Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. Demo

This always happens at Alien/Marine parties.

Demos are great. Like when you go to the supermarket and they have those plates of demos at the cheese counter. You can download a small chunk of cheddar, and if you like it there’s this unlock code you type in to access the full wedge of cheese. Or at car showrooms, where you’re allowed to have a go in the car for free, see how realistic the driving is, find out if it’s one of the ones that lets you drive through barriers and run over spectators. Another place you can find demos is with videogames. Like, for instance, this one for Aliens Vs. Predator. It’s only available via Steam, and is 1.3 of your gigabytes. And here’s some video-isual watch-o-footage…


  1. surprise says:

    Not available in my Region (Germany)

    I hate fucking region locking…
    There is a way to download the demo through the US Store, but it seems its a breach of steam user agreement….

    What a pity, would have liked to try out the demo… pah

    • Go die says:

      Steam sucks cock and so do those lame little codes you have to type out to ‘confirm’ your post or download or whatever bull you’re trying to do on a website.

  2. jsutcliffe says:

    Aliens vs Predator vs Demo. Whoever wins, we lose.

    Unless it’s the Demo, because the Demo couldn’t even beat the Soldier.

    • Mad Doc MacRae says:

      We beat you in kills and you only won because you’re make pretty pictures.

      Why don’t you go paint us a picture, you nancy excuse for a soldier.

  3. Crusoe says:

    Hehe, excellent opening for this post.

    I tried this demo last night. Hmm. Cons; no crouch, QTE’s, matchmaking – obv – and forced voice on :(
    Pros; Pretty visuals, runs well, it’s AvP :D

    Had a happy hour or so stalking people with the Pred. Enough to wash away any horrible lingering memories I had of the last online demo I played – L4D2.

  4. realsch says:

    Sometimes though the cheese is bad or you crash your car because the steering is off. Then you think to yourself ‘if only they would have put more thought into making this cheese’.
    Which is what I thought after playing the AvP demo! What an underwhelming piece of cheese.

    (Also, it takes about 20 clicks to get to the configure buttons menu in game).

    On a totally unrelated note, am I the only one who finds the complete lack of coverage of Star Trek Online hilarious?

  5. Hallgrim says:

    Complaints about the quality of the matchmaking system aside, I can’t understand why they would release this with deathmatch as the only game mode.

    • Rich says:

      So it’s multiplayer only then? This perhaps could have been mentioned?

  6. Morti says:

    ok, first try:
    it spent literal 5 minutes looking for 8 people to play with. During the whole process, it hogged on bandwidth like madman, to the despair of my brother who was trying to play cod4 mp. After it found all the people, the connection timed out when i clicked “ready to fight” ,and promply went back to the menu. Fantastic.
    Second try: couldnt connect to steam . I believe this was due to the whole steam and steam cloud migration thing…

    i shall try again later….. not much hope for this however.

  7. sana says:

    I heard freeze-you-in-place unskippable executing animations in a DEATHMATCH ENVIRONMENT are the latest craze.

  8. mcnostril says:

    It’s good fun if you can convince people to play team deathmatch.
    I believe there’s a steam group for it (search avp demo).

  9. Ashley says:

    Played it . . . not good.

    It hardly shows off the best of what the game has to offer (well, I assume anyway)

    Team Deathmatch. You have marines shooting other marines for god sake !!

    Yes it has instant death animations too, so an alien can come up to you when you are in the middle of a fight and kill you with no chance to counter. Unless there is a counter. I don’t know.

  10. Ashley says:

    The map layout seemed incredibly basic too. Felt like a 10 year old game.

    Pulse rifles sounded OK though.

  11. Monchberter says:

    It’s consolised to the point that you’d think Rebellion would just for you to use an Xbox pad with it to overcome all the frustration about the controls. Some games really haven’t been properly optimised for mouse and keyboard.

    • Ashley says:


      It controls no better on a pad either. It’s not a case of being consolised, it’s more a case of it just not feeling right regardless of your input device.

    • Smeghammer says:

      The alien controls in particular feel sloppy. The lack of dedicated wallwalk and pounce keys really hurts any sense of precision.

      I still jump into avp2 multiplayer once in a while, and even though it’s starting to look long in the tooth, the gameplay and controls feel solid. I don’t get the same sense of solidity with this demo. It’s disappointing really, because I was genuinely looking forward to this.

    • D says:

      Alien controls sloppy? I don’t get that. If you rebind the keys so they make sense, wallwalking is easy (and you can turn on auto-transition in the options), and besides that, its easy leaping from surface to surface. If you want to leap attack, use the focus mode and point at an enemy, then space. It feels very intuitive and just right, to me anyways.

  12. Stinger88 says:

    Im a PC! and I was really looking forward to this game. Having played the demo though I’m unsure. The controls are horrible. heavily console based. The lobbies are dreadful, no chat, no server list, and about 6 of the 8 players mic spamming. Its going to be quite a hard game to get pretty good at this game and Deathmatch just makes it more frustrating. I would have prefered an empty level to just mess about in and get used to the characters tbh. I think if the demo had been Marine’s only in co-op mode against A.I. I’d be loving this game right now.

    also…Movement in game feels horribly sluggish and turning around (even with mouse sensitivity on full) is near impossible to do quickly and accurately.

    Lets hope they improve it for PC players anyway.

    message ends….

    • Chris R says:

      If movement feels sluggish, turn off V-Sync (Vertical Sync), things will be snappy again, but there will be screen tearing.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Stinger88, everyone here is a PC. Or Mac. No one is a console.

  13. Fatrat says:

    I sat around a few times for a couple of minutes with nobody joining my game, apparently nobody else in the world was playing it cause i could never get in a game. Also the controls would let you bind multiple things to the same key and didn’t seem to point out how to unbind.

    After a few attempts to play, and after downloading thinking that there would either be some singleplayer or a DECENT matchmaking system, i just got rid of it without even having played it. Game looks good, but this was a waste of time.

  14. Rob says:

    Everyone is so negative about this game. I absolutely loved it. And don’t worry about the matchmaking thing, it was only in the demo. Devs said there would be dedicated servers in the full version.

    • D says:

      I agree, I loved it aswell. I avoided the 5-minute-matchmaking by waiting a day, and when I tried it it was brilliant. Couldn’t really figure out the predator, it seems like he’s the most complicated of the bunch (as it should be), but the alien was a joy to control and the soft, squishy human was terrifying.
      Also, I didn’t have any trouble forcing people to play it as team deathmatch, it was just a matter of not trying to kill them and they returned the favour.

  15. +--JAK--+ says:

    Is your name in reference to the awesome folk band that keep gigging in the westcountry Mad Dog Macrea???

  16. Yargh says:

    I have been wondering why they released this mess of a demo on the PC.

    When you get to know the game a bit it is a lot of fun, show real potential, and you can extrapolate what the more interesting game modes will be like without too much effort.

    But all this is hidden behind a hateful matchmaking system and controls that are just different enough from your standard shooter that it really really needs a tutorial.

    I see this doing a lot more harm than good. Many players will give it one attempt, wait for maybe one matchmaking effort to go through, get killed a bunch by more experienced players and give up.

    • Spectre-7 says:

      @Yargh: Wow. Your post is entirely on point, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m actually really sad to see the response the game is getting in forums because I enjoy playing it so much. If only they’d put a little more forethought into the demo, this whole thing could’ve been avoided.

  17. Ricc says:

    There are a lot of conflicting opinions on AvP. Some hate it, some are optimistic. The demo totally sold me on the game, though. I’m really enjoying it, especially since there are so many players that don’t have a clue yet, and it’s easy to get the most kills after having played it for a few matches. :P

  18. John Peat says:

    Once they resolved the matchmaking issues on Steam (made getting a game rather hard most of the first day) I think the demo is actually pretty decent.

    It’s open Deathmatch – probably my least favourite online sport and home of the sad and lonely – but it does force you into learning your craft or else…

    There is a quite complex combat system – with blocks and counters available in a rock-paper-scissors way for all classes – it’s just that the demo fails rather badly to explain any of this to you.

    There’s a video on Youtube – AvP Close Combat – which shows a lot of this stuff off – and it’s worth remembering that a LOT of combat in AvP will be close.

    The other problem with the demo is that it’s player-hosted which means lag and disconnections are an issue – in fact it’s only when I started to gather friends into games that I realised most of the problems I’d seen upto then were lag related (when your host is a kid in lithustanville on 56k for example!!)

    It IS worth sticking with it – I think they’ve captured the Alien/Predator/Marine thing really well – but Deathmatch isn’t the best place to show it (Marines are at a serious disadvantage in non-team play)

    So gather your mates and learn – or just use this to prove it runs on your rig (seems pretty decent on my lowly hardware) and wait for retail!

    • D says:

      Can you explain the PC version of the video? link to
      As a marine, theres only one melee key, so is block the melee key plus right mouse? A mini tutorial would be wonderful. All I know at the moment is to use the alien focus mode to leap attack (9 killstreak yeah baby).

    • Spectre-7 says:


      As a marine, you only have the one melee key. Tap it to light attack, hold to block. Hope this helps!

  19. Lobotomist says:

    Its almost impossible to play due most broken automatic matchmaking system ever seen in PC games until now.

    Can somebody explain me why( and when) did game developers decide to forsake traditional internet server browser for PC games ?

    Anyway. The game is actually pretty much fun. If you managed to connect. And if you manage to stay connected for longer than 4 minutes.

  20. Nero says:

    I gave this demo about 60 minutes. First 3 times I found a game I got timeout disconnect just before game started, last 2 tries the host left just before the start of the game. Between that was waiting in the damn matchmaking crap. My hate for matchmaking grows stronger every day. So yeah screw this game and from the footage I’ve seen I’m not missing much.

  21. Fumarole says:

    I liked it. Sure, it is deathmatch only, hardly AvP’s forte, but still, I had fun.

  22. Dominic White says:

    The matchmaking sucks.

    Okay, got that out of the way – other than that, it feels like a return to form for Rebellion. It’s slower than AvP1, but feels much more in control because of it. The three races play very differently, and silently stalking your prey as an Alien is still great.

    Also, 95% of Marine players never look up, because they are DUMB. The graphics are good, the sound is spot-on, and the special death animations/grapples are downright brutal. It’s pretty scary as an Alien to have a Predator grab you by the neck. First instinct changes from ‘kill the bastard’ to ‘get out and find somewhere dark to hide’.

    I’m pleasantly surprised. I know most people will just see the matchmaking and immediately ignore it, though… guess I’ll be renting the 360 version, as nobody is going to even try playing the PC version online.

    • says:

      I remember developer commentary on Portal talking about how they had to use moving platforms and such to train the player to look up, and then repeat the lesson later because no-one ever did it. People aren’t sufficiently paranoid these days – they’ll look around and occasionally check windows for snipers, but they just don’t have a healthy fear of drop bears.

      Or Aliens.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      Drop bears are the leading cause of death in Australia, nationwide!

      now you know

  23. Karhax says:

    I had to leave several lobbies due to people having broken microphones that would transmit horrible ear-bursting static.

    The alien wall-walking felt clumsy and sluggish.

    The predators in the game kept using one hit kill shuriken things.

    Don’t even get me started on the insta kill taunt things.

  24. IdleHands says:

    I loved the new gameplay, once I finally got into a game (now the matchmaking is actually fixed it’s alot easier to get into a game). The controls are a bit clunky but they’ve grown on me more than I thought they would. The instant kill attacks apparently can be countered, tho I have no idea how to do this other than panic button pressing. The instant kills aren’t that bad, the first few games people constantly used it leading to conga lines of death, but after a while they are rarer since they leave you wide open to attack.

    There will be server browsing in the full game and dedicated servers, Rebellion are just doing this for the demo.

    That said the demo is a poor affair as an actual demo, this coming from someone who loves the gameplay and has pre-ordered the game. Why would they want to use matchmaking and peer-2-peer games in their demo, the first taste of the game any gamer will have. Hardly sets aside PC gamers issues of it being a console port when they seemed to have just used the same demo structure for all platforms. Also why have a multiplayer only demo? People want to get used to the controls but there’s no area for them to do it, they have to be launched straight into a deathmatch and learn on the fly. Also some people just want to test out how it runs on their system.

    They really should of put some more thought into the demo, because it is a fun game (well my opinion) but many gamers will be put off by the poor thought put into the demo.

  25. xz123 says:



  26. Wilson says:

    Hmm. I still haven’t been able to get into a game (either can’t find any, or it disconnects me as soon as it starts), but I think I’ll persevere for a little longer, because I really want this to be good, and I need to check for myself.

    It strikes me as a really horrible demo though. Broken matchmaking and deathmatch only? I wonder who thought that was the perfect way to market the game to prospective buyers?

    • D says:

      I’m convinced they decided it was best for everyone to release a broken version of the demo. If they had released a team deathmatch level with a full server browser, the internet would likely have exploded with anticipation. It’s a humanitarian move most of all.

  27. fishyjoes says:

    Try using ultrasurf to get past the region lock thingy. link to

    But to be honest I have tried it with Steam before and Im at work so i cant try it now either.

    Anyhow, why is this blocked for germany any?

    • fishyjoes says:

      Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to suprises post:

      “Not available in my Region (Germany)

      I hate fucking region locking…
      There is a way to download the demo through the US Store, but it seems its a breach of steam user agreement….”

  28. Poppis says:

    Demo is sounding a little meh… So I bought AvPClassic instead.

  29. Ростислав says:

    hate your government, not beautiful region lock.

  30. Kandon Arc says:

    I really like this game so far, but why did they choose deathmatch only? Team Deathmatch is what this game was designed for. So many of these games descend into Alien instakill clusterf*cks. Other than that it’s nice to see the races more or less balanced, although the predator can dominate when he finds all his gear; the shoulder cannon in particular is brutal.

  31. Shalrath says:

    They really, really needed a tutorial. When you have absolutely no idea how to block a one-shot-kill attack, the game devolves quickly.

    I feel sorry for Rebellion, because i KNOW this was some genius at the Publishing companies doing. Devs always get fucked by publishers doing this kind of asinine stuff.

  32. VincentAvatar says:

    I thought it was in reference to the old time-y FMV game “Mad Dog McCree.”

    • VincentAvatar says:

      The above in reference to @+–JAK–+’s post, of course. Stupid comment system, should have just used the forums grumble grumble.

  33. Theory says:

    It’s a horrific demo, but having pushed myself past the lack of a manual, tutorial or offline play, broken matchmaking (now fixed), everyone spamming insta-kill, dreadful listenserver performance and initially confusing vision modes and wall walking I’m quite enjoying it.

    With all the crap I had to put up with to get to this stage it’s little wonder people have been cancelling pre-orders…

  34. the_fanciest_of_pants says:

    I’ve really enjoyed my time with it, even though my computer struggles with it at 800×600 with everything set to minimum(it’s way past time for a new pc). The framerate isn’t terrible, but there’s an input delay of about 1/3rd of a second or so, which makes playing the marine particularly impossible.

    I did have a lot of fun as the Alien and predator though(my two favorites from the previous installments also). The alien’s wallwalk I feel is a little overly complicated compared to the previous games, but I’m willing to try and transition to it.

    The predator is a joy to play, and most of the rules inherent in good predator play in avp 1/2 still apply here. Got to love all those toys you get right off the bat.

    The melee system is pretty fun too, most people don’t seem to understand it yet(no tutorial was a bad idea) but I’ve been following the particulars of this game pretty closely so I knew what to expect. The Predators focus jump is good too, far from the pre-designated jump-to points some of us assumed it was.

    Keen to play the full game with proper game modes. I really need a new PC.

    • D says:

      “The alien’s wallwalk I feel is a little overly complicated compared to the previous games, but I’m willing to try and transition to it.”
      I see wot you did there.

  35. jon_hill987 says:

    Very fun when you get a game but the matchmaking is really quite poor. Hopefully the full release will get a server browser and dedicated servers.

    I’m not going to rush out and pre-order this one but if the reviews are good…

  36. Matzerath says:

    It’s a demo just limited enough to provide grave reservations, and not much else.

  37. Jad says:

    I am pretty old-school in my multiplayer tastes: I love every-man-for-himself deathmatch, I’m “meh” when it comes to team deathmatch or simple CTF, and more complex objective-based team games usually confuse and tire me. On that note: why the hell did they release this demo as straight deathmatch? Deathmatch should be the ugly stepchild, underpopulated game mode for a game like this, not the demo showcase! When there are aliens and predators running about, why the hell would humans be shooting at each other?

    What is it with all these developers releasing utterly inappropriate demos lately, like that multiplayer-only Bionic Commando demo?

    Just give us a taste of the singleplayer, maybe something simple like a horde/endless mode, and done!

    • Fumarole says:

      When there are aliens and predators running about, why the hell would humans be shooting at each other?

      You haven’t been a human very long, have you?

  38. Vandelay says:

    Seems people are more accepting of this compared to when it was previously mentioned.

    In the couple of games I’ve actually managed to get into, I’ve reasonably enjoyed it. My only real problem so far is that I don’t really have any clue how to do the close combat moves. Yesterday, I only got the chance to play as Marine and found this to not be too much of an issue. Trying to play as Predator or Alien today and I found myself being completely hopeless, resorting to mashing the mouse buttons whenever some came near. Movement took me a little while to figure out and I’m still not hundred percent sure on whether I’m missing out on some things.

    Basically, they really needed a tutorial or to include a single player level where you can test out these new toys. As it is, most people will be turning away from this (particular with it coupled to the horrific match making system – thank god that isn’t the only option in the full game,) thinking that it is just bad game.

  39. oceanclub says:

    I jumped in and had 2 games, as an alien and as a marine. It’s, hmm, kinda fun. It certainly looks very good and, importantly, the game doesn’t feel “consoley” – it feels mouse control was a priority rather than slapped on later. I found it fairly easy to find a game, though I do wish loading was quicker.

    Playing alien was fun, but I kept getting absolutely creamed as a marine – even if I spotted an alien or predator at a distance and kept shooting, they always had enough health to kill me. Perhaps I’m just doing something wrong. Anyway, I’m certainly going to keep my eye on this game.


  40. Nehacoo says:

    Has anyone managed to get rid of the input lag? Or perhaps a better question, does everyone have input lag? It makes the controls so clunky it’s almost unplayable (sometimes it even affects the menu screens for me).

  41. oceanclub says:

    Anonymous Coward said:
    Has anyone managed to get rid of the input lag? Or perhaps a better question, does everyone have input lag? It makes the controls so clunky it’s almost unplayable (sometimes it even affects the menu screens for me).

    Totally fine for me. As I mentioned, I’m very impressed at how responsive and, well, just right-feeling mouse control is in this game, considering it’s multi-platform.


    • D says:

      I agree, but its always a good bet to turn off vsync (as mentioned earlier).
      Hmm, this comment system/forum mashup could potentially cause some confusion.

  42. Turin Turambar says:

    I don’t have any input lag, Nehacoo. Sometimes, there is lag spikes and everything seems to freeze, and then returns to normality.

    Input system is fast and responsive, special animations (stealth kills, predator jumping) withstanding..

  43. Zanchito says:

    I just wanted to say this is a 10 month old demo according to them, and the retail version has crouching, dedicated servers, DirectX11 and improved controls. Looking forward to it!

    I wish they had released the demo as species deathmatch, though.

  44. Max says:

    Is there somewhere to look at the controls?

    It’s annoying being dumped into the game with new indication of how to play.

  45. Turin Turambar says:

    Zanchito, from where is that info?

  46. T-Bone says:

    “Video-isual watch-o-footage” made my day.

  47. FlyingSquirrel says:

    Dunno, demo didn’t sell me. controls didn’t feel nearly as natural as AvP2, and for a brand new game i didn’t think the graphics were too terrific. Maybe if i tweaked the controls and graphical settings a bunch, but not really feeling a draw to go back to it. Couldn’t seem to do the bounding about the level you could with the alien in the last game :(

  48. Turin Turambar says:

    FlyingSquirrel, alien controls are different, because they are BETTER. But you need a few round of adaptation.

  49. eot says:

    They fucked up the smartgun sound, it sound like a random machine gun now



  50. Scundoo says:

    @John Peat

    I am from lithustanville! Why do you insult our poor yet proud people?