Spread The Disease: Zombilution Demo

Now I want one played in Google Street View.

I’ve had this idea for a game! It’s a game where there’s zombies! Indeed, as vampires saturate the movie and book world, the zombies take over gaming. In fact, this zombie invasion is taking on a worryingly appropriate pattern, each undead game spawning dozens more. It can only be a few years before there are only a tiny group of non-zombie games, battling to survive in a world taken over by the lumbering creations. “Noooo! Call of Duty! Not you!!!” “RARGGLLLE GLRARGH! CALL OF DUTY: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!” “Noooooooo!”

But I don’t care! Zombies are a brilliant enemy, and I’m happy to see people see who can use them in the best way. Another game taking a go is Zombilution. And rather pleasantly, this time you get to play as the zombies. There be demo.

It’s a top-down view of a city area, a photograph, on which you’re little zombie is placed. With him you bring other zombies into your gang by either finding those who exist, or… recruiting from the population. Then with these troops you attack the bunkers in which the survivors are hiding. At least that’s the plan. I found myself struggling to make any headway with this latter part. But I did enjoy charging around and swiping at the humans.

You can pick up the demo from here. Find out more details about the game here. And here’s some game clips:


  1. Mr.Bigglesworth says:

    What the…….i don’t even……..

  2. Andy says:

    It looks a bit like Y-The Last Man. In fact, it looks a lot like Y. Still, that game was a lot of fun and got released on PSN and XBox Live so perhaps this title has legs??

    • StarDrowned says:

      You must be thinking of “The Last Guy”. Y – The Last Man is an incredibly popular comic about the last man on earth. As in the women are all fine, just no men. Except one.

      I see it mentioned all over the place now, not surprising you’d mix up the two. I thought they were the same thing for along time.

  3. terry says:

    Looks a bit like Birmingham to me

  4. JohnG says:

    Just tried the demo.. ugh I hate the controls.

    In what sort of top down, aim towards the mouse, move with keys does wasd not correspond to screen directions? ‘w’ always moves you towards your mouse pointer, it’s horrific.

    And so far of the 3 times I’ve tried to play the first level I encounter nothing but lots of armed people and die within 30 seconds, on “arcade” difficulty.

  5. duel says:

    Ive just noticed all the screams in the video are from Black and White.

  6. MDP says:

    Some of the screams are HL2 injured sounds decreased in pitch.

  7. blunders says:

    This is the second time in a week I’ve been interested in a game only to find out that its creators are incompetent thieves. Thanks for the heads-up; these guys won’t be seeing a dime out of me.

    • frymaster says:

      just because it uses the same sounds doesn’t mean it’s been stolen – remember the big kerfuffle about stalker “stealing” sounds from doom3 and it turned out they’d just used the same commercial sound effects library?

      (you can hear the doom “door closing noise” and the magic carpet “go really fast” noise all over the place, for example)

      on the other hand, i’ve no idea if half-life 2 did all of their effects in-house or not, so it could be thieving

  8. Rhygadon says:

    Brilliant first paragraph, Mr. Walker. I’d never thought about the real-world dynamic quite that way, but it’s actually frighteningly apt.

    The game itself wouldn’t hold much appeal, if not for the fact that I used to live in DC and would thus probably have extra fun blowing up the neighborhood. (On 9/11 I found myself at loose ends without a TV, and wound up wandering the abandoned streets and eventually strolling over to the White House to see if anything interesting was going on. It really is amazing that I haven’t managed to remove myself from the gene pool yet.)

  9. Jakkar says:

    I rather liked that. I wouldn’t pay more than £3 for it, to be very precise. Perhaps £3.12 on a cheery bright day.

    But then I wouldn’t -buy- most games, or indeed play them if offered them for free. So they did something right. Good screams are hard to come by, having been around the Halflife modding seen for too long. I can sympathise with ’em.

    All in all, a ripoff of the PSN game ‘The Last Guy’, but from the opposite perspective, and handled quite nicely. Would suit a browser better than a downloaded executable, but they are rather large image files, those maps..

  10. Rhygadon says:

    Also — and this is in no way a defense of this particular game, just a random thought inspired by the above comments — I wonder how often games that use the Wilhelm scream wind up getting accused of plagiarism by people who recognize it only from another game …

  11. Elbee says:

    Well. Flickers, coughs, attempts to resize my screen resolution 30 times in 10 seconds, and dies. Not compatible with my laptop’s Vista, perhaps? Uninstalled.

  12. ReturnToNull says:

    Now if only it looked like the screenshots for me. Most of the play area is all black, with just some uh… I’m not actually sure. There’s like spots of areas I can see with no rhyme to them that i can figure out. Running into invisible obstacles as I try to navigate toward fleeing people, tch.

  13. Caleb367 says:

    Did the same flicker-terror thing on me, and I’m on WinXP SP3. Bad way to start.
    Then, I start the game, and I find a depressingly amateurish job, horrible controls, bad interface, and let’s say it, just plain unoriginal (concept stolen from Stubbs The Zombie, looks from countless flash games). Won my personal prize for Quickest Uninstall Ever.

  14. eain says:

    “on which you’re little zombie is placed” should read “on which your little zombie is placed.”

  15. Wahngrok says:

    I have the same graphic glitch. You can’t really navigate this way. Ah well…

    • Wahngrok says:

      Hm, this was supposed to be a reply to ReturnToNull… bugs all around me, I say.

  16. Chris says:

    Unplayably slow on my XP 64. I literally move the mouse a tiny bit, and then wait roughly 1 second for the audio to update (plays the sound effect of selecting a menu item) and then wait another 2 seconds for the mouse position to visibly update and for the menu item to highlight. I can watch the refresh paint itself from top to bottom, takes probably half a second.

    What the fuck? I’m running a PC that is pretty damn fast.