$5 Off Sol Infernum (Or Armageddon Empires)

He's got all the angels covered.

Since Bargain Bucket isn’t around yet, here’s a deal to consider. In the comments thread to the final part of Gameboys From Hell, Vic popped in to say that the talked-about multi-pack deal is probably not going to happen. However…

I do love RPS though and I was able to figure out how to create a discount code for $5 US off the price so it will be $24.99 US. Which is like 2 pounds now I think :) Anyway here is the RPS 5 Bucks Off code: BNEO000B9. You can also use it for Armageddon Empires. But not the Bundle of SI & AE. It’s only valid for a week so that I can push the fence sitters off their perches. :)

You can throw down cash over here. With any luck, we’ll be doing an interview with Vic next week.


  1. Nobody Important says:

    That’s awesome. I may have to pick it up. Kudos to the developer – his game is excellent and his taste in websites is quite good. :)

  2. Dolphan says:

    Already used it to pick up AE – nice one Vic!

  3. Jon says:

    So it’s now £15.50…. I might finally pick this up after my final exam on Tuesday.

    • NukeLord says:

      £19.66 after VAT has been added.

      It’d be nice if it was actually £15, I might’ve bought it then, sadly I still feel it’s overpriced.

    • TheSombreroKid says:

      yeah ditto bummer.

  4. Drexer says:

    Okay, I was planning on waiting a bit more until buying it, but I guess now time is of the essence. Even if only to save 2€. It will last until the next Saturday then?

    Looking forward for the interview.

  5. Rinox says:

    I’d been sitting on the fence re: pricing and whatever, but I caved with this extra nudge. Now I’m trying to get some long-time gaming buddies interested. Hell, even if the only reason I buy SI is because the AAR gave me so much joy then it’ll be worth it.

  6. Ian says:

    Pushed straight off my perch… It’s like he’s some nefarious master of machiavellian marketing strategies…

  7. MartinE says:

    “In the comments thread to the final part of Gameboys From Hell popped in to say that the talked-about multi-pack deal is probably not going to happen.”

    You’re missing a “Vic” in there.

  8. Velvet Fist, Iron Glove says:

    With the discount, it’s a few pence under £20, just scraping under the bar. I don’t think many (if any) of my friends are likely to be into this, so I’ll have to see if I can’t get a game with some other fiends in the Rock Paper Satan group.

  9. Gurrah says:

    I really hurt myself falling of that fence, but I’ll put all that suffering towards becoming the next ruler of hell – probably not, but it’s worth a try.

  10. James G says:

    I caved and brought a copy. Once I’ve got a bit of a handle on it, I’ll be trying to find a group on here… I know far too few gamers in real life, let alone those who would be up for an indie turn based strategy game.

  11. Arsewisely says:

    I’m still uming and erring over whether or not to bite the bullet and get involved. The write up was fantastic and I love the ideas and mechanics but I’m still thoroughly daunted. Blood Bowl leaves me a nervous wreck as it is, I don’t think I could stand anything more protracted and tactically complicated.

  12. Delboy says:

    Problem with discounts is that those who just bought a copy (e.g. me, on Thursday) feel that we’ve been mugged a little. Ho hum.

    Still – I’m part way through one multi-player game and it seems good fun. Trying to get some friends into it – but I think the UI and “having to read a large manual” is putting people off.


    • Vinraith says:


      I bought AE yesterday less than an hour before Vic made this offer, and while I was certainly bemused by my own lousy timing I can’t say I feel “mugged.” If I hadn’t been prepared to spend $30 I wouldn’t have done it, and I can’t begrudge an indie studio a little extra cash. It’s not like buying an EA or Activision title and having it go 75% off the next day or something.

  13. Z says:

    Shame that they didn’t start this deal once the PBEM game got started, and ran it until the game ended. That woulda been kinda cool.

  14. Dalamar says:

    Just bought it, before the discount :(
    Too bad

  15. pimorte says:

    “script error: object expected”


  16. Acosta says:

    I’m tempted (I guess that works well with the theme of the game). How competent is the IA? Does the game stands as a single player experience?

    • Vinraith says:


      It’s a game about deception and backstabbing, take a guess as to how well the AI handles it.

      For a single player experience you’re far better off with Armageddon Empires, Solium Infernum pretty much requires a group of real people to be interesting.

  17. Jon says:

    Bawww, I must have worked out the conversion wrong. £20 is too much for me.

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      Yeah, same. I only have about £60 in my bank account and that has to last me till the end of the month.
      Shame the deal doesn’t go on for longer.

  18. Punning Pundit says:

    This morning (I live in San Francisco, it’s still morning) I woke up to an Email from a buddy saying he’d caved and bought the game. Included in his Email was a copy of the manual.

    Then, before getting out of bed, I checked RPS and found this lovely discount. Alright, gods, I know what you’re trying to tell me..

  19. Gutter says:

    25$ for what is basically a board game sounds great, until you realize that it’s the price per player.


  20. The Pink Ninja says:


    Bought it just last night : /

  21. kalidanthepalidan says:

    Purchased! I love AE and I have no valid reason for not buying SI until today (I think because multiplayer games somewhat frighten me). But $5 bucks off pushed me over the edge. And now I’m going to go finish my turn in AE. :)

  22. A-Scale says:

    So what, in short, does this game play like? A card based Heroes of Might and Magic?

    • qrter says:

      Read a couple of the RPS game diary entries on the game, it seems to give a good idea of gameplay.

      To me it seems more like one of those bloody complicated boardgames that take an hour to explain to someone, after which the designated tutor goes “look, let’s just start playing, you’ll see how everything works” and then after about four hours, just when you’re starting to grasp the skeleton of what the game actually is and what your role in all of it can be, the game ends. Which sounds like I’m being negative, but I’m not. :)

  23. qrter says:

    Yep, I’ve also been pushed off that bloody fence.

    I’m normally can’t stand multiplayer, but seeing as this turnbased and played through e-mail, I think I could overcome that personal obstacle.

  24. lintman says:

    Purchased. I’m not a multiplayer guy, so I was holding off, but with the discount, I’ll give the single player mode a shot.

  25. Legionary says:

    Still priced too highly for me, I’d part with £10-15 for it though. Nice of Vic to discount for those of us with higher price thresholds though.

  26. Wulf says:

    I have no end of respect for Vic and his games, but they’re not for me. As I mentioned previously, I’m just too nice when I play competitive games.

    I am looking forward to the next Civ game though, or Civ-like game. I was wonderful at Civ IV, that was a game I loved, and it had some fantastic mods too, including a Star Empire-y one that I really took to. And one o the things I always loved about Civ was that the AI behaved like people in that they seemed to keep a record of how much they liked you.

    Therefore, attacking me in Civ was like kicking a puppy, and regardless of whether the game involved AI or actual people this often lead to a united front against the monster who’d do such a thing, and they’d be pretty much knocked back to obscurity.

    I can’t even count the number of Civ games I won by being nice. Same was true for Black & White 2, but it felt more artificial, there. I miss that, and I look forward to the next game where Happy Diplomacy Guy saves the Universe just by helping everyone. >.> It’s also interesting that Civ was one of the very few strategy games I actually liked. But then there was that whole perversion of history thing that appealed to me as well.

    • Choca says:

      Funny of you to say that, I just finished a game of Civ IV (I’m not an addict I can stop when I want!) where I played the nice guy like I usually do and I got murdered by five different countries in the end because I was standing between them and the people they wanted to slaughter.

  27. nihohit says:

    Frankly, with only the demo to sample the game, this price is still too high. not only is it still not attractive enough for me to easily convince enough friends to buy it, but I’m still not sure I will enjoy the game. the demo simpky doesn’t let me sample any of the interesting parts of the game, because it ends too soon and the AI is kinda meh.

    But, then again, I usually buy my games at the 10-15$ range, so seeing this (first?) discount from cryptic makes me hopeful for better discounts in the future. after all, World of Goo set a pretty good example for profitability through late discounts.

  28. WFL says:

    I said I’d buy it if it went on sale, and so I did. $5 isn’t much, but it’ll certainly be enough. Honestly, I was just looking for ANY excuse to buy it :)

    So far, learning the game mechanics have been a combination of skimming the manual, and just fucking up a whole lot. There are so many different things to grasp, that the manual can be overwhelming.

    Now, once I figure it out I’ve got the task of convincing friends to do the same..

  29. deanimate says:

    Well, that is strange. I was asleep on my rather nice and comfy bed when I suddenly awoke to blades of dew laden grass mere inches from my face. Through this veritable forest I noticed a cow from a vastly different perspective. It’s wet, anthropomorphic nose said, “this grass is dericious”. Picking my face out of the mud I caught a brief glance of something. A flash of movement dissappearing into the tree line. Why…why it’s those villans, those fiends, those stealers of sleep. It was the culprits who had dislodged me from my slumber. It was RPS and Vic….and they were laughing a hearty laugh.

    Casting one last look at my fence that had been torn asunder my pure evil, I attached a letter inscribed on papyrus to my cat. I sent him on his way to summon some Hellfire and Ichor…I’m coming for you bastards…

  30. Orange says:

    I was tempted, but we’re just about to hit a good run of games next week – Mass Effect 2 then Bioshock 2 etc.. and all this after the New Year Steam sales.

    If it was a tenner I’d go for it, but seeing as it’s a game which is multiplayer and PBEM at that, it’s just a bit too much.

  31. Bonedwarf says:

    While I did complain about the price all I can say is people saying it’s too expensive and “PBEM”… Clearly you’ve never been a customer of Matrix Games…

  32. Ergates says:

    Whilst there isn’t exactly a nice option in SI, you don’t have to be a slimey sneaky scumbag either (henceforth know as “a Keiron”) The closest equivalent to “nice” in SI is continuous overt agression. Just punch everyone in the face whenever you can, and try to crush them with pure physical force. Not exactly friendly, but at least it’s honest.

  33. Yargh says:

    Life is hell.. I just bought both this and Armageddon Empires last night (Friday). I’m still happy to have done so though.

  34. dzddz says:

    Damnit, I just bought the full version yesterday. Ah well, after playing a full game I’m positive I paid the right price.

    Now I just need to try out Armageddon Empires..

  35. [21CW] 2000AD says:

    I’m still on the fence not because of doubts I have about the game but doubts about my in-game ability. My gaming history is full of Strategy/tactical games (C&C, Warcraft, Axis and Allies, Dawn of War, to name a few) that I do well at in single player / skirmish against AI but the minute I step into multiplayer I get reamed seven ways till sunday.
    The demo did it;s job well in pimpimg the base concept of the game to me, but how hard is it to learn and improve at?

  36. Daffs says:

    I’m in. Just made my purchase.
    Was a bit saddened by my not-realisation of VAT but I need this.

    Right, who wants a game? (I can see the arrangements around, but a more no-strings-attached long-term-ish game. I’m happy to wait a few hours to see my actions come to fruition.)

  37. malkav11 says:

    Just a reminder that while everyone is discussing PBEM play, the game does support hot-seat multiplayer. If you can get people to your computer, you can play it like a boardgame. If a boardgame that only one person can access at once.

  38. WantOn says:

    Well, I caved after playing the demo, reading the write-up and seeing the chance for a discount. Will have to see about getting some of the lads I play board-games with to cough up as well, so we can do the whole PBEM thing. Failing that, I imagine hot-seat could be pretty fun too.

  39. PoorMuffin says:

    nooooooo… me too gave into this devious scheme :( … pure evil

  40. Bagalot says:

    Well, that’s a start, unfortunately not quite enough.

    The game looks fascinating, and with a boost in production quality it might be a no-brainer. Unfortunately the fascination lies mostly in playing with people I know, interacting with psyches I can somewhat (at least try to) understand. Playing alone or with strangers won’t go far for me.

    I would only buy this game if I could play with several of my friends, and the high barrier to entry (read: a manual) and poor visuals are turning them off. Unless I can get them to justify the purchase, it will just sit around unplayed for me. The hotseat thing is nice, but most of my friends don’t live all that close to me anymore, so getting a group of us together to play would be a rare occasion. The combo pack was sounding pretty mighty, though. If that ever comes through we might have something here.

  41. deanimate says:

    I now have 4 long games on the go and even though my grasp on the game is a bit shed, I am enjoying it immensely! :D

    For £20 (with the discount code) it’s worth it. The amount of playtime I’ll get from this is going to ridiculous.
    I would say buy it and then if you find it’s not for you then sell it on. Only issue with that is the serial key and the matter of trust but it could work.

    Not that you’d want to sell it on though.
    *back to the inferno :D*

  42. R3D says:

    thanks to this i now own it 4 times gotta love the game and the ability to now play with my friends

  43. Conrad says:

    nooooo I missed the date by one day :( WHY?