Mass Effect 2 Launch (Final?) Trailer

That's a big wasp.

A Mass Effect 2 trailer you say? But those are more rare than the freckled unicorn! I’d heard rumour they were even extinct. But no, it is real, it is yours to watch below.

Has any game received more trailers? Better question: has any game had so many good trailers? This latest, and perhaps even last, is absolutely stunning. 150 awesomes. The game comes out on the 26th in the States, and then because of the NO REASON WHATSOEVER reaches Europe by the 29th. Well, I suppose you can understand their decision to make sure their game is on all the torrent sites for three full days before making it legally available to buy for an entire continent. Oh no wait. [Please smash your head into bricks here.] But despite this continued idiocy, the video below is a corker.


  1. Azhrarn says:

    … ok that was one seriously awesome trailer. So glad I have a PC CE pre-ordered, can’t wait to get my mits on this game.

  2. Schaulustiger says:

    So when is that one coming to theatres? What, it’s a game? Oh, not interested then…

    Now can some filmmaker please make a good, epic sci-fi flick like that?

    • Richeh says:

      Don’t worry, some guy called Uwe Boll’s on it.

    • matte_k says:

      Please God No, not even in jest.

      And not Michael sodding Bay either :D

    • Maltose says:

      New features:
      *Underwear sex 2.0! What’s better than adults going at it awkwardly with awkward looking undergarments on? Adults going at it awkwardly fully clothed! WOO!

    • Vandelay says:


      They have, it’s called Serenity. Okay, not quite the same, but it’s still pretty epic.

      Well made trailer. Still no idea whether this will improve on the many problems of the original (cut and paste levels, dull side quests, atrocious inventory management, very bland story that failed to warrant the pre-planned trilogy,) so I’ll be waiting reviews and probably for it to drop in price. If it is only as good as the original then it will be worth a play, but I won’t be rushing out to buy.

  3. Misnomer says:

    Why is it still surprising that in Europe games release on Friday and in the U.S. they release on Tuesdays?

    Here in the states our retail stores restock all media on Tuesdays. That means that new music, movies, come out on Tuesdays. I am willing to bet that European brick and mortars do it on Friday. While it is stupid to those of us who have heard of the internet, it still makes lots of sense to EA’s old fashioned retail publishing connections.

    • Nick says:

      You are willing to bet that the entire of europe which is, what, 50(?) different COUNTRIES all have the same day to restock their media outlets and THAT is the reason?

      Um, right.

    • Plinglebob says:

      Our films & music are released on mondays so their succes can be charted for an entire week and games released on Fridays so people can play over the weekend. However, I’ve noticed a couple of big releases are out on a Tuesday this year (Bioshock and Final Fantasy XIII) presumably to avoid whats suggested in the article.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      You know, putting aside the fact that the number of countries in the EU is something you should really know, that exact number is very easy to find online. :P

      Anyway, as a matter of fact, yes, the majority of EU countries restock on Fridays. It’s really not surprising that they’ve managed to synchronise since we’ve been trading amongst ourselves forever and a lot of stuff that’s in any given store either comes from or transits through a fair few EU nations of its own.

      Considering piracy rates and digital sales, though, it’s a completely redundant and suicidally stupid practice but oh, well; when did we start expecting publishers to be intelligent about those sorts of things?

    • Nick says:

      @Alexander: I didn’t say the EU I said Europe (hint: one is a continent). Where are you pulling this unified restocking day of retail outlets data from exactly? Supermarkets like Asda restock daily for example. I thought Game did so on various days as well. (edit) In fact many usually have the games before the release date, same with online retailers, they just hold onto them until they are told to (well, some don’t).

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      Games with a retail component (almost) always release on a Friday in Europe. It doesn’t make much sense, but it’s what happens. And, for the reason Walker gives among others, it’s another reason why we can’t go all-digital soon enough. Publishers are losing European sales to pirates for no good reason, and we non-pirating Europeans have to wait for no good reason. Isn’t bricks and mortar retail great?

  4. Lobotomist says:

    Cant wait for the game.

    But am I the only one who starts to find Bioware writing bit stale?

    I mean “Sheppard is the only one who can save humanity” … “Humanity is on brink of extinction , you (Sheppard) are the only one who can save it”

    What would I give to play game with Mass Effect engine, but story of let say Blade Runner.

    And not the pretentious (and old fashioned) space opera

    • Sonic Goo says:


      Don’t forget that Cyberpunk is almost 30 years old as well. And, while Space Opera as a genre is even older, Mass Effect seems to lean heavily on more recent influences like Alastair Reynolds*.

      *not that I’m that big of a reader, so correct me if I’m wrong

    • Bhazor says:

      You only just noticed? Having a character called Illusive man wasn’t enough of a tip off?

    • Lobotomist says:

      I know, i know.

      But as much I enjoy Mass Effect bringing SCI-FI back into RPG gaming. I would really like to be less “Space Opera” – just equivalent of Fantasy set in futuristic setting.

    • simonkaye says:

      Yeah, Bioware should probably be sending some kind of royalties to Reynolds, for plot and for borrowing the general tone of his sci-fi. Then again, I suspect that Alastair Reynolds owes some credit to Freespaces 1 and 2, which pioneered the “destroying aliens are the explanation of Fermi’s Paradox” plotline in mass culture. Unless you count Pohl’s Heechee saga or Fred Saberhagen.

      Am I being too geeky now?

  5. PixelCody says:

    I knew I would be buying Mass Effect 2 the day it was announced. I loved the original and seriously doubt Bioware would screw this one up. Therefore I have decided that the barrage of trailers is not “for” me and I have avoided every single one of them to avoid spoilers. Squueeee!!! I can’t wait.

    • Chalkster says:

      I, on the other hand, knew the day Mass Effect 2 was released I wouldn’t be able to afford it, so I’m watching as much media of it as possible. SQUEE!

  6. Fergus says:

    I…eh…where do I put my money?

  7. StalinsGhost says:


    Though I really must stop reading/watching stuff about ME2 now. I already feel I know more than I want to.

    • Man Raised by Puffins says:

      Yes, I told myself I wasn’t going to watch any more preview trailers after spoiling parts of the first game. But I’ve watched damn near all of them, Christ I’m weak and it’s all John’s fault.

  8. Davee says:

    This trailer has been Davee-aproved because of extreme epicness. That is all.

    And I have been trying hard to avoid the hype, but it’s damn hard! GAH!
    Also why are there such stupid, pirating-friendly release dates anyway? Srsly.

  9. Psychopomp says:

    The Mass Effect 1 trailers and reviews were just as impressive, and I was supremely disappointed in that…

    So why am I giddy with excitement again? Oh, please be like Street Fighter -> Street Fighter 2

  10. innokenti says:

    That is indeed an awesome trailer. Sets the feel well!

    Still, sad and unfortunate that they insist on the US/UK/Anywhere else delays. *sigh*

  11. Andy says:

    The release date discrepancy is something to do with retail outlets. I’m not sure if this is 100% of the time but they tend to get their video game releases on a Friday and they get all upset with various commissions and agencies if they can’t sell at the same time as the online outlets, thus, platforms like steam have to wait until the friday too.
    ‘Down with shops’ is what I say.

    • SheffieldSteel says:

      All they need to do is make stores in the US wait till Friday, end there’d be no incentive for piracy.

  12. The Sombrero Kid says:

    agree with john in every respect here it’s almost as if he’s been reading my mind/twitter, which i doubt.

  13. macc says:

    I totally agree, the B-movieness of the trailer is pretty great. All the “Sheppard is the only one who can save humanity” is immensely cheesy.
    Still defenately will get this though.

    I would like if they did a story like Firefly with the Mass Effect quality, that would be something.

    • Funky Badger says:

      Is that a way of saying “if Firefly had been good, it would have been good” – because I agree with that.

  14. Mr.Bigglesworth says:

    Maaan, i feel so over saturated.


  15. nabeel says:

    Final? Shyeah right.

    (Awesome trailer)

    I just cannot wait for this game. I finished my “ultimate” save the other day, with my level 60 Shepard and all the decisions I want to carry over into the sequel. I’m so ready.

  16. kyrieee says:

    First one was incredibly hyped but turned out to be an okay game, nothing that will go to the history books exactly. Now this one is just as hyped and I don’t think it will be any different

    BioWare writes pretty good stories but they don’t make well functioning games. 10/10 scores just makes me roll my eyes

  17. Heliosicle says:

    I’m annoyed.

    My pre order from amazon will likely only get to me by monday 1st feb


    Why the hell can’t it just come out on the tuesday?

    • qrter says:

      Yeah, Amazon is pretty infamous for being bad about delivering preorders on time.

      I bet that’ll make you feel a lot better.

    • Heliosicle says:

      I have had expirience where they said the monday, but it came on the friday anyway.

      I got 1st Class delivery, so *hopefully* they’ll dispatch it a couple of days before or something, I might cancel it now and get it from play actually, good idea me!

  18. Phinor says:

    The Friday release date for Europe is a very silly thing from the past. I know for a fact (well unless someone lied..) couple of my local stores already have ME2 in store but have to wait 8 more days before they can start selling it. Too bad it’s only good things you can change (=ruin) these days, all the bad choices from the past are more or less permanent.

  19. Wurzel says:

    First was awesome and this trailer is excellent. Just wish they’d realise female shepherd is the superior version…

  20. Diogo Ribeiro says:


    Just to point out, some of the first scenes in the trailer – in particular the ship chase and Shepard in space – are the game’s intro sequence, which alternates between those sequences and trying to rescue Joker from the Normandy.


    Seems pretty… Non-awesome? The taste is in the pudding I guess, and I still haven’t played beyond that intro stage, but the “awesomeness” in there are pretty much just cutscenes. The non-interactive kind. Maybe I’m old I guess.

    Also, the marketing and hype these days is killing me. Seriously. Doesn’t anyone miss not knowing this much about games? Back then I’d get excited about new releases and it was a pleasure talking to someone who actually played the bloody thing. Nowadays, when I strike up a conversation with people about upcoming games they already know just about everything about it.

    • David says:

      You said pretty much exactly what I was thinking, sans the spoilers. :) Some serious Michael Bay vibes! Just missing the U.S.A-flag. And maybe an even bigger lens flare.

  21. High Memetic 80s Hero says:

    Save game locked and loaded onto my new i7 rig. Now ….. give me the GAME!!!

  22. Frosty says:

    You know what? This trailer has finally got me excited. It finally made me preorder it.

    Well done Bioware. It’s not clever or revolutionary, but it pulled in a simple minded peon like me.

  23. Kester says:

    John’s postings for RPS are going to halve once this finally comes out! :D

    I’m quite excited for this: Mass Effect was my favourite game of recent years (and I normally find RPGs tedious). I hope the collectors storyline ties into the reapers from the first one somehow, I’d be disappointed if they were just separate episodes.

  24. def says:

    Heck yes, this will be awesome. Unfortunately I don’t have my old characters anymore, so I’ll have to initially play ME2 with a level 50 soldier with just 4 Charm/Intimidate, since time and work won’t allow for a second level 50+ character.

  25. jsutcliffe says:

    Oh John, you know they’ll be making trailers for every DLC item. We’ve not seen the back of them yet.

    I have two Shepard saves ready (different specializations, though I gather there’s some kind of reroll/respec available when you import your character), but they’re both male. I am determined to see my male Shepard through the series, but I definitely feel like I’m missing something by not taking the Jennifer Hale Shepard.

  26. nayon says:

    Well, if we look at previous Bioware games, these trailers would be the extent of development in the game, and the rest of the 250 hours of the game will consist of running around vast empty landscapes (planets) to no end.

    • Nick says:

      Uh, what Bioware games are you talking about? Only one that vaguely fits is the previous Mass Effect.

  27. eyemessiah says:

    Trailer was all puff and nothing imo. Glad to see Tali and Garrus in there though.

    I’m still quietly hopeful that ME2 will engage me more that DA:O did.

    I don’t think I have my old save, but then I was really turned off with the ending choices in ME1, so perhaps a fresh start is preferential.

  28. Jeremy says:

    This looks great. I kinda want to start a new game now and try to blaze through it in the next few days before ME2 comes out, that will give me a fresh start I think. I am glad to see some old faces (Tali, Garrus) and a bunch of new ones to replace the original duds (everyone else but Wrex). All in all, pretty excited for this.

  29. Misnomer says:


  30. Rinox says:


  31. Jad says:

    Dunno, seems to make sense to me. Gotta load all those games onto the steamships and then bring them across an ocean. I mean, remember a couple of years ago when all we were using was sails and wind power? It would have taken at least two weeks to get you Europeans the game.

  32. Dan says:

    I’d agree. I do love a bit of space opera, to the point that the novel I’m writing painfully slowly is one, but I still think the bestest game in the world ever would be based in Iain M. Banks Culture universe.

  33. Inferno says:

    That was a brilliant trailer. Kinda reminded me of how much I was looking forward to (and enjoyed) Avatar. Man this is gonna be good.

  34. James G says:

    ME2 is going to surprise me, mainly because I went into ME2 media blackout shortly after the second trailer. (Oh, and I watched the “Bitch” trailer with no sound.) I took a quick glance at the PCG review score to make sure it wasn’t a ‘shocking! 30% only’ but that is about all I know, other than a few non spoilery bits.

  35. Dean says:

    The really annoying thing about the release dates is:
    US releases are on a Tuesday
    EU releases on a Friday

    This is fine.

    But there’s two days between Tuesday and Friday, but there’s three days between Friday and Tuesday. So if you care about releasing in all territories as close together as possible, you launch in the EU on Friday and the US the following Monday.

    They don’t do that. They do it the other way. So the US gets it first. There is NO reason for that except for bias.

  36. Klaus says:

    Someone needs to release this game now. >:(

    • mroaes says:

      They already released it on torrent and usenet. So, if you pre-ordered you can download it and still stand on high moral ground.

  37. Calabi says:

    Trailer was straight out of the Micheal Bay School of Rock, except for no gratuitous slow mo butt shots.

    But I am tempted to be the one and make splosions.

  38. Tei says:

    God must love me. Because I love RPG’s, and sexy womens, and explosions, and a good history, and interesting hostile characters, and some gibs….

    /happy dance

    • invisiblejesus says:

      Hell yeah. And UBER-HARD MOFO GARRUS RETURNS! Now here’s just hoping there’s at least a little bit of the Mako in this one; I know most people hated the side quests, but I thought they were worth it to bomb around in the awesome truck with guns on it. Maybe a new Mako. With more guns. And more interesting reasons to run around cool-looking landscapes like a drunken hillbilly with a monster truck. Yeah… I think I better finish Dragon Age this weekend. :)

  39. ruaidhri.k says:

    annnnnnnnnnnnnnd its up on the torrent sites already ……… quel supris !

  40. Mike_in_Ohio says:

    Man -o-Schevitz, can’t wait for this.

  41. Vinraith says:

    I’ve gone from a state of mild interest to a point where I’m actually considering preordering this, despite the fact that by and large I’ve avoided the prepress. Part of it’s that I’m quite impressed with Dragon Age, part of it’s that they honestly seem to grasp what they did wrong with the first one, and part of it’s that I no longer plan to buy Bioshock 2, so I might as well put the cash to good use.

  42. Carra says:

    Now, where did I put my Mass Effect save game?…

  43. Lucas says:

    I think I know why Shepard dies very early in the game.

    We have been shown so much spoiler-filled preview stuff that he dies of overexposure.

    Hype can be fatal!

  44. Dissapointed says:

    I wouldn’t worry about torrent sites just hitting us here in Europe John, its just gone live on them this very minute anyway.

    5 days before realease! Piracy really is getting quite ridiculously out of hand these days!!!

  45. autogunner says:

    genuine hairs on the back of my neck moment there, cant wait until I get back from uni so my shouty shepard can lesbian her way through to saving the universe again!

    christ I hope my save is still there…

  46. Iain says:

    Wait, were my eyes deceiving me, or did they just kill off Ashley?

    *cancels pre-order*

    • Azhrarn says:

      not kill off, abduct. Guess she needs saving now. ;)

    • Funky Badger says:

      Fuck that, let the byatch die. Again.

      Ummm, guess that won’t be a problem for Charles Charley Shepperd.


  47. 1nightstand says:

    More Martin Sheen in games!

    (John Voight would be more than welcomed to join this wagon)

  48. Rei Onryou says:

    Up until this trailer, I was going to leave my pre-ordered ME2 sitting around until I played Bioshock 2 (quicker game to complete). Now it looks like BS2 will be put on the sidelines.

    Yay for Jennifer Hale!

  49. Tom O'Bedlam says:

    bloody hell thats beautiful

  50. Vinraith says:

    Who did the score for that trailer, anyway? It’s gorgeous.