And We’re Back

The truth is that we had to get eaten by that monster. Like seeds that can only germinate once they have passed through the gut of a bird, so the four members of RPS must occasionally be pushed through the colon of a monster so that they might blog. Kieron needed two turns, you understand. Now though, with a little help from a disgusted-looking Belgian man with a splendid moustache, we are pulled from the warm dark of digestion, slightly sticky, but at full power. And so RPS commences for another year.

That means it’s time to ask: What are you looking forward to in 2010, readers?


  1. Caiman says:

    For me the most memorable stuff last year was indie-based. I’m definitely looking forward to the inventive and surprising games coming out of that sector in 2010.

    • Nero says:

      I agree with this man. No real interest right now in bigger game but what the indie community can bring.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Same, same! I mean, I may be interested in other games.. but not really enthusiastic (at the moment, at any rate). More than a few indie games, however, are liable to interest and intrigue me.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      I spent a month playing Redshift “The Quest”, a fine piece of old-school first-person RPG dungeon crawling. I found that a more satisfying experience than any other game I’d played last year. I’m trying to recall what “mainstream” games I’d played but the only one that I can clearly recall is Borderlands. And it’s good, but not great…

      Stalker: Call Of Pripyat is the only upcoming release I intend to buy. Nothing else on the radar looks to be of any interest. No, not even Bioshock 2.

  2. nabeel says:

    Wb! I can’t wait for BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake, personally.

  3. sigma83 says:

    Mass Effect 2
    WoW: Cataclysm
    Episode 3 (YOU KNOW IT’S COMING)
    StarCraft 2
    Universal PC Ports.

    Dat’s it for nao.

  4. sigma83 says:

    and when I say FOR NAO I meant ‘the ones that warrant instantaneous purchase’

  5. Serenegoose says:

    oh, as much as I’d love to say ‘I’m looking forward to episode 3 in 2010, I may as well say that I’m looking forward to secular santa rapture. Mass Effect 2, on the other hand, looks rather fun. In all honesty though, I’ve been in a traditional shooter mood recently, so I’d like another Dead Space, please. And I haven’t finished the first, so nobody tell me if that’s an impossible request.

  6. Psychopomp says:


  7. sigma83 says:

    Oh yes, and Gearbox’s Colonial Marines. APB. Potentially the new Splinter Cell.

  8. zipdrive says:

    I’d say I’m looking forward to be surprised by an awesome game I totally wasn’t expecting.
    And some Mass Effect 2.

  9. Sagan says:

    Starcraft II
    Ass Creed II
    Bioshock 2
    Mass Effect 2
    Alpha Protocol
    Saturated Dreamers
    And a possible Brütal Legend PC port

    I actually feel a little sorry for Alpha Protocol, as it seems everyone has forgotten it. Their delay was probably just them running away from Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2.
    Saturated Dreamers has only been a very recent interest for me, as I bought their previous game in their pay what you want Christmas sale. Now I think that the game could have a genuinely interesting story, and they do post great-looking screenshots on their blog.

  10. Senethro says:


  11. jarvoll says:

    omg New release of Dwarf Fortress omg

  12. BrokenSymmetry says:

    Playing Bayonetta at the moment.

  13. Lars Westergren says:

    I agree with the “indie games” comment. Lots of nice ones past year, even it didn’t reach the level of 2008 with World of Goo and Braid. Looking forward with interest to the new game from the Time, Gentlemen Please! blokes.

    With the success of Dragon Age I am hoping for an increased emphasis on plot and characters. But unlike Dragon Age I hope writers go for more intimate character driven stories rather than “save teh world from destruction” again. Though I realize that this is difficult to combine with the western RPG focus on letting the players decide backgrounds and motivations themselves for a tabula rasa character.

    I am also looking forward to a continued resurgence of the PC as a gaming platform as the current-generation (or are we still calling them next-gen?) consoles hardware continue to age with no replacement versions on the horizon, and online distribution continue to grow in popularity.

    Speaking of which, I hope there is less localization of online distribution. Highly annoying when you read there is a great game for sale but when you go to the page you get a “Go away we refuse to sell to you” message. And less localization of offline distribution as well come to think of it. I read that some Planescape:Torment fans in the US were overjoyed it was being re-released. But it is only released on, and they specifically say they refuse to ship games to the US!
    link to

    I am already looking forward to to next years holiday sales as this year was insane. I think I bought 40 titles all in all last couple of weeks. Best buy: Telltale Everything Pack, 23 good-to-great adventure games in convenient bite sizes. Worst buy: Square Enix pack. Buggy and lazy ports, lousy games. Next holiday sale I’ll get Blood Bowl for cheap as my friends are enjoying it loads and want to play against me but I can’t justify spending even more on games now. Hopefully they still want to play it next Christmas.

    As for concrete mainstream titles – Alpha Protocol continues to be my #1. The Batman sequel, if it comes this year is a must-must buy. Bioshock 2, which is resembles Dragon Age in that when I read what the developers and writers aim for I nod so hard in agreement my head almost falls off, but it is being marketed awfully (deathmatch! explosions! gore! do shocking things to little girls again!). Sam&Max Season 3 of course, as adventure games are finally back again. And the usual ones – Mass Effect 2, Starcraft 2, etc.

    And my wild prediction – Lucasarts will re-release either Grim Fandango, Monkey Island 2, or Day of the Tentacle as a special edition remake with modern graphics, sometime during the year, as they did with MI1. Hopefully. :)

  14. cowthief skank says:

    Mass Effect 2, Alpha Protocol sound interesting. Particularly Mass Effect 2.

    That magic game from Stardock that I don’t remember the name of.

    Umm. That RPG game that was meant to come out “some time”. By that guy.

    I would have perhaps said Supreme Commander 2. But I have AI War now and can’t really see anything beating it.

    The Total War game might be interesting.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      >That RPG game that was meant to come out “some time”. By that guy.

      Age of Decadence?

    • cowthief skank says:


      Yeah that is the one. Sounded so interesting that I could not even remember the name…

      (I wonder if my reply will work this time?)

      (Edit: Indeed it did. With edit function too. I feel powerful)

    • Taillefer says:

      And tat magic game would be “Elemental”.

    • Taillefer says:

      that, even.

    • cowthief skank says:

      Yeah, Elemental is “that magic game”.

  15. nine says:

    Congrats on a great year. Your site is my #1 reference for anything PC game related, in fact I’ve removed most other gaming sites from my RSS reader.

    I’m looking forward to interviews (real back and forth interviews, not the “developer answered a list of questions by email” type!) and other stuff that involves talking /to/ dev teams.

  16. Supraliminal says:

    And maybe , just maybe :
    A new release of NetHack omg, oh my Goddess.

  17. Christian says:

    I’m just playing Mass Effect (Sale on Steam, Hooray!), and I guess the only thing I really wish for in games in 2010:

    NO MORE ELEVATORS, please. I’ve been playing for 15 hours now, and I really can’t see any more of those.

    Oh, and Just Cause 2.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      >NO MORE ELEVATORS, please.

      At least on the PC we got a lot more party banter during the elevator rides. They had intended to have that as well as loudspeaker announcements on the player’s progress in the console versions too, but I think it was cut for some reason (Not enough time? Not enough space on the discs?), that is why the elevator rides are so long. So it is even more unbearable for console players:
      link to

    • Choca says:

      You’ll be happy to know that elevator rides have been replaced by classic loading screen in Mass Effect 2 then.

    • Christian says:

      Hehe, yeah. I had totally forgotten about that PA-strip. Didn’t quite get it at the time though.

      Well, the thing I quite liked during those rides was the snips of information and news and smalltalk during the ride. But while this is a fun idea, and it is possible to access the inventory or the stats while in the elevator, it would have been great if the game didn’t pause in those situations. If the ride went on during that, switching out weapons and stuff would have been a great thing to do to pass the time.

      Oh, and I didn’t quite see them as loading screens, they just seemed a bit long for that. Esp. the one from the docks down to the city in Citadell station. That one seems unreasonably long. Also: Why do I have to take an elevator in the ship? There’s just a really small area down there.

      But that’s really just a minor thing. Damn, I already see me complaining about bland loading-screens in ME2.

  18. Larington says:

    “What are you looking forward to in 2010, readers?”
    Finishing this degree. Everything else is spinning plates not yet placed on appropriate poles yet.

    • Lambchops says:

      I feel your pain!

      I’m going on a gaming hiatus starting from the end of this month. Then the glorious summer between (hopefully) getting a degree and (fingers crossed) starting a phd will be filled with clearing my (now massive thanks to the Steam sale) game backlog and watching the world cup.

      That said I’m looking forward to Alpha Protocol and some more indie goodness.

  19. autogunner says:

    looking forward to mass effect 2, playing some classics on my new netbook, and what lucasarts have in the pipeline for the future

  20. Serenegoose says:

    since it was brought up, it reminded me of it. I want Age of Decadence, and I want it bad.

  21. Taillefer says:

    Alpha Protocol, Age of Decadence, Amnesia, Call of Pripyat, Deathspank, Disciples 3, Elemental, Limbo, Mafia 2, Metro 2033. I’ve found I’m not really excited enough to be following anything, though; as far as I know they’ve all been cancelled. I’m just waiting for other people to bring them up when there’s news. Ahem.

    Also, finding out what 2dBoy is upto.

  22. Daniel Klein says:

    Dwarf Fortress! How dare The Toady One succumb to H1N1 so close to the new year? I can’t wait for the new version!

    Also, Starcraft 2.

    Is the new NfS from the Criterion guys coming out this year? If so, that.

    Does “The Torchlight Multiplayer Mod” count? Cause that’s apparently still happening.

  23. LewieP says:

    Keep your eyes on VVVVVV folks. The first excellent indie game of the new decade. Out on the 10th of Jan.

  24. Rinox says:

    Mass Effect 2 is the only must buy for me so far. Everything else will be dependent on reviews/buzz, which I’m sure I will both get from my favourite hivemind.

  25. Muzman says:

    Only really ‘Call of Pripyat’ and the new Frictional one at the moment. Whatever it’s called (achieved the memorable feat of making me feel like I was playing Thief again while I was merely watching their tech demo video).
    Maybe another Red Faction: Guerrilla super sale

    • Taillefer says:

      And that one would be “Amnesia”. Clever title, clearly.

    • Muzman says:

      That’s the one. Heh. If they can fix it so you forget you’ve bought it and get it again every fifteen minutes it’ll be a marketing coup.

  26. dartt says:

    Mafia 2
    Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Alan Wake
    Deus Ex 3
    Mount & Blade: Warband (the beta is great fun)
    Max Payne 3
    Red Dead Redemption
    Subversion (I hope)
    Episode 3 (I can dream)
    Arkham Asylum 2 (is that 2010?)

    I’d also like some news on L.A. Noir!

  27. Phlebas says:

    Actually playing all the games the Steam sale made me buy over Christmas.
    Also Culpa Innata 2, assuming it comes out.

  28. Gap Gen says:

    I’m looking forward to getting a chance to play the billion games I bought in Steam sales.

  29. gulag says:

    More original games plz. Not happy to just play ‘Slight Improvement Of More Of The Same 2’, thankyouverymuch.

    • Sonicgoo says:

      That’s how the big AAA companies work.

      1) Make game in with new gameplay/in new setting, releasing when functional is good enough
      2) Second game builds on first one with more competence but without the freshness and inspiration of first
      3) Milk until dead

    • tigg says:

      Every year it *seems* like there are hundreds of sequels, and no original games being released, but this is simply because marketing buzz for sequels begins almost straight after the release of the original game, whereas original games stay hidden from us mere mortals for much more of their development cycle.

  30. Umpaidh says:

    Mass Effect 2
    Random indie stuff

  31. Eater Of Cheese says:

    #1 Remake of Ultima Underworld

    #2 Convincing evidence that new Deus Ex and Thief won’t be crapola

    #3 STO ! ENGAGE!

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      #1 Remake of Ultima Underworld


      But it’ll never happen because everyone wants big open worlds, planets. No-one wants myriad, tangling, dank, oppressive dungeons full of hidden secrets and any number of maligant entities any more. Right?

      (No wonder I love Stalker so much…)

  32. terry says:

    I am eagerly awaiting Mafia 2 and Alpha Protocol. And Syndicate.

  33. Baris says:

    Elemental: War of Magic
    Mafia 2
    Possible Trine 2… (yeh right, but I can still dream)

    Those are honestly the only three that come to mind right now, with Mass Effect 2 being a possible contender. Although I’m sure the indie games I only learn about a week before they launch will dominate this year just like the last.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll even complete my first game this time.

  34. Carra says:

    -Aliens vs Predators 3
    -Bioshock 2
    -Deus Ex 3
    -Mass Effect 2
    -Starcraft 2
    -WoW – Cataclysm

  35. rocketman71 says:

    Dedicated servers.

    And LAN in StarCraft 2.

  36. Kismet says:

    My list…
    Should be out in 2010:
    Stalker: Call of Pripyat (GSC Game World)
    Carrier Command: Gaea Mission (Bohemia Interactive)
    Elemental (Stardock)
    Brink (Splash Damage)
    Gray Matter (WizarBox)
    The Secret World (FunCom)
    Mafia 2 (2K Czech)
    Metro 2033 (4A Games)
    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (Tripwire Interactive)
    Trackmania 2 (Nadeo)
    Guild Wars 2 (ArenaNet)
    Alpha Protocol (Obsidian Entertainment)
    Release date TBA:
    Age of Decadence (Iron Tower Studio)
    Naumachia Space Warfare (Aurea Section)
    NorthStar (Kerberos)
    The Witcher 2 (CD Projekt RED)
    Subversion (Introversion)
    “Ice-pick Lodge Top Secret Game”
    Is there any hope?
    The Ship 2 (Outerlight)
    Dreamfall Chapters (FunCom)

    • Katsumoto says:

      The Ship 2 eh? Count me in! I was just thinking about how utterly brilliant the Ship was and how tragic it was that noone plays it anymore. If they properly marketed a new one maybe it would get somewhere. Alternatively they could just do a free weekend of the original on Steam and the servers would fill up again.

  37. Demon Beaver says:

    I’m waiting for Alpha Protocol!! And Sass-creed 2!! And… huh… well, AvP… I might be amongst the few who liked AvP2 better than the original. But the trailer gives me high hopes…

    I must say, after experiencing them last year, I am already looking forward to the Steam Holiday Sales :P

  38. cowthief skank says:

    Also, the expansion for AI War.

  39. thelxr says:

    Looking forward to finishing our top-secret game, unexpected and strange for us here at Ice-pick Lodge. :o) And possibly anouncing another super-duper-top-secret project in the works. M-m-m… :)

    • Dominic White says:

      But if you announce it, it’s no longer top secret! Better to have someone sneak into your offices and steal your plans.

    • Psychopomp says:

      This advertising is much preferable to Uggs and penis enlargement

    • Taillefer says:

      Is it “Rainbow Girl’s Adventures on Sunshine Island”?

      Or something involving giant robots.
      Giant, bleak, oppressive robots. Twisted by their own existential despair, held together by their bolts of decay, and fuelled by entropy and the souls of suffering children. On Sunshine Island.

  40. invisiblejesus says:

    Mass Effect 2, Amnesia, and… is APB supposed to be out this year? I forget. Beyond that, I’m playing it by ear.

  41. James G says:

    Well I’ve already got Mass Effect 2 on pre-order, so that’ll be on the list. On the Bioware side of things I was also happy to hear of the DA:O expansion, which might sneak in at the end of the year, depending when work on it started.

    Staying with RPGs I have an eye on Age of Decadence, and will be looking at the combat demo once I’ve got my desktop back up and running.

    On a more personal level I now have countless games on Steam which I still need to get round to playing, thanks to their frankly obnoxious sales. I’m also keen to have a bit of a look at ‘Bob Came in Pieces’ which was released a few weeks ago. It looks like one of those games which could be a joy to play, while at the same time being subtly innovative.

    I’ll definitely be having a look at Zombie Cow’s Revenge of the Balloon Headed Mexican, and I’m sure I’ll grow fond of countless other Indie titles. I’m not all doom and gloom about the mainstream, although admit that there is little yelling from the rooftops at me for the moment, but the Indie scene is where the out of the blue surprises come from, and as a result is exciting and able to deliver stuff that you wont find elsewhere.

  42. Rinox says:

    Oh I forgot to mention Silent Hunter V! The ability to freely walk around in your sub, what what what?!

    ZEROTIEFE! (jawohl Herr KaLeun)

  43. Jimbo says:

    The game I’m most interested in seeing is a PS3 exclusive :o

    Agent from Rockstar North.

    RUSE, Mafia 2, Mass Effect 2 and Chaos Rising on PC. For the first time since the series started, I have no interest at all in the new Total War game.

  44. Langman says:

    Stalker: Call of Pripyat

    That is all. Move along.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      Quality choice, sir. Be sure to try the SMRTER mod for even further goodness. :)

      (Honestly, it’s like Clear Sky never happened.)

    • tigg says:

      You are correct, sir.

  45. Arnulf says:

    I’m looking forward to FFXIII. Yes, I know that’s not on the PC. But also announced for this year is Final Fantasy XIV. And that is for the PC too. Since I was a big fan of FFXI, I’m very interested in this one.

    Starcraft II.

    Hmmm… Mass Effect 2 looks better the longer I’m looking. I greatly enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins. And I’ve got the Blood Dragon Armour… so I’m slightly interested. But still on the fence for this one.

  46. Subject 706 says:

    Call Of Pripyat
    Elemental : War Of magic
    Age Of Decadence
    Anything new from ice-pick lodge
    Arkane Studios secret rpg (if it makes 2010)
    Aliens Vs Predator, if it isn’t consolized too much

  47. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Now that I have a PC which can finally play them, I’m substantially more interested in the RPSOpinion on the big name games this year. I’m still interested in indie treats, but that should go without saying.

    Also I forgot to thank John for recommending the moist slice of ‘splodey fun that is Red Faction: Guerilla. So thanks John, thanj.

  48. Jambe says:

    I didn’t see it mentioned, but I’m looking forward to The Agency because I know some SOE Seattle folk. There’s a heap of neat stuff scheduled for next year; check out this index of Windows games and sort by release date. Some selections:

    BF2: BC
    Delta Force: Angel Falls (a new Novalogic game that may not suck?)
    Deus Ex 3
    Guild Wars 2
    Just Cause 2

  49. Alexander Norris says:

    Bad Company 2. BF2142 is such a horror to install and get working right with Northern Strike that I’ve given up on playing it despite liking the unlock system far more than BF2’s.

    More importantly: genuine destructible terrain! It took nine years, but we’re nearly there!

  50. jsutcliffe says:

    Massyfectoo! Massyfectoo! (this is what I’ve been screaming since Mass Effect’s sequel was announced, basically)

    Also, Alpha Protocol, Assassin’s Creed 2, and Mafia 2. I’m sure there are other things coming up I’m interested in, but those are the important ones.

    Oh, and Fez and Spelunky XBLA on the indie front, and Dragon Quest IX on the DS, and Final Fantasy XIII. So much for trying to give my list focus.

    I’m planning to get a new PC at some point in the year, so I will probably also be playing lots of sub-par games with fancy graphics so I can point at the screen and say “Ooh, shiny!”