Vroomosity: New Need For Speed Shift Demo


Games with cars. As far as I’m concerned, none were released this year. Why? Because I didn’t play any. Except those which involve shooting whilst driving in cars, and they don’t count, because guns are more important than cars in terms of ludographic taxonomy. So here isn’t a second demo of a game which didn’t come out this year, which doesn’t include a car which wasn’t in the first demo. And that car isn’t called a Falken Tire Porsche GT3 RSR. You can’t get this non-existant demo from here, find out about a 10 dollars off voucher for EA’s store to buy it over here or watch footage beneath the cut.

Solipsism is the best! Or at least, that’s what I think, and that’s all that matters.


  1. Mister Hands says:

    Man, I hate it when games journalism gets overly negative. Do you see?

  2. Richard Clayton says:

    The video is actually advertising the new free DLC and patch for NFS:Shift released a few days ago which is also really useful to know (even if the post didn’t expicitly mention it). Thanks Kieron!

  3. Sagan says:

    I was actually really impressed by the first demo. If I was more of a racing game fan I would have probably bought the game by now.

    I’m not entirely sure, but from the description of this new demo it sounds like the tracks are the same as in the first. Only the cars have changed. Or am I incorrect here?

  4. LewieP says:

    The demo was pretty damn impressive, and whilst I don’t really like car games, I am keeping an eye out for this one on the cheap.

  5. Drool says:

    This game is so ridiculously good after the 1.2 patch. It cleared up basically all the niggling issues and added some sweet old school American muscle cars. If you like the driving in the demo you’ll enjoy the full game because the career mode adds a whole new RPG collect um thing to the game.

  6. Mathew Jensterle says:

    Ludographic? That’s a word I haven’t seen since university.

  7. Blather Blob says:

    @Sagan: I think it adds a fifth car to the previous demo’s 4 cars, with the same 2 tracks. But that makes for more exciting news than “updated demo released, with fixes to make it work on ATI cards”, which is what it would have been if they hadn’t included the car. Or at least I’d assume this is updated to also include the patch that makes it perform much better on ATI cards.

    I think I’ll try this demo out. I tried the first one but the cars seemed to be really weird and I didn’t give it much of a try. But I’ve been hearing decent things about the game, so I’d like to try it out again.

    • Drool says:

      A little controller tweaking makes the cars much more responsive. The default settings were a bit mushy for my taste. Also make sure you start with the slowest car because the Viper likes to kick out it’s back end and is difficult to handle at speed.

  8. Kyr says:

    Dear God, why recession isn’t killing bad studios to clear the way for good studios? Why DIRT 2 (and even old good GRID) was ten times better that last five NFSes at the very start and not after some patch half a year later? I don’t get it – people can’t make good racing game, why they’re still trying?

    • subversus says:

      NFS SHIFT is better than Dirt 2.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Watch your six!

      *shoots you down with “Grid is the better than both”*

    • Drool says:

      I never liked the way the driving in Grid felt. For me Shift is a much better all around package.

    • Spod says:

      Shift was developed buy the guys behind GTR – to my knowledge, the most authentic racing game ever made, so don’t dismiss it because it’s got “Need for Speed” in its title.

  9. Marty Dodge says:

    I played the demo and thought it looked good. However the gameplay on the PC smacks of poor console to PC port. The controls on the keyboard work very badly. I was not impressed, not keen to have to sit through over 60 sec. advert after every race.

  10. Drool says:

    Aren’t keyboard controls pretty terrible in any racing game? The digital nature of keyboard controls doesn’t lend itself very well to small throttle, break and steering adjustments.

    Basically everyone who enjoys video games should have a controller hooked up to their PC at this point. A wired 360 pad is auto detected in nearly every recent cross platform release and isn’t very expensive to acquire.

  11. BrokenSymmetry says:

    NFS Shift has by far the best in-car view and experience if any racing game I’ve ever played. Forza 3 feels almost intolerably sterile next to this.

    A lot has been said about the handling of the game (sim or not), but I feel that it has a lot of common with the PGR games, in that it certainly rewards precise driving, but it doesn’t punish small mistakes, giving you plenty of grip in the corners, even when going in slightly too fast.

    Oh, and I also like the voice-over used in the trailers, and also in the game itself. It’s so matter-of-fact and determined.

  12. The Right to Arm Bears says:

    Whence this term, “ludographic?” What is its etymology? Its history? Its favorite color? It baffles miriam-webster, I have not the heart to pay for a subscription to the OED, and google only tells me that ludography is “a list of games designed by a game designer, either an individual or entity.” I suppose that this is as opposed to games designed by chance or that are discovered in nature? It seems like a wonderful utterance for a person with a simultaneous passion for video games and language (be that words about video games or video games about words) and I wish to have command of it!

  13. d0c says:

    I was a little worried at first about NFS:Shift as the last few NFS games have been terrible, however after playing the game I was surprised how good it was, it doesn’t run as well as grid does and the car controls take some getting used to but I think this game is a step in the right direction for an IP that in the recent past has lost its way.

    I have to agree with those who have said it that the in car view has to be one of the best Ive seen in a long time, the sense of speed you get driving in car is brilliant and to me makes the game what it is.

    While GRID was fun after the 30th season and unlocking all the cars it got pretty boring even online. NFS:shift is a good stop off point until we see a GRID 2.

  14. Rath says:

    I mis-read the text in that image as Franken-Porsche and thought that zombies were popping up in racing now.