Eve Online PLEX Giveaway

The lovely Icelandic folks from CCP have provided us with a handful of PLEX codes to give away. They add 30 days of game time onto an existing account. And that needs to be an active account, sorry lapsers. If you’re a current player then mail us via this link, and I’ll pick a few lucky winners. If you win, I’ll be emailing you for your account name, which CCP will need to add the time. If you’re not already familiar with Eve then why not check out the trial?


  1. Paxeh says:


    My current resub only runs till the 25th of December, so I need me some PLEX.

  2. monkehhh says:

    Awesome giveaway, give the Eurogamer people a shout in game – they’re a lovely bunch.

  3. DMJ says:

    I’d love the chance to get back into EvE and go see how the RPS corp is getting on. Maybe join. Maybe kill some. Who knows?

  4. Martin Coxall says:

    If you’re trying out Eve, don’t forget to immediately join RPS Holdings so you can DIAF with us.

    We’re well good at that.

  5. Martin Coxall says:


    The Lollis are BLUE to us. So very blue.

    • monkehhh says:

      I definitely need to come back, burnt out a bit over spring playing way too much so I’ve parked my character (Ob Zen) for now – will be interesting to see what LOLLI and RPS are up to when I fire up my Rifter OF DOOM.

  6. Serious J says:

    Whoooo, freestuff!

    If anyone gets back into Eve because of this, check out the RPS guys as mentioned in the other comments. They’re a great bunch of guys to pew-pew with.

  7. mandrill says:

    Why do you need our account names? Surely our character names would suffice (and be more secure)?

  8. AlexW says:

    I forgot to insure my nice new Cormorant before going on a tricky Epic mission, and got webbed and blown up. That’s kind of put a downer on EVE for me… much like when I tried the trial. I think I’ll pass and then regret it later.

    • Martin Coxall says:

      I understand your pain, but it’s the only way you’ll learn the anyone learns the First Law of Eve.

      “Don’t fly any ship you can’t afford to lose.”

      It’ll be at the forefront of your mind any time you undock. Now, get back in that cockpit, Pilot. FOR YOU ARE IMMORTAL.

  9. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Everytime I see something like this I get a tiny urge to sub.. or at least try the trial again. Thankfully it’s only a tiny one, given the fact that the trial confused and annoyed me a whole lot more than it entertained me..

    Also, the captcha is kinda annoying in that I have this urge to delete the text and then enter the captcha. And it’s not entered below, is it?

  10. FiX says:

    AlexW: Get back in there soldier.. All my ships have, at this point, a numerical suffix in the names. That’s the only way to learn how to play, and it pays up in the long run… which is what EVE is all about and why some love it and many hate it.

  11. Moorkh says:

    They ask for your account name so they won’t accidentally assemble a list of char names and corresponding rl names and addresses, I would guess.

  12. Lunaran says:

    Entreaty delivered, fingers crossed.

  13. TooNu says:

    Christmas EvE comp’s are win, playing EvE infact is win.

  14. Twilight says:

    Crossing my fingers for the PLEX. Great giveaway RPS and CCP!
    If a new guy gets this and joins hit up RPSH as was mentioned above

    Thanks for the Christmas Cheer! Fly Safe!

  15. Davee says:

    Woohoo! More EVE gifts! Yes, I would like some of that PLEX plox.

    If I win some of this, I promise to pledge my alligance to the RPS corp, seeing as how I am currently drifting around in Rens, unemployed.

  16. DSX says:

    Here’s some free cocaine if you’re already using coke. If not, please consider trying this completely awesome looking white powder.

  17. Simon says:

    I quit EvE after 6 months (about 6 months ago) for the same reason I quit WoW before that, it was taking over my life. I have 2 weeks off over the next 2 weeks so being a single male with above average education, I expect I will sign back up like a shot in the next few days. MMOs should offer free counselling services over the holidays. What else do I have to look forwards to other than unwrapping a pair of socks I bought for myself? Plus, hamsters stapled to chickens!

    • Davee says:

      @Simon: You always have CCP’s christmas present, the Zephyr probing ship!

      Viritual gifts aside, I know what you mean. I usually subscribe in periods (three to six months), take a break and then come back in a while. But it’s still easy to get caught up in it for sure (ecpecially when male, single and off [or no] work as you said).

      Hamsters stapled to chickens sounds slightly strange btw. Hmm.

  18. Davee says:

    Oh, and has this giveaway ended yet? Hard to know if I won anything when there’s no deadline :/

  19. soda_jones says:

    Tell me tell me tell me I won a plex! Or that someone did at least, please!

  20. ISK Eve Online says:

    I think its great that you can buy PLEX with ISK basically means you can play Eve for free if you can make enough ISK to pay for PLEX every month.