Battleforge Expansion Now Forged

Battleforge, you might remember, is a “deck” based RTS, in which you play a pre-selection of units against your opponents. It went free-to-play a couple of months after launch and is now supported by people purchasing the expansion card decks. The Lost Souls expansion, which arrived last week, contains two new factions, which in turn delivers 120 new cards to your deck, adding 28 new units, 16 new buildings and 16 spells. The cost for a Lost Souls pack is about $2.50. The main game is free, and although not my favourite RTS experience it does have some neat touches and is probably worth trying out if you like a bit of strategic fantasy elf-biff.


  1. Heliosicle says:

    Did anyone here try this? It looked kinda cool, but I lost all interest in it after I had a look at a video.

  2. Dominic White says:

    Battleforge is hugely underrated. It’s a very fast-paced actiony RTS. There’s no base-building, no tech trees, and you can summon units instantly out in the field so long as you have a single ground unit in play. There’s a Magic: The Gathering style summoning sickness angle, where frontline-summoned units are weak for a while, but units summoned at capture points are full strength straight away.

    It’s also much improved since launch. Balance is much better, more singleplayer/co-op missions, and this is its second main expansion. Most people just hear it has CCG elements and turn their noses up at it, though. I’ll say this, though – it has probably the biggest ‘demo’ I’ve ever seen now. The entire game is free except the units – the free version has four decent, balanced pre-made decks, one for each of the four colours in the game. If you want to build your own custom army, you pay, but if you just want to play the game, it’s good as free.

    Just try it.

    • PixelCody says:

      I completely agree. I’m not sure what happened but the game just didn’t gather much review hype or traction after release. The art is lovely, the card/baseless mechanics are superbly innovative and the normal difficulty coop missions are a fun romp.

      Where the game really excels though is its multiplayer. I can’t speak for the expansion but the cards offered at release were wonderfully unique and offered a whole host of strategic options and synergies that could be tweaked match after match. The fact that the cards are so cheap and readily available made it really easy to get into.

      The way resources are collected (and destroyed) adds a ton of strategic value to the game. The majority of resources spent on spells/units/defences slowly returns to your power pool once said object is destroyed. Those spent on map control nodes can be put out of the game outright. This meant that early land-rushers leave themselves open to attackers who are in a race against time to take your new resource nodes out of the game before they returned their build cost. Matches are cagey affairs where over-expanding is a serious risk.

      The minute to minute tactics are also spectacular. Should you push out into the map to “age up” to get your favourite unit out? Will you temporarily waste all your resources summoning units under sickness to destroy a fresh node or protect one being built? Could you handle the resulting counterattack at your base where there is no summoning sickness? Do you have the available cards to counter the units in front of you? What cards is your opponent holding close to his chest?

      I sound like an evangelist for this game. Granted it has its flaws, it wasn’t/isn’t a game of the year contender by a long shot, I just feel that a lot of people missed out on this one.

  3. Dominic White says:

    Oh yeah – don’t buy decks for $2.50 a pop. Dig around – you can get a ‘starter pack’ off a lot of online stores for about £12, and it contains $30 worth of points to buy units with, plus an extra four bonus decks.

    You can also add multiple of these to a single account. For £25-30, you can get pretty much everything you could possibly want and still have stuff to spare. There’s also an in-game auctionhouse trading system so that you can just swap out any cards you don’t want.

    • PixelCody says:

      I second how cheap this game is.

      I bought 2 original boxes at the total cost of £16. This gave me enough points to buy every common, uncommon and the majority of rare cards in the game. The balance is fantastic and only a few cards are ridiculously expensive and largely unnecessary.

      Don’t be fooled into thinking that this game will nickel and dime you, I never spent more than what I mentioned above and because I don’t use the option to minimally upgrade cards with duplicates I don’t get matched against people who’ve spent a hell of a lot more.

  4. Alez says:

    and the new expansion also makes it so you can only rent decks for 1 or 3 days at most and it will cost 450 vp and….oh wait, nevermind, that was another terrible EA “free too get scammed” game.

  5. Tei says:

    I abandoned this game because game/server unstability ( a coop game is a serius investment of time, and is already hard enough with rage quitters to suffer server problems ), but I remenber it as hella cool. Where other RTS games have 10 units and 2 tech levels, Battleforge has zillions of *different* units and 4 tech levels, where the latest techs are “continent-destroyers”. Pure awesomesauce. I plan to return one day to see how has enhanced :-)

    • Dodo says:

      Me, too. I was one of the day one buyers… but put more hours in the beta then I’ve put in the full game (although the beta was pretty full back then) I still should have some buy points left so hopefully I can get some of the new cards.

  6. MadMatty says:

    The game was working fine and was stable when i tried it last… it was allright, but i dislike the microinstallment model… i used to play and collect Magic: The Gathering cards for about 2-3 but then i ditched it, even tho it was fun.
    Something about paying your way halfway to the top just doesnt sit right with me in computer games.
    Preferably you should “Buy-in” on the whole deck/game or not play at all.

  7. MadMatty says:

    I did cough up a few quid for some game skins/models for “Killing Floor” coz they were cool and i love that game. Those do not give you an advantage, its just like extra art.

  8. Gutter says:

    2.50$ for 28 new units, 16 buildings and 16 spell?

    That alone convinced me to support that game!

  9. mejobloggs says:

    Whoah…. I just went to the site and looked at screenshots

    Very pretty

    I want :)

    • Dominic White says:

      Again, aside from faction-customization, the whole game is free. All the singleplayer and co-op stuff is just there for the taking. Download it.

      You need to buy in (although £12 will get you enough points to buy pretty much anything you want for 2-3 full decks, and you can trade back anything you don’t like) if you want to do the higher difficulty levels and hardcore multiplayer, but you should be fine otherwise.

  10. Warman says:

    I heard a little about the game when it first came out, but not much since.
    Checked their site out and was really impressed with the graphics and the different style of play.

    Downloaded the demo and was even more impressed with the production values of the game. I think I won’t mind dropping a few dollars into it at all. Surprised it hasn’t been talked about that much considering some of the garbage that gets a lot of hype.

  11. Bigfoot_King says:

    Like some people I too played the beta and loved it alot its a shame my friends found it way to hard but after what people have to been saying about the price of some of the packs i might come back