Borderlands Multiplayer Now Multiplayable?

Probably our major gripe with Gearbox’s many-weaponed first-person-roleplayer Borderlands was that hosting/joining multiplayer games was more complicated than painting a ceiling with a live scorpion. Four people dicking around with router settings is hardly gung-ho adventuring. A mere four months after release, they’ve finally fixed the networking problems that made the game’s super-fun co-op mode super-unfun. Or so they say. Actually they say this: “Multiplayer connectivity has been improved; users should no longer be required to forward ports to host or join multiplayer games.” Which is excellent, if depressingly tardy news. Does this 1.21 patch solve the problem for you? Tell us! Oh – that link in the sentence before last is purely for boxed copies of the game – Steam et al will update automagically.


  1. John says:

    I have been gaming online since 1998 and have never ever had to mess with the ports to get any game working, not to mention what is the point when your friends are unable to open up their ports for various reasons(like being at uni)

    We tried all of the VPN type solutions offered and either they didn’t work, only worked once or were so laggy the game was completely unplayable(no change there)

    I buy all my games and have put gearbox and infinity ward on my black list, funnily enough gearbox didn’t bother to patch brothers in arms because they were preparing another buggy game.