The Player Tapestry: Hannibal

Looks like Vin Diesel isn’t the only person for whom a game about Hannibal is a dream subject, because the amusingly-named Forced March Games have also made game on that theme. Uniquely, the visual style of Hannibal is somewhere between a tapestry from the middle ages and the kind of scrawlings you might see on Roman frescoes, as you can see in the image above. The game itself is a turned base strategy which seems to have a needlessly opaque interface, but is nevertheless interesting in a not-quite-Total-War-campaign way. There’s a demo on the site, which I can’t link to directly for some reason. Get it! (Tim Stone linked us to this. He is a God among men.)


  1. Nick says:

    Low Graphics Demo (88 mb)
    link to
    Hi Graphics Demo (155 mb)
    link to

  2. Rich says:

    Anyone know how to get this to run in a window?

    • Rich says:

      Anyone? No. OK I guess I’ll have to wait rather than play it at work.

  3. GCU Speak Softly says:

    “The game itself is a turned base strategy”

    Oh really?

  4. RuySan says:

    I don’t know if i love or hate the graphics

  5. Fede says:

    The graphics remind me of Spice Trade. It’s different, but it gives a similar feeling.

  6. Nemolom says:

    I adore the graphics, judging from the screenshots (the demo’s still downloading). I reacted more to some of the letters in the font they’ve made.

  7. Mike_in_Ohio says:

    It’s pretty cool… give it a try.. nice tutorial

  8. JB says:

    Tried this a month or so ago, it’s not bad at all. I like the graphics and the game is interesting, what with stuff like attrition (sp?) and event cards.

  9. Pidesco says:

    The artwork is pretty awesome. And the tutorials are brilliant.

  10. Babs says:

    Unique art style, turn-based, opaque interface – what a tease!

    I’m gonna get all up into this one’s business

  11. Oak says:

    Surprisingly unimaginative name for a game with such a striking art style.

  12. Blackberries says:

    Wahey! This game looks a treat. I’m an absolute sucker for both turn-based strategy and ancient history (:

  13. Hotla says:

    This would be awsome if they added side-scrolling Bayeux tapestry style battle animations of oddly shaped dudes dismembering each other etc!

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