Any New Iron? The Zenith Remnant Demo

Take that monkey! Down the page a bit. Yeah, there you go.

For those whose memories stretch as far back as the mysterious times of yesterday, you may recall the news that the first add-on pack for AI War: Fleet Command has been released. Well, now the demo’s been released. The demo for AI war was enormous, and featured more actual play time than some commercial games, so this should be worth your strategic time. It also features the word golem, which is always a win. Oh – here’s the trailer again…


  1. Vitamin Powered says:

    Wait, I’m a little confused! Is the demo a stand-alone, or is the demo also an expansion pack that requires the first game to play?

  2. liq3 says:

    It’s an expansion pack. I’m pretty sure it’ll work with the demo version (which is really just the full game but “locked”) of the full game.

    • Chris Park says:

      Yep, it’s an expansion pack, but you can use it with the demo of the base game. Demo Base + Demo Expansion = Demo. :)

  3. Wolfox says:

    Actually (IIRC), considering the expansion basically modifies/expands on the base game, it’s a demo for the whole game with the expansion content. And it’s standalone, I’d guess.

    Chris, are you there?

    • Chris Park says:

      Well, yes, it would be a demo of the entire game plus also the demo. But, it’s not standalone. You have to download the demo of the base game, then also the demo of the expansion to add on to it, to get the combined demo of both. If you already have the full version of the base game, you can easily just download the demo of the expansion to try out the new content.

      Also of note: the demo time has been increased from 1 hour of campaign play to 3, for both the base game and the expansion. Still unlimited time in the tutorials, and you can start as many “first three hours of a campaign” campaigns as you like. The higher time limit per campaign makes it easier to test out co-op with the demo. Also, if you start with the demo and later get the full version, you can just keep playing the game that you had in progress from the demo.

    • Vitamin Powered says:

      @Chris Park

      Okay, cool! Thanks Chris!

  4. Meat Circus says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how much stuff they’ve managed to assemble in three months.

    AI War is an addictive game. So much more depth that Sins, I doubt I’ll ever go back. I love its highly stylised production design too.

  5. BobJustBob says:

    Technically the demo was released alongside the expansion, since there’s no separate demo executable. It’s the old shareware model — you’re downloading the whole game but you’re locked to the trial content unless you enter a key.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      Not usually, in fact the shareware model for games often revolved around a large chunk or chapter of a game being released for free, but ONLY that chapter. The “commercial” version contained the shareware content and the rest of the game.

    • Chris Park says:

      In our case, BobJustBob is right. The demo of the expansion is the exact same thing as the full version, just minus a license key. So it was out yesterday, too. :)

  6. getter77 says:

    Yep, found that $20 I was looking for and ordered the entire lot of it, direct from Arcen, earlier this morning. My legendary backlog will keep me from this for a good while, possibly until they’ve another major expansion or 2 with it, but when I do play after hopefully seeing many awesome new videos in the times to come—-it shall be great.

  7. Eightyseven says:

    can you activate this on steam if u buy on direct2drive/gamersgate/arcen site?

  8. Huw says:

    All hail the AI/coding god Chris Park! AI War is glorious; the most engrossing strategy game I’ve played in years.

  9. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Keep meaning to buy AI war as I long for a single player strategy game where the AI isn’t tiresomely predictable and I have been told this fits the bill. Hmmm – I appear to have a free weekend…

  10. Ray says:

    The original game is on sale at half price on impulse this weekend…very tempting.

    • Vinraith says:


      It’s half-price everywhere (Gamersgate, Steam, Impulse etc). The really great thing is that no matter where you buy it, you can completely ignore that service and just download the game direct from Arcen and put in the registration code. No need to fiddle with clients or DRM of any sort! :)

    • Dominic White says:

      I bought both the game and expansion direct from the Arcen Games site – I’m assuming they get the biggest cut of the profits from sales there. The great perk is that I can then enter the keys into Steam to get all the achievement-tracking perks and such, and have it remember the keys in case I ever lose them. I’m not bound to the system at all though – it’s just added benefits.

    • Vinraith says:


      Yeah, that’s what I did as well, though I wasn’t aware it could be added in to Steam as an additional backup. That’s quite nice.

  11. Riaktion says:

    Does Ai War have a campaign of sorts? Or is it all skirmish type maps, like sins?

    (i realsie I could find this out easily with the power of the net, however I like to ask real peeps sometimes :oD)

  12. Dominic White says:

    Riaktion said:
    Does Ai War have a campaign of sorts? Or is it all skirmish type maps, like sins?

    It’s kinda both and neither at the same time. A larger match is effectively a full campaign, easily 10+ hours long. Days or weeks for really large maps, and the game is constantly escalating and giving you new objectives.

    • Chris Park says:

      Yeah, I think the best comparison would be something like a game of Civlization IV. Those start out small and then advance and advance, but are completely un-scripted. If you think of Civ IV, your earlier decisions have much later ramifications, and the map and what is on it grows and develops specific meaning to you only over time. In other words, it’s unique every time, but you wind up with a lot of associations and meaning with each specific game because you spend so long in it.

      AI War is pretty much the same sort of design as far as how it plays out, except that it is completely realtime instead of turn-based. But when people talk about it has a lot of 4X in it, that’s a big part of what they mean. Nothing is scripted, but everything that you do matters for down the line. Not in a way that should be stressful or unrecoverable (usually), but in a way similar to Sins or other 4X games.

    • Riaktion says:

      Ah I see, thanks for the insight.

      I enjoyed Sins.. but I never really played it to death like I knew I would like to do, and the main reason for that is there was no campaign.. and I am one who likes a story or campaign or something to drive me forward…. and I think it will be the same here.

      I have the same issue witrh Civ :o)

    • Chris Park says:

      So, may not be your thing, for sure — no game is for everyone. Like Civ, or Risk, or Chess, AI War is more of a “Situation simulator” rather than a single story or something like that. Some people are really into that sort of thing, others prefer the story. Our upcoming game A Valley Without Wind will have much more in the way of story, but it is a sort of JRPG/Tower Defense hybrid, not strategy at all in the classic sense.

  13. j says:

    Finally bought the game and the expansion. Good stuff.

  14. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Annoying receding white text is annoying. Otherwise, no comments. It’s not my kind of game, although I apllaud the efforts put into it.