Mass Effect 2 Can’t Stop Releasing Trailers

Have I mentioned before that BioWare never release screenshots for their videos until about three weeks later? HAVE I? THIS ONE'S SIX MONTHS OLD! ARGH!

It’s as if the holidays never happened. I’m back here posting sixty seven Mass Effect 2 trailers and wondering if I really should be invoicing EA for the advertising. But how can I help it when each trailer (since that one) makes the game look so tantalising? It’s going to take a gear shift in my brain to remember that I’m okay with all the TPS action after spending the holidays in the warm, loving arms of Dragon Age, but if BioWare meet half their promises for this game it could be a real treat. So there’s three more of the videos that have appeared since the Space Year 2010 began below, showing off Grunt and Thane some more (still no reveal on the Geth, Legion, being a party member, though it will happen), and a long cinematic trailer with them both at work.

So here’s good old Grunt, grumbling. (Someone give that boy a Strepsil.):

And here’s Thane talking in that wibbly voice that makes me feel funny in my tummy:

And here’s a trailer that’s apparently cinematic, although it’s in a tiny window on your PC, and extremely unlikely to be showing before Avatar at your local multicinescope. (Well, that shows how much I know.) I’ve half a feeling we’ve posted this before, but I can’t find it anywhere, and it bears a second viewing either way:


  1. jsutcliffe says:

    Massyfectoo, I want you.

    I think the Geth character all but been officially confirmed now, too. The achievements list strongly hints at its presence, at least. But what of my old crew? I want Wrex and Liara back, dangit. I really hope there is at least an encounter with Liara, and perhaps Wrex too if you didn’t get him killed.

    • Wooly says:

      I agree! While this Wrex-replacement-guy looks well and good, I still want Wrex! Liara, too, and we’ve already seen that Garrus at least has a cameo in it.

  2. Rummy says:

    Uh, was that a subtle joke that I missed? It did play before Avatar at my local cinema.

    • ascagnel says:

      Same here (AMC Cinemas). When I saw Avatar with my dad, he thought it looked awesome… until I told him it was a game, not a movie.

      Also, I really miss the cool 70s/80s synth soundtrack from the first Mass Effect. The retro-future vibe fit in nicely with that universe.

    • John Walker says:

      No way! Man! Way for me to be wrong.

  3. Rob says:

    Those were all awesome.

  4. eyemessiah says:

    Mass Effect has always had the best wibbly voices.

  5. changeling101 says:

    Yup, same here :O

  6. Carra says:

    I had to look up “TPS” (Third person shooter for those who don’t know)…

    • John Walker says:

      My theory is the reason no one’s learned it is because it’s always explained in parentheses. So I’ve decided it’s time to force the letters on people unexplained, so it enters our vocabularies.

  7. Heliosicle says:

    They both sound like they have very dry throats…

    And it shouldn’t be “Killing is an art and I am a master” it should be “Killing is an art and I am ZE ARTISTE”

  8. robrob says:

    Loving the homo-erotic tension between Shepherd and Frog Man this time round. Playing a female Shepherd (as is sensible), I was sorely disappointed that I could not lay thousands of eggs for Wrex to fertilise in the original and sincerely hope they remedy this now.

  9. Nighthood says:

    What is it with game companies making great cinematics? First Valve, and now this.

  10. Zaded says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    I’m loathe to talk purely about the graphics on display, but given that there’s no gameplay footage here I think I can get away with it… They’ve really stepped up the quality of their rendering, there’s a mind-boggling attention to detail there. This is some of the best work I’ve seen come out of a game release ever – just look at the detail on Shepherd’s facial texture at the start of the “cinematic” trailer, and then about 20 seconds in the women’s facial structure and movements.

    I think perhaps the most impressive thing to me is the eyes – they are notoriously nigh-on-impossible to render realistically, not just aesthetically for stills (which is significantly easier) but in terms of their natural subtle movements in motion – slight reorientation from side to side, up and down, pupil dilation, tiny muscle variations in the eyelids etc…. But they’ve done a bang up job there. Then there’s atmospherically refracted light going through smoke and dust particles, subtle ambient lighting and soft shadowing mixed with their usual pin lighting effects. It’s simply stunning stuff for a game. I could be critical of a couple of things but I just don’t want to after seeing that! As someone who dabbles in modelling and rendering, colour me impressed.

    Let’s just hope the game itself lives up to this marketing push, I gotta say everything I’ve seen and read about ME2 so far has left me optimistic. The build up to this launch is being handled a mile better than DA:O was.

    Keep ’em coming Mr Walker!

  11. The Zombie Pigeon says:

    Well, at least in this cinematic case, it’s been made by Blur studios i do believe. They’re known for doing epic, over the top awesome cinematics like this for various companies. Much nifty

  12. Maltose says:

    Is Grunt voiced by Steven Blum? He sounds a lot like Oghren.

  13. Pattom says:

    @Wooly: I’ve heard that, depending on your actions in the first game, Wrex may or may not appear in this one. At some point in ME2, you will visit the krogan homeworld. If you saved Wrex’s life on Virmire, he will personally welcome you when you land, and other krogan will treat you with great respect. If you killed Wrex, the krogan will be quite unhappy with your arrival. I don’t think they’ve announced what the “canon” choice will be for new characters.

    • Wooly says:

      Nice! I think I could live with that!

    • Optimaximal says:

      What if it wasn’t me that killed Wrex and was actually that over-reacting trigger happy Space Nazi foof called Ashley?

      I hope Andrew Shepard won’t be hung, drawn and quartered unjustly, especially since I saved her life on Virmire so she could face the music in the end.

    • Kadayi says:

      He had it coming ;)

  14. Kadayi says:

    Great Cinematics & rendering, bloody awful cliché riddled dialogue though. No wonder they’ve apparently no need for toilets in the future, it appears everyone just shits back out of their mouth….

    Given the good work of DA:O, Bioware will be getting a pass on this on the basis that this is the exception rather than the rule (in fact I’m hoping it’s just dialogue for the trailers and not actually in the game), but at the same time I’ll be keeping an eye out for any potential MW2 style creative melt downs.

    • Funky Badger says:

      Cliche watch: have you got examples of what you’d call “non-cliche” dialogue?

    • Corporate Dog says:

      Heh. When Thane started in with his, “Sometimes, I feel remorse. Sometimes, I feel regret.”

      I immediately chimed in with the inevitable, “But mostly, I feel nothing.”

      And NotWrex was just one big bag of, “I like to kill. Kill, kill, kill. Sundays are made for killing.”

      But that’s okay.

      Corporate Dog

    • Kadayi says:

      @Funky Badger

      Are you saying that game characters telling us how bad ass they are, or how killing is their second nature/what they were born to do & that no one fucks with them isn’t remotely clichéd?

      Did the Clint Eastwood ever need to extol how good a killer he was in the spaghetti westerns? Do you think Simo Hayha ever needed to tell anyone how good a sniper he was during WWII?

      Who wants a party full of braggarts?

    • Supraliminal says:


      Well, there are only two kinds of killers in the world (of movie/game plots)

      – The silent avenger type

      – And the slack jawed prick, who goes around boasting with ones deeds and gets eventually killed because of dat.

      They can’t all be the former, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to revenge.

      (I always forget the CAPTCHA, damn)

    • Kadayi says:


      But traditionally the braggart is the antagonist (or a rival) rather than the protagonists buddy.

  15. Bleeters says:

    Silly Illusive Man. Doesn’t he know having a strong light source behind your screen is damaging to the eyes? Most reckless.

  16. Cross says:

    If you let Wrex survive in Mass Effect 1, he’ll take over Tuchanka in Mass Effect 2 and reunite all the clans, so it’ll likely make your mission on Tuchanka quite a bit easier.

  17. Rinox says:

    Holy frak that cinematic trailer got me even hotter than I already was for this game. Wrex, until the end of the month buddy…we’ll meet again.

  18. LintMan says:

    Picture caption should have been “It’s a trap!”

  19. plant42 says:

    Awesome trailer, getting closer to purchasing this but will probably still pass. I only made it about 15 hours into Mass Effect 1 before stopping bored. Combat was bad, but served the purpose, bouncing around in a little space rover annoying, but tolerable. Final nail in the coffin was knowing that after this mission I’d have to invariably go back and spend another hour wandering around that elevator-riddled space hotel.