Monkey’s Gone To Heaven: Legend of Vraz

Take that monkey!

There’s actually 3 feature-length things to go up this afternoon, but before then, let’s do some demo posts. Firstly, there’s a demo for retro-Amiga-style platformer Legend of Vraz. There’s footage below, the demo is available here and I’m primarily posting because it allows me to use a screenshot of a man shooting a bow and arrow at a monkey. There’s indie-marketing gold here, mark my words.


  1. Richeh says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks like it was made with Klick ‘n’ Play?

    • CMaster says:

      Static, never would have occurred to me.
      Watching the video though – you may have a point.

    • Tei says:

      The game is not terrible.
      If you like platform games, heres something for you. It don’t follow the tradition of Turrican or Pitfall2, but the tradition of Nintendo Mario Bross, that is the worst and most awnfull of the both traditions on platform games, but is a popular one, so there has to be million of guys that like this system.

      I like the backgrounds, have a thing, like hand-draw or something. It also has a very strong “amiga” feel to it. So can be played out of nostalgia. Is not 8bits retro, but is very very very 16 bits retro. One can admit 16 bits retro is not as cool as 8 bits retro, but ….he!!… probably there are million of amiga owners out here, these people deserve a bit of retro-gaming too :-)

    • Tei says:


      The last platform game I have played was Turrican 2, It was perfect and nothing can be better than it.
      The last space combat game I have played was Tie Fighter, for the same reasons I have never played again a space combat game.
      I can’t see how more iterations of the platform game idea can produce something worthwhile, other than puzzlegames like Braid, and I have skip braid, Is not fun to me (but I am not a fun person, so maybe I don’t deserve Braid ).

  2. Meat Circus says:

    Is this meant to be ironic?

  3. mrpier says:


  4. clippa says:

    The controls are horrible and it’s buggy. Awful game. They’d probably have better sales if you couldn’t before you buy it.

  5. Hypocee says:

    I’ve always wanted Abuse-but-really-janky.

  6. Michael Rose says:

    This is quite a terrible game, mainly due to the controls.

  7. Calabi says:

    I dont know it has got a man shooting a monkey, and the seemingly abitrary placed, cluttered environments I really go for those two things.

  8. Joe Martin says:

    Jesus christ, this looks worse than guzzling my own enema juice.

  9. Helm says:

    Amiga semiotics:

    Hitting enemies makes them fall off the plane like Shadow of the Beast
    Getting hit gives little to no visual feedback
    Copper bit gradient background sky! Amiga users were so proud and cocky about their machines for stuff like this
    Collectibles travel to top-right of screen when picked up for maximum particle swooshing

    I’m surprised this isn’t multi-parallaxing all over the place, though!

  10. Thirith says:

    I’m all in favour of nostalgic platforming, but this looks so inept, mainly due to the animations. A platformer needs to have flow, which requires animations that don’t look like your main character has nerve damage.

  11. tom says:

    “I’m primarily posting because it allows me to use a screenshot of a man shooting a bow and arrow at a monkey”

    “I’m primarily posting because it allows me to use pixies references”


  12. mcnubbins says:

    Well, it is a lot like an Amiga platformer, true enough, because mostly all of them were terrible and so is this.