The Thin Red Line: Bloodline Champions


In 2009 there was a rash of commercial Defense of the Ancients games. It continues in 2010. Since Bloodline Champions is approaching its beta, and I thought it worth at least a mention, not least that you can have a shot at signing up. The trailer follows and… this appears to be the most robotic RPS post of all time. We’ve been taken over. By mechanoid fiends. Save us!

Okay – the main reason I posted this, bar it being a PC game we haven’t mentioned yet, was that I wanted to take a quick straw poll. While DOTA is an enormous sub-genre, in terms of the response from the RPS readers… well, you don’t seem fans. Would this be a correct assumption? Or are there a silent majority of DOTA-derived game-fans out there? And if there are, why aren’t you speaking? Speak, damn it. SPEAK.


  1. Melf_Himself says:

    Demigod is great fun multiplayer, but is a bit of a ghost town due to the poor publicity from the initially buggy network code at launch. Network code is much much better now, though of course dedicated servers would be even better.

    I am quite looking forward to seeing more DotA clones, so RPS please continue posting away!

  2. Immor7al says:

    “I’ve been playing DotA since it was AoS,” and then some. I’ve seen many clones, some of them suck. Never played Demigod, but it looked terrible and I heard it was, too. Heroes of Newerth is probably the best DotA clone out there. But, certain things make it really worthless to me. I play League of Legends avidly. Balancing in LoL has made me rage more frequently than the balance in DotA. Albeit, DotA has lightyears of patches compared to LoL. Having said that, I heard about Bloodline from a friend.

    It looks solid, to me. Not necessarily a DotA clone. The Bloodline website FAQ has pretty accurate and understandable explanation of the game. It plays like WoW Arena in the form of a top-down shooter, but incorporates the design of Warcraft 3 heroes (3 abilities, 1 ultimate). However, there is no laning, no leveling, no items. Your ultimate is accessible when you successfully hit with your spells. You also have two basic attacks (mouse left and mouse right) and an escape ability (spacebar).

    This game, I predict, will be much more appealing to FPSers. The game is based around WADS for movement and your cursor guides the direction of your character as well as aims his or her abilities. No dodge, no crits, no armor, no decimals — whole numbers, simple math, damage and health are comparably low to other games (max HP in Bloodlines I think is around 190-200 and damage can get up to maybe a max of 50 for ultimate).

    They also have different modes: Elimination — typical Counter-Strike or WoW Arena premise, no respawns, kill the enemy team before youre team is killed — and Capture the Flag — point based, similar to any other CTF mode in FPS’s.

    To be honest, the website is fairly resourceful about the game, which includes a “How to Play” video (link to and two “Battle Report” videos (link to

    Also, join the community and sign-up for beta. This game, I have a feeling, is going to be the next DotA.

  3. Rymdkejsaren says:

    I am currently a beta tester for Bloodline Champions (we are not under NDA), and I can tell you that it differs greatly from DoTA, HoN, Demigod and League of Legends.

    It is controlled directly with WASD and spells are aimed with the mouse, meaning you will miss if you misjudge the shot or if your opponent dodges out of the way quickly enough. You cannot target abilities on enemies. The action is quick and relentless, and there are no random numbers, no levels, no critters, no items and no mana. Just you, your six skills with different cooldowns and an ultimate you have to build up to buy using those skills well, and even ultimates can be avoided by skilled players. Wining comes down to player skill, coordination, teamplay and learning the bloodlines.

    In the arena game mode you are 2 to 5 players to a team, there are no respawns, instead you win the round by eliminating your opposing team, and first to win 5 rounds wins the match. Since a round only takes a few minutes, a match can be a quick thing of 15-20 minutes, but can draw out longer too (though no way near as long as HoN/Demigod/LoL games). There is also a CTF game mode in the game at this time, which takes a little longer to play.

    I heartily recommend this game, it is a breath of fresh air by indie devs who dare to make a different game instead of carbon copying an old one. The only game I know of that is similar to it is Dawnspire (coincidentaly, also by swedish indie devs), which unfortunately is all but dead. Check out the webpage to learn more, and sign up for beta if you like what you see.