LASER! LASER! : Genetos


One of the pleasures of the new decade was seeing Stuart Campbell embracing the last decade and starting blogging. One of his first posts is about Genetos, a SHMUUUUPPPPP! which recapitulates the development of its genre. As in, start at Space Invaders, pass through Space Invaders with some spangles and end up with Space Invaders with a lot of spangles and the sort of fanboy who worries about how you spell SHMUUUUPPPPP! Anyway – while new to me, it’s been about for a while – as the video beneath the cut’s “2007” posting date shows – but the 2009 copyright on the actual code implies a relatively new build. So if you already know it, go play it again. If you haven’t, go play it not again. Clever, aggressive and even educational.


  1. Dominic White says:

    The most recent version takes you right up to modern-day shmup gameplay, and then into new and experimental places. It’s a full-length game.

    And it’s written lower-case, as it’s a word, not an acronym. You nefarious men of ROCKPAPERSHOTGUN.

  2. Alexander Norris says:

    I… uh… okay?

    Broken English aside, the nicest part of this was the cheery music. Mind you, I’m not fond of shmups anyway, but this was a bit too short and light on interesting mechanics to be more than a distraction.

    Which I suppose is what it was meant to be.

  3. TCM says:

    It is excellent.

  4. Haircute says:

    Just finished it and really enjoyed it lot. Thanks for the tip, RPS!

    I’ve grown up on SHMUPS so it feels super good to understand what exactly is happening in this game.

  5. Caiman says:

    It certainly reflects the evolution of shmups, from the earliest forms where skill and aiming are important, towards the later forms where you basically hold down the fire button and simply try and avoid the hail of millions of bullets. Very authentic!

    • Dominic White says:

      Accuracy has become less important in modern shmups, but I’d argue that they also require a helluva lot more skill. Fire up an emulator and try some of those early shooters – it’s like playing in slow-motion if you’ve spent the past couple of years playing games by Cave, or the Touhou series.

      A point some might find interesting is that I’ve found a bizarre Korean MMO/shmup hybrid called Valkyrie Sky which in addition to adding Diablo-esque lootwhoring to the mix to amplify the addiction, actually mixes high-precision shooting and mass bullet dodging. It also has a very gentle learning curve, so even the greenest of newbies will just be able to work their way up to tougher fights.

      link to

      It’s free, and it’s remakably good. Just don’t try to grind crafting skills unless you’ve got infinite free time. The shmupping is much more compelling. I’m currently working my way towards starting an RPS guild in it – RockPaperSigurd, on account of the norse theme.