Team Fortress 2 Updates! Demomen Bleed!

Of course, despite all my soldier posturing, I didn't contribute to the war at all. Man!

The Demoman/Soldier war is over. And to the victors, the spoils. The final score? 6,406,065 Demomen deaded by Soldiers versus 6,372,979 soldiers deaded by demomen. The Soldiers could be gracious in victory. But where’s the fun in that? Yah-boo, etc. But let’s not dwell on this drubbing of the inferior demomen – let’s concentrate on the new goodies in the update. New maps! Crafting! Stuff and things and shit. And, being an update weekend, it’s free at the moment so anyone can go and play.

I was actually going to do this post in an ironic “Oh God. Not another update. I wish Valve would stop supporting TF2, because it’s getting really boring” style, but actually nosing through all the stuff has made me incapable of holding that posture of cynicism. It all looks rather neat.


  1. CMaster says:

    Crafting turns out to need a LOT of stuff.
    Making a single (random) hat will take 27 Primary weapons.
    I don’t have any weapon recipes yet – but I’ve so far got two piles of scrap metal, and a “slot 2” token.

  2. Thiefsie says:

    w00t trying it out now!

  3. Alexander Norris says:

    The fact that it’s a free update weekend means I probably won’t touch TF2 until a week from now. It’s going to be impossible to get a game in with everyone play Soldier and Demoman and all the new people bumbling around.

    • Pod says:

      @Alexander Norris says:
      The fact that it’s a free update weekend means I probably won’t touch TF2 until a week from now. It’s going to be impossible to get a game in with everyone play Soldier and Demoman and all the new people bumbling around.

      Aside from the new bumblers, how is this different from the last two weeks during the WAR?

    • Scalene says:

      Are you a freaking moron, as the Scout would ask?

      This is the best time to play TF2. With everyone playing these classes offensively, you can play the more ‘utility’ classes – spy, engineer, medic, scout – and really have a blast doing so. You don’t have to carry the team’s offense any more!

    • Nick says:

      Engineer won’t be much fun with demomen everywhere now will it?

    • Walter says:

      Medic + Kritzkrieg = top of table everytime.

    • Walter says:

      And I’m barely average at TF2.

  4. derFeef says:

    81 items for a Hat. This is all I am going to say.

    • Tei says:

      Is bad wen I have read that in M.U.L.E. terms? I have read it as 81 smithore, and I was already salivating thinking about the shop prices.

      note to self: Stop playing MULE.

    • Pod says:

      Tei: You’re the reason colonies fail, you market-price abusing mad-man.

  5. jsdn says:

    Despite the Demo’s losing, they got the Eyelander and the Chargin’ Targin. Demo was always my least played class, but now I can’t get enough of the charge+decapitate. Novelty or not, they’re the most fun weapons in the game yet.

    • Dave says:

      Yeah, it was amusing how many more people were playing demo than soldier right after the release went live.

      And how many of us were running around like idiots with the Eyelander, getting very few kills, mowed down by Heavies repeatedly, and laughing like maniacs anyway.

      Someone on the server I was on called it — Demo is the new Pyro. Around every corner there is a maniac charging directly for your face.

    • Stick says:

      As a dual-classed Pyro/Medic, I kind of love Demo Mark 2. First off, no point-blank insta-boom stickies. Secondly, they’ll charge into flames thinking “50% fire resistance! Cake!” and land on an axtinguisher. Thirdly, win or lose, it’s just more fun facing the Crazed Swordsman than the Zone of Death Bastard. (Meanwhile, the Soldiers stand around looking confused. “What? I have to use other weapons than the holy Rocket Launcher? Blasphemy!”)

    • Aftershock says:

      Demomen also got more kills, if you take away the propaganda contest points their ahead by less than 1000 kills.

  6. Lack_26 says:

    Yeah, it’s going to take a lot to make hats, but you don’t want to devalue them either.

    • JonFitt says:

      Of course, because that would… um.. you know… do something bad.. or something.

    • DMJ says:

      Hats being expensive is a good thing. When I wear my funky hat I want everyone else to burn with envy, knowing that if they want it then they will have to pay!

  7. Glove says:

    Valve did a great job with this, in both marketing and design. Feels like it somehow fits in with the canon, (probably greatly aided in this fashion by the comics), which was a major worry of mine. I’ve been playing for basically the whole day, and I still can’t bring myself to change class and stop cleaving heads from necks. Both the Direct Hit and the Eyelander are essentially straight upgrades, (past a certain threshold of familiarity with both classes), but they’re both so fun to use it really doesn’t bother me.

  8. Freudian Trip says:

    Second time in a row a major TF2 update goes live the same week I am out of the country. Sigh.

  9. Rinox says:

    This should have been released as an expansion to the original Team Fortress.

  10. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Also worth a mention, friend of RPS (or at least I presume he is, being one of the ‘Gamer chaps) Tom Francis got a mention (and a unique weapon) in the update for coming up with the idea behind ‘The Equalizer’.

  11. FernandoDANTE says:

    The best did not win…

  12. kwyjibo says:

    The winning item is very meh though. Sure, it’ll get use, but everyone was hoping for some crazy explosion weapon, comedy melee-me-do, something entirely offensive at least.

    I’m not a fan of the Bugle either. It moves the soldier from offensive powerhouse to a support class. Sacrificing the shotgun in order to pal around with the medic? The boots shouldn’t replace the shotgun, but slow the soldier down, forcing him into acrobatics, instead of reducing his offensive capability.

    • Lobotomist says:

      What are you talking about ? Its a great weapon ! Rocket jumping without taking damage !

    • kwyjibo says:

      Unless it’s secondary attack is the mighty boot, which it isn’t – then it isn’t a weapon.

    • pimorte says:

      @ kwyjibo
      The goomba stomp. :p

    • Devan says:


      Yeah, I almost never rocket jump or grenade jump. I feel better now about Demos losing the war.

  13. l1ddl3monkey says:

    My apathy is almost palpable.

    • gorg says:

      And yet you care enough to click the article, read it and post a comment. Yeah…

  14. Moni says:

    It’s the little changes I love most.

    – You can now wear the camera beard with a hat.
    – Added jiggle bones for Pyro’s chicken hat.
    – Added recharge sound to abilities with a recharge bar.

    • Lack_26 says:

      The recharge sound is pretty useful, and with jarate gives a satisfying ‘ping’ like a microwave.

  15. Sagan says:


    Even though I only contributed 14 kills due to not having time to play more than once, I feel that the victory is deserved.

    And I love the boots. I rocket jump all the time, (more than is necessary) and they will prove really useful for me.

  16. Tei says:

    Is a nice victory, but I feel bad the grenadir or whatever is called will rage-quit. Is soo obvious a maligned aimed rocket is supperior to trowing ofending explosible apples… Rockets man, you can fly to the moon in one. The soldier make “Rocket Science” looks simple. If Valve decide to remove the “demoman” class, is a decission that I will support. Remove of replace by the Serius Sam …waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    bomb-man guy.

    I am serius here.

  17. tekDragon says:

    Battles with nothing but demomen and soldiers on either side were somewhat entertaining but I suspect they’ll wear thin soon enough.

    Got the trumpet. It’s actually kinda fun and works well enough.

    It’s a bad bad time to be playing as an engineer.

    • Aftershock says:

      Yeah, but it’s a great time to be playing as a demoman with the shield. 65% resistance to explosive damage! You hardly ever die when there’s a friendly medic anywhere on the map.

  18. ZomBuster says:

    Good thing he got Spy backup!

    As a spy, press “Build 0” in console to build a dispenser. Place one near your team engi to help him out!

  19. Miles of the Machination says:


    First of all, this is slightly inevitable since I play Demoman, but I’d like to join in this gripe. If the soldier gets the boots than the mine jump SHOULD NOT rob you of half your precious health for a slight mobility advantage as opposed to the comparatively small deduction from the rocket jump. That’s enough grumbling on that front.

    The updates are interesting, but I’m a bit suspicious of the motives behind the new rocket launcher, the fact that it can now fire faster seems like even more of an invitation for spam, irrespective of its reduced blast radius. I can confirm that this has perturbed me on several occasions. Hand gestures ensued. I’m not really sure about the rest of the Demo’s gear, but from the number of times I’ve been decapitated, the Eyelander seems like a great addition.

  20. Lu-Tze says:

    Demomen would’ve won if it wasn’t for the damned propaganda,
    It is conclusively proven, Demomen are better at killing, Soldiers are better at arts and crafts.

    If you think 81/112 components for a hat is a lot, don’t discount the fact that all the components are also capable of dropping, so a single drop could be the same as getting 27 weapons if you are just looking to convert them into hats, without the bother of putting them into “sets”.

  21. Saul says:

    I love reading about TF2 updates. But they can never get me playing for more than another half and hour. It’s still precisely the same game. Left 4 Dead is better. The end.

  22. Arathain says:

    I want to say thank you to all the Demos out there for putting up a terrific fight, in and out of the game. The whole thing was a blast.

    Demos are the only class I am actively nervous about encountering- really good Demos are like nothing else on the battlefield. It was great to have an excuse to get stuck in and get some payback.

  23. JonFitt says:

    Of course, because that would… um.. you know… do something bad.. or something.

  24. Binni says:

    Well, Demomen did kill more. Valve really made a mistake by giving the soldiers extra kills for some banner competition. The last 48 hours would’ve been way more fun if they hadn’t done that.

    But as a consolation the Demoman gets arguably the most interesting weapon unlock ever. Demoman was my favorite class before but now I just want to marry him and birth his babies!

  25. Urthman says:

    That description of the Gunboats was absolutely-no-doubt written by Erik and/or Chet from Old Man Murray. Still the funniest writers in gaming.

  26. Rich_P says:

    10+ million virtual deaths for a pair of boots? Ha! I don’t think it’s worth giving up the shotgun for them, though.

  27. Cutman says:

    God damn Soldiers.

  28. Mr. Versipellis says:


  29. Wilson says:

    Anyone see this in the update log:

    Added work-in-progress TF Bots for beta testing in KOTH maps (blog post coming with more info)

    Sounds interesting…

  30. Akasazh says:


    [b]Win a copy of TF2 by killing us![/b]

    This free weekender we want you to win a copy of TF2 by killing us!

    The Hampshire Heavies are running a competition that is open to anyone that is playing TF2 via Valve’s free weekender.

    [b]The rules are simple:[/b]
    [i]1. Kill as many members of the Hampshire Heavies as you can.[/i]
    [i]2. Dominate as many members of the Hampshire Heavies as you can.[/i]

    The person that kills and dominates the most members wins.

    In the event of a tie, there will be a random draw.

    Entry requires that you sign up at [url=][/url] with your name and steamid.

    You can track your progress in-game, and view your overall standing on our website.

    [b]Achievements are available to all, but only free weekenders can win![/b

  31. Akasazh says:

    rah epic html fail… you get the message tho guys, Hampshire Heavies are giving away a free copy of tf2 to free weekenders that can rack up the most kills on hh members. Visit for detaiils and server info!

  32. skinlo says:

    Damn, with the update the demoman will spam more now than ever. If I could remove one class from the game it would be the demoman!

  33. Railick says:

    I really didn’t like the fact that the solider only won because of the poster then I saw what the boots do. It was pretty clear those boots were made for a solider (I didn’t even know demomen could mine jump I’ve never seen it once since the game was released :P I’m sure it is possible but I’ve just never seen it) Why jump up some place when you can just lob grenades up there and stay in the safe place below without exploding yourself O.o

    • McNubbins says:

      Shortcuts, that’s what it’s good for. I use it all the time in cp_juntion when defending (can jump into the small room straight ahead of the final point).

    • Railick says:

      Yes but as others have sait it hurts the demo man way more than it hurts a solider (And now that is even more true) It just never occurred to me to do it :P

      I remember in TF Classic I’d see people grenade jumping to insane heights all the time and I could never get it down. I still can’t, I can’t even rocket jump successfully .The only thing I’m good at is using the scout shotgun to triple jump. Even then I miss my target 60 % of the time.

    • Vandelay says:

      I find it very hard to believe you have never seen a demoman sticky jump. He can fling himself much further than a soldier rocket jump, both vertically and horizontally. I personally don’t do it much when I play demoman, because I really suck as him and need the health, but I see others doing it all the time.

    • PeopleLikeFrank says:

      One of the servers I play on regularly has a super skilled Demo player on it. He uses the sticky jump to get across practically the whole map sometimes, and it’s turned the tide of a game more than once when he manages to get into a surprise position, or just get back to the front lines faster.

  34. Railick says:

    would be nice if they had some other show downs like this between the other groups for a few more unique items. Spy vs Sniper and ehh Pyro Vs Heavy ?

    • CMaster says:

      Spy vs Sniper doesn’t really work – spy is one of the sniper’s natural counters. Also, we already had the sniper vs spy update.

  35. Dr. Thunder says:

    So this is only marginally Valve related, but my brother is trying to drive traffic to his blog thingy by giving away a copy of HL2. No real strings, just post a comment with a working email address here: link to

    It’s the digital download through steam.

  36. Railick says:

    Anyone here not already own HL2? Seriously ? :P

    • Vinraith says:

      Every time they put on one of these TF2 sales I say “who doesn’t already own TF2?” Yet every time they do it, TF2 bounces to the top of the Steam sales charts. I really don’t understand it, but somehow the market never reaches saturation.

      I do wonder if, in part, that’s driven by the fact that people that are no longer interested in the game can’t hand over or sell their copies to people that are newly interested in the game.

  37. Railick says:

    True, I held onto an extra copy of HL2 I had gotten with the Orange box for years and finally gave it away to someone I met on the internet. He was like “I never played HL2 before” and I was like “WTF? Here!” Gift !

  38. RLacey says:

    I’ve yet to meet one of those people, and so *still* have a copy, longing to be gifted…

  39. terry says:

    You failed to mention that bots have also been improved – they seem to only work on King of the Hill maps for me, but I’m pleased its now possible (if not particularly sensible) to play TF2 without the internet.

    • Mechtroid says:

      To get them to work on other maps, you have to build the nodegraph with the console command “nav_generate”.

  40. Railick says:

    Check out that contest Rlacey maybe you can offer to gift your copy to the runner up :P

  41. shalrath says:

    I did the math (I think, might be off though I’m pretty sure I’m on here), and I am SHOCKED at how close this was. If you take out the propaganda, the final scores were:
    Demo Deaths: 6 346 065
    Soldier Deaths : 6 347 979
    1 914 more kills for the Demo than Soldier. Out of over 12.5 MILLION.

    Jesus, I predicted a MASSACRE of soldiers. We’re talking 5-1 kills.

    But this, man…

  42. Railick says:

    I mostly play 2forts and I’ve never seen it, what can I say :) I play sniper a lot and I’ve never seen a demo man come over the wall using that method either.
    Does it take just 1 stick bomb or does it take several together to launch him?
    (I’m going to have to try it when I get home, it’s a pretty obvious idea now that I think about it )

    Shadowcat “It hammers at my retinas like an evil woodpecker of pure energy”

    • Vinraith says:

      The more you use the bigger the jump (but the more the damage) IIRC. Like you and rocket jumping, I used to try sticky-jumping all the time as a demo (my favorite class for a long time) but could never get it right. I usually just blew myself up.

    • McNubbins says:

      I always use just 1 sticky, and then duck mid-air when detonating for a mega-jump (but with lots o’ damage). Also try jumping a bit ahead of the sticky to launch yourself straight forward if you’re bored of walking.

    • DerangedStoat says:

      2Fort is about the only place I use sticky’s to jump regularly, and almost exclusively to target snipers. A single sticky by the water, will have me clearing the fence on the top level of the other side if I time the jump/detonate right. I’ve never really noticed it costing more health to do than a rocket jump, but you often end up taking a lot more fall damage!

  43. gorg says:

    “I was actually going to do this post in an ironic “Oh God. Not another update. I wish Valve would stop supporting TF2, because it’s getting really boring” style…”

    You mad?!

  44. Railick says:

    I like the Demo’s unlocks but don’t care for the solider’s range. Just like I love the Spys but don’t care about the snipers. They will certainly add some crazy moments to the game though and I had a good time reading their descriptions : )

  45. Railick says:

    It would certainly suprise the heck out of me if I were a scout running across the bridge in TF2 with the flag only to have a demoman from behind me jump the entire bridge and land on the otherside before me ;P (I’d probably just jump in the water at that point though)

  46. Railick says:

    I guess the shield combined with the boots actaully would have worked out rather well because it would have lowered the explosive damage a lot (But don’t they take up the same slot?)

    • Vinraith says:


      Yeah, the shield takes the place of the sticky bomb launcher. Maybe I’m just shortsighted, but that seems like a pretty lousy deal to me. As a demo I tended to get far more kills with stickies than I ever did with grenades.

  47. Anthony says:

    I’ve more or less avoided playing while this has been going on, since I’m an engie whore and lots of grenades/rockets being flung around makes for annoyance. Once everything has settled down and the acheivement-hunting is returned to background levels I’ll start building my sentries in clever spots again :)

    Good to see the Demo get some melee options, I can see the Eyelander being one of the favourite update weapons moving forward. Not as sure about these sniper-rockets – isn’t the whole point of a rocket launcher the fact that splash damage has a better damage multiplier than a direct hit? Of course, it could be this crusty old Quakeworld player telling these new kids to get off his lawn, etc.

    • Anthony says:

      *that should say “decent melee options”

      I don’t think I ever used the bottle when playing demoman. I might be in the minority there.