Unreally Free: Dungeon Defense

One of the now free-to-use Unreal Development Kit showcase games is a cute-looking fantasy tower defence game called Dungeon Defense. It’s “a Tower Defense / Action RPG hybrid created entirely within the UDK in just four weeks,” by developers Trendy Entertainment. Apparently it supports four players, and offers a fairly typical tower defence experience, as you defend the dungeon from hundreds of invading monsters. It’s free, too, and you can download it here, so that’s got to be worth a look.


  1. DJ Phantoon says:

    Free is a fantastic price.

    Also, spam bots wanting guys to buy shoes? There’s limits, spambot. Do not push it to the limit no matter how much Paul Engemann tells you to do otherwise. Stylish is code for not straight.

    In ‘Murrica at least.

  2. bill says:

    Why do the monsters want to break INTO the dungeon? Were they unfairly evicted by goody-goody types?

    But this makes me think, was Dungeon Keeper the first Tower Defense game?

    • Larington says:

      I was thinking that too, Dungeon Keeper is effectively tower defence but with management/research/resource features that are depracated or simplified out in tower defence games… Nothing wrong with that in itself, but it would be nice if we occasionally had another Dungeon Keeper style game every so often too.

      Though I doubt the genesis of Tower Defence was someone doing the above deliberately, the similarities in the concept for the game types is striking.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    Monsters get a poor deal. Here they are traveling about their natural habitat of dungeons (see also: childrens closets, under beds and behind government office) and people are preying on them.

  4. Taillefer says:

    It’s a bit unnecessarily frustrating to play. It could do with a mini-map or longer zoom and mouse-controlled camera, even if I had to hold down the right-button to rotate it.

  5. TOOTR says:

    My instant nostalgic response at seeing that screenshot before reading anything was ‘Oh there’s a HD version of Atic Atac!’

    • Zanchito says:

      TOOTR, there are some versions of old glories versioned with higher resolution and new graphics, Atic Atac is one of those. If you want, I can try to google the page for you, it was a very good port to PC.

      I do have nostalgia for old Spectrum / MSX games, oh, boy! Head over Heels, Avalon, Tir Na Nog, Sabre Wulf, Colditz’s Escape…

  6. TOOTR says:

    Zanchito – thats cool man – already went searching – found a great remake of Alien8 :)

    Tir na nog FTW!

    Actually and apologies all for completely going off topic but while I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 I remembered from some dark memory recess that my earliest memories of a space RPG with squad members who you could assign moves and kills to was Shadowfire :

    link to crashonline.org.uk

    I LOVED that game :)

    • fabrulana says:

      Tir na Nog, Shadowfire man you guys are bringing back memories. Why were they never remaked ?

  7. Mr Wonderstuff says:

    Shadowfire! That’s the game I have been trying to recall for years. Loved it. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Nox says:

    I’m surprised no one commented on the quality of the soundtrack in the trailer. I don’t know if it’s composed by a member of the development team, licensed or public domain, but that was pretty darned epic. I got chill bumps. Of course, I have the flu and my temperature is hovering at the 103 degree mark right now, but I definitely liked what I heard.

    I think I’m going to do a bit of sleuthing. It may be as simple as scanning any readme files for credits, but the download’s not complete yet.

  9. Alaric says:

    I’ll check this out when I get home. Ever since I beat Defense Grid the Awakening a few weeks ago, my tower defense needs have gone unfulfilled.

  10. Zanchito says:

    There you go:

    link to worldofspectrum.org


  11. Riaktion says:

    Pretty good for 4 weeks work. Imagine what 3D realms would fo achieved if they just set themselves a deadline.

  12. Pamplemousse says:

    Considering that was all done for free it is very professionally made.The art style is lovely, and the gameplay is fun, if slightly frustrating at times.

    With four friends I imagine this could be great fun

  13. Cutman says:

    How does I played this?

  14. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    This game is really hard.

  15. Morgan Roberts - Trendy Ent says:

    We originally developed this game as a mini-demo/prototype to see what you can accomplish with the UDK in 4 weeks. Between the 5 of us (3 full time, 2 part-time), inception to completion was 26 days. The Epic demo that’s out now is over a month old – and we have already implemented much more features such as: Online Multiplayer, 4 Customizable character classes, enemies & bosses (including their own classes), new defenses and powers, a fully integrated RPG system and leveling up features & powers, tons of new weapons and items, and a whole suite of re-designed level formats… the list goes on.

    In the coming weeks we should have a formal announcement of a complete list and hopefully some new screenies/vidz to show what we’re up to. And yes, this will be available on multiple platforms… and we’re also going to release the entire source code of the fully finished game.

    Any questions… feel free to mail me: morgan@trendyent.com

  16. Cutman says:

    Can I just skip the email part and ask you here? How do I play this game?

    • Taillefer says:

      Is this confusion trying to find the executable? That’s understandable enough, as it doesn’t create a shortcut on the desktop. If you find the directory you installed the game, look in the “Binaries” folder and run the “UDK.exe”

      e.g. “C:\Program Files\Dungeon Defense\Binaries\UDK.exe”

      I think it defaulted to “C:\UDK\Dungeon Defense\”, I can’t remember.

  17. Tei says:

    I kind of love this tiny thing. Congrats guys, you made a fun game with nice graphics and good usability :-)

  18. Joshua Javaheri says:

    Check out the new Dungeon Defenders trailer here!

  19. lolbored says:

    i would like to know when this will be coming out or at least the multiplayer cuz i was hoping it would be out before reach. so i have sumthin to do when i wait and if it going to cost a fee plz tell me.