BIS Community Awards 2009: Voting!

BIS and Idea Games send word that they have moved from nominations to the voting stage of their community awards for last year’s modding and community-operating efforts. Anyone can vote, but it’s probably worth familiarising yourself with the variously nominated mods, campaigns, add-ons and community members. The detail thread for the various nominees for the five categories can be found here, while the voting form is here. The voting phase is open until 31st January 2010.

Not familiar with the game? Let our Quintin introduce you to its delights.


  1. bookwormat says:

    I’m not voting, since I do not know most of the mods. But I would be very surprised if A.C.E didn’t score

  2. Tommo says:


  3. Slippery Jim says:

    See the ACE2 mod in action:

    link to


  4. Derf says:

    I have so much spite for ArmA II. It’s still unplayable. These awards are like the Special Olympics.

    • Dominic White says:

      I must be imagining the hundreds of active multiplayer servers, and huge number of people enjoying the game, then. It’s completely unplayable, yeah.


      The massive, active modding community must be deluding themselves, right?

  5. godwin says:

    You people are killing me with these videos. Should I buy it? I don’t want to blow 60 (Singapore) dollars on a game that might not even work (demo was a stream of receiving screen crashes). I really want it to work though, I know I’ll love the gameplay and community.

  6. Slippery Jim says:

    That’s a hard one. Any way of “testing” it out first? But promising yourself you’ll buy it afterwards. If you don’t have a really hefty PC in my opinion it’s not worth it. If it works and works well, it’d a fine game. However, don’t get it unless you’ve got hours upon hours of life to waste on it.

    …On a side note my CAPTCHA code was BNP7…