B’lands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Gearbox have announced, but not dated, another piece of DLC for Borderlands. Here’s the blurb:

“This DLC extends the Borderlands experience, providing new challenges and opportunities for growth for characters from around level 34 to level 50. Growth for characters at 50? Yeah, that’s right, we’ve raised the level cap; even players who think they’ve seen it all have tons more to do! The Secret Armory of General Knoxx offers hours of thrilling shooting and looting for Borderlands players!”

Quick comments poll: How many of you bought some Borderlands DLC? Will you get more?

Dave Tosser says:Dearest Mother, I am writing this letter as I drive one-handed along the hard shoulder of the M4, covered in the blood of someone I don’t remember meeting. I am being followed, I don’t know who by. But there are lights, blurring blue lights, and someone yelling through a megaphone… The police? What could they be saying? I have broken no law. I’ve always done my best to say the right thing, and to promote good values. All I wanted was for people to get along, and to listen to the consumer advice that I and my colleagues so diligent prepared for them. Now I fear there may only be one road left open to me. Oh mother, these might be my final words. So let me advise you to sign up to all additional content schemes, where-ever they may be. I know that your tiny mind might suggest you don’t need everything that gets peddled to you by company after company, but you do. You need it all. Don’t ever stop collecting those catalogues… always throw away the receipt… don’t stop….


  1. mrmud says:

    I bought the first dlc and while fairly short I enjoyed it. It had high production values and the environments were very nice.

  2. Malcolm says:

    I bought borderlands on a whim and played it religiously, right up until the ending – which was unimaginative crap and soured the experience for me. I keep toying with the idea of DLC, but given the choice between £6 for some more of the same (admittedly the good bit) and something entirely new so far I’ve always gone for the latter. If the DLC gets discounted in some future Steam mega sale I may take the plunge.

  3. prashant says:

    MOAR DLC , More fun..
    but wtf is this eyesore Tosser
    /throws a shoe at Mr Tosser

  4. wvanh says:

    Played the game a great deal with friends, but the first DLC came at a time when my brain was exploding with other games so I passed. If, at some point, a DLC collection comes out for a smaller chunk of change, I won’t hesitate to give it a shot though.

  5. ran93r says:

    I picked up Zombie Island but to be honest, haven’t got around to playing it yet. I had only just finished my first playthrough. Really want to fire it up but not having much luck finding the time.

  6. Donkeydeathtasticelastic says:

    I picked up the Zombie Isle of Dr. Ned and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe a bit on the easy side, but I had a rifle that threw out bilions of shots a second.

  7. Internet Friend says:

    Don’t worry Mr. Tosser, any man you killed surely deserved to die. If those police catch you, you can simply explain that to them. If they don’t believe that, you have shown yourself able to take care of problems.

    I do hope Mr. Tosser lives to see another day.

  8. Scypher says:

    I haven’t bought any DLC and wasn’t interested in them (despite really enjoying much of the game), but this new one’s got my attention.

    I think what I wanted from the DLC was a more solid “narrative” than an offhand, albeit new, environment. What I mean is that I didn’t care much about an island full of zombies or an arena full of Thunderdome parodies, which is what the last DLCs were advertised as. But I am interested in a fortress full of soldiers — as the means directly to the very recognizable end-goal of “kill the fuck out of this huge mech guy.” Know what I mean?

    Now that I think about it, I bought Fallout 3 DLC based on the same kind of criteria, too. My ideal DLC doesn’t necessarily need a good story, just a compelling narrative goal, I suppose.

    • Vinraith says:


      Zombie Island of Dr. Ned actually does have an entertaining and amusing narrative to go along with it, with a clear progression, goals, and side quests. It’s not just a new environment full of zombies for no particular reason.

  9. Bobsy says:

    Because I and three others had got all organised to play through the most of the game, we’d found ourselves more or less locked in together. So when the DLC emerged, and we’d all moved on by then, it had a hell of a job trying to get us to play again. And still does.

  10. Will Kiel says:

    More lack-luster DLC, meh.

  11. Vinraith says:

    I was gifted the Zombie DLC and found it more enjoyable than the original game, even (which is pretty high praise, as the base game was a lot of fun). The Arena mode is less impressive, but interesting. If it were balanced so that it could be played with something less than a highly coordinated team of four with some expectation of success, I’d play the hell out of it, but as it stands it’s just not much use to me.

    This sounds like fun, but whether I pick it up is going to depend on whether I can motivate my friends to go back to Borderlands or not.

  12. bookwormat says:

    I find Borderland’s addons are all a little expensive: 3 activations for 10 euro for that content does not really convince me.

    They had that Zombie expansion at a better price over christmas, but I did not finish the game at that point (haven’t finished it yet).

  13. Miles of the Machination says:

    I feel like I should be complaining, but maybe all of this DLC is a viable way to remove Borderlands from the tarpit in which it currently inhabits, occasionally eating misinformed teens, and the inherently unlucky. My only question is, are they going to release the story as DLC down the track?

  14. Brulleks says:

    I bought Zombie Island at the same time as the game, and went straight on to playing it afterwards.

    It’s good, but for me not as entertaining as the original. No vehicles means much more plodding around to get to objectives, and the whole zombie thing is getting a bit tired now. Haven’t found any better weapons than those I already had after five hours of playing it as well.

    The humour is thankfully still present though, and gibbing enemies with my six-bullet sniper rifle never gets dull, environments are atmospheric and nicely designed. Could live without those bloody corpse eaters though.

    Mad Moxxi simply doesn’t appeal. I don’t like arenas and can’t see how it could ever be worth the asking price.

    This new one sounds as though it might get things back on track.

  15. Mr Gray says:

    I’m not buying anything more from Gearbox until they fix the bugs in the main game. Shame, really, because there’s a lot to like about Borderlands, but until I can actually play with my friends (which is what I bought the game for)…

  16. Lilliput King says:

    I haven’t bought any of them, probably won’t.

    The netcode is beyond abysmal, which makes getting a game together a chore. Not worth the effort.

  17. Jemre says:

    bought Zombie Island, would recommend it. not buying Mad Moxxie, seems just not much content + heard too many bad things about. will buy this one if it keeps looking good.

  18. Dan(WR) says:

    I really enjoyed Borderlands in spite of the awful ending and the too-easy first playthrough. I’d happily chomp up some more content, but I only paid £12 for the main game so $10 for each piece of DLC seems a bit high for me. I’ll wait and hope for some knockdown or a DLC bundle deal.

  19. minus_273c says:

    The game is far too complex to set up multi-player games within, the result of a dreadfully slapdash conversion to the PC. We have multi-player completely stable now, but it needed port forwarding or triggering to be set up for all participants, the use of GameRanger to set the games up and hosting on the slowest system to avoid any saves failing. Once you’ve done all that there aren’t any problems that we’ve detected. It’s so all worth it though.

    My only real gripe if the limitation of a maximum of 4 players. Our group plays entirely co-op on-line and we frequently have 5 for an evening session, which means we can’t do Borderlands.

  20. Andy says:

    Categorically ignored Mad Moxxie’s DLC. The arenas were the worst part of the vanilla game and the bank feature isn’t enough to keep me interested. In comparable games my stash was full of either items which could be upgraded (which doesn’t happen in borderlands) or items for quests (which doesn’t really happen in borderlands).
    The Zombie DLC was fun though (if a little broken with the levelling issues) and this looks along the same lines, as in, more baddies to kill, more exp to get and more guns!!

  21. Sarlix says:

    I’ve yet to try B’lands, I will probably wait until all the DLC is bundled into one package or I may give it a miss entirely…

    I always hoped GrearBox would make a Opposing Force 2 when HL2 was released, but told the story through the eyes of the combine. They could of even started off by you coming into city 17 via a combine helicopter, it would of been class.

    P.S what’s up with Mr Tosser today? it looks like his been spliced with a pepperoni pizza.

  22. Icepick says:

    I haven’t picked up any of the DLC yet but that’s largely because I’ve always had something else to play since the first one was released. Once this unrelenting onslaught of game releases finally slows down, I’ll probably pick up all the DLC.

  23. Richeh says:

    Might actually pick this up. I thought the zombie addon was a great idea for this kind of game; the enemies are really just there so you can empty your bulging clip in their face, it’s totally a game about getting your unfeasibly powerful gun off. Zombies are, as we all know, the natural cannonfodder.

    More soldiers? Yes please. Though what Borderlands really needs is a random map generator / third party mapping tools. Don’t think we’ll be seeing that for a while though, it’d kill the official DLC market dead.

  24. Tony says:

    I enjoyed Borderlands, but I thought the humour and presentation of Zombie Island was better than anything from the original game. Perhaps the developer is becoming more assured, and more aware of the strengths of that game they have made. It makes me hopeful for what else they can come up with.

    I’ll be buying Secret Armory even though I’m ambivalent towards most DLC.


  25. Jacques says:

    Nice suit of terminator armour.

    • Stompywitch says:


      I played Borderlands and, well… just didn’t like it much; I thought Hellgate did the RPG-Shooter style better. For all it’s many sins, at least it wasn’t dull. I might pick it up when it’s really cheap next christmas.

    • Jacques says:

      I find myself agreeing with that.
      For all it’s flaws, I found Hellgate a great deal more fun than Borderlands.

  26. archonsod says:

    Bought both Dr Ned and Mad Moxxi, and enjoyed both immensely even in single player. Will inevitably end up buying this too (higher level cap? You may as well have said “free cocaine”).

  27. skalpadda says:

    I haven’t bought any of the DLC yet, even though I did enjoy the game a lot. There has been some pretty severe performance issues with the game on PC (ATI drivers broke it, twice, or maybe the game broke the ATi drivers) and I found the interface and menus horribly annoying, both putting me off the idea of going back to the game any time soon.

    Still, if it’s good I’ll probably grab it sooner or later.

  28. Roadrunner says:

    This would be a perfect time to point out my problem with borderlands.

    Halfway through playing, it will crash. Either a static crash where the screen goes all fuzzy, and I have to hold the off button on my computer, or it will just choose to restart my computer altogether.
    I’ve used Rivatuner to decrease fan speeds and increase them, but unfortunately it does nothing :(
    Can anyone help my shameless exploitation of RPS borderlands related news?

  29. Farfarer says:

    I’ve bought both Borderlands DLCs and I will buy more!

    All of them, most likely. It’s a highly addictive and enjoyable game… any excuse to go back is a good one.

  30. CMaster says:

    Raising the level cap – meh, can’t say I care.

    Anyway, I haven’t bought any DLC yet, although I still play Borderlands most weeks for a few hours with friends. My reasons:
    A)I have the Steam version of the game. Buying the DLC would add a five activation limit onto my game. I’d expect someone to pay me for that, not the other way around.
    B)They haven’t fixed several easily dealt with bugs in the main game yet. Why should I pay them for new stuff when they can’t fix trivial exisiting issues (keyboard/mouse issues with menus + confirmation; sniper rifles skill not highlightable with mouse; mouse filtering needs ini hack; scroll wheel cycles through weapons in a random order)
    C) Minor – it feels a touch expensive. Mad Moxxi’s very coop + combat orientated experience would probably suit my gang well. I don’t know – £6.50 every 2 months or so is cheaper than an MMO, but then the game doesn’t have MMO scope or depth. A cheap pack of 6 or 12 months worth of DLC may tempt me, but really, dropped the SECUROM on Steam…

    Anyway, more Crimson Lance fights sounds good. Not so sure about more linear interiors like this armour sounds like though – Krom’s Canyon and Old haven were among the best fights of the game. Even Crimson Enclave was much better than Crimson Fastness.

  31. mbp says:

    Sadly Borderlands is one of those games that ran out of steam for me before I got to the end. Co-op mode should have been great but wasn’t because:
    a) Co-Op support for the PC game was essentially broken. The only way I ever got it working was through third party services like Game Ranger.
    b) The level based nature of the game made it very hard to find a group of players of the correct level to play with.

  32. The Hammer says:

    For me, I’ve been waiting for some substantial DLC, and this sounds just about it! I don’t like zombies, and the arena add-on’s premise seemed rather lacklustre, but something which mirrors the style of the original game would be most welcome.

  33. Gap Gen says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought any DLC (oh, wait, I bought some for Empire and haven’t used it yet). I tend to finish with games as individual experiences, and then don’t really go back to them unless there’s a really meaty chunk of stuff there. That said, I did like the free ‘DLC’ campaign for ArmA2.

  34. TheSombreroKid says:

    the DRM stopped me from even considering it.

  35. Demiath says:

    I enjoyed the Zombie Island DLC, and even though I’m utterly incapable of even finishing the first warmup quest in Mad Moxxi (note: I don’t play multiplayer at all) I still don’t feel bad about buying it since my investment helped make more Borderlands DLC like General Knoxx possible.

    Bring it on, Gearbox; despite being fully immersed in Mass Effect 2 at the moment I still have the urge to get back to Pandora and kick some serious butt…

  36. Dimsey says:

    I haven’t purchased any of the DLC though not for lack of wanting.
    Just my co-op partner actually has a life, so we haven’t even got through the main game yet.
    So yeah. Extra content not an issue at the moment.

    That and Mass Effect 2 has pretty much eliminated my want for any other game right now!

  37. malkav11 says:

    I’d love to buy some DLC for Borderlands. The very second they dump the install limit bullshit DRM from their DLC offerings.

    • tekDragon says:

      Ditto.. I dont understand the DLC DRM decision and I wont support it. Still enjorting randomly connecting with buddies to shoot things on the original though.

  38. bbot says:

    Buying DLC? After the ending they inflicted on me? Hell no.

  39. PixelCody says:

    From what I’ve seen the average DLC isn’t worth the money. The content added is usually too short to add anything of substance to the main game.

    I’d much rather Fallout 3 had it’s own Shivering Isles expansion than the morsels that were eventually offered up for the game.

    I’ll be buying the Dragon Age expansion when it drops in price, but won’t go near any releases that I can’t immerse myself in for at least 8 hours.

    Borderlands DLC hasn’t tempted me at all as the game is all about the guns and they haven’t decided to add any new components to the mix.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      “From what I hear”, Point Lookout is pretty nearly Fallout 3’s Shivering Isles. Perhaps have a look at that, if you haven’t.

  40. DJ Phantoon says:

    I don’t understand why people hated the ending so much. I thought it was cheesy enough to fit right in with the rest of the universe. Fighting Steele would have been too easy, so here’s a giant enemy boss for you to clobber.

    But yeah, did not know there was DRM on the DLC. Do not like the idea, will probably not buy it because of this.

    • HermitUK says:

      I’ll field this one. It’s not JUST the end boss, but rather the final few hours. Everything once you leave the giant digging machine and get into the Merc base. The issues can be surmised as follows:

      1. From that point on the game becomes a completely linear corridor slog, nothing more.
      2. The trek to the vault is littered with flying enemies, which are highly annoying.
      3. I see what they were going for with the boss, but it’s so out of left field. Any half-decent plotting would have at least dropped some hints along the way.
      4. However, the main issue for me by this point was the lack of any new loot. Your chances of finding any guns better than what you own by this stage is remote at best. To make matters worse, you as a player were promised Fabulous Wealth and Loots in the Vault. The boss dropped a couple of green items and some cash for me. Big freaking whoop. All the ingame bossfights lacked that Diablo loot-shower which greeted the death of a big nasty.
      5. There’s then no explaination in the end sequence, just simply a pat on the back and its off to playthrough 2.

      That said, Zombie Island was a fun bit of DLC. Stayed clear of Moxxie’s as I heard the arena rounds were torturously long with no saves, but this new DLC could be interesting.

  41. El_MUERkO says:

    I play the Steam version with a few friends, we’ve all gotten the Zombie expansion but only a few got the Underdome, mainly out of annoyance regarding XP, Loot and the Bank being part of DLC.

    Saying that I’m fairly confident we’ll all get the next one!

    • Chris R says:


      I also play Borderlands with 3 other real life friends in coop, and it is easily my game of the year, bugs and all. We all purchased the first DLC (Zombie Island) on the first day, and had a blast with it. We’re still playing it in fact, so many great quests there.

      We avoided the second DLC (Mad Moxxi’s Arena) since it didn’t have the main reason to play Borderlands: LOOT. Borderlands is a First Person Looter, nothing more, and for the Mad Moxxi DLC to remove the majority of the loot was boggling to my group of friends. So we didn’t get it.

      I’m VERY interested in this next DLC pack however. More Crimson Lance shootery is always welcome. Those fellows are quite fun to battle, even if they get annoying at times.

      I do wish the DLC was a bit cheaper than $10 though… Not really convinced that each DLC pack is worth that much honestly, even though I feel the game is GOTY material. A price point of $5 to $7 might be more in line, but what do I know.

  42. bleeters says:

    I don’t know anout anyone else, but I personally disliked the ending due to it consisting of strafing left and right for several minutes, whilst occasionally being thrown off the map and resetting through no real fault of my own.

    Oh, and it was cheesy, and inexplicable. The guardian angel was a… satelite? Or something? That guided the player/s to the vault so they could help… open it? Then close it again? I don’t know.

    I didn’t personally buy any of the previous DLC through a combination of lacking people to co-op with and tacked on DRM nonsense. I may be tempted by this one, however. The crimson lance were far more entertaining opponents than increasingly large scags and bandits.

  43. SwiftRanger says:

    Wainting for a bundle at retail

  44. Popular Energy Drink says:

    Borderlands is like Bioshock for me; Good playthrough the first time with a really lame ending, with not much entertaining replayability. Friends and I lost interest with it.

    It especially doesn’t help with the bugs and the very poor support to fixing them.

    I haven’t bought any DLC because of it, in addition to how expensive they are for how little they give, and the fact I don’t want to support 2K or Gearbox at all after getting burned by them (and who’d want to support an absolute mental like Randy?)

  45. Riaktion says:

    Played and loved the game, picked up the Zombie DLC which I haven’t finished yet (mainly due to other games coming on the radar) wasn’t interested in Moxxies big dome however this one sounds like fun

  46. Roberto says:

    I’ve bought all the DLC so far, enjoyed it to be sure, and this one is a must have for me since it raises the level cap. Moar points = a moar devastating Brick

  47. Navagon says:

    I bought the Zombie Island DLC and enjoyed it. It was a little bit insubstantial though. I felt they didn’t do enough with it.Mad Moxxi didn’t appeal at all.
    This one looks like it might be a lot better, but we’ll have to see.

  48. Jbott says:

    I loved Zombie Island! It was short but sweet and Undead Ned was the coolest boss ever. I’ve not downloaded Mad Moxxi due to a lack of funds but plan to. This DLC however excites the hell out of me cause I want more levels. 50 is nice 60 would be better I think.

  49. Rei Onryou says:

    Not unless they fix my game first! I’ve had to play using -nosound to stop the crashes and its a dull thing to do.

    So, crashes, no sound, network issues and save issues have hampered my fun a lot as well as poor PC optimization in general.

    Sort it out Gearbox!

  50. Dave says:

    I preordered BL on PC, and was still playing it daily when the Zombie Island DLC hit. While it should have been entertaining, it didn’t scale well for level 50 characters and I pretty much stopped when I finished that.

    Didn’t pick up the Moxxi DLC because everything I heard said it was very multiplayer-centric, and I always play single-player.

    With that caveat, I’m not having any technical problems with Borderlands other than occasionally seeing the shadow bug. Quitting and restarting always fixes that though.

    This one looks more interesting and I’ll probably pick it up.