Hot Lead Zepplin: Blimp Wars

The horrific true story behind the Hindenburg.

I like “Blimp Wars“. Not that I’ve played the casual blimp-warring game yet – it’s only just launched and, at present, no-one’s online. But I like that it’s called “Blimp Wars”, and in RPS’ sickly world, that’s enough to post about it. It’s about Blimps, at war, which I think we can all agree is the natural state of the blimp. There is nothing more depressing to man’s nature than the sight of a blimp at peace. You can go sign up and play here, or watch a trailer to get the vibe for the steampunkian design-you-blimp-and-fight below…

Of course, by linking to it, hopefully they’ll be enough people signing up and trying to play for you to have it out with someone. Yay!

Also, quite cutely, the developer has made a game over Kongregate using his assets to create a simple shooter as an advert. Which is an idea I quite like, and haven’t seen before. But I may have not been paying attention. Also, it’s also done in java rather than flash, so you can play at workplaces with terrible anti-Flash policies. Fuck ’em! Fuck ’em right in the fuck-place!

Oh – it’s by the chap who did the Golemizer, which I quite liked the idea of.


  1. Ian says:

    I hope the design bit is labelled “Blimp My Ride”.

  2. mrmud says:

    Those certainly looks more like hot air balloons than blimps.

  3. XM says:

    All this talk about mini games where is the new games news. :)

    Zero Gear is out now and for free until Sunday you should be talking about that. ;)

  4. El Stevo says:

    It’s… not very good.

  5. CMaster says:

    Is there any good reason to play this rather than Air Buccanneers?

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    None, other than the lack of Air Buccaneers servers.

  7. heheman3000 says:

    A permanent Air Buccaneers server is now up at ut2004:// ! Go check it out!