Gridrunner Revolution: Now With High Score

Getting shots of Minter games is always a bit tricky.

Yet more splendid geek-sense. I finally get around to finishing reading the History of Llamasoft – and I’ll save a story about how Jeff Minter and chums did sound-effects back in the pre-Vic-20-days for the next podcast – only to hear news of a significant upgrade for the already released Gridrunner Revolution. Basically, it’s had online-score-tables added to it – whose absence was my main criticism. Even better, both it and the gloriously vicious Space Giraffe are now available for ten dollars a shot – or fifteen dollars for the pair in a one-two good-cop-bad-cop combo. They’re two of the best arcade games of the last few years, both sharing an aesthetic but absolutely individual games (“Good Cop/Bad Cop” isn’t a bad way of personifying their appeals, really). You can play it on trial by downloading Gridrunner Revolution here. More Gridrunner stuff? FOLLOW BELOW…

Apparently the game and pricing will be available on Direct2Drive and Steam shortly, and hopefully mentioning this will cut down on the inevitable “Is it going to be on Steam” comments in the comment thread. Oh – and fans of Gridrunner Revolution’s music will be pleased to heard that the music by a mass of artists is now available to buy. On the internet. From here.

How does Gridrunner work. Well, here’s the introduction to the game’s individual bits…

Here’s lowest-level Korma’s opening…

And here’s the understandably more serious Vindaloo…

And now I’m very hungry. Do give it a shot. And Space Giraffe too, for that matter.


  1. RobF says:


  2. lhzr says:

    couldn’t get into space giraffe, but i found gridrunner rev to be amazing.

  3. Dominic White says:

    I’m probably going to be in a tiny minority here, but I liked Space Giraffe better. Now, Gridrunner is good, but the learning curve just feels a little too gentle and drawn out. Even on the later levels, it’s very hard to die due to the Sheepie Save mechanic.

    Space Giraffe is a game that’ll kill you, and send you packing. Then you’ll come back, figure out what killed you and how to beat it, until it finds a new way of stumping you. By the end of the game, you feel like you’ve achieved some new level of conciousness, as you can effectively see without seeing, and are truly able to decode chaos and turn it into coherence.

    I’m an old-school arcade gamer, though. I like games where I know I’ll lose a lot before I eventually conquer it.

  4. Bhazor says:

    So is this what it looks when firework factories get violently ill?

    Love most of Minters work but Space Giraffe left me a bit cold. I’ve never tried the full game but the demo didn’t do anything that blew me. Away.

  5. dbdkmezz says:

    Have to say I much preferred SG too. The learning curve was just perfect: every few levels it threw something crazy at you, and just as you’d begun to get over that it would throw another genuis head-fuck in your direction. Spectacular game :)

    I played a couple of hours of Gridrunner and it never really got good, what I played was just a little dull. Given that it’s made by the almighty Minter I expect it’s awesome by the end, but I never got to experience it :(

  6. Mr_Loon says:

    GRR is a score attack game, it’s all about getting the multiplier as high as possible, whilst collecting sheepies and avoiding death.

    If you want a more arcade type experience then try it on endurance mode.

    IMHO GRR is superb, but I preferred space giraffe which is undoubtedly a work of genius.

  7. TeeJay says:

    I’ve always liked arcade shooters with cleaner colour-schemes/graphics and where everything on the screen was actually something solid that could kill you rather than having tons of (albeit impressive) background visual fluff. I also only found the whole “wooo fluffy sheepie” voice thing only amusing for a while.

    • Dominic White says:

      A key point of Minters games is that the chaotic visual noise (and actual noise) are there quite deliberately to challenge you, as highlighted by Space Giraffe even having an enemy type that distorts the screen as an attack. There’s definite skill involved in decyphering it all, although it’s definitely not for everyone.

      It’s definitely no accident though.

    • TeeJay says:

      I do enjoy it up to a point, but with Gridrunner I just never seem able to reach that “zoned-out” state (where I am managing to react to seemingly impossible-to-follow chaos) that I do with some other shmups. I suspect this has to do with the graphical style and my brain/visual-cortex. I prefer the cleaner lines/stye of Space Tripper (PomPom games) for example – also the classic-arcade version of Centipede. Maybe it is too hard for me and I don’t have the right skills, but for me it’s less about getting high scores or avoiding frequent deaths and more about getting that cool, trance-like ‘zoned-out’ feeling.

      I’d still recommend Minter’s games to people.