Realm Of The Mad God

Okay, I am just working through game links here, so apologies for the volley of random Flash game links. This one is extra-plus awesome however, and discovered via the ultra-fertile sediment that is the TIGSource forums. Realm Of The Mad God is a “massively co-op fantasy adventure”, and that means acutely lo-fi multiplayer killing of ghosts and stuff, helping random people as you progress. You put in a name, choose a class, and off you go. It’s as basic as it could possibly be, and completely superb. Play!


  1. Neosubu says:

    Maximum players reached :(

  2. Morberis says:

    Maximum players reached :(

  3. Schaulustiger says:

    Maximum players reached :(

  4. Gnarl says:

    Maximum players reached :(

  5. Vague-rant says:

    Maximum players reached :(

  6. Froibo says:

    I’m in! :D

  7. Tom Davidson says:

    I spent six minutes looking for an enemy, killed a skeleton in two hits, and then was killed instantly by a slime god a couple seconds later.

  8. TIktaalik says:

    Currently bugged with not enough enemies spawning – the only ones left are really powerful and deal out large amounts of hurt. Looks like it could be awesome once they get things like that ironed out though. Also, warriors seem to suck, but that may be because I could only find dragons to fight and they insta-killed me…

  9. Jakkar says:

    It was live, jim – but now you’ve killed it.

    Now you’ve killed it, Captain.

  10. Morberis says:

    There are no enemies to be found…

  11. Dood says:

    RPSing is the new slashdotting.

  12. Jesse says:

    Was in as Potts. Ran around with Lee and River forever, finally found a dragon, beholder, and slime god triple-team…

    It was pretty hilarious, actually. GG, guys.

  13. Sajmn says:

    RPS strikes again

  14. CMaster says:

    Player limit, etc

  15. Sobric says:

    Ah was just in. Died horribly to a White Demon after running around for about 10 mins. Huh.

  16. Jesse says:

    It’s so funny. ‘Where are you?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘I’m really east.’ ‘Can’t find anything.’ ‘Hey dude!’ ‘Hey!’ (cue tiny shooting party) ‘Let’s go!’ ‘Hey, there’s a…’

    Cue has died at level 1.
    Potts has died at level 1.

  17. Cooper says:

    University firewall. Staff not allowed to play games even if we’re working late :(

  18. Theory says:

    I got in. There are no monsters, just players walking around an empty map trying to find something to do. Great.

  19. Nero says:

    :O After a long time I found two enemies at once. One troll/goblin and one skeleton, killed them both and then came a big ghost and killed me. Damn spread shots. And yes, needs more enemies lol.

  20. Premium User Badge

    Frosty says:

    I’m sure it could be awesome. If we could get in/it was ready for this many players.

  21. Jesse says:

    It’s because of all of us overloading the game, yeah. Give it a day or two to catch up. On the whole this is a great idea and I’d love to see it develop (but not too much!).

  22. Jesse says:

    Btw – I did get back in, and me and four other guys killed the white dragon that killed me (and maybe killed Sobric, too). Went up to level 2. Were congratulated by the players on the server. Then, got killed by the Slime God. You’ll know him, he’s camping in a choke point… Can’t wait to play more later!

  23. Berzee says:

    Today I learned that every name I like has exactly 8 letters. So close…

  24. Calabi says:

    Rock Paper Shotgun breaking games since 1874.

  25. JohnDoe says:

    Hey Jim, Was that you I saw ingame? Trying to find someone called Chiarae?

  26. Raphaƫl says:

    The limit of players is 20, so it’s quickly broken… But if you manage to get in, and if there’s monsters and players around you, it’s lots of fun and work not done. It needs some polishing, though.

  27. Schaulustiger says:

    Pressing “t” enables auto-attack. There are no enemies but at least you can spam your surroundings with arrows and stuff!

  28. Harlander says:

    This is agreeable.

  29. PleasingFungus says:

    That was really great! Didn’t have any trouble finding enemies – don’t know what everyone else was talking about. Played as a wizard called “Ozymnds” for a bit (character limit), and got to Level 4 before dying in the desert at the edge of the world to a Flying Brain. Shame I couldn’t find any items but potions while chat was being spammed with offers of “golden chainmail” and “mithril plate” and such.

    Edit: for people complaining about the lack of monsters, here’s the explanation.

  30. Cutman says:

    Sooooo. I’m waiting forever. When’s this retarded player limit getting pooped on?

    • Cutman says:

      ok how does this make sense, I sit in line for 5 minutes, link my friends, and they get right in. I’m still waiting.

    • Eplekongen says:

      You’re not waiting in an actual queue to get into the game. You are retrying the connection every 5 seconds. Every time someone dies, someone else gets in, the first to connect after that happens is the one who gets the spot.

  31. Confidence Interval says:

    Is there a Moorcock theme to the game or is the apparent reference to the Runestaff novel merely coincidental?

  32. Jesse says:

    It’s random. You have to be lucky enough to try for a connection just as someone else disconnects.

    Literally they made this game in such a short amount of time for this competition and to judge by the thread, new features have been flying in by the day. If they continue to work on it (and I think I could be persuaded to donate to the cause) we could expect all these little annoyances to go away. It’s a great piece of work considering the amount of man hours that went into it – amazing, really. Again and again, little indie developers, and sometimes not even that, sometimes just a couple guys who know a lot about coding, totally surprise me, and can capture my imagination immediately in a way that the big studios cannot. Partly because I don’t get caught up thinking about how a whole studio of developers (say at, oh, Rockstar San Diego) were driven to the point of suicide creating the latest mediocre “AAA” title…

  33. zeeshe says:

    I really liked the spontaneity of the the multiplayer interactions.

    Could be something really special with a bit of depth, a bit more purpose (more than kill monsters till big bad shows up), maybe some side quests, and some differences between the classes (hint : mages and rogues not just archers with different skins), and a less arcadey interface.

  34. Eater Of Cheese says:

    Maxplayers reached =/

  35. fishyjoes says:

    I got in on the second try. But i cant see whats cool about it. I dont wanna be a downer, but the bird-view/controlls are driving me crazy. I ran around 5min without finding any monster to slaughter or quest to completed so i gave up.

    Its going to need more than 5 sentence (I am not counting the “Play!”) to convince me on checking out this game again.

  36. Nimic says:

    I suspect I will never get in.

  37. Nimic says:

    I did get in. Teamed up with a priest named Tu…. something. Made it to lvl 5. Died.

    Restarted (got in right away, weirdly). Did very well on my own, had a good wand, lots of pots. Thought I was cruising it. Met a paper golem, died before I knew I’d met a paper golem.

    Fun. I guess >.<

  38. Logical2u says:

    Teleporting enemies.

    You can tell the server is overloaded…

  39. Zach Marx says:

    This was actually made for Assemblee, a two-part competition the second part of which just ended.

    I’d also recommend Dungeons of Fayte as a great lo-fi hack and slash, off the top of my head. Funny, too.

    Sadly, the team I’m a part of didn’t finish our entry in time.

  40. Coded_One says:

    We finally killed all the minions when I hopped on. The boss spawned but then the server crashed and everything reset :(

  41. MinisterofDOOM says:

    This is brilliantly fun. I kind of wish the A/D and Q/E keys were swapped, though. Either way there’s a lot of coop for such a simple game. Lots of encountering a massive battle at just the right moment to help out, that kind of thing. I’ll definitely be playing a lot of this at work.

    • Jesse says:

      Press ‘o’ and they swap. It’s not documented anywhere, but I’m sure they’ll get to that.

  42. Caiman says:

    Had no trouble getting in, and obviously the world has just been repopulated because I keep spawning on top of about 50 critters! However, my best was level 4 with an archer, which seems a good compromise between staying the hell away and having some moderate HP. New bows are hard to come by though.

  43. Walrus says:


    That can be the game. I forgot how but if you press H to bring up the help text, it tells you how to toggle those controls there.

  44. MnisterofDOOM says:

    Awesome. Thanks, Walrus!

  45. Mwalk10 says:

    Played through till level 20 (max) as a mage. If you use the healing spells (mages and priests can use the same spells, not sure if that is a feature or a bug) then its fairly easy. Pair up with another guy and anything but groups of Beholders / Medusas is a cakewalk once you find decent items.

    The god spawned across the continent from me and a level 2 knight killed it before i could get to it. Apparently the knight could just tank the god’s attacks without problem.

    Overall a fun game, but I died due to flash’s garbage collection kicking in right as i walked into a Medusa and probably wont go back without friends.

    Does anyone know how to make flash not have those random 5 seconds of extreme slowdown every 10 minutes? I assume its garbage collection but i could be wrong.

  46. x25killa says:

    I love this game. Played as an archer first, got killed at lvl 3, tried again, got killed at lvl 5, tried as priest, found a group, played on for another 3 hours and died as a level 20 priest due to lag. All I can say is, this game is brilliant.

    • mcnostril says:

      Hah, I was there for that. It was a sad moment.

      We did end up killing the big baddie after looking for him for like 20 minutes…
      The game is oddly compelling, even though there isn’t much there.

  47. rei says:

    So I just spent fifteen minutes wandering around and couldn’t find anything at all. Then suddenly I was jumped by around a hundred enemies. Every way I ran there was a dozen more waiting.

    I guess it does say it’s a work in progress.

  48. Hodge says:

    Wot Tom said.

    • Hodge says:

      Gah! This infernal comment system will be the end of us all.

      That was supposed to be in response to Tom Davidson’s comment, way up top. (Not to say I’m not in equally fine company down here).

  49. White Noise says:

    Was just playing with Tim and Potts as Dribbler. Nice to see Potts was a poster here.

    Hi Jesse/Potts!