beta patches basically work like a mod. It works well in implementation, you can still have your vanilla game and beta at the same time, just need a seperate shortcut with the appropriate command switches for the beta.

    • Walsh says:

      Here’s some info on how to install/run the betas

      link to bistudio.com

      link to forums.bistudio.com

  7. Jim says:

    You’re beautiful. Already I see stuff in those patch logs that I’ve wanted to be fixed for ages.

  8. Jeeva says:

    Ahh, awesome- Thanks Dominic.

    Also the DLC sounds nice. =)

  9. fucrate says:

    Has performance for the singleplayer improved at all? I remember being able to play the big multiplayer mods fairly well, but the campaign with it’s rain effects and all would just drag my fairly impressive pc down into the mud.

  10. Paul says:

    New 1.05 will improve performance.

  11. Cooper says:

    It’s odd that lots of people have exactly the same response to this as I did when reading. i.e: Is the single player fixed already?

    I’ve been thinking of getting ArmA II, but was waiting until i could be sure I wasn’t getting a (too) broken game.

    The assumption seems to be that, if you’re confident releasing DLC to expand the single player, the developers must be confident and comfortable with the quality of the original. Is that too much of an assumption to make in this case?

  12. Gap Gen says:

    I think that this sort of thing is a good idea. ArmA always needed a more focused story-driven campaign, with ArmA’s campaign being too scatter-shot and ArmA II’s being too confusing and broken. I’d love more mini-campaigns with different focuses, perhaps one with tanks or an infantry one with less RPG-elements and more large-scale action.

  13. Starky says:

    I got this game in the steam sale and it is pretty good – not ran into too many game breaking bugs in the single player (I’m on the last mission I think, Dogs of War) – a couple of crashes and a few annoying issues (mainly the HDR), along with a few mods to fix various issues (like the sickening motion blur) and it’s holding okay.

    I’m going to try the beta patch, assuming it works on the steam version.

  14. owen says:

    YES! Thank you! I didn’t know these existed.

    Agree 100% with Jim;

    me commanding a squad: “IM PRONE!!! COPY MY STANCE!!!”
    my squad (In Danger Mode and told by me to be prone) standing in a field “2 is hit! 2 is DOWN!”

  15. owen says:

    YES! Thank you! I didn’t know these existed.

    Agree 100% with Jim;

    me commanding a squad: “IM PRONE!!! COPY MY STANCE!!!”
    my squad (In Danger Mode and told by me to be prone) standing in a field “2 is hit! 2 is DOWN!”

    Do they work with the Steam copy?

    • Walsh says:

      They do work in Steam. I use Steam and have the beta running successfully, there’s a workaround if it fails to install in the links above.

  16. ChaK_ says:

    I just wish I would have the 2020’s rig to play it right.

  17. yaofpfan says:

    The campaign is a side-project of a BI developer. It was supposed to feature a Comanche from a 3rd party addon and be released separately. Guess the Bohemia guys convinced him to use the Apache and release it officially.
    link to forums.bistudio.com

  18. GoldenNugget says:

    Yay I love BIS! I was just happy with all the beta patch work done and they’re adding stuff on top of all that work for free? Nice.

  19. hmrf says:

    Yay! Finally some more flying! The campaign really lacked flying..

  20. MWoody says:

    I feel like we need a different name than DLC for free updates. The term “DLC”, while technically correct, has been so tarnished by (smart) people badmouthing for-pay add-ons that it’s almost libelous to paste that label on a company doing it right.

  21. Isometric says:

    This is most excellent to hear. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to throw myself back into Arma II and this looks like it.

  22. WilPal says:



  23. Soobe says:

    Flying ‘elli-copters has been one of the least enjoyable parts for me. Too darn hard. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to suit up and practice.

    • Starky says:

      Use a controller and it suddenly becomes fun and fairly easy.
      I recommend the 360 controller, ARMA 2 fully supports it, though you’ll probably want to rebind it to your preference.

      I much prefer it over using my Joystick, mainly because it is faster and easier to switch between mouse & keyboard and controller.

      Perfect solution for anyone who’s not a hardware nutter – you know those ‘people’ who spend a fortune on the sim hardware: joystick, pedals, track IR, steering wheel, testicle tickler, rumble chair so on so forth.

  24. MadMatty says:

    A bugfix praise Thor!
    I havent bothered to play even the 1.04 patch since it was still horribly bugged. Bohemia should be ashamed of themselves releasing the game in such a ramshackle state- still i forgive them because of their ambitousness – and then ONLY if 1.05 has some serious stability improvements!
    The multiplayer and mission editor seems cool as f*ck!

  25. reindall says:

    ARMA II is great. Or rather, it will be great WHEN THEY FIX THE GODDAMN BUGS. Don’t work on the DLC, work on making your game playable. I mean, the “Receiving…” error has been there for ages.

  26. jackflash says:

    Hells yeah! I love this game, bugs and all.

  27. ourdreamsoffreedom says:

    ArmA 2 and BIS are such a joke. They even break more things between patches than they fix. I swear to god, every time I reinstall and patch it the game has more glitches. Moreover, their every game has more bugs, and their games always have all the bugs back that they managed to fix in the previous game’s patches. It’s mind boggling, considering all they’ve managed to improve since OFP has been the graphics, much to the detriment of every other aspect.

    There are literally hundreds of volunteers working on reporting, testing, reproducing, fixing and retesting bugs for BIS, doing BIS’s job as much as they can without access to the full source code, but BIS proceeds at a snail’s pace.

    It’s like there’s one guy at BIS working on fixing the mess during his lunch break or something.

    It’s so frustrating. You can see that ArmA 2 would such an great game, the game to replace all games. If only it worked even remotely as advertised.

    • RasdenFasden says:

      What are you talking about? The beta patches have added such insane performance boosts and AI improvements that the game is now superbly playable and smooth even when the number of objects and units is absolutely nuts.

    • Dominic White says:

      Just ignore him. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen him being angry in every ArmA2 related thread lately.

  28. Bassem B. says:

    Did anyone else think they said “Ew, Eagle Wing” at the end of that video?

  29. nobody says:

    Patch is out. The bonus mini-campaign was quite nice. EW does not stand only for Eagle Wing, play it and you’ll see.