New! Exciting! The RPS Writer Hive

We get sent a lot of emails from people asking to write for us. Some want money, so we hiss at them until they leave us alone. We’re unbelievably poor! If we give you some of our money, we’ll surely die. Many don’t want shiny gold, merely prestige and appreciation, and while we’re pleased to be thought of so highly (you make us feel like a natural woman) we’re still not up for posting unsolicited submissions. RPS’ tone is important to us and if we open the door to one thing, we’ll never be able to close it. Like that scene where they turn off the ghost storage machine in Ghostbusters, only with crazed rants about Bioshock instead of skeletal taxi drivers.

But! We really would like to support budding games writers – reviewers, interviewers, feature writers, diarists… People who want to write about videogames. So we’ve created a new section on the forum specifically to showcase them: the Writer Hive.

It’s your chance to share your words and thoughts with an intelligent and enthusiastic PC gaming audience, and it also means the RPS Hivemind can take a gander at what you’ve got to offer, and when we spot something grand we’ll likely link to it on the main site in some form.

Not entirely sure what kind of stuff is likely to turn up in there – quite excited to find out, too – so I don’t want to overcomplicate things with too many stipulations, but obviously standard forum rules apply: don’t be a bastard, basically. Articles slagging people/groups of people/ideologies/y’know off will get wiped promptly. Be intelligent and/or enthusiastic, not a whiny hate-merchant. And if you must tear a game to bits, remember to aim your blows at it, not the people behind it. There can be legal repercussions to slander and libel, but moreover it’s about being a decent human being.

The only other thing is that the Hive isn’t a link dump – any topic whose first post isn’t an original piece of writing will get deleted. By all means paste in an entire piece you’ve posted elsewhere, but don’t just leave a URL and bugger off. It’s bitty and messy. At the top of the Hive, there’s a stickied thread specifically for folk to leave links to their own blogs in. Which’ll be pretty useful in itself. As regards the Hive in general, though: come here to show off, not to farm traffic.

That’s it. Go!


  1. Devan says:

    Reading the comments threads is usually pretty entertaining, but setting these chaps loose to start article-ets of their own now? Should be interesting.

  2. Jacques says:

    Great! Now if only I could write.

  3. Arathain says:

    I posted something!

  4. Sobric says:

    Excellent! I’ve been wanting to put something down about League of Legends for a while. Instead of waiting for the appropriate thread to come along I think I’ll stick something down.

    Maybe I’ll do a set of reviews originally entitled “I think this…”

  5. l1ddl3monkey says:

    I’ve always been impressed by the intelligence and belief that a lot of the RPS forumites express themselves with, particularly when measured against the output of denizens of other forums (worst example I can think of are the Escapist forums – sad when measured against the often high quality of some of their opinion and editorial pieces). So I’m looking forward to reading the offerings of the Hivemind.

    I may even consider contributing, if I can think of a suitable subject that hasn’t already been flogged to death…

    • Jesse says:

      I KNOW! What’s wrong with the fans at the Escapist? Is it that they host videos?

    • Lambchops says:

      As funny as Zero Punctuation can be it is the kind of thing that easily attracts a bucketload of idiots who can’t get their heads around the fact that naughty words need to be precision placed and not randomly inserted into sentences at fucking any opportunity.

    • neems says:

      Interesting that you should say that, as I used to be a semi-regular over at The Escapist forums, many moons ago. I swiftly became disillusioned with the elitist ruling clique / bunch of cocks however, which is a shame as some of them were very good writers.

    • bill says:

      What is it with The Escapist?
      I also really like a lot of their pieces… at least it’s not the usual recycled “news” from most other game blogs… but the forums seem to be worse than any other game site. Almost as bad as youtube comments.

    • TheApologist says:

      Nicely done, Lambchops

    • zipdrive says:

      I used to frequent The Escapist’s Forums when the site was young (even before it had any videos) and I have to say that as it grew in popularity, the quality of discussion (or at least the concentration of high-quality discussion) plummeted.

      Sadly, I foresee the same for RPS – the more users, the more crap ones.

  6. Lambchops says:

    Should be interesting this. There are certainly people here with plenty to say!

  7. RHippy says:

    Interesting, but equally dangerous. The internet attracts vociferous deviant opinions like… well, nothing else. Possibly this should be regarded as some kind of private mental health care option. Say your piece here, spout about how we should never have gone beyond two button control interfaces as much as you like, just don’t do it out in the streets or you’ll scare the proles.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I’m against private mental health care, so are my two other personalities.

  8. Duck says:

    Lambchops’ reply is exactly why this new “writer hive” thing makes me glad. For some reason, that kind of self-referential humor gets me every time. That, and the “DO YOU SEE?”, which is one of the main reasons I read RPS.

  9. Skusey says:

    This’ll end in tears I tells ya.

  10. Metalfish says:

    Wait, so if I place my writings in said hive, people will read them? But what if they point out the flaws in my prose? Or how clich├ęd and hackneyed I really am?

    How will my fragile ego cope? I’d have to admit to myself that I’m not a skilled writer or ever will be. Chilling.

  11. Taillefer says:

    Will it have a Tei section?

    • PleasingFungus says:

      It must! (As an Entitled Internet Man, I demand it.) Go, Tei, swiftly!

    • Tei says:

      I did some blogging in 1999. Hell.. I can access then in Is a very embarrassing thing. Is a more interesting thing to read what other people has to say. Specially the professional game reviewers of this site, and some of you guys. :-)

  12. Joe says:

    Oh, I see how it is. Earlier today you were whinging about sites stealing your content. Now you want to steal my content.


  13. Gabe McGrath says:

    Hmm, being coming here for ages, and never noticed there were forums before.

    (shakes fist at sky)
    “Damn you 12th tiny text link in a row of 13 tiny text links!”

  14. Greg Wild says:

    Sounds spiffy. I’ve stopped pursuing the pretense of amateur journo (I used to write for but now and then I do still get the writer’s itch. So, cool.

  15. Carra says:

    I’m curious what will come out of it. Will keep an eye on it.

  16. bookwormat says:

    In my magic crystal ball I can clearly read : “The Dark Future of PC Gaming – A prophecy from industry expert UK_John.”.

  17. James G says:

    Ooh, should be interesting. I might end up contributing a few things over there myself, once I’ve got the thesis out the way at least. I’ve done a bit of writing regarding games on my blog previously, but time has been short recently, and I’m not sure any of it is either A) up to RPS standards B) PC focussed enough. (Which is odd, seeing as I’ve been pretty monogamous to the old mouse and keyboard, even if that does include Spectrums* and Amigas.)

    * Okay, no mouse, but you get the idea.

  18. sinister agent says:

    The sound is ok and it is a good game the graphics is good and the gameplay is good 8/10

  19. Stense says:


    I look forward to seeing what this turns up.

  20. Tom Camfield says:

    As a minor participant in Slate*, and not wanting to see any forum posts roll to the second page and go missing forever, could Alec, perchance, compile a best of list each month in a manner that makes it seem like the RPS forumites have made a video game mag?

    Second: sweet! I’ll do something this weekend, probably starring KG in vaguely overwrought AP/NGJ fanfic. But really.

    * see Kieron for details

  21. Julian Calaby says:

    Man I love pictures of Model 15 Teletypes =)

  22. Tarn says:

    Great idea, and thank you for the opportunity. I shall be posting up some stuff shortly. :)

  23. Vadermath says:

    Awesome! I posted something I threw together after reading Ubisoft’s latest stupid move.

  24. Cooper says:


  25. Eidolon says:

    I think RPS will keep it together longer. The focus is tighter and the community seems less fractious.