The RPS OMG Advent Game-O-Calendar 2009

And it’s all over. Here’s the finished advent calendar. Behind every door lies a game of 2009, and thoughts about it. Enjoy! Everything’s back to normal on the 4th January.

John drew this. All glory to the Walkerman.


  1. fulis says:

    Goodie goodie

    I think you should have the calendar from the beginning of the series though

    • Rosti says:

      fulis: Do you mean something a little like this? Beware opening too many doors lest the Advent Game-O-Calendar opens you.

      More seriously, lovely feature. Merry Christmas and see you folks in the New Year.

  2. Carra says:

    Whenever I’m bored in 2010 I can take a look and try a game from the list that I haven’t played yet!

  3. Marar says:

    No mention of either Cryostasis or The Void?

    • Fede says:

      I expected The Void to be there too. Other candidates who didn’t enter were Trine, Tales of Monkey Island and Crayon Physics Deluxe, but I think they weren’t as good as The Void.

      Anyway, it’s not really important, lists are subjective.
      Oh, number 9 (Time Gentlemen, Please!)’s link is broken.

    • Vinraith says:


      Nor Trine, nor Armored Princess.

    • crumbsucker says:


      Yes, The Void. One of the few truly remarkable games of 2009.

    • crumbsucker says:

      Also, The Path. Maybe the RPS guys should do a “leftovers” feature in January with all the notable games that got left out. Uhh, grammar, sorry.

    • qrter says:

      The list isn’t supposed to be comprehensive, though, it seems to be about the RPS four’s preferences.

  4. Kua says:

    Merry Christmas English folk… and all others who have the privilege of sharing our time zone.

  5. Davee says:

    Sigh. I need to open my eyes before posting.

    Alot of nice games in that calendar tho! Thank you Mr. Monster.

  6. hydra9 says:

    ‘Tis all subjective (and limited to a mere 24 days) but I would’ve loved to see Mirror’s Edge and The Path on there.

    Ah well! That’s what comments are for!

    • Velvet Fist, Iron Glove says:

      Yeah, Mirror’s Edge would have been one of my best games of 2009 too. Except for the story, which was stupid and cliched, and badly told.

    • Psychopomp says:

      So, par for the course for a video game, all in all.

  7. alice says:

    Christmas has brought me both a Phonogram graphic novel and a copy of This Gaming Life, so I will be having a very RockPaperShotgunny filled rest of the year!

    • invisiblejesus says:

      Lucky, you’re gonna dig Phonogram. :) Check out the next book when it comes out, it’s even better than the first.

  8. Redd says:

    Have a good one chaps!

  9. Senethro says:

    Merry Christmas RPS and readers!

  10. Isometric says:

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to you all. <3

  11. Dean says:

    Yeah great feature, almost makes up for the lack of the Eurogamer Top 50 this year. Perhaps we can have a bonus feature with Kieron slagging off console games for a few pages and going on about World of Goo.

  12. yutt says:

    I am interested in Solium Infernum after reading the RPS commentary, but I can’t find it anywhere. The official site is down, and it doesn’t show up in Steam or Impulse searches.

  13. Lucas says:

    I dislike anything with pointless periodic schedules. Holidays, birthdays, days of the week, time zones, you name it. Awards based on what year something came out in or what else came out in the same time period are equally flawed.

    Games should just be celebrated for being great.

    • Baris says:

      Well you’re just plain wrong, advances in technology and game design clearly need to be taken into account.

      Are you sure you’re not just 16 years old / hopped up on LSD / a Philosophy freshman (circle all that are appropriate)?

    • Hattered says:

      Games are already celebrated for being great (example here). It’s also interesting to know what games might have been great this year (a decent substitute for “in recent memory”), most of which won’t make the “Greatest Ever!” lists. Of course, you’re also welcome to personally celebrate games for being great. (I would have liked if you had included “the tide” and “sleep” in your list of examples. Next time?)

  14. One True Leader says:

    Might I suggest that you make the picture a Flash dealie where it turns the mouse cursor into Optimus’ arm?

  15. bhlaab says:

    2009 was a pretty dire year for the PC and probably gaming in general.

    When every Game of the Year feature has the same 4 games nominated for every category… well it means something and I’m pretty sure I’m not fond of it.

    • Baris says:

      Damn those groundbreaking games which excel at everything they attempt, damn them to hell!

  16. monchberter says:

    No Dirt 2, no The Void, no Mirror’s Edge. A travesty is what it is. Too heavy on the nerding this year me thinks

  17. ManaTree says:

    This year had lots of interesting games. Can’t blame them for choosing only 24 of them.

    I’d like to give a +1 for a list of games that didn’t make the cut, though. That sounds like it’d be an interesting list.

    Off topic, but is it me or are avatars not showing up when posting through the forums? I got a bit confused when I saw the same little monster for basically everybody in this thread before realizing that all the usernames are different.

  18. Gromit says:

    Another great year at RPS. Hopefully you will have had enough booze by the 4th to return them to us unscathed.

  19. Lucas says:

    @Baris: Why should disliking arbitrary schedules imply brain impairment? And I absolutely appreciate improving technology and design in the service of great gameplay.

    @Hattered: Physically bound schedules are impossible to avoid, and there’s nobody to blame for them. Arbitrary traditional nonsense, on the other hand, is simply unnecessary.

    • Hattered says:

      It was the inclusion of time zones that brought those two to mind. Having moved across three and recently back two timezones, I must argue that, while the boundaries may seem somewhat arbitrary, the bulk of a given zone is generally meaningful (as relates to local solar time). Technically, each of your examples gains its periodicity from the earth’s relation to the sun, though they are given further meaning through tradition. However, only “days of the week” is an example of true arbitrary tradition; the others have purpose outside of tradition, though not necessarily for you (agrarian societies may benefit from the recognition of seasonal holidays, for example).

    • Baris says:

      By brain impairment I assume you mean the LSD? It wasn’t my intent to be openly offensive, I was trying to convey that the idea of “pointless” periodic schedules not existing seemed to be one of those thoughts people get when 16/on LSD/whatever which seems nice at the time, but upon clear and focused thought is ridiculous.

    • Baris says:

      Thanks for making my point, albeit in a much more intelligent way, seconds before me Hattered (that’s genuine thanks by the way, not sarcastic thanks).

  20. Spiffy new comment system says:

    December Ninth doesn’t work.

  21. fulis says:

    Wasn’t Braid this year on PC?

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