The RPS Bargain Bucket: Cuddles

Love is in the air. Or is it Carbon monoxide? I always mix those two up. Valentines day is nearly upon us, that time of year when people with significant others excuse themselves from not being romantic 364 days of the year by getting some flowers and paying for a meal at Pizza Express, and people who are single get all cynical and pretend to be above it, but are really crying on the inside. Looks like it’s also a time when games get discounted more than usual, and the bargain bucket is overflowing this week. For more ways to numb the pain, head to SavyGamer.

Mount & Blade – £3.99/€4.99/$4.99

I think this is the cheapest that this game has ever been. Correct me if I am wrong, but it started out being like £6 when it was in beta, and as it has gotten more polished and had things added to it, the price has crept up to an RRP of £24.99. Certainly the cheapest I can remember seeing it. This is an open world “kill the dudes with your weapons before they kill you with theirs” em up, and now is a pretty great time to get it, since the multiplayer centric expandalone “warband” is out pretty soonish (30th of March). Mods live here, Wiki lives here, demo lives here and bountiful RPS coverage lives here.

Total War Series – 66% off

All of the Total War games on steam have got 66% off, going all the way back to Rome. Empire DLC is also slightly discounted too. I’m somewhat tempted to grab Medieval 2 to give it a try. Possibly Empire instead. What’s your favourite of the discounted Total War games folks?

Hammerfight – £2.50/€2.88/3.92

Fight, with hammers. From the looks of things, this is a rather nifty 2D aerial combat game, where you are a little helicopter, with a big hammer attached to it by a chain, which you have to kill baddies with. There’s a demo right here, so you can make you own mind up!

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode 1 & Episode 2 – £3.99/€4.99/$4.99 each

The Episodic Penny-Arcadian pointy/clicky adventure come RPG has had a perma-price drop on Steam. I love Penny-Arcade a lot (and am HUGELY excited about going to PAX East next month), but I didn’t particularly feel that their comedy transferred well to game format at all. There are some really nice things about it for sure though, there is a custom character creator which makes both a polygon favoured 3D model of you for in game, and also a 2D version for in cut scenes. Unless there is a big surprise, I don’t think there is ever going to be an episode 3 sadly. People who have completed the 2nd episode, is there a cliffhanger ending, or does it tie things together nicely? Demos here and here.

Deal of the week

The Indie Love Bundle – £12.74/€14.69/$20
There are often fantastic bundle deals here in the bargain bucket, but they usually have the caveat of “only a good deal if you don’t own most of the games already”. Not so here, as each and every one of the games on offer here can be gifted. If you already own some of them, or just want to give one of them away to someone, or indeed want to split the bundle with someone, you can.
You get:
And Yet It Moves,
and Osmos.
I’ve personally played and loved five out of the six games on offer here, and would definitely recommend them (I should probably give Aztaka a go). This offer is straight from the developers too, so no unnecessary middle men are going to be buying a Lexus with your money. No nasty DRM either. <3

Also of note:
D2D instruct you to listen to some MBV
Dynamix Titles – 50% off
Fort Zombie – £1.98/€1.98/$1.98
QuantZ – £2.99/€2.99/$2.99
Prey – £1.50/$2.35 (NA/UK only, but you can register the serial on steam, so you could get a friend to buy it for you, and just send you the serial)
Sword of the Stars: Ultimate – £4.77/€5.50/$7.49
Fallout 3 GOTY – $24.99 (Only in North/South America)
The Void – $5 (Worldwide excluding South Africa, Australia, and Western Europe)
Triptych – £4.43/€5.11/$6.95
THQ Complete pack(s) – £26.49/$49.99/€49.99
THQ have two complete packs, each with varying degrees of completeness, one from Steam, one from Impulse. Both have:
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
Full Spectrum Warrior
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
Red Faction
Red Faction II
Red Faction Guerrilla
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Titan Quest
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
Warhammer 40k: Gold
Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade
Warhammer 40k: Soulstorm

Then the Impulse one also has:
Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
World of Zoo

And the Steam one also has:
Dawn of War 2
Frontlines: Fuel of War
Saints Row 2

STOP PRESS! LAST MINUTE ADDITION: GetGames send word that they’ve got VVVVVV for £9. More importantly, perhaps, the site now supports Euros and US Dollars as currency, and has AvP on pre-order for £20, for which you get the RTS Universe At War thrown in for free. Blimey.

For more cheap games, go to


  1. pkt-zer0 says:

    “No nasty DRM”? Auditorium requires you to constantly stay online to play a single-player game – same as Ubisoft’s new and horrible anti-piracy system.

  2. Canape says:

    I half expected Steam to put their ‘holiday season’ discount mania into the form of a Valentines day bundle. They didn’t. But they let me have Stalker Call of Pripyat for £15 (£5 discount if you already own one of the earlier stalkers), so they showed me some love….in a sense.

    • [21CW] 2000AD says:

      Yeah the Call of pripyat discount was a nice bonus. I origionally had both SoC and CS as retail versions, not through Steam. Then I got the THQ bunde deal in one of the big sales and thought it was a bargain, and now ‘cos SoC in the bundle it’s saved me another £5. Considering when I got it I viewed it as “Dawn of War 2, a bunch of games I can’t be arsed geting the DVDs off my brother for and some games I might like” it’s been a really good deal.

    • Lars BR says:

      Loyalty programs are a brilliant use of steam’s knowledge of what games we’ve bought.

      I heartily approve, and would’ve insta-bought SCoP if I didn’t already have far too many games across four systems to play, while living in two distant cities at once.

  3. Carra says:

    The Total War package sure is cheap. Time for some massive battles!

    Got most game from the THQ package already but the price (£26.49/$49.99/€49.99) sure seems fair for us Europeans…

  4. Blackberries says:

    I think the finest of the Total War games is Rome. Best period, fewest bugs and crashes, still holds up perfectly well in the looks department and things play fairly similarly to Medieval 2, though arguably a little more streamlined. The vanilla campaign is exciting and fun, and there are a ton of really excellent mods. (Check out TWCenter). I still play the game today.

    As for the others.. Don’t be too swayed by the loud wave of vitriol poured at Empire. It’s an incredible game, and a wonderful experience. It’s been tightened up since release, with quite a few bug- and crash-fixes too. In my opinion the battles aren’t as compelling as swords-and-spears stuff, but they’re interesting in their own way. Especially when artillery is brought to the party.

    I don’t have much to say about Medieval 2.. I played it a long while back, and it was fine but didn’t really impress me too much – it certainly was never able to drag me away from Rome, despite its prettiness. However, I’ve been told Kingdoms adds quite a bit to it, so I nabbed it off the Steam sales – I’m happy to give it another chance. Furthermore, I believe enough time has passed that there are some big mods either out or in the pipeline. It’s harder to work with for modders than Rome, but there are fewer engine limitations, so some big RTW teams are finally turning their attention futurewards.

    • Bhazor says:

      Rome on release also had by far the worst AI. Just saying.

      It’s still the best in the series just for having armies that play so differently. Try using Roman tactics whilst playing as the Gauls and see what happens.

    • Jeremy says:

      I had quite a good time with Medieval 2. Got it off Steam’s holiday sale for ridiculously cheap. Plays much like Rome and I never had any issues, gameplay or technical. I’d like to get Empire, but Steam hates Japan, no TW games available here.

    • Blackberries says:

      @Bhazor: Oh I agree, and there were a few nasty bugs it took them ages to patch out. Some glitches still remain, but I maintain it’s the best TW game to date.

    • dadioflex says:

      I bought (re-bought) Rome in the sale and installed Europa Barbarorum. I’ve heard so much about it but never played. I think I’d moved onto MTW2 by the time it was big, after playing hundreds of hours of Rome: Total Realism. I wish there was a simpler way to select mods with the Steam install of Rome but it’s not awful as it is.

      With MTW2 the Third Age captivated me recently. And I want to play the Warhammer mod but I keep waiting for the ban hammer to fall. Apart from that Stainless Steel or Broken Crescent are great MTW2 mods. Kingdoms vanilla is fine, BTW. It’s not like Rome which was pretty weak even after the expansion.

      I’m sure there are dozens of great Empire mods by now. Oh…

  5. Webster says:

    Strongly recommend Mount & Blade. It had the best cavalry-based combat I’ve encountered – charging about slaying things has never been so much fun! There are also many many mods…

    The Middle Earth mod isn’t released yet, but M&B does a pretty good job of simulating a Rider of Rohan anyway.

  6. [21CW] 2000AD says:

    No Penny Arcade Episode 3? Awwwwwwwwww.
    As for cliffhanger, well it finishes off the episodes story but the overall arc is left open. So not the bad kind of cliffhanger.

    Hang on, PA ep 3 delayed (or dead), Half Life 2 ep3 delayed, is there some curse on episode 3 of video games?

    • Rich says:

      I’m not sure you can say HL2: Ep 3 is delayed. Valve have said precisely zip about it. They might have an internal release date, but they’ve been very careful to not even hint at one to the rest of us.

  7. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    My favorite discounted Total War game is Medieval 1.

    Oh wait. > : |

    • Memphis-Ahn says:

      It also irks me that they don’t have Shogun, which is by far the best Total War game.

  8. RogB says:

    fort zombie is intriguing me again, i know its supposed to be a bit rubbish but I love the idea of it. cant complain for less than the price of a pint.

    and +1 mount &blade love here.. if you havent already, BUY IT

    • IdleHands says:


      I brought it for the same reasons; sounds interesting and can’t complain at that price. It’s . . . interesting. At first I was completely disappionted but I’ve slowly got more used to it and well I don’t hate it anymore.

    • Blather Blob says:

      @RogB, @IdleHands: Same reasons for me too. Got it on Thursday when I saw it for $2.50.

      But I wish I had waited a day to see it at the same price on D2D instead of getting it from GG. It’s the first time I’ve purchased from GamersGate, and I’m not at all impressed with their service.

      Their order process is clunky and not optimized for new customers. It’s all little stuff, but it doesn’t create a good impression, and it reminds me more of tiny webshops for bicycle parts than ones run by folks who supposedly specialize in digital delivery. Signing-up, stuff is split into “required for registration” and “required for purchasing” (why would you register except to purchase?), and email addresses using plus-addressing are declared invalid and aren’t accepted. After sign up, as soon as you choose PayPal it emails you a bill asking you to pay them, before it’s even asked you to log into your paypal account. And then, before you get to go to PayPal, you’re interrupted in the middle of the order because GamersGate suddenly remember they need to verify your email address — why this can’t be done as part of their sign-up process, at the point where they’ve emailed your password (in plaintext) to an “unverified” address, before they’ve emailed a bill to that address, or at the beginning of the order process, I don’t know. But you wait a couple of minutes for the email, click the link, and then finally get to continue on to PayPal, after which everything continues in the usual way. Except once you’re done they don’t even send you a receipt acknowledging they received your payment or completed your order (PayPal do send you their own receipt of money being sent, of course). Your first purchase will generate three emails from the site, and not one of them a receipt. In fact, once they’ve verified your email address they stop using it.

      The annoying part, though, is that even though Fort Zombie is marked on the site as being “DRM Free”, to GamersGate this apparently means something much different than it does on or D2D. When you click to download the game after purchase, you instead download a “Download Fort Zombie.exe”. This downloader is the only way you can download your game, but adds nothing over a browser’s built-in downloader — it doesn’t even perform an integrity check on the downloaded file — and behind the scenes it’s just getting a single file hosted on a standard HTTP server (sniffing the URL and then manually downloading the file via a standard multi-part downloader ran about 40% faster than their custom downloader could manage, too). The only reason for making you use the downloader is so that they can maintain control over your installer.

      Probably because they’re too cheap to pay for a CDN with actual support for access-control, they have decided to “encrypt” each game’s installer, and the downloader will only decrypt it while it launches it — as soon as the installer finishes, it re-encrypts the installer to stop you from using it without the downloader’s participation. The downloader allows you to keep the encrypted setup file on your drive afterwards (as a backup), but keeps everything in a heirarchy of folders and obfuscates the name just to make it harder to figure out which directory to backup if you were to own multiple GG games. And because the file is encrypted you’re only able to install the game via the downloader, which performs an authorization check every time you reinstall, even from a backup.

      This is far different from and D2D’s DRM free model of providing a direct link to your game’s installer, which you can then run anytime, anywhere. Actually, using GamersGate’s definition of DRM free including an authentication check before installing, I own several Steam games that are just as “DRM free”.

      What really grates is that the “encryption” used on the file is so ridiculously weak (basically ROT13) that it will do nothing to stop anyone with a hex editor who wants to pirate a game from their service. Combined with their serving their game’s installers as sequentially numbered files from open HTTP servers, they’ve actually built a distribution network of free download hosting just waiting for a pirate to setup a blog with a tiny decrypter download (which would be approximately as large and complex as a “hello world”) and a list of links to the games on GamersGate’s own servers. And the only countermeasures they’ve put in place are so weak they serve as nothing except an irritant and for nobody except for their legal customers, while the pirates get faster downloads from the same servers and the ability to actually access their installers. All while claiming this is what “DRM Free” looks like.

      I like that they support RPS, but I’m not going to be going there again. There’s just too much substandard and amateur design, networking, and programming associated with too many parts of the service, and it’s all too intrusive to ignore. D2D isn’t much more suave, but they at least get out of the way once they’ve given you the link to your game and when they mark something DRM free, they mean it.

    • Vinraith says:

      @Blather Blob

      You’re better off having it on Gamersgate. Paradox-published games are supported first and foremost through GG, it’s by far the most reliable source for patches and support for their games, and frequently mods are written with the GG version in mind as well. I can appreciate wanting a truly DRM-free version, but GG’s protection is fairly light (vastly superior to D2D for DRM’d games, to say nothing of Steam). Also, FYI, they’re also the best place on the internet to buy games with limited installations. They guarantee that they’ll replace your key should you ever run out of installations.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Since we’re on the topic of D2D vs. GG: D2D wants $7.50 to sell me EU3. GamersGate wants $40.

      Guess who I’m buying from?

    • Vinraith says:


      Presumably you’re buying it from the one having the sale, and who can blame you? I would just point out that you’d have been better off buying it a few weeks ago when GG had it on sale for $7.50. I hope the D2D copy has acceptable DRM. There’s basically none on the GG version (outside of their installer wrapper, obviously) but D2D has a habit of slapping undocumented install limits and the like on things that aren’t labelled “DRM free.”

    • Blather Blob says:

      @Vinraith: Interesting point about the patches, though I can’t figure out from the GamersGate site how one would be aware a patch has come out on the service (short of visiting the site to read the occasional patch announcements in the news bar partway down the page on the left, but that looks too sparse to be comprehensive — only 3 patches in the last 2 months), or how one would download it if it did come out (perhaps they’re only available from owners’ accounts, like the manuals?). No mention of the various Fort Zombie patches which have come out is visible on my account page, though they all came out before I bought it, of course.

      Fort Zombie supposedly includes an auto-patcher as part of all versions of the game anyway, though. And since once you get past the GG client and get the game installer running in the background it’s actually just a standard unencumbered setup.exe, which means it’s probably the same exact installer D2D will be offering, albeit straight up without the GG wrapping. So once installed both versions will be the same, and any patch or mod for the GG version would be just as applicable to the D2D version, since it wouldn’t even know which it’s running on. The only difference is D2D’s version is DRM free from the beginning.

      But what annoys me is not that I’d rather have chosen a DRM free version like D2D are offering, but that I chose GamersGate because they claimed that’s what they were selling, and it turned out to have actually meant “no additional DRM beyond our own”. You say they’re vastly more light-handed than Steam, but my supposedly “DRM Free” copy of Fort Zombie has no less online authorization or encryption than my Steam copy of GTA3. The difference is Steam doesn’t claim GTA3 is DRM Free.

      I can see the appeal of their unlimited activations promise, but I can’t understand why you would buy a game from them when it doesn’t require activation elsewhere, since if they add that to even their “DRM Free” titles, I can’t imagine how badly encumbered their other titles are.

    • Vinraith says:

      @Blather Blob

      You’re pissed about the “DRM free” line, I can understand that, but statements like this:

      “You say they’re vastly more light-handed than Steam, but my supposedly “DRM Free” copy of Fort Zombie has no less online authorization or encryption than my Steam copy of GTA3.”

      don’t make sense. GG games don’t phone home every time they start. They don’t require an exterior client. They don’t have a hit-or-miss offline mode, because they’re always in offline mode. You need to be online when you install them and that’s it, and for that you have no disc check and no other DRM. In the case of a DRM-free game that’s worse than what D2D has to offer, in the case of a game with any kind of DRM it’s better than any system used by D2D, Steam, or Impulse. Hell, IMO it’s often better than a disc check, too.

    • Blather Blob says:

      @Vinrath: Sorry for the confusion. I thought I remembered GTA 3 to be one of the games that doesn’t require Steam running to play, but if that ever was the case before it seems to have been changed since I last installed it. But for the Steam games I do have installed where that’s the case (Company of Heroes, Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1, Evil Genius, GTA 2), I think the comparison is fair. Steam would never get away with badging them as “DRM Free,” of course, but they don’t have any sort of Steam check, and you need to authenticate with Steam (or have it running) only when installing, basically exactly the same as GG. I suppose you could argue GG has lighter DRM on account of creating a start menu shortcut, but that’s about the only difference between GG’s installation of Fort Zombie and Steam’s installation of COH, and that similarity is pretty ridiculous when you consider that that involvement is what GG consider to be DRM free. COH has its Relic Online thing, but TOMI1 or GTA2 on Steam really are “You need to be online when you install them and that’s it, and for that you have no disc check and no other DRM.”

      I don’t really mind that much about having purchased the game from GG, it was super cheap and I’d wanted to try GG out at some point anyway, even if just to decide if I’d ever want to use them again. It’s even pretty trivial to copy out the unencrypted installer while the downloader is running it, which gives me the same installer I would have gotten from D2D in the first place, though I suppose I’ve broken the law by doing that.

      I do feel slightly annoyed at just how stupid the whole thing is, though. They can’t afford / don’t know how to setup a CDN properly, so they just stick all their installers in a single directory, available for download to everyone. They presumably realize that this means everyone can download all of their catalog for free, and decide they need encryption. They can’t afford / don’t know someone who can program, so end up implementing “encryption” of the same caliber as ROT13. And then they also decide this same level of talent should be applied to a custom downloader, forcing everyone to use it, and then when it comes time to join the current fashion of selling DRM free software, they just reuse the same system, as-is.

      What gets me is their decision to reencrypt the files everytime you’re finished with them. Why? The user has already proven, via the authentication, that they own them. It’s a byte-for-byte substitution, so it’s not like the decryption alters the filesize, the only thing the downloader uses to determine file integrity. It’s not like it’s unable to keep track of whether a file has been decrypted or not — there’s a rename involved too. Is it a frame of mind thing, that they think of it as their game and you shouldn’t have access to it?

      They use slightly heavier than average “real” DRM and serial keys on their “big name” games, and this is presumably a sign that they realise their base DRM interrupts nobody except their more compliant customers. So why do they continue using that base of DRM? I’m not saying a wizard from the former Soviet Union could theoretically crack it. It really is so transparently weak that anyone with a hex editor could decrypt a file by hand, a unix user could do it in the shell, and someone with even the most basic programming knowledge would take only a few minutes to make an automated decrypter (which would work on any title in the entire catalog). And if you are willing to decrypt the installer, you’d no longer need to bother with using a non-standard, slower, slightly dysfunctional downloader, or authenticating with their site, or even sticking only to the games you’ve actually bought.

      So what annoys me is that they’ve managed to create a system so weak it truly does nothing beyond encumber only those who actually choose to follow the rules and use it, while at the same time building up a distribution system that’s just waiting for a pirate to notice it’s available, fast, and easy to share. And judging by how they consider the current setup to already be as convenient and acceptable as “DRM Free”, I assume their response when the pirates do finally hit them in the bandwidth bill will be, instead of fixing the base “our CDN needs authentication/unique URLs per-user” problem, to tighten control on the download/install process and lock everything down even more.

    • Vinraith says:

      @Blather Blob

      I can understand the frustration. Being online to install is never an issue for me (being online to run things is quite another matter), so it’s never been a problem, and that it mitigates the need for disc check makes it absolutely ideal for games on my laptop. Oh, and 5% store credit back on anything you buy is nothing to sneeze at either. I’ve gotten quite a few free games out of GG as a result of being a frequent customer.

      Oh, and I was unaware it was possible to run ANY Steam game without running Steam. How’s that done? Have you got a list of viable candidates somewhere?

    • terry says:

      @Vinraith, It’s theoretically possible to run any Steam game without the wrapper if you use a cracked .exe from the same directory and just run the program via that. Obviously it varies game to game and I suspect its not possible with all of them, but I quite often do this for mods that Steam doesn’t play nicely with (off the top of my head I have Morrowind, Mount & Blade, Fallout 3 and Oblivion running this way).

    • Blather Blob says:

      @Vinraith: I don’t know of any sort of list, it doesn’t seem to be too important to most people for some reason. I just go through and try running the .exe directly on new games sometimes and see if the Steam login window pops-up, which is probably the easiest way to get a list of your own games. If you’re willing to do some manual patching and cracking you can get even more steam-free, though that’s true of games from any service.

      It’s especially the case with older games, where the company might not even have access to the source code (or just doesn’t want to bother) to add in a Steam check before sticking it up for sale (GTA2). I have one game (Space Trader: Merchant Marine) that actually checks for steam, but if it’s not already running then the game just runs without Steamworks integration. And sometimes the Steam check is only on a launcher, not the main game (GTA4, I think?).

      In addition, when the retail version doesn’t have any sort of cd check or has had it removed in a patch, installing the latest official patch over the steam version will remove the steam check (Civ 4, UT3, King’s Bounty, World of Goo (you actually get a newer version than is on Steam, too), Gravitron 2). If the game has alternate clients available you can copy/convert the data files and use the alternate client without steam (Lucasarts Adventure Pack (requires slight bit mangling before scummvm will load the data files), X-Com or any other dosbox’ed program can run in any other version of dosbox, practically everything by id has an improved, open source client available).

      And then, as terry says, nocd cracks typically replace the entire .exe, so you end up with a retail nocd executable, which obviously won’t have a steam check. Since the .exe is almost always all that’s different between a steam version and a retail version, cracks will be available and work for pretty much any game you could want to remove the steam check from.

      Then you can just make a shortcut straight to the game’s executable, and not have to wait for / deal with steam to play. If steam downloads an update, though, it will replace your cracked/patched executable.

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      The incredibly easy trick to keep your backup without going through the hassle is this:

      When the installer starts up copy the contents of the folder to another directory. Rename it to the game so that you know what game it is instead of knowing the number. Then finish installing. You can keep the old temp files for safety’s sake or delete. If you need to reinstall do it from the saved folder. Then burn it to disk. Simple as pie.

  9. JuJuCam says:

    Is there a good reason The Void is region restricted? I don’t even get an alternative price I simply am not allowed to add it to my (Australian) cart. Haven’t checked elsewhere but from my recollection I can get it off Steam, just wondering what gives?

    • The LxR says:

      We’ll most likely do the same on Steam sometime soon with a new patch.

    • JuJuCam says:

      Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out. To be honest I might’ve been inclined to pay the full price if you hadn’t mentioned both deal and patch to land simultaneously.

  10. shinygerbil says:

    Prey does NOT allow you to activate via Steam….. Steam only accepts “Prey CD Keys in this format: AAB1BB2C345CDD6E E7” apparently. The activation code I have received from D2D is totally different.


    • Shivoa says:

      Same here, Prey codes on D2D now seem to be a long form D2D-only rather than an actual retail key (as Steam still says ‘out of stock’ on keys I can imagine there is a supply issue with new valid CD keys but D2D have done a deal to create a modified version that accepts new D2D keys)

  11. jolson42 says:

    Season 3 of Sam & Max is coming soon…
    And there’s talk on the Penny Arcade forums that there will be news on ep 3 soon. It’s all a bit vague, but it sounds like there was some legal trouble, or licensing issues.

  12. SirDorius says:

    Sword of the Stars: Ultimate Collection is actually 7,5€, but it’s still a bargain!

    • MadMatty says:

      Yeah i just got it last night from Impulse:
      Word i got, was that the game was allright if you got all the expansions, and i did- and it was!
      Graphics are so-so, but the gameplay seems solid… its one of those 4X Master of Orion type games.

  13. Flappybat says:

    The Void link goes to Fallout 3.

  14. Jimbo says:

    Medi 2 (+Kingdoms) was the pinnacle of the TW series.

  15. Schmitzkater says:

    Question: Is the Warband expansion for M&B going to be any cheaper or even free of charge if I buy Mount and Blade incredibly cheap now?

    • Fatrat says:

      No idea but i doubt it, the game is worth more than what they’re asking here, if i had to buy it after playing it, i’d pay at least a tenner.

      Plus at that price, it’s worth it just for practicing in the arenas to get used to the combat system before Warband is released, though obviously you have more options than that in the game, it’s come a long way since i bought it. I could spend aaaages just doing arenas for cash back when i first played the game, the combat system is great.

    • Schmitzkater says:

      Damn those cheap prices. Just clicked buy. Even if I have to pay in Euro.

    • JuJuCam says:

      Tell me about it! I just bought it despite already owning a copy that I paid full price for just so I can have a nice and easy to handle Steam version… Yep I’m one of those people…

  16. Fatrat says:

    Yeah i’m sure that’s the cheapest Mount & Blade has been, i think i got it for about £5.20 when it was in beta/alpha or whichever phase it was, around 2003/2004.

    Everyone should buy it and get some practice in before the multiplayer (Warband) version comes out. And i really should use my beta spot that i so luckily got, i haven’t in a while despite it being great. The only grumble i have of it infact, is that there’s so many people who kick my ass, despite me having owned the game for so long! :’O

  17. Lorc says:

    Correct The Void link:
    link to

  18. MWoody says:

    You state that D2D Fallout GOTY edition is $25 only in the Americas, but if you click the UK Valentine’s sale you link early in the post, it has it for 15 pounds.

    • LewieP says:

      That’s £15.50 for just the standard edition, without all the DLC.

    • MWoody says:

      Hoo boy, glad you caught that quick, thanks. I’d feel bad if someone bought the UK one at my idiotic suggestion, similarly confused by the identical cover art.

  19. Alexander Norris says:

    Of note: if anyone wants Europa Universalis III on D2D, the US site has it for $7.50 available worldwide which is cheaper than the £6.50 wants you to pay (by £1.50, but still).

  20. scundoo says:

    @ Blackberries

    MTW2 is basically Rome with much better graphics and a few more options.

    Considering the quality of mods available for it (Third age total war, warhammer, and the upcoming Europa barbarorum II) you would have to be mad not to get it.

    Empire is just that: Empire. No important mods, just the same old buggy uninspired vanilla.

    • Blackberries says:

      Yeah it’s pretty much only because of upcoming mods that I went and got M2.

      Not that there was anything wrong with the vanilla game – it just didn’t get my motors running in the same way, say, Rome: Total Realism or Europa Barbarorum did/do.

    • Schmitzkater says:

      Just keep in mind that for most (many, at least) Medieval2 mods to work, you also need the Kingdoms expansion!

    • Stompywitch says:

      It’s hard to really be upset about having to buy the expansion as well, when the Complete pack is £4.75 and Kingdoms alone is £4.99…

      So, I’m picking it up for that Warhammer mod, then!

  21. Taillefer says:

    I don’t think this has been mentioned anywhere on the site yet, and it’s sort of a bargain being that it’s free: JCOVE Lite

    “JCOVE Lite is a freeware game derived from Bohemia Interactive’s VBS2 software – itself a derivative of Armed Assault but focused on simulated training for military purposes.

    JCOVE Lite was funded by the UK MOD to give the general public, particularly potential recruits, an idea of how the British military trained for combat as well as providing a more realistic combat simulation than your standard shoot’em-up.

    Overall it gives serious gamers an immensely modifiable platform to create, share and play their own missions using a huge range of British military equipment – from the humble Sig 229 to the legendary Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.”

    Uhm, I haven’t even tried it yet. But I’m sure some people will be interested.

    • RogB says:

      damn that does sound interesting, cheers!
      /off to have a butchers..

  22. Goooooorge says:

    £20 equals €45 at GetGames.
    That just sucks.

  23. Diziet says:

    I actually enjoyed the two Penny Arcade games on XBox Live, personally I’d love it if there was a 3rd one.

  24. Heliocentric says:

    @lewie There is no link to sots btw.

  25. Blather Blob says:

    That’s a lot of games on sale this weekend! M&B was $5 from D2D during all those $5/5th birthday sales (I got it then), but I don’t think it’s been that cheap on Steam before. And of course, regardless of where you buy it you can also use your key to activate the download version from their site, or to download the open beta of Warlords.

    That’s a good price for Fallout 3 GOTY on D2D, but does anyone know if it’s compatible yet with FOSE? The website for FOSE lists the Direct2Drive version as incompatible (because of the DRM), but maybe D2D have removed their protection for the GOTY edition? Googling “requires fose” and “fose required” seem to point to it being used by at least a few mods, though maybe it’s not as popular as OBSE was for Oblivion?

    • Matzerath says:

      I don’t want to speak in absolutes, but I bought it off of D2D yesterday, and have been testing it today with the script extender and the original .exe — and it seems to work!
      I assume that when it’s NOT working, the game won’t load at all, and I’ve definitely made it to actual gameplay, and have the Wanderer’s Edition installed, which is reliant on SE.
      Take it with a grain of salt, but I think it works, and if so it’s a great deal!

  26. fumarole says:

    Very few bugs are left in the most recent version, with another patch on the way. As stated above, chill with the vitriol, that’s so 2009.

  27. Ricc says:

    So, if I buy Aliens Vs Predator from GetGames, I will still be able / have to register it onto my Steam account, because of Steamworks, right?

  28. Vinraith says:

    I notice that Armada 2526 is 40% off on Gamersgate this weekend, can anyone tell me if it’s worth picking up?

    • archonsod says:

      It’s not bad. Planetary development and galactic map is very much in the old school MOO 2 tradition, with building slots, troop management and the like. The only real let down imho is the combat, it’s a pretty simplistic RTS affair which tends to get boring incredibly quickly.

  29. Petethegoat says:

    I can vouch for Hammerfight being delicious, if frustrating at times.

    Om nom nom.

  30. EthZee says:

    Aha! I’m glad I clicked on this article. I’ve been meaning to buy Mount & Blade fer ages, that’s a good price for it.
    I love the combat, the open-worldiness of it and OH SO MANY HATS *jumps for joy*

    Also, yes, I can vouch for HAMMERFIGHT as well. HAMMER IS FIGHT! 2D physics-based swingy action! With awesome music and neato art. (It doesn’t run too well on my ancient laptop, unfortunately; anyone with a system from the last few years should be more than fine) Get it, you cads!

  31. Telemikus says:

    I’ve extensively played the Total War series over the decade, and Rome is, in it’s current patched state, by far the most streamlined and fun to play. Even the once much derided AI is pretty useful these days. Medieval’s AI by contrast is simply broken. Unit’s just mill around, with little or no real strategy, even in the updated versions. A terrible shame.

  32. castle says:

    The Void for $5! Been waiting for a big price drop like that, looking forward to playing this.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Me too, a shame i live in “western europe” you will take my money bastards.

    • The LxR says:

      As I’ve said – wait a bit, we’ll try to lower the price on Steam to for a weekend. :)

  33. deuterium. says:

    I couldn’t praise VVVVVV highly enough; just buy it.

  34. SamD says:

    Mount and Blade multiplayer beta is fantastic, well worth paying 4 pounds for the game!

  35. John Peat says:

    Heads up on Prey – when I got the key, downloaded the game (both from D2D UK) and tried to activate it, it threw an error saying I was “not in a qualified country”.

    Given I’m in the UK (using SKY BB) I suspect it’s just screwed-up and you might want to give it a miss.

    It seems the whole idea of keys and Prey is just royally frakked – perhaps they should just give up and move into the 21st century

    Meanwhile I’m just going to grab a refund courtesy of PayPal…

  36. pimorte says:

    @Canape – they did, but for their merch store.

  37. bill says:

    3 questions:
    – Anywhere that sells total war games outside the US/UK/Europe partition? Been trying to get Rome/Medievil for ages, but steam refuses to sell it to me.
    – Anywhere at all that sells Shogun online?
    – Anywhere that sells Prey at a discount outside the US/UK/Europe partition?

    Bonus question: Why is it so hard for me to give companies my money?

  38. KP says:

    RPS commenters, please help! I saw a game on RPS some time ago and I can’t for the life of me remember the name.
    It was a Russian made strategy game where you could take third person control of units. The arena was an entire planet (not full scale) with zooming all the way in and out. It was a planetary defense game, xcom-like on some high level. A notable feature of the videos were the 6-legged robots with cool inverse kinematics. There were also flying units. Please stop my insanity and help me remember this game! :(

    • DerShcraa says:

      Sounds a bit like Supreme Commander to me.

    • KP says:

      FOUND IT! Called Heavy Duty, published by Akella. That took forever to find!! D:

  39. robaal says:

    Hammerfight seems pretty buggy. I repeatedly lose one of the missions… during a cutscene.

  40. Delboy says:

    Mount & Blade …. oh my … I’m finding the controls pretty hard (unresponsive). Melee battles in the arena are a nightmare. I left click .. nothing happens. I left click again, but by this time the guy I’m fighting has swun and hit me. I try and block a few times and it goes OK. Then I left click and get a hit. Woohoo. Then I left click again. nothing happens. Left click again. Argggh, the other guys hit me and I’m 3/4 dead. WTF am I doing wrong? Surely swinging a bloody sword shouldn’t be that hard.


    p.s. And don’t get me started on bows / crossbows …. can’t hit a barn door from 5ft!

    • KP says:

      what are you doing wrong? all of it. :)
      it takes some time to get used to the pattern of swinging. holding a strike and jumping in when you want to swing helps. do you have manual blocking on?

  41. Saturday says:

    Medieval 2 with Broken Crescent Complete Mod Looks amazing ,runs well and is AI can be a B*astard challenging without resorting to archery of doom , more realistic and in line with the rock paper shotgun or shogun and awesome terrain. Lots of nice history bits as well if like me you like your fluff .