Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars Announced

Well they look creepy.

You thought they’d run out of Star Wars films to make Lego games about, right? Wrong. Now the TV series, Clone Wars, is to receive the plastic man treatment. I think it’s tempting to start rolling eyes at the prospect of another Lego game. The Lego Indies have been a bit disappointing, and the prospect of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 may not fill everyone’s hearts with glee. But the Star Wars games were genuinely fantastic, and yet another could be fun. It will feature all the characters from the two seasons of the show, and apparently “brand new battle modes”. There’s also a new version of the level builder, and of course lightsaber fighting. The game site’s here. So, as is obligatory, below you must suggest which other film series merit the Lego treatment. And everyone’s already said Godfather. Go!


  1. LeFishy says:

    I’d like to see lego District 9.

    This is probably my secret desire to arm small plastic men with alien weaponry manifesting itself though.

  2. Dinger says:

    obligatory Simpsons ref: Lego My Dinner with André.
    Memento, Birth of a Nation, The Big Sleep

  3. Jaxtrasi says:

    John Carpenter’s The Lego Thing.

  4. Arathain says:

    The African Queen. Lego Bogart and Hepburn! Hippos!

    Edit: My wife wins the thread. Hudson Hawk, she says.

  5. Zaphid says:

    Lego Fight Club!

    Wait, you can do that already with some hair spray and a few bricks you won’t need anymore.

  6. Sobric says:

    Can I get meta and suggest Lego versions of current games as well?

    I’d like to see Lego Dragon Age, if only for the sex scenes.

    • Vinraith says:


      I’m not sure they could really make DA’s sex scenes any stiffer or more plastic than they already are. I love the hell out of that game, but those were awful.

  7. TenjouUtena says:

    Lord of the Rings would sort of be the obvious choice.

    Lego Eyes Wide Shut? :D

  8. TCM says:

    Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

  9. Daveface says:

    Lego Inseminator or Lego Baise Moi

    • Iain says:


      I’ll see your Lego Baise Moi and raise you a Lego Debbie Does Dallas.

  10. jsutcliffe says:

    Obvious choices:
    Star Trek

    Less obvious but clearly better choice:
    A Fistful of Dollars (and sequels)

  11. James G says:

    Serious choice: Lego Back to the Future

    Never actually played any of the Lego Film games, mainly because I’ve never really had a suitable player two and playing them solo seems to miss half the point.

    • mujadaddy says:

      May I recommend a haircut?

    • Pod says:

      May I recommend you get the cock on your head sawn off?

    • James G says:

      Are you accustomed to giving out unsolicited fashion advice? Although I suppose technically you are asking permission. (Incidentally, I suppose the answer is, no you may not.)

      But the hair has been cut a bit since the avatar photo was taken. Its still longish though, but I happen to like it that way.

  12. invisiblejesus says:

    Lego Clerks. You’d just walk around talking to people.

  13. Auspex says:

    Lego: Mysterious Skin

  14. Rock Tumbler says:

    Lego 007, in which Bond and an assortment of Bond girls go up against a rogues’ gallery of Bond villains.

  15. Polysynchronicity says:

    Is it just me, or have the characters in that picture ceased to look like Lego men and graduated to bizarre Uncanny Valley dwellers who will haunt my dreams?

    • RogB says:

      blame LEGO. whatever rules they come up with with their own properties (yellow skin, no whites of the eyes) seem to get conveniently cast aside when a lucrative IP comes along. (witness the first ever body limb proportion change in the Toy Story line too… ugh)

  16. Heliocentric says:

    Seeing lego toy story toys in the disney store(my 2 year old demands we enter it whenever we go near) made me reflect that a great number of disney properties would be bloody awesome lego games. Lego nightmare before christmas anyone?

  17. DesolationJones says:

    Surely Jurassic Park.

  18. Bennie says:

    Lego Irreversible / Lego Salo

    or on a slightly more serious note Lego Aliens kind of makes sense!!

  19. Baf says:

    Amusingly unlikely suggestion: Lego Reservoir Dogs.
    Suggestion that I think could actually be awesome: Lego Godzilla.

  20. Clovis says:

    Lego Terry Gilliam Super Pack FTW


    Lego Labrynth
    Lego Neverending Story
    Lego Annie Hall (which should be terrible and short)

  21. Jubaal says:

    Lego Salute of the Jugger

  22. Jubaal says:

    Also Lego The Vikings, Lego Black Shield of Falworth and Lego Spartacus

  23. terry says:

    Please for the love of all that is sane leave out the goddamn vehicle sections.

    Edit: Ferris Bueller! Back to the Future! Gremlins! The Third Man!

  24. Binni says:

    Lego Twilight….it will happen and we will all shake our fists at the sky in anger!

  25. aDelicateBalance says:

    My wife actually wanted to know why they hadn’t done a Lego Star Trek. I had to explain about Lego not having the rights to make ST Lego and as such not being able to make a Lego ST game.

    Lego Rock Band is damn surreal.

    I would second a Lego Aliens or Lego Terminator (2). Even Lego Avatar. As long as there’s never a Lego Titanic.

    Or for more “classic” film – Lego Judgement at Nuremberg, Lego Citizen Kane or Lego The Sound of Music.

    Perhaps Lego À bout de souffle would be interesting…

  26. Corporate Dog says:

    Lego Transmetropolitan.

  27. Vadermath says:

    I love Star Wars. I love Lego. I hate Lego games. I hate the prequel trilogy. I hate the Clone Wars cartoon.

    The hate wins this one.

  28. RogB says:

    Ive always wanted to do Lego Thundercats

  29. Igor Hardy says:

    Lego Dracula series. The Hammer Studios one.

  30. Tei says:

    Lego Picaso… cubism.

  31. Calabi says:

    Lego Requiem for a dream

  32. Nerd Rage says:

    Clearly it must be The Lego Princess Bride, or perhaps The Good, The Bad, The Lego.


  33. Heliocentric says:

    I’m a genius! “Lego 300”.

  34. Snuffy (the Evil) says:

    Dr. Strangebrick or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Vacuum Cleaner.

  35. Niel J says:

    Comic Book game idea: Lego Marvel, if only for the chance they’d make a lego Deadpool for the sets.

    Lego Bill and Ted, Lego Discworld, Lego Snow Crash

  36. MarkSide says:

    Lego X-Men!

    But the Claremont era comic, not the films. Colourful characters! Great powers! Yay!

  37. DanPryce says:

    Lego Saw is all I ask. IMAGINE THE DISMEMBERMENTS.

    Although someone mentioned Lego 007 and that probably isn’t too far outside the realm of possibility.

  38. Hodge says:

    Surely the obvious one is MacGyver?

    (The central theme of the show being that he solves problems by creating useful objects out of random crap lying around)

    • Sonicgoo says:

      Which leads us to: LEGO A-TEAM. To coincide with the movie, of course.

  39. Pidesco says:

    Lego Scenes from a Marriage

  40. Angel Dust says:

    Lego Hitchcock is the only answer. You’d maybe want to avoid the more weightier films like Vertigo but I can’t see how a Lego North By Northwest would be anything other than fantastic and Cary Grant looked like a Lego man anyway!

  41. Eternal_newbie says:

    LegoHead (Lego EraserHead)?

  42. Paradukes says:

    Lego Twelve Angry Men

    Just because it’d be the most boring game ever conceived, considering the lego characters never actually talk

  43. Spacewalk says:

    H.P. Legocraft.

  44. bill says:

    Debbie does Legoland

  45. Gabbo says:

    Lego Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
    The different types of minigames would be ridiculous.

  46. washington says:

    Lego Gummo

  47. bhlaab says:

    Okay guys. The lego thing was cute for a while but you’ve got to stop.

    • bhlaab says:

      i mean the games not the comments

      im talking to an imaginary developer person who is in front of me imaginarily

    • RogB says:

      imagine that you werent imagining things. why would they have to stop? because every lego game is a game that could have been made that -you- might have liked?

  48. Frosty says:

    Lego: Left 4 Dead?

  49. Dave L. says:

    The Seven Lego Samurai and/or The Magnificent Lego Seven.

    OR: Lego Dirty Harry.

    OR: Lego Death Wish.