Player Verses Player: Coin Opera

Beautiful Green.

As those who listened the last Quinns/Me podcast will know, before Chrimble I attended a poetry “thing” where people read from Sidekick Books’ new pocket-anthology of videogame-inspired poetry. The reading was a fine thing, and the object itself is plain lovely, with people using a variety of experiences with games to illuminate and/or make gags. And it’s available now! To quote from the site’s blurb: “I feel certain that this experiment will prove the much-maligned medium of computer games can provide ample impetus for fresh and inspired approaches to form, imagery and voice, as well as informing the ready wit and intelligence of a generation of poets”. I recommend it highly, and not just because Delightful Girlfriend has contributed a couple of pieces. A couple about console-toy games! This relationship is over. It’s a fiver plus postage, and available from their site. Meanwhile, beneath the cut, a poetry-related – er – treat from the archives.

Back in the day, Stuart Campbell, J Nash and myself ran a doomed website called Digiworld. It was basically Digitizer, but online, and… oh, it’s a long story. But one of the things I wrote for it was trying to make teenage girl-emo poetry out of Chun Li’s victory lines in all the Street Fighter games. Including Puzzle Fighters.

These were some of the results.

If you’re going to fight,
Fight for real.
I expected better.

I’m too smart
to fall for your stupid patterns.
I expected better.

Why waste my time?
You’ll just keep losing!

I don’t have time for amateurs!

I’m not just cute!
I am a serious fighter!
I’m sorry if I hit you there too hard!
I’m just doing my duty.

So weak,
Why do I care about the likes of you?

Please don’t take it personal!
You haven’t seen my best yet!
Please let me show you!
You’d be great if you found a better reason to fight!

Poor Chun-li. Sad emoticon.


  1. Thirith says:

    Gagging sounds seem to be the appropriate reaction.

  2. robrob says:

    Awww, was hoping for John’s inspired Soldier of Fortune review.

  3. Mo says:

    Dude, that is some awesome Street Fighter poetry! :)

  4. Noc says:

    What’s that? Dead again?
    I seriously just respawned!
    Hax hax hax hax hax.

  5. dadioflex says:

    I kinda understand why people care, but it’s a really stupid idea, and I don’t care.

    Compare dick all video game history vs history. Then, if you are of a statistical bent, run the spreadsheet.

    When history is getting swamped by video game history, it’s time to sack the history professors.

  6. daire temizli─či says:

    thanks, What on earth are you on about?