It’s Getting Interesting: Global Agenda Trailer

Crikey, it really does look great.

Global Agenda is out on the 1st of February! How did that happen so fast? The online spy game (although still no one has figured out what it has to do with spying) is a fascinating mix of traditional MMO and multiplayer shooter. This is a claim that’s been made before, but when I played it at E3 I was confused to discover it actually seems to deliver this. I’m intrigued to see how it all plays out once it reaches its meta-game, which appears to introduce the third prong, strategic battles. Anyhow, there’s a new trailer out to remind us all it’s only a couple of weeks away, and you can see it below.

Look at the pretty colours!


  1. Yarood says:

    Looks like really nice Tribes remake, or is it just me?

  2. duel says:

    is this a brightly coloured sci-fi using the same school of thought as halo perhaps?

    you have to be careful because making guns in florescent colours makes them look like toys :D pew pew!

    • Vitalis says:

      The colour of your gun is chosen by the player… you buy ‘dyes’ to change the main colour of the gun as well as the glowy ’emission’ section.

  3. Demon Claw says:

    I haven’t played Tribes, though was often interested – but 1 quote from Pc gamer said “it’s like a mix/mash (what ever the word was) of Tribes and Team Fortress 2” i can say at least its kinda like 3rd person futuristic TF2 :P

  4. Kronyx says:

    Was that a skull helmet on the assault guy I saw? Hot damn.

    What was up with that last scene though? That floating car thing looked silly and I hope that’s not one of the AvA vehicle they’re promising unless it’s bloody cheap.

  5. CMaster says:

    The Eurogamer demo really impressed me. It’s core combat while being a bit “console actiony” was good, and it looked like they had some reasonably dep coop missions.

    Rather dissapointed I didn’t get into the free beta – not about to pay £40 for the privellidge, it has to be said.

    • Flobulon says:

      Same here, me and my friend played it at the Eurogamer Expo and were both mightily impressed – I was especially overjoyed at being able to buy a pumpkin head “flair” for my character, seems like it has the potential to be really fun. I wonder whether anyone who used the reference code they gave out at the demos actually got into the beta, though.

  6. Tailsn says:

    I’ll be interested to see how this game plays out, but watching the trailer I’ll admit I’m a little turned off by the possibility of all that metallic blandness. With all the time an MMO generally requires I’m not sure if the environment could hold me for long. Still curious to see this game in action tho.

  7. Wisq says:

    I wasn’t aware until a friend pointed it out that they’ve got an interesting marketing model for Global Agenda.

    At first glance, it looks like the Champions Online model, where you have to pay for the game itself and pay for a subscription, a bit of a turn-off for me. But it turns out that the subscription is optional, and just opens up some of the more MMO-like features — global domination, faction facilities, the auction / mail / crafting systems, etc.

    It’ll be interesting to see how that affects people’s use of the game. For example, I know someone who has pre-ordered it but has no intention of doing the subscription thing — his friends were grabbing it, and he went along with it, since it looked like a good Tribes-style game. But now he’s worried because it looks very likely his friends will subscribe, and then where does that leave him?

    It also raises the question of how it’s going to be reviewed, since it’s effectively two games in one. Sure, the core gameplay is the same, but it sounds like there’s going to be a fairly big difference between the subscribed and unsubscribed experience. Either way, it’s not the sort of thing we’ve dealt with in the past.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Makes me think of Hellgate London. They had the same deal.. or somewhat alike, anyway. That didn’t work out well, but then it wasn’t close to a completed product at launch, from what I hear.

      Global Agenda, on the other hand, looks rather nice. I think it’ll do well.. but then, we’ll truly get a feel for that only when we get the first reviews from people having reached the ‘end-game’.

  8. The Great Wayne says:

    Don’t be frightened by the term “MMO”, first the meta game (AvA, territory conquest) is only for the subscribers (you don’t have to subscribe to access most of the other content), and in the facts it plays very much like TF2, with a PvE coop mode ala Left 4 Dead and Planetside-type certifications.

    So it’s not as time consuming as other games based on grinding.

    • The Great Wayne says:

      Oh yeah, while i’m at it and considering the NDA has been lifted this week: auction is accessible to everyone (that’s for the statement in the above post), and overall the game is quite solid.

      It certainly has some ergonomical issues and some balancing to do to put it at the fun level of a TF2, but the team is really reactive and listening/interacting with its community. This in itself makes the non subscription game already good enough to justify buying it, if you’re into this type of game (and by this type of game, I mean Tribes/Planetside/TF2, not theme park MMOs, the players looking for something like WoW *will* be disappointed, badly).

      It still however has to prove worthy of subscribing to access the metagame imho, as actually we haven’t got to test it too extensively, and I think the interest of this aspect will be mostly induced by the quality and the quantity of clans/agencies joining it. The good news is that once bought, you can always level your character, play the regular game until you feel the urge to dive into the AvA and subscribe.

  9. Hulk Hogan says:

    guy in middle of article pic = heavy weapons guy

  10. CT Dahl says:

    Colour me happy, literally. I love the bright and chromy colours, which is pleasing after playing dirt red Red Faction for a week.

  11. Kenny says:

    Played the beta for a bit, but honesly found it a bit boring.

  12. Dont Bother says:

    I played in the beta and only thing I can say, the game was in horrible shape. I can’t believe they could have fixed everything by now as I was in the beta couple months ago. Theres just so many things wrong. (I’m using recon as example because that was the class I played most.)

    First the skills. You have to choose if you wanna be Melee or Ranged spec, you cant choose from both trees because there is so few skillpoints. Also for pvp and pve you gotta have complete different skills. So you need a respec everytime you want to go from pvp to pve or vice versa. And most of the skills are only passives that give you like 0.1% bonus to different things. There’s a skill that everyone has to take. It boosts your flying time with the jetpack and if you dont take it, you will get owned, because everyone else has it.

    Next items. This is where the “MMO” part comes into play. Theres only couple different wepons for ranged and melee, and you cant get more. Every player with the same class will have the same weapons. Armors and helmets are for show only. They dont give you any protection or anything else, just for show. And these you can only get with achievement points(you get them for doing pve- missions and pvp-missions). Theres really no items except implants. Implants drop from pve-enemies. But like other items they dont have almost any gameplay value. Your character has multiple implant slots but each implant will only give bonuses ranging from +0.01% to +0.1% to stats.

    PvP-Fighting-PvE. Well PvP certainly is fun. But there are couple very bad things in it. Sniper rifle bullets travel so slow that in big maps you dodge them, also you cant shoot sniper rifles without scope, so you will get owned in melee. In PvE things very pretty basic. Except most enemies would kill you seconds. Even with 2 or 3 medics constantly healing the tank(4 people missions) certain enemies could kill the tank in matter of seconds. Melee was pretty much useless in PvE because you were usually killed before you got into melee range.

    Theres couple things for starters. I hope they have fixed most of these issues but when this game was announced I saw great potential, now after playing in the beta I’m gonna pass it.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      The item aspect is actually rather neat if you consider the fact it’s an fps-type MMO. That, combined with the fact that armour and helmets are ‘only’ graphical upgrades means that people can wear whatever they wish (unless there are class restrictions and the like).

      Me, I’ve been playing the free to play MMO Chronicles of Spellborn and it uses by-and-by the same system. Just gear/weaponry without stats, only slots which you can fill with sigils to boost some or other aspect. I’m really liking that, personally.

  13. Wired says:

    This is one of the most responsive dev teams I have ever seen. They have the core gameplay real solid, everything else they add is just icing on the cake.