Psychonauts For £1! PSYCHONAUTS FOR £1!


You need no more information than this. Until Thursday Steam has one of the loveliest games ever, Psychonauts, for £1. It’s hilarious, it’s so beautifully written, and it’s bursting with invention and ideas like nothing else. And if you want to complain that the platforming is often a bit dodgy, I reply with: IT’S ONE POUND. A pound.

A pound. (Or two dollars.)


  1. Senethro says:

    Buy it, buy it you sons of mothers!

  2. mrmud says:

    2 Euro :(

    • Choca says:

      Yes, the currency gods have forsaken us yet again… but it’s still a great deal.

  3. leonard hatred says:

    Anybody who hasn’t already bought and fallen in love with psychonauts doesn’t deserve it for £1.


    • Richeh says:

      They don’t deserve the pound either. Somebody take it off them.

      And give them a copy of Psychonauts so they know what they’ve done.

  4. Bob says:

    I tried the demo awhile ago and found it boring tbh

    • Simon Jones says:

      It’s OK, Bob, the demo found you boring, too.

      A lot of people dismissed Psychonauts after playing the demo, which is a shame. While the demo utterly captivated me with its imaginative designs and great writing/music/everything, it really isn’t representative of the full game, which expands exponentially with new gameplay elements and surprisingly varied settings that continually turn the game’s formula upside-down.

      ONE POUND.

  5. Amqz says:

    I’ve nothing against humour-centric games, but it just sounds way too weird for me. And the main character is some little cartoon kid? No thanks.

    • Jazmeister says:

      Who’d want to be a little cartoon child when you could be a burly space marine, amirite men?

    • Lilliput King says:


    • Man Raised By Puffins says:


    • Drexer says:

      Yeah sure, cartoon kids, the scourge of all times, just imagine how much better the video gaming world would be without those pesky cartons. We could get rid of that annoying Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Sonic, Lucas, Ness, Jak, Ratchet, etc… etc… good rid those cartoons?[/sarcasm]

      I would buy it except I already have it. And now I want to play it once more.

    • Rinox says:

      The funny thing is that the whole “happy go lucky rainbow cartoon” feel of the beginning of the game has a very sinister undertow. There’s the two super-happy spazz kids who’re actually trying to commit suicide if you pay closer attention, and there’s the kid that blows up squirrels with his mind (and has to wear a tin hat cause he “kept exploding people’s heads”).

      Psychonauts may look childish and even cheerful, but it’s all about the dark corners of our world and minds, the places we know exist but choose to ignore or forget. Dismissing it because of its superficial look is a bad mistake to make. But hey.

    • Bret says:

      You know, Dexter, that reminds me:

      Ness and Raz get in a fight out back by the bike rack. Who you got?

  6. Bobsy says:

    Yeah, the only reason to not buy this is if you own it already or you’re an idiot. Seriously. A beer costs more than this. And it’s over quicker. And is prone to being spiked.

    • MonkeyMonster says:

      and if you do already have it – seriously its a 1/3 of a pint and then you don’t have to worry about disks any more…

      like I will.

  7. Simon Jones says:

    Seriously, if you like any of the following, buy it:

    – Brutal Legend
    – Monkey Island
    – Good stories & writing in games… See more
    – Things that make you laugh
    – Fun platform games
    – Imagination
    – Ridiculously good deals

  8. Vinraith says:

    I borrowed the PS2 version from a friend ages ago and played a little of it. The sense of humor and story seemed good, but I couldn’t get past the shoddy platforming control, and in general I’m finding I have less and less patience for the genre.

    I must say, though, it’s a statement about sales of late (Gamersgate, Steam, GOG, and otherwise) that I have such a backlog of games to play and so little time to play them that I’m not even tempted by a $2 game. Cheap or not, I doubt I’d ever get around to playing it.

    • crumbsucker says:


      I’m in the same boat, sort of. Tried the demo, and I can see why people love it so much, but this platforming is really not my thing, great writing/story/characters/ideas notwithstanding.

    • Nobody Important says:

      The PS2 version wasn’t up to par to the Xbox and PC versions.

    • MajorManiac says:

      Being a child of the 80s I think I burnt out my urge to jump in games with Mario and Sonic et al.. So I’m not a major platform game lover, but I did enjoy this game.

      Are there any platform jumping games in existance better than this one? If so I’d genuinely like to give them a try and see if I can regain my love for the genere.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Best platforming game I played last year was Spelunky, hands down.

  9. Jazmeister says:

    Pffft. Tim Schafer is a sellout. I vote we all buy Ubisoft games to give our bold cyborg leaders a comfortable head start.

  10. Edgar the Peaceful says:

    This and Vampire Bloodlines (in parts) has the best writing/ideas/humour I’ve found in my gaming life.

    • Lambchops says:

      Concurred. Well apart from Grim Fandango and Monkey Island 2 of course.

      Seriously though, it’s one pound. It’s cheaper than two bars of chocolate or a hundred and one penny sweets (do you still get penny sweets?). You have no excuses folks!

    • Lilliput King says:

      They’re 2p now. Blame the global economy.

  11. Count Zero says:

    It would be nice to have a digital copy of this, but I’ve already bought it twice on boring old physical media so far. It really is that good.

  12. MadMatty says:

    Its a steal!
    Not a classic, but pretty sweet… got it a couple of years ago- at full price i think?

  13. rei says:

    I didn’t much care for it when I played it on GameTap (for free, which is better than $2/€2/£1). The controls are annoying, everything about the game screams “consoles! yeah!” and under the veneer of weirdness the humor is very much by the numbers. Bought it anyway, because I’m a sucker. Maybe I’ll like it more when my expectations aren’t as high as last time around.

    • mrmud says:

      If you dont enjoy Goggalor and the milkman conspiracy you have no heart.

    • Rinox says:

      Milkman Conspiracy = one of the best design efforts in all of gaming history.

    • rei says:

      Honestly, I didn’t get that far. I’ll try to be a better person this time, I swear.

    • yaster says:

      This game really starts with Goggalor. Fantastic level after brilliant one after magnificent one after… sheer force of creativity – mind blowing splendour.

    • Rinox says:

      Officer O’Lungfish is my personal hero.



      /wipes tear.

  14. Mathonar says:

    I already own it and still bought it again at this price, it’s just easier having games on steam.
    especially at ONE POUND

  15. Psychopomp says:

    You already own it? Buy it for a random person on your steam friends list! MORE PEOPLE MUST PLAY THIS GAME!

  16. frags says:

    The milkman conspiracy lives!

  17. Caiman says:

    Anyone posting in this thread who complains about this game for 2 measly bucks will have their IP address logged, their home addresses investigated, and a visit paid by the gaming police who will take away their fun license.

  18. TOOTR says:

    Don’t hate me for this but…..Can you play it on PC with an Xbox 360 controller?

    • Lilliput King says:


    • Caer says:

      Playing it with a 360 controller is probably the better way to play it. I got through it using mouse+keyboard first time, then tried again some months later with a 360 pad and it felt better like that.

    • stahlwerk says:

      I bought it for 2 €. Have played the demo some time ago and quite enjoyed it.

      Oh, and coincidently the mailman just handed me the 360 controller I ordered yesterday… If you build it, they will come, I guess.

  19. Dan says:

    His milk is delicious!

  20. Andy says:

    When I read all these comments about “Only a pound!” I wonder if I’m the only person in full time work? I think it’s interesting that when I was a student I had to pirate games cos i was poor but had plenty of time to play them, now I have a job I buy lots and lots of games but have no time to play them. It doesn’t matter if Psychonauts is free, what I really need is someone to give me an extra 2 or 3 hours a day for gaming :(.

    • Lilliput King says:

      You are the only person in full time work, in the entire world.

      You’re getting a raw deal to be honest. The rest of us are having a whale of a time.

      On a less pithy note, Psychonauts is worth your time, I promise.

    • Employed says:

      Getting a decently paying job does rather change your perspective, I think. For example, DLC stops becoming a worry because, fuck it, it’s only a tenner anyway, and people saying things like “yeah, if this game was $5 I’d get it, but no way am I paying $7” suddenly seem very, very alien.

    • Bonedwarf says:

      There are those of who can’t work sadly. But I still do alright really. It pays to not have ANY vices. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke.

      My vice? I GAME!

      Just dropped the 2 for this. It better be good or all the people I’ve seen praise this owe me about 0.002 cents each!

    • Rinox says:

      Drinking is a vice?

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Second that. Would much prefer extra hours in the day or days in the month to play all of the games I’ve bought than more discounted games.

      Also I’d buy more copies of this for my RL friends but I know they’ll never bother touching it unlike the copies of TF2 & Stalker (plus directions to Stalker Complete 2009) I’ve sent them in Steam sales over the past few months. When it costs less than a drink for a game, I can’t resist especially when it’s something this good even if I do already own the retail package. I just wish more of my RL friends who play games used their PCs for something other than Football Manager & didn’t automatically reach for a games console when they want to play something slightly interesting.

    • deanimate says:

      I stay at home all day dreaming of becoming cat while painting colours on various walls.
      Using tea bags no less.

  21. TheApologist says:

    It has some absolutely great levels and is a steal at the price – get it.

    But I’d personally caution against expecting it to be the second coming.

  22. deadbob says:

    Sleep is overrated. :)

  23. Monchberter says:

    Punchy Punch Punch!

  24. CdrJameson says:

    Psychonauts starts poorly, which might be why it didn’t do better originally.

    I love the game now, but I needed serious encouragement to get past the first (and, apart from the Meat Circus, weakest) level. Whoever thought that being shot repeatedly by that machine gun nest was a good idea needs to be, well, shot repeatedly with a machine gun.

    As for the platforming controls, you fairly quickly get a power-up that makes jumping so much easier. If you haven’t got it yet then you’re just going to be incredibly frustrated that you can’t quite reach some areas that look like they should be accessible.

    Do carry on! It has the best middle of any game in existence (and that’s about 90% of it). Every psychic journey is an absolute treat. I’ve never seen a better hidden room than the one in Milla’s Dance Party.

    • MonkeyMonster says:

      Gosh darn meat circus level! I will beat it this time… maybe

  25. Jerricho says:

    I’ve just bought this for a friend as I’ve already got it. Its one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played. Seriously, the Black Velvetta level was jaw droppingly beautiful, there was a sharp indraw of breath when it loaded.

  26. terry says:

    Crumbs, I thought I’d been banned or something. Note to self – Log in through that wordpress thing before clicking on comments threads in future!

    I’m not an enormous fan of 3d platformers so I hadn’t picked this up before now, but at that price it would be lunacy to not purchase it.

    I have a pretty low threshold for pixel-perfect jumping sections with insta-death so I can tell mindboggling levels of frustration are afoot. Just so I know – are there any particular levels I particularly should watch out for in the exasperated muttered cursing stakes? Forewarned is forearmed and all that. I do recall seeing a friend play it a bit when it was first released but other than being pleasingly bonkers I don’t remember all that much about it.

  27. Nameykins says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the 5 people who doesn’t love this game to death. I played it for a while a some time a go and I simply wasn’t that impressed. Got bored and moved on.

    Is there something wrong with me? :(

    • Sam says:

      No, you just don’t find Tim Schafer amusing.

      Which is fine, by the way – I don’t find him half as amusing as the majority of commenters here find him, either. People find different things funny, you know?

    • Ian says:

      I tried really, REALLY hard to love this game but it just wasn’t happening. It’s just one of them games where I don’t have any issues with it and I can see why it’s so well-loved. It just didn’t really happen for me.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      Finally, some people with sense. Not that it’s not with a £1, but Psychonauts flew under the radar for a reason, people. If you love it, you’ll defend it to the death. The rest of us will just get on with our lives…

    • Lilliput King says:

      Not that it’s not with a £1, but Psychonauts flew under the radar for a reason, people.

      Indeed. I think it was Mr. Walker that wrote a very interesting post a while back as to exactly why it flew under the radar.

      link to

      You don’t have a clue, as usual.

    • Casimir's Blake says:

      And you’re being offensive as usual. Whether it flew under the radar, whether it was down to lack of marketing, some people 1) won’t enjoy the gameplay, 2) won’t enjoy the humour, 3) won’t enjoy the eccentric artistic style. Or a combination of the three.

      You be one of the people that do enjoy if you want, but don’t accuse us of “lacking a clue” just because we don’t adore one of your favourite games. That just makes you sound like a fanboy.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Oh, not people.

      Just you.

      Just to clarify, when you say “Psychonauts flew under the radar for a reason, people”, what reason were you referring to?

    • arqueturus says:


      How about the fact (as stated above ) the demo was shit? Because the opening levels were shit. And it gets better the more you get into it. Except he didn’t (like me) becasue the demo was shit.

      That might have something to do with why it flew under the radar. At a pound I think I’m going to try it again but I certainly wouldn’t judege other people for not.

  28. Snidesworth says:

    Thanks to this deal I now own two copies of Psychonauts. It’s a single bloody pound. I spend more money on my lunch each day.

  29. Malcolm says:

    I was going to ignore this, what with already owning a bona fide DVD purchased at FULL PRICE the WEEK OF RELEASE. But having read all the glowing, nostalgic reminiscing I’ve decided to buy it again merely for the convenience of having it on Steam. I don’t think I’ve bought a full game for £1 since having an Amstrad…

  30. Voidkraken says:

    Or if you liked Day of the Tentacle, Tim Schafer also worked on that as a designer too. I loved this game so much I bought it twice – once for my PS2, and again on XBL.

  31. AndrewC says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a level select cheat for this game?

  32. Nero says:

    I already have it on PS2 and Steam so it has gotten my support. Buy it today or you or I will put bacon in your ear.

  33. PixelCody says:

    Another game added to the queue of ridicuvalue steam purchases that I don’t have time to play.

  34. mcw says:

    Already own it, twice actually, and for that price you can’t really go wrong. Milkman and Black Velvet are really great examples of creative level design. Probably should be played with a controller if you have one around …

  35. sfury says:

    Will buy it again.

    I already have it boxed, but I bought that cheap-o and it cannot be regged on Steam, so that’s a no brainer. Might even buy it for some friends, even at 2 Euro (and not 1 pound) this price is ridiculous. :]

  36. RagingLion says:

    VICTORY! Your time has come Psychonauts. You will now be bought. Muhahahaha! (The waiting paid off.)

  37. IAMJETHRO says:

    Finally boughted Psychonauts. Time to see what this is all about – I best not be disappointed!

  38. Carra says:

    Bought Psychonauts during the sales.

    But this reminds me that I still have to actually play it :)

  39. Paul Moloney says:

    Works almost perfectly with an XBox 360 gamepad. I just noticed there’s 2 actions unmapped, and you can’t use the triggers to for those. But here’s a workaround from elsewhere:

    “If you want to use an Xbox 360 gamepad for Psychonauts (or a lot of
    other games) look for a program called Xpadder. It’s $10 to buy, with
    all future updates free, and is worth every penny. It runs in the
    background and intercepts controller inputs, translating them to
    whatever you want. That includes the 360 pad’s analog triggers, which
    many PC games (like Psychonauts) can’t deal with natively.

    For Psychonauts, I just told Xpadder to make the triggers report as two
    keyboard keys, which were mapped to the ‘Target Lock’ and ‘Primary PSI’
    buttons in game. The rest of the gamepad worked just fine in game
    already, so I only had Xpadder handling those two buttons. Played
    through twice that way, completely seamless.”

  40. oceanclub says:

    And yes, playing with an XBox 360 gamepad is definitely the way to go; it just feels a lot better and even more precise than using a mouse and keys for this particular game. I have a feeling that’s why I wasn’t enamoured with the demo when I played it originally (don’t look at me that way!) but played the Steam sale version for hours last night.

    My next Halloween party I intend to dress up as Raz.


  41. Fatrat says:

    Avoided buying this at normal prices because i never could (or at least never got around) to looking for a demo to try, i guess i can’t really use that excuse anymore. Buying now!

  42. Wulf says:

    Hey Jimmy! I see you sitting on the fence there, unconvinced, and worried about your machismo, biting your nails out of concern that playing a game like this could somehow hurt your potential man-cred. Well, hey, that’s okay, you haven’t got any! Ha ha ha, I jest. Seriously Jimmy, by concerning yourself with nothing but surly men and tits, blood and smut, and all those things that define a prepubescent, you’re missing out on a world of entertainment!

    /fiddles with the projector

    But it’s all right Jimmy, I’m here to save you from a life of utter mundanity and boring muscle-flexing, just sit back in that easy chair, try one of those hors d’œuvres, they’re delightfully piquant, oh they’re a party in your mouth and you’re the guest of honour, Jimmy! Now now, don’t eat them all at once! You’ll want to save some to enhance your viewing pleasure, now sit back and watch, watch Jimmy, and feel your mind expand!

    /presses the butan

    The Milkman Conspiracy

    Still on the fence, Jimmy? Oh well, we can’t cure everyone of boringitis! Ha ha ha, you’ll live a full and complete life, I’m sure… maybe as a bean-counter or something.

    • Wulf says:

      I’m… not sure whether I was trying to imitate The Tick or Troy McClure with that. …perhaps some sort of bastard child of the two.

  43. hydra9 says:

    By coincidence, I’m playing this for the first time right now. But I had to install it from 5 CDs!!!(!!!) 5!!! You young Internet-savvy kids have it easy!

  44. hydra9 says:

    P.S. Oh yeah, *definitely* play it with a gamepad. It’s playable with mouse+keyboard but really just a shadow of itself.

  45. Vague-rant says:

    Went to buy “Bob came in pieces” last night on steam and instead found out about the sale. I then forgot to buy the “Bob…” and find I don’t really mind.

  46. Super Bladesman says:

    I knew you’d recommend buying this for a quid, so I pre-emptively bought it last night – ha, take that! :D

  47. Lilliput King says:


  48. Rick says:

    The only downside to this game is the absolutely ridiculous increase in difficulty towards the end. Otherwise, the milk is delicious.

  49. Stense says:

    One of the funniest games around.

    Buy it.

    It has squirrels in and everything.

  50. Tei says:

    One of my favorite games is a platformer. Turrican 2 (1991).
    I even played a lot Pitfall 2 (1984). But I don’t like the gimmicky of “preccise jumping”. It was something of a era, where the skill using the joystick was all. But gamming has moved away from “joysticks”, and I think the people that are still making platformer gamers have not paid attention, and are just feeding nostalgia.

    • Hodge says:

      It’s also the kind of thing that was more suited to 2D. I’ve never been a huge fan of platformers but I could tolerate them back in the 8/16 bit days, whereas most 3D platformers drain my patience really quickly. It’s just easier to judge where you are in relation to the world in 2D. In 3D, every jump feels like a leap of faith to me.