It’s The Borderlands Baby, Yeah

One Emcee Slick brings us Borderlands: the rap. “When you’ve got seventy million guns / why use swords and knives? / I chose the hunter Mordecai / and now I’m level 45.” He knows it.


  1. Vinraith says:

    Awful, hilarious, hilariously awful, and awfully hilarious. I think that covers it.

  2. bookwormat says:

    More awful than hilarious if you ask me.

  3. Brumisator says:

    I’ve seen college humour spoof videos with more rapping talent than this dude.

  4. Antsy says:

    Um….is this a test? A rhyme for Slick immediately entered my mind, but I didn’t feel the need to follow it up with a rap. You Tube indeed.

  5. clippa says:


  6. Jacques says:

    It’s just screaming for a good video to be made.

  7. bowl of snakes says:

    This calls for a christian side hug!!

  8. _Nocturnal says:

    That there’s the true spirit of NGJ for you!
    These guys may have been tossed aside into a cultural ghetto, but will they let it get in their way?
    Of course not! They’re just going to start busting raps, fool!

  9. Tei says:

    The framerate of the video is kinda slow, 1 frame / 20 seconds. He looks, a District 9 weapon!

    I can’t say if the music is good or bad. Not my tea cup. It kind of sounds ok for this type of thing, I suppose.

  10. Bhazor says:

    I hate most rap with a passion but nerdcore is a guilty pleasure.

  11. David says:

    awful. just awful. bordering on painful actually.

  12. StalinsGhost says:


    /me puts some Deltron 3030 on.


  13. ChaosSmurf says:

    Just kind bad.

  14. Leelad says:

    Flow like a brick

  15. Chiller says:

    Can’t really make up my mind, but we definitely need more posts tagged “I don’t know if this is awesome or awful”.

  16. StalinsGhost says:

    Hint: It’s awful.

    It’s very Deltron 3030. But shit.

  17. Wulf says:

    I had an inkling this would be questionable when I saw the word baby in the title of the news post.

    Does anyone still say that? Really? Oh no. Are we having a rebirth of the seventies?

    …right, that’s it. I’m going to hibernate for a decade or ten, wake me up when it’s all over.

  18. Tzarkahn says:


  19. Sprint says:

    I think the Claptrap web series is also worth a mention; link to

    • Tzarkahn says:

      I hadn’t seen that before, really enjoyed it, I must play the DLC at some point really

  20. mistabashi says:

    It’s not really up to the standard of the now legendary Predato Rap….

  21. ulix says:

    Flow is so so. Rhymes are good though. In terms of pure rhyming skills one of the best game-related raps I’ve heard (not coming from a professional rapper, that is).

    When it comes to professional rap that is game related there definitely is a ton of better stuff (and i’m not even talking nerdcore):

    Fresh Daily – Video Gaming.

    Blumentopf – Profis.
    “Bei Pro Evolution bin ich Meistertrainer, bei Gran Turismo bin ich Geisterj√§ger. Ich werd zum Kasparov, wenn ich Advance Wars zock.” (…) “Ich fahr die Rainbow Road mit geschlossenen Augen, und spiel Ninja Gaiden mit gebrochenem Daumen”

    UNI – Castlevania.
    “This rap shit be the code of life, its like up, down, up, down, A, B, left, right.”

    …to name a few.

  22. Rei Onryou says:

    This rap is better than my crash-ridden version of Borderlands. That’s how bad a port the game is.

    Fix my fucking Borderlands!!!

  23. yns88 says:

    After listening to The Adventures of Duane and Brando, all other video game-related rap music falls short. It’s a shame Duane and Brando hate each other now, so we probably won’t be seeing any more of their genius.

  24. diebroken says:

    It’s all about the PENTIUMS!
    It’s all about the PENTIUMS!
    It’s all about the PENTIUMS!

    gah, wrong parody

  25. Richeh says:

    Ugh. I’m fine with nerdcore, but this is just bad. I mean bad bad. Take it away and put it down.

  26. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Stuff like this really helps dispel the myth that all gamers are fuck-off-massive NERDS.


  27. Mashakosha says:

    This is terrible.

    And not even the good kind of terrible. It’s absolutely god-awful.

  28. Kaze Munashii says:

    OMG!!! hmmmm…..listen to this or burn my flesh and salt the wound?……….hmmmmmm….STEVE!!!GET OVER HERE! P.S. the team headkicks song is MUCH MUCH more acceptable than this…..that and its all about the hunter.lame.