The Complete Gameboys From Hell

For just shy of a couple of months six arch-demons waged a war in hell. For just shy of a couple of weeks, four arch-demons wrote up their perspectives on the struggle. The resulting mass of writing works both as a multi-perspective narrative of a single, increasingly dramatic game, a review highlighting the game’s merits and as an extended tutorial of exactly how six newbies came to understand one of 2009’s most intriguing, subtle and just plain best games. If you’ve any interest in learning more about Solium Infernum, this is where to start. If you haven’t any interest in Solium Infernum, this will hopefully start it.

The main pieces of the narrative are from RPS regulars Kieron and Quinns, and you’ll find them dueling with one another in the RPS-hosted pieces. Scrofula and Poisoned Sponge started their pieces on their own blogs. Any or all of them can be read in isolation, but you’ll get the most accurate view of the politicking and scheming if you devour them all.

[Kieron and Quinns 1-10] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)
[Kieron and Quinns 11-20] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)
[Kieron and Quinns 21-30] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)
[Kieron and Quinns 31-40] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)
[Kieron and Quinns 41-50] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)
[Kieron and Quinns 51-60] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)
[Kieron and Quinns 61-66] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)
[Kieron and Quinns Finale] (Scrofula) (Poisoned Sponge)

Solium Infernum can be bought from Cryptic Comet’s site. There’s also an available demo. As previously reported, at the time of writing, Vic has an offer on for RPS readers. The discount code is BNEO000B9 which will save five dollars off the RRP and is valid until the 29th of January. If you take the plunge, there’s a busy forum at Cryptic Comet for arranging games or an RPS Steam Group – Rock Paper Satan – if you fancy playing RPS’ community. Oh – and an associated thread on our forum.

And we’ll have our interview with Vic Davis up tomorrow.


  1. cyrenic says:

    This was a great piece. Keep doing stuff like this, please!

    • JonFitt says:

      @Cyrenic we talked a bit about it, but do you think you would be interested in giving this a go?

  2. Rinox says:

    Wait where is the bound hardcover edition?!

    In the spirit of Internet Entitlement I demand it be added to my recent purchase of AI!

  3. Nimic says:


  4. CMaster says:

    Anyone fancy taking on the task of making a pdf or similar with all 4 compiled into one?
    Yeah, great series, really enjoyed it – despite the fact that I always imagined the game wasn’t my sort of thing, and horrible experiences with the demo have only convinced me of it.

    • Fede says:

      I think Hentazu (Scrofula) hasn’t divided his entries by turn (apart from the first) so it’s a little hard to merge them without doing mistakes.

    • Drexer says:

      I’m currently entertaining myself doing such. Just din’t finish it earlier due to having an exam. May still take a day or so to finish though.

    • Drexer says:

      By the way, is anyone up to the task of getting an updated color-coded map for each 10 turns or so? We only got one presented, and I’m having enough trouble trying to put this 100 page epic on a linear form.

  5. Benjamin Finkel says:

    I didn’t mention this before, but this series was beyond magnificent. I’ve purchased the game and look forward to playing with fellow readers of this wonderful collection of tales of spite and misery.


  6. Masked Dave says:

    I’ve purchased the game even though I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to play it, because anyone who makes something this awesome deserves to get paid for it.

    I’m basically paying him for your blogs.

  7. Tuuvan says:

    Is the only way to play by email? If so, is there a place to set up a game?

  8. Senethro says:

    Try the RPS steam group for solium infernum, Rock Paper Satan.

  9. Jubaal says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your “Diaries of a Demon Lord” by Ivor Pitchfork (Sorry). I’ve just downloaded the demo and hope to persuade some of my friends to give it a go. See you in Hell!

  10. terry says:

    I very much enjoyed reading this series, thanks to all the players and writers for an entertaining tome. Hoping for another!

    One thing that does bother me is the number of typos in this game, however :O

  11. Azurae says:

    That was just AMAZING! Loved it! Thank you for writing the game up like this (and getting the others to blog about their experiences).

  12. Joey says:

    Really enjoying the game so far even though I think I’m really bad at it (still doing my first play through). Very complex game that I’m still having trouble wrapping my brain around after reading the manual. Once I get the hang of it, I think I’ll really want to play this constantly. Oh, and thanks for the five bucks off the game. Very much appreciated.

  13. y2rich says:

    Purchased!! I hate you all

    As Masked Dave said up there, fairly sure I’ve bought this purely just because I’ve read through these blogs….twice.

  14. airtekh says:

    Just finished reading the whole Solium saga and I can sum it up in one word: epic. I really, really enjoyed reading it and it made me laugh on a more than a few occasions.

    Amazingly though, Solium Infernum is a game which I can’t ever see myself playing; (I don’t do strategy) but this account of the game is fantastically written. Just the kind of thing I like seeing on RPS.

    More please.

  15. deanimate says:

    I really hope people keep playing this astounding game. I’m jumping back in after too long not crushing fellow fiends under my flaming boots. Get down to the cryptic comet forums and join some games!