Boidzerging: Invaders! Possibly From Space

A larger screen than normal, but you need the Y-axis, darlings.

Picked up from World of Stuart by Walker – who didn’t want to look at it, because he doesn’t like Futurama – is this lovely little Space Invaders tribute with theme taken from the aforementioned cartoon’s Raiders of the Lost Arcade episode. Shoot aliens! Have tiny clips of show! Save every ten level! Mixes up the formula with extra bits! Rush! Well, four out of five isn’t bad. I actually liked this as much as any Invaders clone as I can remember, though it is a little easy and the clips repeating loses some charm. Get it from here, or see footage below…

This actually reminded me of a freeware Invaders clone I played the hell out of back in the Amiga days. It had an eternally looping version of a Metallica track – Sad but True, I believe – and some shiny-yet-minimalist graphics. And a google reveals it was called Motorola Invaders…

Which, I suddenly realise, if I was going to do a sort of personal autobiography of gaming, I’d probably have to include. Actually including not just versions of real tracks to elevate already existing gameplay was a total eye-opener to me, a sort of John the Baptist to Wipeout’s Jesus.


  1. Hunam says:

    Who doesn’t like Futurama?

    Walker should be flogged till he realises his error.

    • Spacewalk says:

      As with Seinfeld, I watched Futurama all the way through when it was on then promptly watched something else whenever it was reran. So maybe I don’t really like Futurama either.

    • Vandelay says:

      I think Futurama is pretty mediocre to be honest. Glad to see Walker isn’t interested in it either, as I often seemed to be the only one to find fairly dull.

      Then again, I still think The Simpsons is great, so what do I know.

      @Spacewalk – How dare you compare Seinfeld to Futurama? As you can probably guess from my name, I think Seinfeld is awesome and have watched some episodes loads of times and still find it hilarious each time.

    • TheApologist says:

      There are people that don’t like Futurama? Not even the Star Trek episode.


      That makes me sad.

    • Hunam says:

      When the end times come, those who don’t like Futurama will be sorry.

      Oh so very sorry.

      I heard the J man was a big fan.

    • Vinraith says:

      Indeed, the original run of Futurama was brilliant, it’s a shame about the corpse being zombified into mediocre made-for-DVD movies and such.

    • Spacewalk says:

      @Vandelay – I’m sorry but I needed another example for my post. I probably could have said something else like, I don’t know, Skippy but Seinfeld is the first thing that came to mind and Skippy isn’t a comedy show.

    • Jayt says:

      I heard it’s coming back in its TV form

  2. DrugCrazed says:

    I tried it and it doesn’t even compile before crashing. Very interesting English on the site though, me thinks the guy who is doing this is just putting it in Google Translate.

  3. hD2 says:

    When it has to do with space invaders, its fine with me! I’ve played a lot of Space invaders clones, this one doesn’t stand out but it’s fun to play which does it for me!

  4. Caiman says:

    What’s with all the invader homages these days? Is Space Invaders the new Pac Man? Actually, the best invaders homage is on the… oh, hold on this is a PC gaming site. I’ll not mention it then! (*shhh* it’s called Space Invaders: Infinity Gene).

  5. Ginger Yellow says:

    Walker can bite my shiny metal ass.

  6. El Stevo says:

    The more I learn about John Walker the more I realise he is quite an odd man. Not odd in an entirely bad way, but odd nonetheless.