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Crazy-lookin’ Russian MMO Allods Online is in open beta for Europe. It’s noteworthy for having ship vs ship battles in the astral plane, as well as having a character race called “Gibberlings”. Here’s a beautiful quote from Gala networks CEO, Hyun Hur: “After a long time of Closed Beta testing and polishing the game in cooperation with the developer Astrum Nival, we’re glad to open the game to all players today, for our Open Beta. Players can now enjoy the variety of classes, quests, monsters and combat. PvE, PvP or even Ship vs. Ship battles on land and in the Astral space make Allods Online one of the most expected games in 2010.” It really is.

Go take a look.


  1. Azazel says:

    heh Gibberlings – awesome.

    Is “crappest enemy in Baldur’s Gate” their primary racial skill?

  2. Flameberge says:

    I wasn’t expecting it at all, actually; my expectation was in fact somewhere more along the lines of how I look at the Virgin Trains rail timetable.

  3. Lobotomist says:

    Played it in closed beta. And cant wait to get home today and start the new character in open beta (the characters will not be wiped)

    MMO in quality of WOW (perhaps even better) for FREE!!!


  4. Lobotomist says:


    For D&D savvy people. Did you notice how much Allods borrows from Spelljammer ?
    And the whole astral plane concept of D&D ?

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Yeah, its very Spelljammer. (I totally ran a campaign of that, years ago.)

    • Dominic White says:

      While definitely Spelljammer-inspired, I believe it’s actually set in the same universe as the Rage of Mages games, a series that was fairly successful in Russia. The devs of this also did Heroes of Might & Magic 5, which was pretty great too.

      This is pretty much the first free full-scale MMO to come from a respectable studio with a long history and an agreeable pedigree, and it shows. The game is seriously polished. Quite WoW-derivative in places, but it has its own style for sure. The setting is very much industrial revolution-era Russian in inspiration, at least in built up areas, as opposed to your usual Tolkien-clone fare.

      Gibberlings are awesome, too.

  5. PixelCody says:

    I’ve read a few blogs that are championing this game as the best thing since WoW, or worthy alternative to WoW at the convenient price of zero pennies (plus microtransactions).

    Might be worth trying out if that’s your cup of tea, but I seriously don’t want to play another WoW-like MMO any time soon and if I did I’d go back to the original when Cataclysm comes out.

    • Lobotomist says:

      Yea. But subscription is so passe.

      And although Allods reminds of WOW at first glance. It is not WOW. Its a different game with different mechanics and completely different endgame.

    • PixelCody says:

      My bad. I gather that it has it’s own classes and ship battles etc at the end game. I should have said that all the blogs singing this game’s praises are comparing it to WoW favourably.

      When I say I don’t want to play another WoW-like I mean I’m done with the whole quests and class levelling through hotbutton combat paradigm. I’ll give it one last chance with The Old Republic then that’s it, I much prefer non MMOs nowadays.

      As for saying that I’d go back to WoW, that would only be for the dungeon finder and battlegrounds queues and a little Cataclysm-aided nostalgia.

  6. Labbes says:

    Not that I would be interested in it, but I can’t get over how it looks like a complete WoW ripoff. Even the circles beneath PCs/NPCs are the same.
    I’m not saying it plays like WoW, but the art style is really blatantly stolen.

  7. invisiblejesus says:

    Looks like it could be fun. Anyone know if there are US servers, or if not whether there will be eventually?

  8. Rodalpho says:

    This actually isn’t beta at all; they’re just calling it that so they can continue to make lower level changes if they have to. The game is out, anyone can play for free, and the cash shop is open.

    Early reviews are really positive.

    • Dominic White says:

      The cash-shop stuff is nicely balanced too. Mostly convenience items like increased storage space (stuff casual players wouldn’t need anyway) and special fancy outfits if you want to play dress-up.

      So, yeah. Bring on Allods… That said, I still think Atlantica Online has the best gameplay (turn-based, tactical, and each player fields a full party of up to 9 characters) of any free MMO. This has the most polish and best setting, though.

      Other good free MMOs: Valkyrie Sky (arcade bullet-hell shmup wrapped in MMO progression and loot) and Dungeon Fighter Online (similar deal, but with co-op brawler gameplay instead of shooter stuff). DFO requires you to be sneaky and have an American proxy though, because there’s no EU server yet and they’re blocking anyone who isn’t from the US.

      Also of note is Mabinogi, which has really dated graphics, but unique semi-action combat and a very Ultima Online-esque skill system, randomly generated dungeons and a bunch of other perks.

      In the ‘take it or leave it’ category I’d put Shin Megami Tensei Online: Imagine, which is the MMO spinoff of the long-running singleplayer series. The gameplay is unfortunately a bit more padded out than it should be (and the environments too sparse), but the atmosphere is fantastic, as is the setting. A mythological overload, with your spirit-summoning characters striking deals with everything from celtic faeries to the embodiments of egyptian gods to fight on your behalf.

    • rargphlam says:

      Don’t forget the OTHER part of the cash shop though, the perfume that removes the death debuff, which isn’t necessary but without it makes the death debuff a bit of a pain. Basically every time you die, you get a 25% hit to your stats, stacking up to 4 times. The only way to remove it is either in game money (which isn’t actually too steep) or to buy the perfume for $10, which I believe has enough to remove 50 buffs?

    • Dominic White says:

      I think that falls under the category of ‘convenience item’. Anyway, if you’re dying so often that you need to pay real money to bypass the penalty (which, as you mentioned, isn’t that much), then you’re probably not very good at the game.

    • cheeba says:

      @dominic: many thanks for the suggestions there, some very interesting options to try out. A few of them even look like they might even play nice with my netbook, which is a definite bonus.

      I liked atlantica a lot, especially the combat mechanics, but the deathly-dull questing eventually wore me down. There’s a lot of good stuff there, it could just use an extra kick to really shine. Shin Megami Tensei I found crushingly disappointing. You pretty much nailed it in your description, I just found the sparseness of it a lot harder to bear. A shame, as it does indeed have some neat ideas, not to mention a genuinely interesting JRPG universe behind it (I’d go as far as to say the only genuinely interesting setting in jrpgs, but that’s just me).

      As for allods, i may give it a shot, but I’m not really sure I can bear another hotbar/cooldown timer fest, well-produced as it may be. Still, one last try can’t hurt I suppose.

    • Stromko says:

      A lot of players seem convinced that this Fear of Death thing that was just added is going to make the cash shop an absolute necessity. Apparently the end-game content has a lot to do with PvP, and dying at level 40 now means a 50-minute 25% debuff and a long period of time in ‘purgatory’, unless you have a great deal of gold (and your means of gaining gold per day is restricted) or buy perfume from the cash shop.

      Personally I’m against death penalties. A few seconds of death animation, a minute or so of loading in the zone where you’re respawning, and having to walk back to where you were,, seems like plenty to discourage death. A small stacking debuff that lasts maybe five minutes could also work without being too infuriating and would discourage suicidal grinding.

      If the unanimously bad feedback on the boards about Fear of Death has any truth to it, the decision by the developer makes no sense. I thought plenty of F2P games were turning a profit on luxury items, so why add an incredibly harsh death penalty that you can ignore awhile if you pay 10$? It seems like they’d lose a lot more customers who don’t want to pay just so they can ignore a feature they never wanted, and the less players they have the less that anyone would want to invest in that world.

  9. Jockie says:

    It seems very polished so far, compared to the F2P competition. I’ve enjoyed having a look around doing a few basic quests and learning the ropes for the different classes. The main problem is that there are hundreds of players in all the early areas meaning completing the quests can be a bit of a chore.

  10. Five says:

    I played this for a while in the closed beta
    It’s the most polished free-to-play MMO i’ve ever played

    There were a few rough edges and if it was up to me i’d make the stats simpler. But the game has great atmosphere and you can’t really argue with the pricing model.

    See you in the open beta :-)

  11. Lucas says:

    We need a gaming equivalent to

  12. Kirian says:

    There are.

    link to

    The EU site is linked in the article if you want to play with us wonderful Europeans instead.

    • Kirian says:


      That was supposed to be a reply to invisiblejesus.

    • invisiblejesus says:

      Sweet, thanks. I’ll have to nose around and see if I can easily log into the EU servers (i.e. without having to screw around with a proxy or whatever), if so I’ll see how my pings are and whether I care in this sort of a game. I know quite a few Europeans playing on US City of Heroes servers with no significant troubles, and I’d imagine CoH is more dependent on low ping than this is.

    • Kirian says:

      I think that if you download the EU client it connects to EU servers only. The same for the US version.

  13. Daniel Klein says:

    I know a couple of the good chaps working at GPOTATO/GALA in Dublin. I guess I owe it to them at the very least to give this a try. RPS endorsement absolutely doesn’t hurt either, though.

  14. wahwah says:

    looks ok, I just wanted to try it, but I can’t believe they don’t have an option to invert mouse control. Makes it rather unplayable for me :(

  15. malkav11 says:

    Hmm. Just the fact that it’s from Russia and is being compared to Spelljammer might be enough to get me to check it out.

  16. heartlessgamer says:

    Allods’ developers take it as a compliment to be compared to WoW.

    IMHO there are enough examples of games out there that should have copied some of WoW but did not.

    Allods is a lot like WoW, but it is a unique game to itself and for the price of FREE it has earned a slot on my harddrive.

  17. mcnubbins says:

    I’m killing sewer rats again! Hooray!

    (I do hope there are some rolling hills to explore later, though.)

  18. Luther Blissett says:

    I must be pretty bad at this.
    Pulling not one, not two, but three goddamn giant termites with paralysis spells so I can’t do anything while a bunch of other players stand around and watch me die.
    Thanks guys.
    Maybe I should read a guide or something.

  19. Choca says:

    Hmm maybe it’s time tot take a break from going bodly where no man has gone before to try this.

  20. Dominic White says:

    Oh, to elaborate on one of the coolest things about the game – aformentioned Gibberlings. When you create a Gibberling character, you’re actually controlling a family of three of them, individually named. In terms of play mechanics it’s no different than playing one character, but it’s so charming it hurts when you start using bows in combat.

    One gibberling holds the bow, the other one loads and pulls back the arrow, and the third points out the target and calls to fire. It is impossible to dislike them.

  21. SmallGods says:

    I’ve just downloaded the Allods-EU_English.exe client from the mirror, and its being flagged up as a Trojan by AVG Resident Shield. Has anyone else experienced this? A false positive maybe (seems fairly likely considering the download source), but I’m not sure whether to delete it and try another mirror – 2.5GB on my wireless connection is long enough to make me want to think twice about doing it all again!

  22. snv says:

    Very interesting! Maybe the player crewed astral ships deliver what Star Trek Online disapointingly failed to.
    For that i might even overlook that its just another fantasy MMO.

  23. Arathain says:

    I got the same virus warning thingy. I just told AVG to deal with it. The game still works. If my computer comes down with something horrible I’ll let you all know.

  24. devlocke says:

    I d/led and played for a few hours last night, just because the Gibberlings were inspired and I could not play a game which featured them (read their backstory: the nature of the universe was altered by a drunken gibberling who went fishing to avoid getting yelled at by his shrewish wife).

    Spent the whole time fighting the camera; maybe it was just because I was tired, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. It kept unexpectedly swooping in, and then randomly swooping back out whenever I got away from whatever had made it swoop in, and it was hard to keep track of what was going on, as a result.

    If anyone’s curious, I was playing on the EU servers, and I’m in the US, and there was no lag that I could detect. Europeans are apparently just as painfully retarded as Americans, incidentally. I was hoping the general chat channel would be less painful to glance at occasionally, but no, it was just as bad.

    • Stromko says:

      I went with the US client, mainly because I wanted to get something out of my foolhardy Fileplanet subscription and they had it up to download. It patched alright, but I’ve been unable to connect so far. If I can, I’ll see if the US chat channel is even more ludicrously awful.

      I’m not sure if I want to jump into yet another MMO. I’ve actually started to make real life friends, and spent time with real life girls, and all thanks to a gaming club (with close ties to the anime club) at my local community college. Madness. If the world can be this geeky I don’t know why I need to grind in a fake one.

  25. Arathain says:

    @devlocke: Oh lord, yes, the chat. It was pretty ghastly. A bunch of folk harping in a racist fashion at Russians, for the dastardly crime of speaking Russian in a game made by Russians.

  26. Stromko says:

    I’d steer clear of this game. The character creation is lovely, so much variety. The game itself is a very accomplished WoW clone. But it’s free! Trouble is, the cash shop is set up in such a way that you’d have to pay 13.50$ for every hour of PvP. You could spend up to 6,250$ to get a single max-level epic loot bag.

    There’s a lot of good animation and art, but the combat just feels random and empty to me. Tap buttons until you get enough hits that the monster goes down. I guess that’s how a traditional MMORPG works, I’ve just become rather jaded to it somehow.

    Weirdly enough when they set up the prices for the US store, they just made it cost 10x as much (after conversion) than it costs in Russia. So if you have the Russian client you can buy something for 2$ that costs 20$ for the U.S. version.

    Those are just awfully high prices for a free game to begin with. The greed is really quite amazing, as are the death penalties. You spend ever-longer periods of time in Purgatory, and take a 25% penalty on everything for up to an hour. That’s enough of a disadvantage that you would not be able to take on players or monsters of your own level for that entire hour. That is unless you buy ‘Perfume’ for a dollar or two on the cash shop– that’s where the 13.50$ for an hour of PvP comes from, since dying tends to happen a lot in PvP no matter how good you are, on one side or other.

    I think I’ll get back into Fallen Earth instead. That was basically a good game.

  27. DrSmurrie says:

    @Arathain, AVG gives notice to almost everything.
    The reason it gace a warning when you downloaded the client is because it also gives warnings when downloading, or trying to open an “.exe” file.

    Does everyone has this server queue?

  28. speedwaystar says:

    Is there a Rock Paper Shotgun guild on the EU server yet:?