Christmas Quake: Live Gets Festive Update

Id’s free Quake III service, Quake Live, has today launched a temporary holiday update. The QL team say:

For two weeks starting December 22nd, enjoy “Silent Night”, a holiday-themed remake of the popular arena “Distant Screams” from Team Arena. During this time Santa himself along with his festive helper Vixen, will be playable character models across all game types.

I guess I might see you in there.


  1. Schaulustiger says:

    Great, and now a Tf2 christmas event, please.

  2. mandrill says:

    And what would your moniker in QL be Mr. Rossingol? So I can hunt you down and introduce you to the explodey end of my rocket (fnar fnar) I am, as ever, Mandrill

  3. OgunBadbooks says:

    reminds me of the Jolt Xmas battles on Kineterra, good to see QL carrying on the tradition.

  4. WilPal says:

    And while you are playing, you can listen to this!

    link to

  5. Tweakd says:

    I’ll be playing ofc. Add me as Tweakd if anyone wants to join in the pew pew. Have we got enough QL players here for an RPS regular event? :>