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Stop paying full price for games you silly goose! Come here, look at the cheap games you can get for 10%, 20% sometimes even 30% less than RRP! Throw just a little bit of cash into the bargain bucket, and out pops hours worth of electronic entertainment. Monetary Magic! For more ways to stretch your gaming budget, head to

Metro 2033 + Red Faction: Guerilla – £29.99/€49.99/$49.99
If you are planning on picking up the other game about shooting people in Russia at release, why not preorder and grab yourself a copy of the delicious hammer em up, RFG. Alec had a hands on with the former recently:
“I was particularly taken with the spectral elements, the things you can’t fight – the ghost train rushing by you that’s just headlights, windows and thunderous noise, the shadowy silhouettes of doomed army’s ghosts, the shadowy echo-memory of a long-limbed beast chasing down a child screaming for its mother… There a Stalker comparison is apt – such moments are reminiscent of the unsettling, displacing psychic attack scenes, where reality and hallucination bled into each other. Given the plot involves Artyom’s journey to best/understand the murderous psychic mutants called the Dark Ones, I’m pretty sure we’re in for many such haunting vignettes.”
Sounds creepy-good.

Demigod – £4.60/€5.48/$7.49
This is by far the most mysterious of this weeks selection. Enter the coupon “DG-4355237” to take 75% off the price. I have no idea where this coupon came from, it was sent to me by an anonymous tipster. But it works, so that’s the main thing. There is a demo contained within this link, and RPS coverage is here.

Quantz – £1.89/€2.56/$2.95
I’m just going to repeat what I said in a previous bargain bucket, since the game hasn’t changed, and I think I described it will first time around (although it is even cheaper now):
QuantZ is a game where you have to spin a box, then match up pretty coloured balls, then watch them disappear, then realise that your have lost what youthful good looks you might have once had, then pour yourself another glass of supermarket red wine just to numb the pain, then cry yourself to sleep yet again. So it’s a casual game, and a seemingly shallow one. It does have a lot of pretty lights, and I mean a lot. It’s a nice take on the “match up colours” gameplay of something like Bust-a-Bobble, and in the few levels the demo let me play, they do keep adding new ideas (although the degree to which said new ideas effect gameplay is dubious). Hard to be too passionate about, but I guess it is well executed for what it is, and spinning the box really fast and watching the coloured balls go flying is fun. Oh, in 1280 x 1024 (which over 20% of steam users game at) it is letterboxed, poor form indeed. Demo here.

Majesty bundle (Majesty 1 + 2) – £6.39/€7.31/$9.99
Take it away Mr Meer (on the second game):
“I adore the concept and the essential control system, and enough to fairly cofidently recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different, a little more PC during the three months of big-budget man-shooters that currently await us, but I’m not quite as keen on the game that’s been built around it. I shall keep a greedy eye on it though – a meaty expansion pack or mod could well make it as majestic as it deserves to be.”
Very prophetic, seeing as there is indeed an expansion pack for it.

Deal of the week
Far Cry Complete – £9.98/€19.98/$14.98
You can also buy either the first or second game at similar discount. I have a lot of love for the first Far Cry, I think it’s the sharp dialogue from the enemy soldiers. “HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES”, and “I’M GOING TO SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE” being personal favourites. Jim and Kieron talk about what Far Cry 2 is here, and I’m considering giving it another go. I got about an hour in when I played it first time around, and after that I just couldn’t bring myself to boot it up again. It seemed to involve a lot of waiting for things, and moving from A to B, but not much else. It amazes me how many games have slow intro sections actually, since those are the bits everyone will play, I would have thought it would make most sense to pack as much into the intro section as possible. Nevermind. RPS coverage here.

Also of note:
Crazy Machines Bundle – £12.78/€14.62/$19.99
Overlord 2 – £6.35/€7.27/$9.95
For the Glory – £5.98/€5.98/$5.98
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic – £1.99 delivered (can register on Steam)

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