Naturally Selected Screenshots

None of your artificial ones here. Though, that said, these are the fruits of NS2’s budding modders’ experimentation rather than straight-from-the-source stuff – but they’re a useful demonstration of what Unknown Worlds’ still-mysterious new engine may be capable of. They rather evoke Doom 3, but obviously a lot more amped up and mega-detailed. I found the dark, ominous metal corridors oddly beautiful in a way – though once tediously onmipresent, this kind of environment isn’t something we see that much of these days, and do remind me that there’s a reason we’ve always thrilled to the Aliens look.

More shots here, though sadly beastie-free.

Oh – and these environments were made by have-a-go modders with NS2’s recently-released Spark Level Editor. The game isn’t out yet, but anyone who pre-orders it will be blessed with immediate access to the tool. Expect some rather fabulous maps, given the head start some folk will have had once NS2 finally splurges into being.


  1. jsutcliffe says:

    Ooh, excellent. They’re exactly what I want from the game to be honest, though I want to see them with dynamic infestation growing all over the place.

    I’d also love to see sections of classic NS maps in the new engine.

  2. Theoban says:

    The circular corridor reminds me very much of Event Horizon, in fact they’re all very ‘haunted spaceship’ esque.

    Well apart from the first one on that link. That’s the Batcave.

  3. JAMILLAHRawls says:


  4. Culprititus says:

    The devs have been stating they are trying to release new content and fixes for the SDK every Friday. So far that has lead to some tools for creating custom prop geometries along with new props and textures to use in Spark.

    I’m still waiting to see the Lerk Reveal though. That is probably my favorite FPS class of all time.

  5. DMJ says:

    I have to hand it to them. While I have every confidence that what they’ve got is good (I sunk weeks into NS in my student days), they’ve so far managed to completely hide all of it in every single bit of promotional material they’ve released so far.

  6. mejobloggs says:

    zzz I just want a release :p

  7. Scythe says:

    The ability of NS to inspire community mappers has never ceased to amaze me. There were some fantastic community maps for NS 1 that eventually made it into the official release.

    Then there were the original maps for which the source was lost and were later recreated by the community. Sometimes sans key moments. Key revolving moments.

  8. Aemony says:

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

  9. l1ddl3monkey says:

    As the whole theme of the game is decidedly “Space Hulk”. I do love a bit of home mapping and modding and NS’ community has always had some amazing talent (witness Machina from the original NS, which is a fan made map and is utterly stunning).

    The maps for the original NS are so good that when looking for inspiration I sometimes fire up a LAN game and just wander around them on my own for a while.

  10. airtekh says:

    One thing they’ll have to remember when designing maps for NS2 is how skulk moves on ceilings and walls.

    It was very annoying in the original to be stalking a marine, and suddenly drop in front of him by accident because the ceiling started tilitng upwards.

    The balancing of some of the maps was a problem as well.

    That said, I love the look they’ve given to the game.

  11. Catastrophe says:

    Wooo, I loved NS1, so i’m waiting for this patiently.

    Wish they used source engine though as it would of been released a while ago and I’d of known it would work smoothly on my machine.

    Kharaa !!

  12. Starky says:

    So long as a few maps have cliffs.

    Just to bring back the old meme…

    There’s a Lork on the Clorf

  13. Starky says:

    Another serious thought…

    One of the most fun, casual things to do in NS1 was play siege maps, which got me wondering…

    Siege maps were basically FPS tower defence maps, just with both sides having towers, and getting to shoot/kill said towers… are there any other games that have done that?
    I seriously can’t think of any game that’s managed that kind of multiplayer tower defence in a non-RTS.

  14. Ed says:

    I can’t wait – I’ve preordered, but I have to say I’m worried they’re using a custom engine. It seems with just a few coders, it’s biting off more than you can chew… It may run fine for them, but they haven’t got the resources to test it on the multitude of hardware out there, and they’re sure to have to spend a lot of their time supporting people with problems.

    From playing with the first release of the Spark editor I wasn’t terribly impressed, but I’ll reserve judgement on that.

    I loved NS1 and must have put thousands of hours into it, so even if NS2 isn’t as good, I’ll consider my preorder payment for NS1.

  15. DazzeL says:

    I played so much NS1 that it hurt back during the real prime of the game. I cannot wait for this and the chance that it might actually be as good.

    Have we heard any news on a rough release date?

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