The Thin Red Line: Bloodline Champions


In 2009 there was a rash of commercial Defense of the Ancients games. It continues in 2010. Since Bloodline Champions is approaching its beta, and I thought it worth at least a mention, not least that you can have a shot at signing up. The trailer follows and… this appears to be the most robotic RPS post of all time. We’ve been taken over. By mechanoid fiends. Save us!

Okay – the main reason I posted this, bar it being a PC game we haven’t mentioned yet, was that I wanted to take a quick straw poll. While DOTA is an enormous sub-genre, in terms of the response from the RPS readers… well, you don’t seem fans. Would this be a correct assumption? Or are there a silent majority of DOTA-derived game-fans out there? And if there are, why aren’t you speaking? Speak, damn it. SPEAK.


  1. army of none says:

    Meh… I always preferred the other, (In my mind) better custom maps for warcraft3. I have only a passing interest in DoTA, and if I really wanted to play, well, I already own Warcraft3… And it’ll be out again for Starcraft 2, of course, as well as a million other clones for free along with, well, Starcraft 2. As such, it would be hard for me to care less about all these spin offs…

  2. WantOn says:

    I have to confess to being rather partial to a game of Heroes of Newerth, which is just a much better version of the Warcraft 3 mod. Having said that, I don’t tend to play public or pick-up games any more as the frustration factor is usually too high. But for messing about with some good mates, its still awesome fun.

    • St4ud3 says:

      Tried LoL and HoN and HoN is a much better version of Dota. And since Dota is already incredibly balanced and much fun if you are not a total newbie and play with friends HoN is my dota clone of choice.

      I actually have 2 accounts, so I dont ruin my rating when not playing with friends. Its unbelievable just how bad players with high ratings can play. I only play 1600+ games when alone and there are so many players that play like its their first time.

      And I dont comment about dota clones, because I dont even try the new ones, because I’m pretty sure that HoN will be the one that will prevail.

    • Sam Bigos says:

      HoN is my main game at the moment, so great.

    • Jon says:

      Just wanted to chime in as another on the HoN side of things. Yes, the lack of newbie-friendliness is annoying, and the greyed out “Local Game” button frustrates me, but hey that’s what you get for signing up to a beta. Despite the community, I’ve had some pretty fun times playing it, although after seeing a few replays of tournament play I’ve given up hope on ever becoming good at the genre.
      But yes, I am interested in DotAlikes (except Leage of Legends. Installed it, engine felt unresponsive, couldn’t connect to an online game, uninstalled.)

  3. mrmud says:

    I played a little bit of DOTA among with all the other maps and mods for War3 back when it was actually new.

    Tried LoL when it was released and quite enjoyed it but there were so many games that came out around that time that it never stuck with me.

  4. Wichtel says:

    I played some Reign of Chaos DoTA, but I stopped 4 or 5 years ago. I tried it again with Demigod, but DoTA Communities are awfully hostile. And because Demigods Matchmaking was not working, this was even more of a problem.
    It may be that those games draw in a crowd I do not like, but I think it is a design problem. If you are a bad player, you do not only not help your team but feed the other team money and gold.Your enemey is not the other team but your own.
    And that’s why I stopped caring about DoTA.

  5. Lobotomist says:

    I really do not understand why there is like 5 DOTA clones coming out in same time ?
    And they are all basically the same game (all things considered)

    As for being a fan…

    I was in heroes of newereth beta. It really bugs me that once you enter the match you must stay to the end. Or you get penalized.

    As a father , i really can not afford such commitment.

    • Imperialles says:

      Well, if you can’t afford to sit down for 45 minutes uninterrupted then online RTS probably isn’t for you. The leaver penalty thing is absolutely necessary in a game like HoN. If you leave, you let your entire team down (most of the time). If you regularly let your team down, this should be reflected in the statistics.

      Also, hello, avid HoN player here. I get the gripes with the genre, but it really is rewarding once you learn the ropes. Especially so with friends.

    • Earl_of_Josh says:

      Hmm, I’m not sure if you can generalize all online RTSs requiring a 45min commitment at a time. When I was playing Warcraft 3 (fairly) regularly, it was odd if a match went on for more than 20 min. That being said I’ve never really played dota in any of its forms, at the time when I had a bunch of guys I could play with to learn the rules, I didn’t. And now I’ve been a little put off by all the reports (such as the ones in this thread) that playing as a newbie to learn the game can damage your teammates. It does sound like a game I would enjoy, but I’d really need some friends to play with. Unlike just grabbing a classic warcraft 3 match where that wasn’t really a problem.

  6. Shadowcat says:

    DOTA is like tower defence for Warcraft 3? Yes?

    I quite like Warcraft 3, but I can’t say that any tower defence game has ever grabbed me. I thought the Plants vs Zombies demo would change my mind, judging from the rave reviews, but I found it something of a bore-fest. That being the case, I’ve well and truly decided that such games are not for me.

    • Sagan says:


      No it isn’t like tower defence. But you could say that it’s like playing team deathmatch on a tower defence map.

      I don’t think you can use your liking of the tower defence genre as a predictor as to how much you will like DotA.

  7. Wichtel says:

    Oh yes and games take 45min which is way to long, which makes the bad-player-will-fail-but-must-stay-anyway-problem just worse.

    • vee says:

      There is always the concede option, usually games tend to end at 20 minute mark if it’s becoming too onesided. Avid HONB player here too.

  8. joseph says:

    Never played DoTA.

    Tried HoN: No idea what to do, penalised for leaving, seems pretty hardcore, no tutorial, no friends playing, uninstalled.

    Currently trying LoL with a friend who is an ex-DoTA player. He likes LoL because it’s different to DoTA and HoN, which I’m told are both pretty much the exact same game. I hear LoL is more noob friendly, and it seems so. But it’s very strategy compared to what I’m used to… FPSs.

    • joseph says:

      Which is not a bad thing… just very different. I’ve always shied away from strategy games because I couldn’t just kill stuff… so impatient.

      Now I’m patient and confident, it’s gud.

  9. bill says:

    I honestly don”t know what the DotA thing is…. it does seem to have inspired a huge series of not-very-interesting looking games though. One day I’ll get around to googling it properly….

  10. Sagan says:

    I’ve never been much of a DotA guy. Always preferred Battleships or Battletanks. But as far as I know no DotA-clone has captured the feel of those mods yet. So all of these games don’t interest me, because they copy a game from the genre which wasn’t my favourite.

  11. AS says:

    Played (play) DotA since Warcraft 3 came out, stopped recently due to ridiculous sales and friends not having the time to play. Lots of fun with a group of friends, though – as hardcore as any FPS with a reliance on teamwork in order to be any good at the game, it’s impossible to go it alone.
    Does anything really have a chance versus Valve + Icefrog (current maintainer of DotA proper on WC3)? Other than it being released… after Episode 3.
    After watching it, reminds me more of the Hero Arena type maps, or more recently, the Warlocks map due to a noticeable lack of creeps/grunts running around. The DotA/AoS genre is usually defined as having a number of creeps swarming around… dating back to the original Aeon of Strife map/lore from Starcraft.

  12. Skree says:

    Not tower defense, no, it’s an RPG-ish style attack-defend 5v5.

    I’m one of your silent crowd I gues, I played a lot of DotA back in the day, and now playing League of Legends. The format has some problems, not least it’s *hugely* unfriendly to the new player. To get to a point where you’re competent enough not to just lose the game for your team is fairly tough, or at least takes a good few hours, and the community is infamously intolerant of “feeding noobs”.

    LoL’s tried to combat this with some tutorials, being able to play games vs bots, some in game hints, tactics and item suggestions and even offering prizes to vets who help out noobs in game, but it’s not really working in my experience (every third game or so someone joins, loses the game for their team and gets SLATED by most of the people in the game : not really great at convincing them to keep trying)

    It’s an awesomely fun genre, great for playing with small groups of friends, loads of combinations between heroes to make up cool tactics and I personally find the 40 minute length of a game a good length. But until there’s a way for newer people to discover some of this fun, I don’t think it’ll ever really get out of the “cult” status its got itself in to. Which I, for one, think is a royal shame.

    • Skree says:

      Oh, and LoL has combatted the “stay for 30 mins even though you’re going to lose” with a surrender vote available after 30 mins. If 4/5 of the people think it’s a hopeless case, you can all surrender and the game’s counted as a loss. Good system imo.

    • AS says:

      @Skree: I like some of things LoL and HoN have added (notably with cross-pollination, ideas seem to be flying back and forth as DotA is adding ideas from LoL and HoN and in reverse) but DotA’s lore wins over LoL, simply because it’s Warcraft with gratuitous mentions of anything and everything.

      Trying to enter the genre from the beginning, it’s definitely best to play LoL first, or find friends to walk you through it.

  13. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Not much of a fan. Then again, I never really tried out DOTA in the first place.

    As an aside, would I be correct in my assumption that the creators of HoN are the same people who made Savage (you know, one of the first if not the first to attempt an RTS-FPS crossover)?

  14. the wiseass says:

    Well I enjoyed Demigod for a short time, but the whole online fiasco made me and a lot of my friends stop playing. It’s a fun game, not enough maps and heroes though.

    On the other side League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth do seem rather interesting but I never could find out which one of these I would prefer or which one would be the better game. In the end I simply gave up on finding out for myself. I wish somebody would compare them next to each other in an extensive game review.

    • cyrenic says:

      @the wiseass

      League of Legends is free and more noob friendly, so that’s the one I would recommend trying out first.

  15. mrpier says:

    Got Demigod and played around a bit with that, but not exactly a fan.

  16. Mythar says:

    In a nutshell?
    Never played dota

    I play HoN a fair bit now, but I was lead into that from playing savage 2.

  17. skyturnedred says:

    I play League of Legends, cause I find it much easier to approach then HoN. I’ve play HoN only a bit, but everytime I was abused for not being a super pro. While playing LoL, the yelling for being a noob doesn’t seem that bad. Well, of course, the kids who tend to play these games ragequit and cry all the time, but I’ve met quite a few people that instead of yelling “noooooob!” actually give advice.

    Also, I think “deny” is fuckin’ stupid.

  18. Christopher says:

    Dota still amazes me to this day, its played by tons of people (particularly in Southeast Asia / Korea), and how old is it? 6,7 years old?

    In response to all the negative comments about Dota : It’s evolved to a point where EVERYTHING you can possibly interact with in a DOTA game has turned into a meta-game of sorts
    “the bad players who will still be bad but stay on anyway..” etc . Find ways to protect them from ganks, ward up your NC for him to farm, the list is endless.

    I still love vanilla DOTA, and it still beats all the clones out there. But thats just my opinion of course.

    One question : where are the creeps? is that intended?

  19. HexagonalBolts says:

    it’s all about TOWER DEFENCE <3

  20. lofaesofa says:

    I don’t dislike DotA games, but there does seem to be a lot of them and my experiences with the general HoN community was unpleasant. Aside from obnoxious players, HoN seemed alright, although the huge number of characters, abilities and items were quite daunting at first.

  21. Jackanator87 says:

    I play DOTA at least 5 games per day, everyday on battlenet, for at least 3 years now. Bloodline champions looks inferior.

  22. Niggles says:

    I started playing HoN from afresh because I wanted something that I could play while my PC is on the fritz and that had some sort of competitive nature so I could stave off ultra boredom. While HoN is an extremely unfriendly game both in it’s execution and community, the rewards that you get from it are great. It’s one of the few games I know where you can show your skill off entirely, and the ability to just outplay your opponents is evident. I did try LoL but after I played HoN first, so it just seemed like a watered down version, and less compelling as a result.

    If you do try out HoN, beware the community, they’re not nice people.

  23. misterk says:

    My friends and I used to play a lot of random custom maps for frozen throne, but never really played DOTA. I only have 4 or so friends to LAN with, and DOTA needs more people. i’ve never wanted to try playing that game with other people- when I have the experience has been miserable, with a stupid array or heroes to pick from, an unecessarily large array of items. I don’t believe that many choices leads to better game play, it just makes for a more inpentrable game. Some players were relatively pleasent to me, but I really didn’t see the point in putting that much effort into learning it when I could be playing tf2.

  24. Lanster27 says:


  25. deteego says:

    To Kieron Gillen, this game doesn’t have as much in common to DotA/HoN/LoL/Demigod as you may think. All the mentioned games have persistent elements (items, gold, leveling) which although arguably adds depth to the game, also make it difficult to balance.

    Also the above mentioned games revolve around lanes and pushing towers, this is more an arena style game (with stuff like FFA/CTF etc etc)

    In fact this game is most similar to Diablo/Nox/Warlocks/Dawnspire (wc3 custom map) then DotA

    Basically there hasn’t really been any commercially (successful) game with this style that has been released. Dawnspire came close, however all development support for the game got cut and its now considered abondonware (and only run by the community). Diablo is more PVE and Nox is likewise old and hardly played

    Its basically an arena style game where you play with Bloodlines that have different abilities. Think of TF2 with a 3rd person view (like an RTS) with classes that have abilities instead of weapons

  26. Jens says:

    The only DotA-like game I ever played was Demigod. I enjoyed that a lot despite the network/connection troubles.

    What finally put me off was the hostility and immaturity of the community, fueled by the very competitive nature of these games. It is all about winning and showing off and not about having fun (or perhaps it is if you don’t win and can’t show off you can’t have any fun). A lot of the regulars eventually shunned random groups/games making it even worse for us casuals.

    Though I am really tempted to give it another go with the two shiny new heroes and the polished community features. Perhaps all is well now?

  27. Xocrates says:

    I own Demigod and have been playing LoL this week. I like the gameplay, but the problem is that Dota games are dominated by a very competitive mindset so it is a very steep entry for more casual players and newbies.

    Indeed the reason I prefer these two games is because gamewise they are fairly newb friendly (more than HoN anyway), and since Demigod has a somewhat decent AI I can play SP (probably the only one so far where that is a viable option), while LoL’s community can be fairly friendly as long as you stick to practice games and aren’t a complete idiot.

  28. Vrokolos says:

    And if there are, why aren’t you speaking? Speak, damn it. SPEAK.

    shh.. We’re playing DOTA/LOL/HON…
    It’s better to be playing the game rather than talking about it

  29. Xoota says:

    I was a DOTA player, but a really awful one.

    I’m right now learning the grips of League of Legends, and liking it very much.

    The problem with online games is that there are too many different kinds of people… There are newbies, there are teenagers who think that that game is their most important thing in their lives, there are really competitive players, there are people that only like to play a little bit…

    And netiquette and social behaviour is something that turns really off to the average mature gamer. And the casual one. Right now, I’m seeing different kinds of people, but I tend to see a lot of supportive gamers that make LoL enjoyable -and it seems that I’m not the only one in here that thinks so. Team Play is also having players that aren’t very good and making the most of them, and I see a lot of LoL players that understand that.

  30. Improvidence says:

    I’ve been a big fan of DotA for a number of years. I really love the large amount of teamwork that goes into a successful game. It’s a shame it’s so rough to learn, though. Once you learn the basics of the abilities and strategy behind all 90+ heroes (as well as the specifics for your own), work up a solid item build, and get good at last hitting and denying, it becomes an incredibly rewarding experience.

    LoL seemed to be a much friendlier sort of learning experience, cutting down on the number of heroes and items, removing denies on both creeps and towers, and shortening the overall game length. But I like all those things about DotA. Some of my favorite games have been hour long endeavors, forcing a losing game into a winning one, which can be extremely hard in this kind of game. I’m always interested to see what new things the genre can do, but I haven’t seen anything that matches up to DotA just yet.

  31. JeCa says:

    There are probably more people playing DoTa-derived games in a more casual way than most people think. I’d never play DoTa or HoN online due to the amount of rage (it makes me depressed even when it’s not aimed at me), but can enjoy the occasional game in a small LAN or internet café and play the odd game of LoL whenever I feel like some Hack’n’Slash action (yes, I see these games as PvP hack’n’Slash RPGs but without 30hours of grinding required to get some good items).

  32. Hypocee says:

    Yeah, I like LoL. Don’t have time to actually play it and get good, so I hardly need another. Turned my competitive, DotA-playing brother onto it and he’s still completely into it on a daily basis.

  33. Morty says:

    I’ve known about this game for a few months now, and although the trailer looks good, I’m a little worried that it doesn’t really tell anyone what the game is actually like. So if you stick the trailer in a post talking about DoTA clones, people are going to think Bloodline Champions is actually another DoTA clone. From what I’ve seen, that’s quite inaccurate.

    First of all, I haven’t heard of any game modes with AI-controlled mobs (called “creeps” in DoTA I believe). My impression is that all combat will be against player controlled characters. Second, they have plenty of information out on their “arena” game mode and they’ve had discussions about other game modes… none of which sound anything like DoTA. Even if they do have an NPC element (take for example Guild Wars GvG), that doesn’t mean the game mode is automatically a DoTA ripoff, even if the game itself was inspired by DoTA. In fact if you go to their website the game modes listed there are Arena (which is most similar to WoW’s arena but round-based like counter-stike), and Capture the Flag… which is a game mode much older than DoTA, not a DoTA clone.

    So why is my favorite gaming news site writing this off as another DoTA clone? As far as I can tell it doesn’t have much in common with DoTA aside from the control scheme, and even that is quite different. In a DoTA (click-to-move) setup your character generally can’t move and do abilities at the same time, while BC’s WASD setup allows you to be moving constantly. In my limited DoTA experience, the fact that you have to stop kiting someone in order to hit them with your snare ability, instead of being able to do it while moving, makes a significant difference in how to game plays out.

    Also DoTA mainly uses an MMO-style targeting setup where you select your target in order to attack or cast an ability on them, with a few exceptions called “skillshots” that actually require aiming. In Bloodlines Champions there are nothing but skillshots, even the heals must be aimed. So really the control setup isn’t even the same… okay so what you’re saying is that all pvp-focused games with an isometric viewpoint are DoTA clones? When Diablo 3 comes out and has a multiplayer pvp element are you going to say they ripped off DoTA?

    I’m glad you’re giving BC some publicity, but if you’re going to misrepresent it I’d prefer you wait until the game comes out and people can see it for themselves.

    • PixelCody says:

      This sounds more like the control scheme I was expecting given the “skill based aiming” part of the video.

      If they’ve done away with creeps and the whole lane-pushing thing then I’m more inclined to check this out.

    • Morty says:


      Yes, which is why I’m so unhappy with RPS for this article. They should have pointed out the major differences between BC and DoTA, rather than giving people the false impression that this is just another DoTA clone.

      As was mentioned earlier, it’s more like the wc3 mod Warlock, which is a comparison I’ve heard before though I never played Warlock so I can’t verify it. If you have to come up with an older game to use as a reference for comparison, at least pick the right game!

  34. Nimic says:

    I dabbled a bit in DotA back in my WC3 days, but I was much more interested in other custom maps. Like the myriad of Helm’s Deep maps, for some reason. Or Hero Line Wars, or Werefolf/Vampire/Murderer type maps, or other DotA-like-but-not-quite-DotA maps.

    I did get Demigod when it came out, but there’s something a little bit unappealing with the fact that pretty soon someone or other will have come up with the ultimate build for all the heroes. That might fly if there are a lot of them, but with so few it takes some of the fun away from it.

    I still play some WC3 on LAN’s, but no so much DotA as Enfo’s (which works great with only 2-3 people).

  35. Kronyx says:

    I started playing Dota at about May 2009. The game was way too ancient and clunky so I gave up. Then came HoN and I’ve been playing it non-stop since the beta began (July or so) .
    I haven’t had a game capture me for so long since Ultima Online.

    I have tried league of Legends (LoL, best game acronym ever) but it was way too dumbed down from the original.
    I couldn’t bare the removal of denying of both creeps and towers.
    LoL also has very few heroes, around 40 with Dota having almost around 100 (they aren’t clones though unlike HoN that ported over most of the heroes)

  36. PixelCody says:

    Never played DOTA but Demigod is a fun time when playing as one of the Generals. There just isn’t enough going on in these games unless you have a few extra minions to control.

    I preferred the multiplayer in DoW2 and Battleforge (that game deserved more press than it got) last year.

    This game seems to be offering faster gameplay and “skill based aiming” so it appeals more than LoL or HoN at first glance.

  37. Falsus says:

    Just like the gentlemen above me, I too play HoN. I’ve been playing since the open beta started, and before that I had been playing DotA for a couple of years.

  38. Xoota says:

    Well, it seems that it’s actually a good thing that the most “elite” and “competitive” players like HoN… As LoL and HoN can peacefully co-exist :).

    I think that the simplicity and the user-friendliness of LoL has its points for the casual player. I really do hope that they can maintain the community, because I think that the most important thing is to have a good time.

  39. Hypatian says:

    I like the whole idea of “Hero Defense” games, but I have to say that I’m kind of on overload. It’s a good new(ish) game genre, but I’m not really sure there’s enough there to support this much development all at once. I guess a lot of people got in the race to get a good commercial DotA-alike out there and making money, and they can’t really back off now, but… I honestly hope that the *next* time a hero defense game shows up, it’s because somebody has had a new idea about how to improve things, instead of just wanting to remake something that’s already been done.

  40. cyrenic says:

    I’ve been a big fan of DotA clones ever since I checked out Demigod last year. I enjoyed Demigod, but the connection issues were too much for me (Peer to Peer just doesn’t work well for DotA clones).

    After Demigod I got into the beta for Heroes of Newerth, and played it for several months. Technically, the game was very impressive. I’m curious to see if the new will be able to match all the features that S2 has packed in to HoN. But the community was the worst I’ve ever seen. The. Worst. Even when joining clans that were based around learning to play better/helping new players, I just couldn’t escape the nerdrage.

    After tiring of HoN’s community, I checked out League of Legends because it’s free. I’ve been playing it since November, and it’s my favorite DotA clone so far. The business model is innovative, it’s a lot easier for noobs to pick up so I can actually recommend friends play it, and the community has been pretty decent in my experience. I disagree with the posts here that claim LoL is a dumbed down version of DotA/HoN, it’s just different. I like that team fights are a little more important, spellcasters scale much better into the late game, and that you can actually play a “tank” instead of just an “initiator”.

  41. Garreett says:

    @cyrenic, surely the LoL community is WORSE? Freeness attracts 10-year-olds who’ll flame at the slightest indication of failure and ragequit the second they die. HoN has a better system; you leave, you get a point against our account – the problem with DotA was that people would ragequit after dying once, setting off a chain of their team quitting.

    As to team fights being more important, I’m not sure what you mean. In HoN/DotA, 1 group-v-group 5v5 fight can spell the end of the game near the end, if one team pushes too far and they all get killed. Regarding spellcasting scaling – there’s more heroes in HoN/DotA than just early-game nukers; mid/late game spellcasters scale incredibly well.

    Admittedly, it is easier to get into LoL than HoN/DotA, but that’s because there’s an ease-of-play/depth tradeoff – greater ease of play leads to less depth, and vice versa. For example, in HoN/DotA, it’s possible to “deny” creeps – killing your own creeps to deny your opponent the XP/gold they get from finishing them off, whereas, in LoL, this isn’t possible. There’s rather mixed opinions on this, but I feel it makes the game much more fun and interesting to play, in making early game not just “stay alive, hit your enemies once in a while”.

    • cyrenic says:


      Normally, yeah, free games tend to attract more immature/rude players, but I encountered a much higher percentage of jerks in HoN in the 100+ games I’ve played in both games. It was even evident in the forum community. Now, this might be because HoN is still technically free, being in beta and all, but I think it’s more a splitting of the DotA community. The more “hardcore” players have gravitated to HoN, while more casual DotA players tend to play LoL. Not that being a hardcore player makes you a jerk (I met a couple competitive players in HoN that were great people), but overall it just led to more impotent internet rage when playing games. Which I can ignore for a while, but after months of it, it just got old.

      I’ve seen less early leaves in LoL than in HoN. LoL has penalties for leaving as well, and in my experience it works better, but that’s just my experience. Both of them work pretty well. I never played DotA, but I can only image how bad the ragequitting was with no penalty for it.

      Regarding team fights, I’m not saying they’re not decisive in HoN, I’m saying in LoL all 5 players are more important to the team fights through the whole game. Maybe that was a poor way to word it. But especially late game, team fights in HoN are more about which carry has gotten more gold. Carries aren’t quite as powerful in LoL. Some people might like one player having that much influence, but in a team game I think it’s better to keep the emphasis on the team. Regardless, as I said earlier, it’s only a “little” difference, but it’s one I like.

      I don’t really miss denying. I like focusing more on harassment to get kills or send the enemy back to their base to heal as a mechanic for setting the enemy back in exp/gold.

      Have you played much LoL? I’m curious to know because much of what I’ve said above is anecdotal, and if you have played a lot of LoL you’ve had a much different experience than me, which is interesting.

    • Hypocee says:

      Yeah, as mentioned above I got my stereotypical competitive-gamer brother into LoL (scrabbling to hang onto his place in the top 100, at last report) and he’s come down firmly on its side after playing DotA back in the day and HoN recently. He actively prefers the changes, and if he claims that it’s not dumbed down I’m inclined to believe him.

  42. Lucas says:

    I’ve gotten my friends into Demigod, and the standout problem remains that GPG won’t support a user-editable map format. SupCom2 is doing this as well, which has all but killed my interest.

  43. Froibo says:

    Never got too into DoTA but I love HoN. Before that I played Demigod quite a bit but I was disappointed in the stagnate community.

  44. Anthony Damiani says:

    I enjoyed Demigod despite the networking, and I’m presently having quite a bit of fun with LoL.

  45. Luckylad says:

    I play Dota LoL and HoN when I have friends online to play with. I would recommend if your newly coming into the genre to play LoL until you become rather good with it. LoL is much more noob friendly and has a built in tutorial. In terms of sheer balance and fun, I find that HoN is a much more friendly game after you have gotten past the rather steep learning curve. And since when did people on RPS become sensitive minded people that take everything that people say to heart. If you don’t like your teamates comments do what 90% of online gamers do and either A) ignore them B) get better at the game through actively thinking about what you did and couldve done better (this is a strategy game afterall or C) go play peggle

  46. DrGonzo says:

    I love the genre, Demigod and League of Legends ftw! T

    This game looks interesting. No grinding it seems, just pvp, could be very fun!

  47. Miker says:

    I’ve stayed away from Dota and its clones simply due to the horror stories of terrible communities and their ridiculously complicated mechanics. I think it’s worth comparing the genre to the fighting game genre in previous years — Capcom’s games, which used to be simple, added so much GUARD CRUSH CANCEL ULTRA HYPER VIOLENT COMBO EX PLUS ALPHA crap to them that nobody could figure out how to play. To me, more mechanics don’t necessarily mean a deeper game — part of the reason why Street Fighter IV, which was seen as dumbed down by some, was so successful.

    Really, I’m just waiting for Valve to make its own Dota clone w/ Icefrog and playtest the shit out of it like they do with all of their games.

  48. Fun play online says:

    Yeah, I agree with Froibo the community sucks but Demigod is actually quite a cool game.

  49. MadMatty says:

    its one of those over-caffeinated nights, and im currently loading up LoL coz its free, and im intrigued with games that deal with combos ( a hint of magic the gathering perhaps.)

  50. Lemming says:

    Ive been playing LoL since september last year and im still going strong. Its become my main game and my first ever foray into micro transaction based payment methods. So far ive spent about a tenner, and played close to 400 games, at an average of 3 mins per game thats 200 hours of entertainment for 10 quid.

    Actually having worked that out I now feel a little guilty that I havnt spent a bit more to reward the developers, probably gonna go buy a new champ or a skin…