CES Lego Universe Enormo-Footage

You’re unlikely to have missed that CES was going on last week, and it coughed up a few gaming bits and pieces. One of these was a demo of the rather shiny-looking Lego Universe. The all-seeing record-o-brain of GameTrailers was there, and it delivered the five walkthrough videos you can see posted below. It shows the character creation, glimpses of the world, the importation of Lego constructs, and so on. It’s interesting that you can see a lot of the seminal Lego Star Wars design influence in there. It’s going to be for kids, it seems, but also for very big kids. A mixture of the basic run-about-smashing-stuff fun of the previous Lego games, with co-op building, competitive building, action stuff such as racing and combat, all combined with the user-generated input that Lego is clearly going to inspire in generations of plastic-brick-layers. Go take a look.


  1. Jonnybase says:

    This excites me more than any MMO around!

  2. jsutcliffe says:

    I have been extremely into the idea of building something in the game then ordering the real life bricks to make it for ages, and I don’t even like normal Lego (Technic only, please).

  3. espy says:

    Everything is moderated? Everything built by everyone? How did they do that?

  4. rhubarb says:

    What’s that you say? Use imagination to save the world? How perfect, how LEGO!

    Wait, imagination /orbs/? So it’s not actually my imagination I’ll be using then, but yours? Or rather, your lack therof? This saddens me greatly.

  5. Pamplemousse says:

    Finding the imagination in the least imaginative way possible made me sad.

    My excitement for this game has waned after these videos.

  6. Max says:

    I’m glad that there’s actual building in the game. This looks like it could be decent.

  7. Untitled says:

    Looks good, but what a massive waste of opportunity! Imagination orbs, quick building, boring combat, (is combat even necessary?) = :(

    I suppose I can’t judge the whole game on that video though so I’ll wait and see if there’s more freedom allowed and creativity required in the later levels.

  8. Fillem says:

    From what I can tell it’s the same “building” mechanic they’re using as in the Star Wars: Lego series and such?
    Why not choose a Blockland style gameplay as well? Afraid of too many Lego penises?

    • heartless_ says:

      I fear lego penises.

    • Bobsy says:

      a) All creations are moderated. Lego penises will be at a minimum.
      b) There is brick-by-brick building. Go back and watch the bit where he has to make a bat for no discernable reason. That’s the interface at a simple level.

      Now, consider the throwaway mention of player-owned land for building on, and start imagining. You and a team of similarly childish friends working together to build a massive fortress of Lego, complete with landing pad for zepplins and biplanes and a massive cannon for launching you across the map.

      If that doesn’t sound entirely fricking awesome, you’ve got problems.

    • RogB says:

      brick-by-brick building is actually very difficult, and quite tedious.
      download LDD (link to ldd.lego.com) – its quite awkward even with a mouse+keyboard.

      note: I should mention that when i say its awkward – its hard to make anything that uses trickier building techniques. (not building vertically, having studs ‘not on top’ etc). ie, anything of note that looks pretty cool – like the stuff you see here : link to brothers-brick.com

      not saying it cant/shouldnt be done, but its harder than it looks and something we have to bear in mind for the younger market that will be playing them – we cant force them to do it or they will give up quickly. awesome addition for the older more patient types though.

    • Fillem says:

      Ok, I see it now.
      I will point the people who say brick by brick building is difficult to the creations made in Blockland. Quite astounding.

      I also concur with other people saying it might feel weird playing a game made for kids, yet I think it will draw a LOT of ‘adults’ as well, seeing as how it will be a subscription only game.

  9. CaLe says:

    I think it has a lot of potential but it’s a little off-putting when he keeps talking about how the game is for kids.. Sure it’s gonna be suitable for them, but I’d hate to be always getting the feeling of playing a game made for kids.

  10. Tei says:

    This looks like “Lego Star Wars” online. That is good, but not impresive. What is impresive is the enormeous quality of some stuff, and the fun all around the game. A bit boring to see a “Give me 10 rat tails” and Quest (rat tails=imagination orbs), and al the Everquest/WoW thing again.

    Again: impresive touch, interfaces, and everything.

  11. heartlessgamer says:

    I still fear lego penises.

  12. Tom says:

    Brick-by-brick building doesn’t have to be tedious at all. Just try LDRAW+MLCAD, though, granted, it’s not exactly child’s play either.

  13. Flakfizer says:

    No Levels? Count me in

  14. Momo says:

    I’m pretty sure the LEGO Universe free building experience will rock your socks off. On top of normal brick by brick building, remember that LEGO actually has developed a basic scripting language (WeDo) for use with LEGO bricks. Basic behaviour scripting + virtual lego models anyone? You can basically create your own mini lego games, LEGO maps with scripted behaviours, and sharing them with friends or making them accessible to everyone playing the game, earning reputation based on the popularity of your creations. This is what will make LEGO Universe awesome, the content will be player generated, and shared in web 2.0 style, so that the best creations will be available to everyone. In regards to moderation, LEGO Universe being for kids, all shared user generated content will be moderated in a very clever way.