Hovercraft Want: Just Cause 2 DLC Trailer

That's an impressive hood ornament.

I don’t think the initials “DLC” quite fill us with the thrill that they were once intended to. Instead this promise of extra content for our games – something that you’d immediately assume would render us happy – now carries with it that little tone of dread: how will it go wrong this time? But how strong is that feeling? What happens when you combine it with a game that’s receiving so much positive attention? A game like Just Cause 2. We’ve not seen a single thing to dampen our spirits for Avalanche’s hyperbolic action crazyfest, so let’s see if we can get through a trailer for the DLC planned to come free with pre-orders for the game without this changing.

Pre-order it NOW, it rudely instructs, and you’ll get a silly skull on your parachute, an extra car, an assault rifle that’s been given a name (see here for why that might be a problem), “Rico’s Signature Gun” which seems a strange thing for him not to have anyway, and a hovercraft.

But… I can’t… stay… scornful! Look at it! Look what he’s doing with those silly extras that inevitably have equivalents in the game anyway! Oh my goodness, that hovercraft looks awesome. What if there’s no hovercraft otherwise? There’s bound to be a hovercraft anyway, right? Oh no, I don’t know! And so on.


  1. negativedge says:

    when you have extra content announced and show a month before your actual game comes out, you are essentially telling your audience that this is all a farce–that they are simply not good enough for this content that should be shipping with the game. of course this is all extra content. it has nothing to do with actually feeling like the game in question needs anything else added. it’s about recouping development costs in the face of dwindling revenue, same as higher prices, pre order “special” editions, DRM, and efforts to curb the second hand market. It’s empty.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Jesus man, it’s just some extra skins to push some people into pre-ordering.

    • negativedge says:

      so you’re agreeing with me

    • Christian says:

      I’m not aure if I can sense the big evil you’re proposing here. So they want people to pre-order their game. I think this is quite understandable, and if they do it by saying ‘Hey, look..you get a lot of shiny things if you pre-order!’, that’s a valid marketing-trick I’d say.

      But for me, what will lead to me pre-ordering this game is the map you get with it. A real, physical map. This is nice and reminds me of this one Ultima game where you got a lot of goodies in the box, including a map not made of plain paper, but printed on cloth. Great times :)

      So I really don’t see why you’re so angry about this..also, it really is something quite different than some annyoing DRM. (I do hope they don’t include GfWL in this..).

    • CMaster says:

      So, as we all know with games tehse days, especially PC games.
      You can order now/at Launch and pay full price, or some online retailer’s equivilant.
      Or you can wait 3-6 months and purchase as part of a weekend deal/cheapo from Amazon/Second hand console title and save yourself about 2/3 of the RRP. And you think a couple of little gimmicks for the people paying 3 times as much is unreasonable?

      For the record, I love the idea of DLC. I just haven’t seen it handled very well yet (except maybe by a few indie games – GSB for example – that are doing DLC but sensibly calling them expansion packs).

    • Zerotime says:

      @Christian Ultima VII? The map was part of the DRM, as I recall.

    • Christian says:

      Zerotime: no, I was thinking about Ultima 9. No DRM in there (at least not using the map). But you’re right, earlier games (not just Ultima) did that..use the gimmicks as copy-protection (as it was innocently called in those times..).

      But this is what I really would expect from Collector’s Editions and/or pre-orders: some nice gimmicks like a cloth map or something else useful. But as it’s hard to deliver that in a digital way, and downloading games is becoming more&more popular, I guess extra DLC for pre-orders is about the same thing, isn’t it?

    • bookwormat says:

      I was thinking about Ultima 9. No DRM in there (at least not using the map).

      Ultima 9’s DRM were the insane hardware requirements, which prevented anyone without a license playing the game.

      I’m not convinced my 2006 PC can handle Ultima 9.

  2. mrmud says:

    It is a way to get pre-orders and to stifle the secondary market, nothing else.

    • Bonedwarf says:

      So? I think that’s perfectly fair. And I say that as someone who violently ANTI DLC for the most part.

      I was considering getting this anyway, but seeing that trailer… Actually to be honest the bit at the end with the guy attached to the hovercraft was what finally sold me.

      Same with Halo ODST. They put out a fun video to promote the freebie you got for pre-ordering (Sgt Johnson) and I pre-ordered.

      I wouldn’t buy a game just for pre-order DLC. But I think it’s okay to offer people goodies if they’re willing to say “Yes, I will buy your game” if they were going to get it anyway.

  3. Ian says:

    I want to be scornful, but I’m too busy giggling.

    Also: I fear if there was a hovercraft I’d never drive anything else.

  4. Skusey says:

    Why is Rico’s Signature Gun a pistol from Borderlands? And not having that hovercraft in the main game should be a crime.

    • Davie says:

      It’s his default gun from the first game, which was a snazzy revolver. It does look a little borderlands-like though.

    • Bonedwarf says:

      I thought it looked more like the Spy’s unlockable gun in TF2.

  5. Heliocentric says:

    I can’t wait to pay for dlc for fuel for the vehicles and ammo for the guns.

    I’m not going to pre order sequel to a game which felt incomplete, so when i do get it, it *WILL* be incomplete, genius.

  6. Heliocentric says:

    I will hold some of my scorn if equivalent hovercrafts are in the game, but its hard to know.

  7. jon_hill987 says:

    What the f[lip] happened to one payment getting you the whole game? DLC is just a way to put the price up to £60 without the sticker saying more than £35 and pre-order bonuses are just a way to get you to part with your money before you read a bad review.

    • Christian says:

      Yeah, I stumbled into that trap all too often (pre-ordering and then regretting). And I still keep doing it (but not so often any more). So it works for me…sometimes I like being tricked.

      Then again, it’s about 35€ as a pre-order. So even if it doesn’t completely live up to the hyped expectations (which it never does), I guess I’ll get enough fun-time out of it to justify the purchase.

      So in the end, nobody loses

      (And always remember: the money isn’t gone, it’s just somebody else who has it now!).

  8. devlocke says:

    Well, Mr. Walker, you have your answer. Cynicism, skepticism, and other negativisms inevitably triumph.

  9. Urthman says:

    Because, you know, I watched all the other trailers and thought, “Hmmm. *Maybe* they’ve got a fun game here. But that parachute looks kinda dull. And I wonder if his handgun is beefy enough? And…waitaminute…you can fly helicopters, jet airplanes, drive trucks, tanks, cars, motorcycles…but where’s the freakin’ hovercraft? This game is gonna be totally boring unless it has a hovercraft!”

    Oh great. All that essential stuff is only in the DLC? So they’re shipping the game completely broken and incomplete?!?! ANGRY MAN IS ANGRY!

    Oh, wait. I just saw the last 5 seconds of that video and I can’t even pretend to be ironically angry I’m grinning so hard. I think I’ve already had more fun watching videos for this game than I have with several games I’ve purchased and played.

  10. Ecko says:

    That sound of the person being dragged by the hovercraft… it’s from another game. Old game..

    Seven Kingdoms?

    • Ludo says:

      I definitely heard the WIlhelm Scream in there :)

    • El Stevo says:

      There’s a scream from Command & Conquer in there, which I’m sure I’ve heard in other stuff. I’m pretty sure the Wilhelm scream isn’t in there.

  11. Wurzel says:

    It’s true that atm this is a free pre-order bonus, much like maps and statues and feelies in ye olde days were only in collector’s edition. Thus, I’d say there’s little to object to. What will be interesting to see is what they do with it post release: if they give it away for free it cheapens the deal the pre-orderers get, and if they charge for it the anti-DRM brigade start frothing. On balance I’d probably release it free a few weeks after release, but even then *some* people will find cause for anger.

  12. Colthor says:

    As has been said, it’s just trying to distract people with shiny baubles and make them put up their money before reading any reviews* (scuppered, usually – and happily – by print magazines), and then make it harder to flog second hand when the novelty of the FREE horse armour has worn off.

    No, not a fan. And I imagine that the “bonus” guns and suchlike would feel much like the bonus weapons and armour it was hard to buy Dragon Age without – ie. like cheating.

    Hopefully it’s just another silly phase. Not as bad as the last one, at least.

    * Not much confidence in the quality of their own game, then?

    • Psychopomp says:

      1. Nautical An opening in the side of a ship at deck level to allow water to run off.
      2. An opening for draining off water, as from a floor or the roof of a building

      I don’t get it.

    • Colthor says:

      Google’s dictionary says “To scupper a plan or attempt means to spoil it completely”, which is what I meant. Maybe it’s a Britishism.
      Anyway, print magazines tend to have reviews for games that haven’t came out yet.

    • CMaster says:

      And from OED online:

      scupper, v.
      a. trans. To surprise and massacre. Mil. slang.

      b. colloq. To defeat, ruin, destroy, put an end to.

      There is also a scupper, n; which is exactly as psycopomp quotes, although with this interesting addition:
      c. fig. coarse slang. A depreciatory term for a woman, esp. a prostitute.

  13. Bhazor says:

    My big fear in this game is that will either too hard to use any elaborate funny deaths like the grappling hook stuff and you’ll just end up shooting them instead. Or it will be too easy and you’ll end up using the grappling hooks just to relieve the tedium.

    Certainly thats what happened to me in Mercenaries 2.

  14. nine says:

    Your new hotlink protection breaks viewing your RSS feed in google reader! Please allow ‘hotlinking’ from the URL link to google.com

    • obo says:

      Whatever, I want to crush bears. Stealing RPS’s images through Google Reader is enough to ease my burning desire to pirate games, abuse squirrels and commit arson, and seeing that bear’s tears gives me a thrill I haven’t felt since that time I torrented a game about setting chipmunks on fire.

  15. kitzkar says:

    What “nine” said. It’s annoying :(

  16. Matthew Whittingham says:

    Are they sounds pilfered from the original Command and Conquer during the gag section at the end? The screaming sounds a lot like the old dying soldier sounds!

  17. Ian says:

    Interestingly, Game’s price for the version with hovercrafts ‘n’ shit is £5 less than the vanilla version.

  18. Rath says:

    I hope that awesome gunboat from the first one returns. I had no end of fun with that.

    I am getting a little dismayed by the amount of DLC that’s being announced before a game has even been released nowadays. Between this and the debacle over vendor specific Mass Effect 2 content, it’s almost enough to break through my apathy into petition writing territory. Almost.

  19. Vandelay says:

    Don’t really see what people’s annoyance with this is. They are just given more incentive to make a pre-order. It’s not like they are only giving pre-orders vital elements of the game, just simply a couple of extra guns and vehicles, and a reskinned parachute. Don’t think there is anything you would really miss there.

    And the bit at the end reminded me of that gag in Naked Gun, where O.J. Simpson gets dragged around America under a bus.

  20. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    It would be annoying if there’d be no hovercraft in the game without that dlc. Because hovercrafts are cool, and I’d buy Just Cause 2 for the cool. If I’d buy it. Which I probably won’t. Too many other games occupying my time.

  21. BobJustBob says:

    I wouldn’t too much mind them locking this stuff up as a preorder bonus if all preorders got everything, but it’s all retailer-specific shit. If you preorder from Gamestop, you get the signature gun. Amazon gives you the bullseye rifle. I don’t know who has the hovercraft. But whichever one you pick, you miss out on all the rest. I blame Squenix.

    • Christian says:

      I copy&pasted this from play (where it’s available for about 33 €):

      # Just Cause 2: Limited Edition contents:
      # Just Cause 2 game
      # Exclusive limited edition packaging
      # Fold-out Panauan Intel Map
      # Black Market Chaos Pack:
      # Agency Hovercraft – […]
      # Rico’s Signature Gun – […]
      # Bull’s Eye Assault Rifle – […]
      # Chevalier Classic – […]
      # Chaos Parachute – […]

      So there seem to be some shops where you get the whole package. At least in Europe (which the UK isn’t a part of, of course, because they drive on the wrong side..but that’s another story..still they sell it like this).

      Amazon Germany (50 €) also sells everything in one package. Maybe it’s just the US?

    • BobJustBob says:

      Argh, yeah, looks like you lucky guys get the option to buy the limited edition and get everything. The US gets no limited edition and no way to get more than one of the items. That’s even worse!

      link to forums.eidosgames.com

  22. Ian says:

    Christian said:
    I copy&pasted this from play (where it’s available for about 33 €):

    # Just Cause 2: Limited Edition contents:
    # Just Cause 2 game
    # Exclusive limited edition packaging
    # Fold-out Panauan Intel Map
    # Black Market Chaos Pack:
    # Agency Hovercraft – […]
    # Rico’s Signature Gun – […]
    # Bull’s Eye Assault Rifle – […]
    # Chevalier Classic – […]
    # Chaos Parachute – […]

    So there seem to be some shops where you get the whole package. At least in Europe (which the UK isn’t a part of, of course, because they drive on the wrong side..but that’s another story..still they sell it like this).

    Amazon Germany (50 €) also sells everything in one package. Maybe it’s just the US?

    I think you’ll find we drive on the right side. Which, of course, is the left side.

    So there!

    • Aftershock says:

      Australians (represent) drive on the left side too. Definitely the correct side.

  23. terry says:

    Apparently there is going to be rather a lot of JC2 DLC, some guy over at the somethingawful forums was having a rake through the steam store cache files and there are around 20 odd slots for it, IIRC. I can’t link/find the post or whatnot because I am at work, theoretically working. Hard!

  24. Rhygadon says:

    Hrm, that hovercraft looks excellent, but it might be more effective as a preorder incentive if we had some idea where we might be able to acquire it. Amazon is the only (US) location I can find that lists a preorder bonus, and they just have the assault rifle. Steam isn’t even selling the preorder yet.

    • Rhygadon says:

      Interesting. With Google Gears installed, the comment functionality remembers my identity for commenting purposes even if the site doesn’t show me as logged in. Probably for the best, though I can imagine circumstances where it could come as a rude surprise …

  25. Marcin says:

    Yes, it would be rather helpful to know where these items are actually to be obtained.

    I am hoping that they’re just codes you can enter, and will be disseminated on these here tubes within hours of release.

  26. Blather Blob says:

    That hovercraft looks fun. I imagine there will be some other hovercrafts to steal, though judging by the first game if it’s called an “Agency Hovercraft” that probably means it’s the only one you’ll be able to have airdropped to you, and the only one that will spawn at safehouses.

    I imagine that it will be implemented as true DLC, not just generic unlock codes like in days of old too. On the other hand, Eidos/Square Enix haven’t ever used any of the DLC marketplaces on the PC yet, have they? Aside from steamworks on The Last Remnant, though not for DLC. Does that mean this might turn out to be a steam-required title?

    How do publishers handle day one DLC in review copies? Especially with it being retailer-specific, preorder-specific bonuses like this, do they expect reviews to reflect specific editions?

    • max says:

      look at my comment and see u will be havin fun with the hover craft in no time!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. luminosity says:

    Pre-order bonuses always make me worry. Surely you wouldn’t need people to buy your game pre-review if you had any confidence in it.

  28. Taz187Skillz says:

    has anyone seen the system requirements for just cause 2 for PC:

    Windows Vista or 7 (XP is not supported)
    2gb RAM
    Intel Dual Core 3,0GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2,4GHz
    NVidia 8800 / ATI HD 2900
    10gb HDD

    Windows Vista or 7 (XP is not supported)
    3gb RAM
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2,6GHz or AMD Phenom X3 2,4GHz
    Nvidia GTS 250 / ATI HD 5750
    10gb HDD

    Insanely high, almost no one will be able to run this at high settings

  29. max says:

    hey guy ur gonna love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IVE GOT A CODE FOR THE HOVERCRAFT/RICOS SIGNATURE GUN/BULLSEYE ASSULT RIFLE/CHAOS PARACHUTE!!!!!!!!!! FOR PS3 IT IS :tkhc r3ba bcde

  30. Evan says:

    @ max… any for the 360?

  31. branden says:

    my problem isnt the DLC persay, but the “exclusive to a specific store” bullshit. i shouldnt be forced to shop at wallmart to get an extra that target doesnt have

  32. Mani says:

    Ive downloaded the chaos pack with de hovercraft and stuff in and ive downloaded the ice breaker. but i cant seem to find the hovercraft in the game and rico doesnt hav that new parachute

  33. anonymous says:

    there are all the sound effects used in gothic 1 and 2
    no whillhelm scream

  34. Tom says:

    Yer definatley C&C Sounds