Eve Population Peaks, War Erupts

CCP have confirmed that their single-server MMO, Eve Online, hit a record 54,446 concurrent users last Sunday. The weekend also saw the eruption of a new conflict between very old powers within the game.

Followers of the wars within Eve might recall that the long-held enmity between Band Of Brothers and the Something Awful-spawned GoonSwarm came to a climax last year, when GoonSwarm were, thanks to an embittered BoB leader, able to disband the BoB alliance and capture Delve, the fortress-region of that major military alliance. Since then BoB and their allies have been homeless and seemingly without focus. Now though, with the territory-capturing mechanisms having been overhauled in the last patch, the newly formed IT Alliance, 4000-pilots strong, has made a play for stations in the Fountain region. (An area of Eve that I remember very fondly.)

Plagued by lag, the first major engagement in this new conflict saw the loss of four of Eve’s most powerful craft, the Titan. This killboard listing shows the losses, which were heavily in favour of IT Alliance after the Pandemic Legion fleet jumped into an already overcrowded system. That’s not to say that IT will be able to maintain their good fortune, however, as the odds are stacked against them. Half a dozen major alliances are aligned to take them on, and it’s tough to see whether they’ll be able to maintain the traction required to hold substantial territory. If they manage it, then this will be regarded the biggest comeback in Eve since the Russian Red Alliance fought back to dominance of the East of Eve have been pushed back to a single region. Like Red Alliance, IT will probably need other events in the Eve galaxy to swing in the favour, and for other significant powers to make their moves against the entrenched power-blocs of the Goons, Pandemic Legion, and the North. It’s going to be an interesting struggle.


  1. Glove says:

    God, I need to get this game.

  2. abhishek says:

    Just read about this on Slashdot. It all sounds so exciting. I wish I played this game… In fact, I even bought it for cheap during some Steam sale a few months ago and I still haven’t found the time to try it out :(

    • Gunrun says:

      It may sound exciting but unless you’re in goonsquad frankly most of your time will be spent mining spacerock for your corp, even goonsquad has that I bet, but at least you can chat to silly people on voicecom.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      “unless you’re in goonsquad frankly most of your time will be spent mining spacerock for your corp”

      This only true *if* you join a mining corp. There are lots of those, but there’s also a lot of alternatives to Goonsquad, like our own RPS Holdings Corp.

    • JonFitt says:

      Eve definitely sounds more fun to read about than to play. I enjoy the war stories.

  3. Choca says:

    Blown up a few stragglers running from/to the battle yesterday. Then got blown up to bits by an angry mob. Good times.

  4. Glove says:

    Mister Jim, does having to devise a cursory explanation of the BoB/GoonSwarm conflict every time you write about Eve become very tiresome? I can’t imagine it’s much fun.

  5. T-B0N3 says:

    So i have never played this game, but i wander. How free are these conflicts? Is there really no limitations how much people can team up and fight each other? Has there never been risk of complete domination of 1 faction? Do factions exploit their territory by asking tolls for tresspassing etc.?

    • Choca says:

      Usually lag is the limit to how much people can fight :D

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Lag is the practical limit, but the Goons/North have dominated the game for a while now.

    • T-B0N3 says:

      but has there ever been 1 group that had almost complete monopoly and used this by charging players for flying around and stuff? Cause with true capitalism such a thing is bound to happen right?
      Quite fascninated by the freedom in this game, is it possible to see a history of conflicts or something, would make an interesting read.

    • Deerhoof says:

      BoB used to implement this scheme over in one of the regions being mentioned, Fountain.

      They used to charge carebear and combat alliances to live in BoB owned stations/space, including the thankfully defunkt gold-farmer-heavy alliance Xelas.

      There was some good huntin’ around those parts for a long time.

    • Babs says:

      This is a very, very good read:
      Sins of a Solar Spymaster
      It’s written by the GoonSwarms head spook, ‘The Mittani’. For the history of the GoonSwarm/BoB conflict you want ‘History of the Second Great War’ parts one and two. Lots of the other articles are also excellent, even if you’re like me and don’t play Eve.

      As has been said many times before, I enjoy reading about Eve much more than I think I would enjoy playing it.

  6. PhilD says:

    We’re watching with this with great interest, although not yet sure how it’s going to impact on the take down of the Northern Coalition that’s just getting underway. (Hint: Pure Blind is going up in flames and Fade will soon follow. Gonna be a looooong campaign but Deklein & Branch will one day be restored to their rightful owners… :) )
    Oh and just to say. Jim, your piece on the Guiding Hand Social Club in PCG all those years ago got me into Eve and I’ve never regretted it.Thank you.

  7. libertarian says:

    In true capitalism monopoly is impossible. Monopolies are only possible with goverment intervention into free market. Read Mises, Hayek, Rothbard et al (mises.org)

    • Tei says:

      On the other hand, true capitalism can “route around” to avoid competition. Cartels, corporation fusions, trade agrements. True capitalism maximize profit, not competivity, competitivity is bad, because the more competitivy, more money invested in I+D, marketing, etc. make products more expensive, and reduce profit.

      Only goverment intervention on the free market can stop monopolies from emerge from fussions/trade agrements.

    • Muzman says:

      ‘true capitalism’; the ‘Spherical Cow’ of libertarian economics.

    • Premium User Badge

      theleif says:

      And North Korea is a democracy lead by a benevolent leader.

    • libertarian says:

      To explain myself, by capitalism I mean libertarianism and austrian economy theory.

      To Tei:
      “Route around”? – explain yourself because I dont know what you mean by that:). Pretty good article on why monopolies were never present with capitalism:
      link to nathanielbranden.com

    • Funky Badger says:

      Governments stop monopolies, not create them. What stops Tescos buying every supermarket in the land?

    • Funky Badger says:


      That article’s naive and outdated – it is 45+ years old, mind.

      Gigangtism works in capitalism, the main economies a company can make are economies of scale. The logical outcome of this is one huge entity owning all the production in a certain sphere, and reaping the maximum benefit of scale (think Google run wild) – add in high barrier sot entry, large capex expenditure needed to get a business up and running and any newly formed competition becomes uneconomic.

      Hence monopolies, the logical outcome of unregulated capitalism.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      Monopolies never present with capitalism?? Yeah, when you redefine your golden concept, until nothing that you don’t like fits its definition, then of course it’s perfect.

      That’s exactly why the previous poster meant ‘Spherical Cow’.
      By the way, ONLY Americans are so brainwashed that they actually thing capitalism would have anything to do with “libertarianism”.

      That “perfect” capitalism of yours with that “free” economy, is *exactly* the definition of a society, governed by the law of the jungle. Which then is the exact opposite of democracy. So if you love the one, you hate the other. Now go ahead, choose one! ^^

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Actually, you confuse theoretical (“true”) capitalism and actual capitalism, Barefoot. True capitalism is a system of wealth distribution according to merit rather than need. In true capitalism, the market is a force for good – it exists only to distribute wealth in the fairest possible way.

      Of course, much like every other ideal system, it is predicated on us living in a magical land that ignores reality, where no one will try to take advantage of the system. Capitalism in practice will only not lead to monopolies if there’s always a means for other people/companies to break the monopoly, which isn’t true in practice unless the government steps in.

      Perfect capitalism is just that: perfect, and impossible; just like true democracy or anarchism (not to be confused with anarchy).

    • kwyjibo says:

      In true capitalism monopoly is inevitable. Monopolies are only prevented with government intervention into free market.


      Just clearing that up.

    • Kakksakkamaddafakka says:

      Great, a spokesperson of theories that keeled over in the early eighteenhundreds.

      Can it. Please.

  8. Miss B says:

    RPSH fine fellows one and all

    except eben

  9. pignoli says:

    I love reading about this stuff. Not sure I’ll ever play it though.

  10. Davidalpha says:

    Apparently its been very hard to get into a system with a Cap fleet since Dominion. PL/SOT/Goons had the idea to jump in at a deep safe so they would have time to load the grid before IT would jump on them. But even a 260au deep safe couldn’t safe em this time i guess :)

    link to youtube.com

    ^^ Footage of the 4 titans going down.

  11. libertarian says:

    Besides if you insist that monopolies are inherent to capitalism – I challegne you name one example:)

    • Funky Badger says:


    • pedant says:

      If Tescos has a monopoly why is there currently Sainsburys, Lidl, Waitrose, ASDA and a scores of small shops currently selling what Tesco sells?

      Or regarding MS an Apple shop in every respectable town in the UK? Linux available online?

      And clicking the little search box in my non Microsoft browser reveals a list of search engines not Google. Being a large or even dominant player does not a monopoly make. In fact every monopoly I’ve ever encountered (in Sweden that includes/included phones, medicine, alcohol, road safety tests etc) was one propped up/protected by the state which is not really the way radical capitalism runs.

      But more to the point, is there any proper anarchocapitalism going on in EVE? Can justice/arbitration be bought from competing providers? Or is it more tribal/gang based? Are any rights protected? Could be a fun experiment after all.

    • Babs says:

      Actually the best monopoly examples are from 19th century US history, which IMO as close as the world has ever been to unrestrained capitalism. Also the era known for it’s robber barrons.

      Read this fine article covers the monopoly gained by Western Union over the telegraph, then the press, then the government. This sort of thing is why even the USA restains it’s ‘free market’.

    • Lilliput King says:

      @Libertarian, pedant

      Not really a fair request, considering we don’t actually have ‘true’ capitalism, by your description. Our capitalism is regulated, as Funky pointed out, to protect consumers from monopolies, which would be why you don’t find them in evidence.

      link to techcrunch.com

    • Funky Badger says:

      pedant: the government consistently acts against Tescos, stopping it from, for example, opening superstores in tiny towns to force its competitors out of business. If Tescos attempted to buy Sainsbury’s (and it could easily afford it) the transaction would be referred to the Monopolies and Mergers Commision – a government body.

      The EU and US have both acted against Microsoft in regards to “uncompetitive practces”.

      My point is that with the aforementioned intervention the monopolies in question would be much stronger than they already are.

    • T-B0N3 says:


      i think the major reason these examples arent complete monopoly is because of government intervention.
      Microsoft was majorly pushing all their software by including them by default in windows making everything they got insta market leading.
      Most companys use microsoft,and therefor alot of software for companies is made for microsoft, which again makes more companys buy microsoft. My father can only acces his “work page” on IE.
      Microsoft is heavily dominating alot of standards like directx, sure theres opengl but support is going down for it, which in turn makes more companies turn to directx which makes more people buy microsoft.

      Quick look on wikipedia tells me over 90 % of computer users use a microsoft OS, i think its safe to call that a monopoly.

    • Tei says:

      “Microsoft is heavily dominating alot of standards like directx”

      Direct-X is not a standard, a standard need a “book” where the standard is described, and more than one part that agree with this “book”. Here, theres only one part, Microsoft, and Microsoft don’t agree to nothing (and not a specification of DX, since theres not specification od DX).
      Direct-X is a set of libraries, that make creating games faster and easier. DX is a binary blob, not a standard.

      Microsoft heavily dominate on… binary blobs, the history of Microsoft and standards is lots of fun, as seems the Microsoft culture is heavyly against standards, so is rare to see a proper implementation of a standard (seems the “Way to go” for Microsoft is to break then, or create broken implementations ).

      Windows itself, is a binary blob, If where a standard, any company would have made a better Windows than Microsoft Windows. But since is *not* a standard, no one can make a better windows that then. Some people would be using Apple Windows, others IBM Windows, and other Open Source Windows.
      Theres *not* Apple Direct-X, IBM Direct-X, Open Source Direct-X, because Direct-X is NOT a standard.

      OpenGL is a standard, and a very good one, I must say.

    • pedant says:


      Isn’t Somalia a better example of unrestrained capitalism? Ie no central authority whatsoever. And I’d argue it’s telling that Western Union (and Standard Oil and AT&T etc) was only able to gain their monopoly by government corruption, dodgy property grants and similar. That is isn’t so much unrestrained capitalism as government protected corporate thuggery. Which is bad obviously and no one defends I think (but ask an anarcho capitalist to be sure).

      @Liliput King Actually my argument would be that the more capitalism and more free markets you have the less likely monopolies are. And vice versa, se Babs example or my earlier Swedish ones. None would have been possible on a free market. Googles power though, that’s scary but still young on the other hand. IBM was once the same thing as computers after all.

      @Funky Badger/T-BON3 Seems we have different ideas of what a monopoly means so both right/wrong by that logic.

      Still waiting for someone to link this all to EVE though. Does the situation in EVE lend support to any argument about monopolies, markets and fairness? Or are players too busy having fun instead of arguing economic and political policy on the internet?

    • kwyjibo says:

      And I challenge you to name one single country that employs your widely discredited Austrian school of thinking.

    • medwards says:

      @pendant: The ‘capitalism’ in Eve isn’t truly free. It misses a lot of real outcomes and is at best a weak abstraction of whatever idealised ‘true capitalism’ that you and libertarian are all about.

      Most important bit: There is no captive market, there is no possibility to create a captive market. The entire game is explicitly modular. This does not happen in real life. A realistic model would be that if you buy a Thukker Mix spaceship, then you have to use Thukker Mix guns or other ‘licensed’ or ‘approved’ guns with it. More importantly ‘brand identity’ doesn’t really exist. You buy the parts you need and there are visible differences between the types, but there is no ability to obscure the actual relative ability of the types. In a normal economy everyone would be busy making bullshit bulletpoints to add to their sales brochure and making points about the other guy that are untrue (but unprovably so). That isn’t possible because all the stats are exposed.

      The game is rife with examples like this, not to mention that the entire primary resources economy is completely fucked. Piece of friendly advice: don’t use Eve to defend a free market model, because it is limited by game rules. Like for example when their on-staff economist claimed how its clear that the market will react intelligently if you don’t interfere. It only works within the artificially constructed economy of Eve, in the real world the variables are too dense for that to be true (and in fact turn out to be untrue).

    • SoftNum says:

      Standard Oil Company

      The DeBeers Diamond Cartel

      Archer Daniel’s Midland corp.

    • pedant says:

      Thanks for the explanation/detail medwards. Pity it isn’t more free then, would be fun with some harmless online experiments since the ones in the real world get so messy quick.

  12. diddly says:

    do not understand.

    there are a few things in this world i have no comprehension of. Eve is one of them.

    it’s some stationary blobs flashing a bit. how is that a game?

  13. Chaz says:

    Do all the big battles look that static, does no one ever manoeuver? I have played Eve before, but a long time ago back in beta and just after release, so I know the ships can fly around and orbit each other and what not.

    • Deerhoof says:

      EVE is just millions of flashing squares of different colours.
      Seriously. That’s it.

      I wouldn’t pay any attention if I was you.

      Nothing to see in this thread. Just static icons, flashing a bit.
      Move along.

    • Polysynchronicity says:

      The big battleships and capitals don’t move much (in fact, in the case of dreadnaughts, they CAN’T move when in the damage-boosting siege mode) but if you zoomed in you’d see the small fry zooming around like a bunch of enraged hornets. The only way interceptors, logistics cruisers, frigates, et cetera can stay alive in a battle like that is speed, and lots of it.

    • iainl says:

      The reason it was such a massacre is that many of the GoonSwarm side’s ships were lagged-out. When the opposition can’t do anything, you don’t need to move to avoid them.

  14. following says:

    Shoddy commenting work on my part – sorry all.

  15. T-Bone says:

    This got me very interested, so I’m downloading the trial.

  16. Eben says:

    Please for the love of awesome internet spaceship games if your interested or want questions answered go to

    link to trial.eveonline.com

    DL the client, start your trial and jump into the “rps community” channel (click on the little speech bubble at the top right of the chat window)

    Ill be on all day fielding interested beginners or curious vets.

    RPS holdings has an open door policy for any RPS readers and i guarantee you that we will never. NEVER! Be mining spacerock. We currently have 150+ members and are growing daily with regular PvP OP’s, Wormhole exploration, an industrial wing that is about to come online producing high end (Tech 2/Tech 3) items plus support for traders, researchers, war profiteers, manufacturers, valentine operatives and social engineers.

    In reference to this ages old grudgematch we are currently training our pilots in the fine art of fleet warfare and have good links with IT alliance. We may even end up playing a part in this conflict. (although we will be trying to avoid the sort of 1200 man mega blob style of warfare)

  17. Jeremy says:

    It’s ok. We still love you.

    I also fall into the ‘never played it, but love reading about Eve’ camp.

  18. Eben says:

    In response to Miss B yes Eben is a bastard

    Sins of a Solar spymaster is Goon propaganda and Mittens blowing his own trumpet, read with a pinch of salt.

    There are many fleet manouvers its not just flashy squares i assure you

    There will never be a static power block as once any form of stability in Eve is reached players get bored and mix it up.

    Get into RPS community and have a chat!

    • Deerhoof says:

      It IS just flashy squares :(

      Seriously, my friend plays constantly zoomed out, with his tac overlay on. It’s bizarre.
      I don’t mean just for fleet engagements either.

      On a serious note, however, those videos were shot in a way that you could see the engagement properly. If this was taken from a single unit’s viewpoint, it would look much more active.

      The other issue is, (and I haven’t seen the videos, since I’m in work), from what I understand, if these were Titan kills, there will be lots of capital ships on the field, which aren’t exactly manouverable, so yes, there will have been a lot of static combat, however the logistics and planning of these engagements is far from simple.

      In sub-capital fights, there is a lot more manouvering, with each ship and role utilising whatever tactics and abilities they posess, including speed and agility.
      Sub-cap fleets are usually more fun to be a part of for this reason, but the epic size and power of a capital fleet fight is amazing to be involved in.

      Concerning Goonswarm Propaganda, Sins of a Solar spymaster is largely exaggerated.
      Mittens, and infact the majority of goonswarm will take any opportunity to spin the truth to their favour.

  19. Alex says:

    “CCP have confirmed that their single-server MMO, Eve Online, hit a record 54,446 concurrent users last Sunday. The weekend also saw the eruption of a new conflict between very old powers within the game.”

    Methinks cause and effect have been mangled by this article.

  20. Ergates says:

    In my time in Eve I never really encountered the Goonswarm. Are they the bunch of cheating griefing pricks they are in most games they play [infect]?

    • Deerhoof says:


      They also get sneered at constantly,

      However, underestimate them at your peril.

    • poop says:

      Nah, goons are all trolls at heart and just like to make an effort to piss off the most vocal whiny players, which is where the stereotype comes from. They really are just a regular guild with a few more assholes and a bunch of injokes.

    • Deerhoof says:

      *just a regular corp with a few more assholes

      ftfy :)

    • Cvnk says:

      I miss playing with Goonfleet back in Syndicate :( Those were fun times. The monstrosity they morphed into was still fun for a while but it required a bit too much from me (lots of flying long distances, moving headquarters, and sitting in bubbles).

      For those accusing the goons of being cheating griefers you’re likely saying that based only on stories you’ve heard or comments you’ve read. Goonfleet was enormous (it could be argued that we were what encouraged CCP to finally release the Sovereignty skill that expanded the maximum size of corporations — we certainly pestered them enough about it) so sure there were bound to be plenty of members that had no qualms about cheating, scamming, and griefing. Maybe it would please you to learn that more often than not goons themselves were the victims of these sorts of people. There was never a shortage of internal drama with them and in fact we thrived on it. If things ever got dull or slowed down for any reason you could rest assured that some member was about to cause a major problem for the rest of us.

    • Chaz says:

      When I played Eve many years back, Moo or was it M00, can’t remember, anyway they were the main bad ass pirate corp that you tried to steer clear of if you valued your ship and your life. What ever happened to them?

      Oh and the top griefer at the time, I think was the brilliantly named Lord Zap.

  21. poop says:

    whenever I read about EVE i get really excited until I realise that the crazy shit people write about in their blogs makes the game sound far more exciting than it actually is

    I really wish people would make a game like EVE that is as fun to play as it is to read about :X

  22. Lilliput King says:

    I don’t think so. The intial plan was to zerg and grief, as usual.

    Personally, I think they went native.

    • Deerhoof says:

      This is very true.

      Goons of today are very different to what they were back when I started.

      Their primary mission is still ‘to push people’s shit in’, and they’re still familiar with their old bee-swarm tactics., but these days, they’re far more srsfce than they’d like to believe.

  23. LionsPhil says:

    The Internet needs an animated time-lapse of that influence map.

  24. Radiant says:

    That video without any explanation of what is going on is 10 mins of awful awful violin rock and spheres.

  25. Dreamhacker says:

    An influence-map would be great, even if it was made with MS Paint :)

  26. Jharakn says:

    Well theres always the Influence map: link to dl.eve-files.com

    Roughly translated, center uncoloured region is the npc zones and can’t be claimed (also patrolled by npc police squads so slightly safer) all the coloured areas outside are where the big fighting takes place.

  27. Premium User Badge

    theleif says:

    My screen is just 1024000 flashing squares of different colours.
    Seriously. That’s it.

    • Miss B says:

      yes it is if you dont know what your looking at. if you do know then its a diffrent story

  28. Malibu Stacey says:

    If they manage it, then this will be regarded the biggest comeback in Eve since the Russian Red Alliance fought back to dominance of the East of Eve have been pushed back to a single region.

    RA lost all their regions & AFAIK they were down to 2 “dead-end” systems (possibly even 1) in Cache region when they started their epic fight back to take most of the south-east regions.

    I know it was almost 4 years ago Jim but surely age isn’t withering your memory quite so quickly?

  29. Kelduum Revaan says:

    Blah blah, Eve University, blah blah, helping new players for five and half years, blah blah, 1300 members, blah blah, piles of free stuff, blah blah, tons of info.

    You guys get the idea :)

    if you’re thinking of going for a trial, check us out – we had a lecture on living in the hostile places mentioned above from one of the IT Alliance guys over the weekend, and a talk from The Mittani after his ‘master plan’ happened a few months back.

  30. porps says:

    Eve always sounds so fantastic when i read about it, but having played it i’m all too aware that these tales are the once in a blue moon bit of excitement in an otherwise fairly dull game, where you pay to wait (for your next skill!) instead of pay to play.

  31. Noc says:

    I like how the first minute or so of that video is mostly that guy fiddling with his Overview.

    Good job, EVE.

  32. Tei says:

    A feature that could make EVE more interesting for most people would be the ability to “replay” battles. Have something like a system to record the combat and play in a standalone player. Maybe add some movie control to this replay, like edit camera angle, and position, etc.

    It can be a feature with not gameplay effect, or can be part of the game having a “ship” that is a autonomous camera that record the game inside his hull ( so killing it, and stealing the film is made possible ).

    Also, a single feture that would kill the game, destroy it, would be something like a VR simulator inside the game that would let people play the game with any setup, against bots.

  33. flashgames says:

    i couldn’t get into eve myself
    but every time i read about it i think i should give it another go!

  34. pharago says:

    that video from youtube is sad, very sad. they stood there without being able to defend themselves, getting killed one after the other, ‘spatial distortion’ is the name they gave to the lag monster that ate the whole battle, 4 titans destroyed zomg, the server simulation should not let the ships get any damage when affected by desync, but that is not the way it works now, a few years back, such an event will meant that everybody and i mean everybody will suffer desync in the same way, more or less, and that used to even the field a bit.

  35. Mike_in_Ohio says:

    So is Eve worth the monthly subscription fee??.. I’ve been toying with snagging it but that fee just does not give me a warm fuzzy…. what say ye all??

  36. Schyz says:

    Governments don’t stop monopolies, law and justice does. Monopolies love goverments intervention in markets.

  37. fulis says:

    This isn’t ‘lag’ per se, it’s a bug that occurs under lag conditions. You WON’T load grid regardless of how long you wait, but your ship is still there, you can take fleet warps etc. It’s pretty horrible.

    CCP fucked up the code in Dominion. I was present in the two first fleet fights in Dominion, first one in Vale and 2nd one in Venal and on both occations the whole TQ cluster went down, and we were only talking 500-600 people.

    Also, this is hardly the first big fleet fight in the Fountain war. There have been many, including one where IT lost over 100 capitals. Generally, IT are taking moons and some poorly defended systems while still enduring heavy losses. They have taken some stations due to sov not being handed over from leaving / kicked SoT corps. Taking stations in the new Dominion sov system is extremely difficult otherwise. And the NC probably won’t be coming to PL’s rescue, their fall seems pretty inevitable now. What’s interesting will be what happens after that

    • Cvnk says:

      Hah hah. “Only” 500-600 players in one system? If that’s what’s considered the bar to day then CCP deserves some credit. A few years ago 200 people would crash a cluster.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Been playing EVE since 2006, been in null sec since Revelations expansion & there’s one constant everyone should know by now. Fleet battles are always screwed after an expansion is released. Why? Because CCP can’t test having 200-400 players on either side trying to kill each other so they can’t find the issues they need to fix that their code changes have thrown up (and no Singularity is not a solution & never will be).

      Northern Coalition not coming to Pandemic Legion’s rescue isn’t news to anyone. PL have always been independent. They appeared in Fountain during the later stages of EVE-War to harass BoB & their allies but they’ve never been allied with any of the coalition sides in the past & taking the stations in Fountain was purely due to the fact that there was no one better around to do it at the time.

  38. eyemessiah says:

    I like monopoly. Its better than FUCKING LUDO.

  39. The Great Wayne says:

    Good video, good story, but i’m so glad I don’t play it anymore when I think of all the efforts put together to obtain those large fleet battles ^^

    Logistics, POS fueling/camping, internal problems solving, etc…

    Dammit, it’s a second job :)

    I’m registered on Global Agenda, pre release days start on Thursday, I wonder how the game will fare PvP and politics/involvement wise, as it uses the same unique server concept as EvE…

  40. huh says:

    I don’t get it … It was just a bunch of ship sitting around in one place and exchanging shots. Is that all there is to fleet combat? Just sit around and see whose ship breaks first?

  41. Grey_Ghost says:

    I’ve always wanted to be interested in this game, but every video I’ve see of it just make it look incredibly boring.

  42. Ayeohx says:

    Eve taught me that once people get bored they eventually turn to theft and murder.

    Fun game for a while. It seems that if you don’t join a corp you’ll eventually hit a ceiling. Flying around in a multi-million isk ship is dangerous without backup.

  43. Kua says:

    Its a shame that Titans aren’t quite so spesh anymore. I only ever once saw one in fact (I only played for around a year in 2005/6) and remember it was quite awe-inspiring. Now, I should think its a bit, oh meh, that’s a titan, can I even be bothered to take a look?

  44. poop says:

    hopefully dust-514 comes out on PC and isnt total shit so we can have a EVE style FPSMMO that isnt face of mankind

    • The Great Wayne says:

      See Global Agenda coming in february, seems to have a good deal of planetside in it, with definite perks from EvE.

      Dust 514 might be good, but it’ll be xbox only I fear (pretty sure the devs don’t want a mass migration of PC gamers to their fps, which is likely to happen if you combine a fun gameplay and the rich universe, on the same platform)

  45. Laps3d says:

    Oi! Keld! This here is RPSH recruitment propaganda territory!

  46. godwin says:

    This Dust 514 sounded like a very interesting concept until… yeah, FPS gameplay is not native nor natural to the console gamepad, sorry. Or MMOs as a matter of fact, I wonder if the game would be anywhere as complex as EVE.

  47. Joseph says:

    I jizz in my pants i jizz in my pants yes i jizz in my pants yes i jizz in my pants. Good times.

  48. Chris Keegan says:

    Are all those ships traveling at 1000 million miles an hour at each other and its just a massive universe or are they all basically parked still and just playing a very complex game of cats cradle together?
    Which is very sweet i think.

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