Heavy Petting: My Pet Protector: Generation 2

This is basically my life.

Terry Brown mailed with news of a new version of his previously-blogged-about My Pet Protector. What’s it got to attract us other than an extra colon and a 2 slapped on the end? Well, more focus on the dungeons, some origins-malarkies and a whole aspect where you upgrade the town you’re in. Aside from music which has made the delightful girlfriend just raise a bewildered eyebrow, it’s fine Princess-Maker-derived stuff. And I fully admit, there’s something about Princess Maker that gets under my skin. Go play here, or watch the tutorial video below…

And you can follow their development of other Protector games here.


  1. CMaster says:

    I mailed you with this weeks ago.

    Anyway yeah, it’s a much better game that MPP1 was, where you couldn’t really do much to actually effect the outcome of battles.
    The problems I’ve run into are not having enough building material to get what I need, and the fact that I haven’t yet worked out how to learn any combat techniques, so combat is just “leave autoattack/automagic on”

  2. Nick C says:

    It’s interesting. Not sure about long term appeal, and it’s hardly a quick play. Also, I think if you don’t start of without building materials then you’re screwed. You need to improve the village at the start; to do that you need materials; to get those you need to adventure; to do that you need to improve you skills; to do that you need to improve the village. Oh look, a conundrum.

    Hasn’t anyone in this benighted kingdom learned to do the whole wood-chopping business? In fact considering all the building materials are in the dungeons, I suspect that this tells the tale of a little barbarian and the start of his pillaging of the burgeoning Orc and Bandit civilisations. Which is pretty much role-playing to a T.

    That said, there’re quite a few ways to progress and I’d be tempted to just turn my boy into a legendary smith. Crucially, combat doesn’t actually improve your skills, just your fame. So you absolutely need to go to school at the start, later on you can get some jobs that train you up at the same time, although I think that they may unlock a little too late to be useful.

    At the very least, it absorbed the last two hours. Which is sort of scary.

  3. robaal says:

    You can see skill requirements on the character screen. I’ve only noticed that myself a few weeks before hitting the end.

  4. DJ Phantoon says:


    “Extra colons” isn’t a valid tag?

    For shame!