Choose Your Own Just Cause 2

I could play a whole game this way.

There’s a lot of games to look forward to this year. Jim’s been writing about some of them today, in fact. (Parts one and two.) Amongst them is Just Cause 2, which has to be up there with Mafia 2 and The Old Republic in peak levels on my crazed antic-o-meter. Every video of the game makes it look like the most awesome fun toy (with that constant caveat: just so long as they don’t let the game get in the way). Their latest video(s) is a cute idea to show off how many different approaches you can take to a mission, with a choose-your-own YouTube adventure. The first part of it is below.

An operative has been kidnapped, and your task is to bring her back. Starting with the video below you can pick what approach you’d like to take to each situation, thus branching off in various different directions. Not all will be successful, but a mission failed choice will then let you pick an alternate route straight away. My favourite moment: the cable car gag.


  1. Lack_26 says:

    Hehe, the Scenic Route one was awesome, ‘Rico… What the Hell are you doing?’

  2. Heliosicle says:

    Hrmph, It means I have to all the way through it multiple times :/

  3. Inanimotioon says:

    Wow that’s some nice marketing.
    Didn’t know youtube was capable of that.

    Looks fun.

    • Kelron says:

      It’s using the video annotations Youtube introduced a while back. Usually used to inform you of every thought the creator had while making the video, or to click here for free porn.

    • zornbringer says:

      yep. must have been a marketing genius who came up with that idea :)

  4. robrob says:

    This is a wonderful idea. All it is missing is a Marilyn Manson sting at the end – the true mark of marketing genius.

  5. hydra9 says:

    This is a brilliant idea. I had no idea you could do that with YouTube. Why isn’t everyone doing this (or more people, anyway?)

  6. Jeremy says:

    “Wow that’s some nice marketing.
    Didn’t know youtube was capable of that.”

    I first saw it in a multiple choice quiz on youtube video memes. It’s nice to see the choose-your-own-adventures from my childhood make a comeback in a new format.

  7. Riaktion says:

    Good Trailer! I just hope this game gets its learning curve right, I am almost terrified by having TOO many options to kill the bad guys.

    Paralised by choice is what could happen.

    On the other hand I could stop crying like a little girl and just get stuck in :o)

  8. Drexer says:

    Oh… I was expecting that the first options would really branch out, instead of just coming back to a common point. Too much hope on my part I know.

    The stealth option at least should have an available way to get to them without them running away.

  9. Shadowcat says:

    That was an absolutely brilliant way of making a trailer, which didn’t come close to fulfilling its potential. That one joke option aside, every option at each stage had the exact same end-point.

    Obviously making it branch more would have hugely increased the amount of work required, but the end result is actually the impression that it doesn’t really matter what you do in the game, because the key events will play out exactly the same way, regardless.

    • Dominic White says:

      That’s the point, though – they’re showing you roughly what gameplay works like. It gives you an objective, and you complete it by whatever means you see fit. You’ve got the same beginning and end, but all the actual action in the middle is up to you.

    • Urthman says:

      Yeah, this is not an RPG or an adventure game. I couldn’t care less whether my decisions have any impact on the story. What I care about (and what this shows) is that for any given mission, there’s a bunch of fun ways that you can choose from to get it done.

    • Aftershock says:

      The real problem was not that the end point happened, ie, you got away or got in, but that how you got away was exactly the same. Like, the “another jeep” option ended up with you escaping in the helicopter anyway, not driving off or something.

  10. fulis says:

    Clever marketing, I like it

  11. JKjoker says:

    THIS is how you make a trailer, everyone at Bioware should be forced to watch this twice a day for the next 10 years

    • DrugCrazed says:

      Only 10 years?

      I quite liked it, but I know I won’t be able to do it in game without fucking it up. YAY FOR ME!

  12. Phinor says:

    Clever idea but I’m not sure it worked that well. Good try anyway. My biggest problem with Just Cause 2 is Just Cause the original. The hype videos of that game were quite promising but the end product was one of the worst games I played in 2006. So I’m not letting any hype of JC2 to get under my skin. I’ll take the game at face value at the end of March (assuming they release a PC demo).

  13. pimorte says:

    I remember Street Fighter doing something similar.

  14. Bonedwarf says:

    That game really reminds me of the first Mercenaries game.

    Was hoping I was done buying games for a few months. Apparently I might not be… Shucks.

  15. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    That looks absolutely mental. In a good way. Is there a bad way?

  16. TheApologist says:

    Dammit – good marketing + RPS hype = having to find more time for games

    Really looking forward to this now – the game mercenaries 2 should have been

  17. Skusey says:

    Looking forward to this a lot, comes out the day before my birthday as well so will make a nice treat.

  18. Ian says:

    If this disappoints it’ll be my biggest gaming disappointment since, ohh, that last big one.

    • HexagonalBolts says:



    • Ian says:

      HexagonalBolts: I’m looking forward to this far more than I was ever looking forward to Spore.

      Spore never had the promise of grappling hooks.