Slow News Day: Whatcha Playin’?

I was playing Bioshock 2 last night and thinking that the game actually feels like a prequel, or even a better take for the original concept. I mean I know that the story of the big daddies and all the jazz makes more sense if you’ve played the previous game, but somehow Bioshock 2 feels more like what I expected the original game to feel like. It’s hard to qualify with any real clarity, and that’s probably because I’m not getting enough sleep. The other stuff I’ve been playing includes Monaco, which we talked about here, and will talk about again, because it’s just fantastic. I’ve also been slugging my way through Fallen Earth. I’ve been commissioned to write about it for another famed gaming journal, so I’ll link to it when I can, but for a quick skip-to-the-end thought: it’s surprisingly good. There are lots of traditional MMO annoyances in there, but also much that made me smile, especially making a horse. It’s definitely worth hitting the ten day trial for some free nosing. An indie MMO with real promise.

Anyway, what are you lot playing? And why? Speak your brains!


  1. noom says:

    Call of Pripyat, which I’m loving. Actually feels a lot like the game STALKER was always meant to be.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Agreed. The larger areas alone emphasize the Stalkerness of it.

    • Ben Abraham says:

      I agree with Noom – Call of Pripyat really is excellent. Shadow of Chernobyl always felt to me like a series of really wide corridors, and I never played Clear Sky due to hearing from Mister Rossignol & co that it was a bit of a step backwards. But CoP is just brilliant at capturing a terrible and terrific atmosphere.

      I highly recommended getting the “Atmosfear” mod that introduces a lot of bloom (you get used to it) and that makes emissions all blue and weird like the Aurora Borealis, as well as a few other weather changes. I got it from here:
      link to

    • damien says:

      i’m almost giddy about what modders are going to do with CoP’s more open framework.

      i’ve already been mucking about with lowering the damage-threshold beyond which NPCs refuse to buy gear / guns. i’m hoping to find a way to make armour and suits (heavily damaged, in need of repair) available on corpses as well. also, a script like the old AMK script that allowed NPC stalkers to compare their current weapon with a new one found on the ground and pick it up / equip it if it was better would be handy too.

      someone else added (or is adding?) the old (removed in CoP) body-parts found on dead mutants, etc.

      little things to keep the long-view “scavenge the zone” side-game (or is it the core game?) alive in a freeplay scenario.

    • Taillefer says:

      I’m glad my options of what to sell are so limited, otherwise I’d be carrying every single gun back with me (which is lots of running back and to) and I still have more cash than I’ll ever need anyway. I actually feel more like a scavenger this way, I’d find a gun, strip it of ammo, scopes, silencers, throw the bits I can’t sell away, move on.

    • damien says:

      part of the fun of that open-ended after-game is reliant on those AMK scripts, so that eventually even the rookies end up deadly, as they’re all shooting at you with third tier assault rifles and wearing heavy dolg / svoboda suits.

      in a long-run, it just helps make the game that much less predictable.

    • Steve says:

      Second run though CoP for myself here.

      This time with the Atmosfear and a slightly modified SMRTER mod.
      Its all rather good and I’d recommend you check them both out.

    • l1ddl3monkey says:

      Loving this too. And it hasn’t crashed at all. Result.

      And the things you can find! The rusting hulk of earth mover that looks like a circular saw out of the toolkit that God used to make the planet is my favourite amazing thing so far (if you can find the path up there’s a nice surprise in the cab as well).

    • leeder_krenon says:

      How do you strip a gun of ammo / components?

    • The Innocent says:


      Right-click anything in the inventory to open a context menu. You can’t strip components unless they’re on the weapon — extra bits like silencers and scopes and grenade launchers — but you can take ammo out of it. Most of the time this isn’t very useful, but now and then you’ll find a rarer weapon that’s broken, but taking the ammo is well worth it.

      I too am spending way too much time on this game. I’ve just begun to explore the third area, and it’s amazing how much more dangerous it is. Every time I go out, it’s something I have to actually prepare for, or I’ll end up stranded without bullets or bandages and I’m slowly bleeding out. It’s brilliant.

    • leeder_krenon says:


  2. H says:

    At the moment I’m going through a bunch of old games; Aliens V Predator (the one recently re-released on Steam), Universe at War, Silent Storm and Blood Bowl (on and off).

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Universe At War was an oddly underwhelming game. Only the walking-base dudes really interested me.

    • Baboonanza says:

      Oh, Silent Storm. So nearly the perfect turn-based strategy game, and then ruined with the Panzerkleins.

    • Arathain says:

      I thought Universe at War was pretty neat. I thought all the races had pretty good design and interesting units. It just never added up to a great game, sadly.

    • harvb says:

      Universe at War is making me play it, but only to see what I can actually do next. I don’t like the silly heroic wotstheirfaces, the people in white? I want to play the big stompie anti-human people.

      And Silent Storm was a legend game, such an epic… and yet bug-ridden and, yes, full of mechs. WTF was that all about?

      We need something more like this, only done properly!

  3. Andrew Dunn says:

    I am still mostly playing Mass Effect 2, despite having finished it twice now. It’s got a vice-like grip on me and when I do play anything, I’m playing that. Very early contender for game of the year, for me, and I have a feeling I am essentially Bioware’s bitch from now on.

    I bought Call of Pripyat on Steam with that loyalty discount for having Stalker already, and from what I’ve played of it it’s pretty good, but I’m somehow not feeling it. I’m enjoying it when I do play it, but I can’t summon the energy to play it most of the time. Which is a shame because I really do like the game when I’m playing it. It reminds me of Fallout 3, except more focused on being an actual survival game and without stats. And with a more dynamic world, to cap it all off.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I can’t bring myself to play ME2. I have too much to do, and I know I’ll just sit and mainline it if I start.

    • Nick C says:

      You can get through it in 30-40 hours, so brew a big cup of coffee and you’ll be finished by the weekend!

  4. Dr_Ham says:

    Bioshock 2 – It’s not great, but better than 1.

    Bad company 2 – Beta. Pretty good, but the loose “feel” of the weapons is a bit off.

    Mass Effect – First play through, before I start Mass Effect 2.

    • Andrew Dunn says:

      Oh yeah, Bad Company 2 beta. Been enjoying that despite how shoddy the netcode is for me. I have high hopes of the full game, because I’m pretty sure it’s recapturing the BF2 glory days.

  5. Schaulustiger says:

    Playing the work game right now, but I’m very much looking forward to have a try at TSE2 when I come home. Thanks RPS for pointing out that it has become freeware.

    Besides that, I enjoy a few hours of Bad Company 2 now and then. Bringing down whole buildings never gets old.

  6. Baboonanza says:

    I’ve been working through a backlog since upgrading just before Christmas (and the Steam sale!). I’ve never had such a condensed period of awesome gaming! Played Portal last week, which was of course beautiful. Started Bioshock 1, but wasn’t in the mood and so I began on:

    The Void
    I’ve only got 2-3 hours into this but I love it already. It’s just so different and refreshing. I’m not normally someone who enjoys overly arty stuff but this is just done amazingly well. I’m really looking forward to exploring this world, I have a feeling there is more imagination in this game than any other 10.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Yep, The Void really is Art Game Done Good.

    • The Innocent says:

      I feel no shame in saying that I played this game and utterly failed. I usually play most games on hard, but this was too much for me, so I’m joyously awaiting the easy patch that they promised us worthless westerners.

      And yes, this is even after the modified “easy start” patch that gave you a wad of color and decreased the color drain for all actions.

    • jsutcliffe says:

      Instead of giving up on The Void when I realised how much tedium was required in maintaining your gardens, I just fired up a bunch of cheats to get me through the game. I came to a point where I just wanted to experience its environments and didn’t particularly care about the game. I also found the naked lady rewards to be troubling.

    • disperse says:


      Well, it’s not like you’re collecting them on cards or anything…

  7. diggun says:

    I’m playing il2:1946. still. and bloody loving it!

  8. Ian says:

    Well I’ve started through Mass Effect again now I know I won’t be knacked if I avoid the super-tedious sidequests, so I’m going through that (and still being frustrated at “Choose dialogue option” and “Skip dialogue line” being linked bound to the same button.)

    Other than that it’s mostly FUMBBL and Blood Bowl with fellow RPSers. The FUMBBL group is currently part way through its fifth tournament.

    My laptop’s currently away for repair but once it comes back I think I’ll have a go at Planescape: Torment at long last.

  9. Schmung says:

    Mass Effect 2! It is purest gaming crack and I love it. On my second playthrough, but I just can’t bring myself to be enough of a complete bastard. Will probably have to start another character when I finish it this time and really, REALLY try to be horrid to everyone.

    Neptunes Pride is proving to be pretty entertaining. Quite tempted by the premium games, but I want to actually win a free game first.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Oh, yes, playing my second game of NP now. Still engrossed.

    • Stromko says:

      I’m still on my first match of Neptune’s Pride, and it’s quite sucked me in. It’s helped that I started in such a strong position (near the center with two inactive players to one side until the AI took over) that I couldn’t help but have a strong impact on the match. I spent far too much time just staring at the map and strategizing, inbetween sending messages to an ally I met and gained in-game (quite a blessing since 2 – 4 other players are either great buddies or the same person). Been hanging out a lot in SecondLife again, but that’s not a game, just some place to sit around while plotting my strategies.

      Other than that I’ve been playing a few hours of Fort Zombie every day since picking it up for 2.50$. It is oddly compelling, and relatively stable even though the engine is horridly un-optimized. If Kerberos are planning to use that engine for their next project, I’m hoping they’ll make sure to get the kinks out. The UI and AI work better than you’d think from such an ambitious game, but you still need to be willing to work with them to overlook their issues.

      Today I spent another four hours playing Dwarf Fortress, a pretty short stint for me (haven’t been able to get into it lately due to next version excitement), but since tomorrow I’m going to a themed dance as a neurotic geek I had to do some method acting.

    • Schmung says:

      At one point I was at war with five different people. This did not work out well. I’m just about holding on to a few stars while the big three battle things out.
      It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they add more elements to it, at present it’s great fun, but the combat is almost too simplistic.

  10. DMcCool says:

    Dwarf Fortress! Poverty/the impending Heavy Rain is keeping me from playing any of the latest PC releases, so I’m gorging myself on something free and almost certainly more fun than anything a major studio has (or will) release this year.
    Not that I’m complaining. Dwarf Fortress is great! Can you tell I’m in that honeymoon period aftergetting past the intial Dwarf-Fortress terror?

    Seriously though, they released all the games at the same time. I wish they wouldn’t.

  11. Flobulon says:

    I reinstalled Age of Mythology for nostalgia’s sake, but unfortunately it doesn’t like my rig, and crashes the whole system without warning at seemingly random intervals. Might install and have a go at Psychonauts today.

  12. Alastayr says:

    I’m still playing Mass Effect 2, this time on insanity difficulty with a Vanguard. It’s hard, I die left and right and most enemies can take ridiculous amounts of hurt. In short: it’s fun!

    On my first playthrough the straight pipe-like level design felt a bit uninspired but now that I have to use every bit of available environment to my advantage it’s become clear to me that BioWare effectively chained a lot of small yet epic battlefields together. So far, and I’m not that far yet to be honest, it turns the levels into some kind of strategic puzzle of traversing deathtraps while looking like a total badass.

  13. Dan (WR) says:

    Mass Effect 2. I’m beginning to suspect that I have more minerals that I will ever need, and that my collectivitus-impulse to probe each and every planet has negatively impacted my enjoyment of the game. Everything else is great, but a big universe that’s small on content feels oddly disappointing/distracting.

    I’m also playing the original Majesty on my netbook, broken up by the occasional bout of Spelunky (ARGH!) and Lumines. Also just started Final Fantasy Tactics on my PSP. I have long commutes.

    • Stromko says:

      Near the end of my ME2 play through, I started to just give planets cursory scans for those nice short uncharted missions instead of taking all the minerals. Still ended up with 100K/200K excess on all resources. If you really can’t stand leaving planets unmined, just make a note of what systems you haven’t stripped dry. That’s what broke the habit for me.

    • Nick C says:

      The way I did the mining was to just quickly scan the cursor until I hit a motherlode. It cuts down the time spent by a factor of Loads, and if you do that for a few planets then you’ll have more minerals than you ever need. I finished up with over 150k for each of the three non-Eezo minerals.

  14. TheBlackBandit says:

    Bioshock 2, which I personally feel is fantastic. Slow, slow bang-your-head-against-the-wall start, but by Pauper’s Drop is brilliant. Never going to be as good as Bioshock 1, but that’s taken as read.

    And Mass Effect 2, and Bad Company Beta, and…uh… Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, as it’s just come out on mac.

  15. Farfarer says:

    Sadly my PC is stone cold dead so I’ve been playing through Mass Effect 2 on my (I’m sorry, I’m sorry!…) 360.

    I think I’m a little under half-way through and very much liking it at the moment.

    A few gripes;
    The new universal ammo system being far inferior to the old cool-down timer.
    The fact that your teammates interject less into the main conversations unless it’s one of “their” quests (I liked having to think about who I’d bring along on a certain mission based on their backgrounds and mental attitudes as well as their combat abilities, rather than just the latter).
    Oddly, I much preferred the “getting and sorting lots of useless loot” approach to weaponry than the current scheme which leaves weapon options a little sparse.

    But aside from that, it’s fantastic and I’m having a blast. The characters are very well rounded, scripted and voice acted. The new armour system is great. The combat is more solid. Overall a much tighter experience than the first.

    • Jesse says:

      I liked Mass Effect 2 more and more the farther I got in it. Once I leveled my powers enough to have area effect combat became very satisfying, and I found the lack of party interaction mitigated somewhat by the sheer amount of content. At first I wanted to spend more time on certain characters, but by the end I liked everybody. As soon as I finished the game last night I began to furiously research to see if any developer had ever dropped a hint about which characters will be in the next game. Actually the one ‘feature’ that’s most compromising my enjoyment right now is that, since all the characters in the party have the ability to die in the last mission, it’s very possible that Bioware will decide to bring none of them back. Which is a total bummer, because I think they’re much superior to the Mass Effect 1 characters who will obviously be returning. Sigh!

      Now to restart as a Sentinel…

    • Farfarer says:

      Yeah, I have found that my decision making is paramount at the moment. In Mass Effect 1 I decided that if I made a bad choice or screwed up a mission then I’d just live with it (as you would have to in real life). But now that I’m aware it’s very likely the choices and results made in ME2 will have a direct consequence in ME3, it’s making me very careful how I approach things and what decisions I make. It’s quite an interesting experience.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Gah, good point Jesse.

      It’d be a hell of a task for Bioware to fully voice + write characters that there’s a good chance players won’t even encounter. This is a worrying thought. If Tali and Garrus aren’t in ME3 I… I…

      Well, I don’t know what I’d do.

  16. EBass says:

    Up till recently the new STALKER game, completed it now so I’m probably going to go back to a mixture of trying to keep Reading in the premiership in my FM2010 game, destroying armies in Mount and Blade. I might load up a female character and give ME2 another run through

  17. Alex Bakke says:

    My new wireless card arrived for my desktop, so I’m currently going through the various wallpaper sites, downloading stuff, and looking at the DLC for Mass Effect 2 that I’ve missed out on the past few days.

    Oh, and Delta Force Landwarrior.

  18. AndrewC says:

    Mass Effect 1. I’m really liking the Mako side missions, and wondering if there is something wrong with me.

    Also played a few missions of Tiberian Sun now it’s free. It’s great – you just select everyone and click on bad guys. That’s it! This is RTS done right.

    • Flobulon says:

      I really liked them at first, too. I think it was after I entered the 5th identical warehouse template that I started to tire of them, though. However I enjoyed driving around and jumping off hills.

    • AndrewC says:

      Yeah – the idento-fights not so much, but the mako driving feels really epic and alien and explore-y. And yet people hated on those bits so much they removed them altogether for the sequel. Man! Either us two or everyone else on the planet is wrong, Flobulon.

    • Morph says:

      The disapointment was that they just took out the Mako entirely, rather than improve the experience. Driving around was fun, but the planets were bare and the buildings identikit. More variation and it could have been ace.

  19. deuterium. says:

    Currently playing Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins for the first time. Also finishing off Fallout 3, constructing a magma cannon in DF and getting to grips with Street Fighter 4 (haven’t played the series at all since II). Playing through Megaman II again on an emulator which is fantastic fun. Lastly, as ever, Nightmare Quake and Doom runs to let off steam.

    What do you mean I have a problem? I deserve to indulge in a hobby every once in a while…

  20. Morph says:

    Dragon Age: Origins. I was dissapointed with it first time round and didn’t get too far.

    Thought I’d try again with a different origin (Dwarf commoner warrior… much better than the human mage I had before) and I’m enjoying it a bit more. Or at least I was – but now I’m trying to get help from the dwarf kingdoms. Seemed interesting at first, supporting someone to take the throne, some cool politicla intruige. But now it’s devolved into an awful slog through lots of tunnels. Zzzz

    Damn it! I want to like this game, but it’d be better if it had half as many fights.

    • Dr Ham says:

      He he. I played the dwarf-commoner-warrior and spent the whole time wishing I was something different. I always play warriors and then regret the choice….

    • Vandelay says:

      I chose a warrior and regretted it too. It was actually my second attempt to play the game, after finding out that an archer just made the game too hard. I went for Warrior simply because I assumed it would be the easiest path to take, but I really wish I had of chosen a Mage, as they seem to have the most variety.

      I am enjoying the game when I play it, but I find myself never being particularly interested in going back to it when I’m not. I think it usually happens because I generally end up leaving the game in a bad mood due to continually dying in some sections and not having any clue as to why it is happening so quickly. When I eventually do come back to it, I end up winning the battle with still no clue as to why. The last time I played, I discovered that the time before I hadn’t saved and so had to play through about 30-60 mins of stuff again. That was probably about a week or two ago.

      Instead, I’m mostly playing L4D2 and clocking up way too many hours in it (nearly reached the big 100 hours… I wish Steam didn’t keep info like that, I really don’t want to know.) Such a simple game, but so enjoyable. The improvements they have made are really fantastic and I’m wondering how I will ever return to the original when they release the DLC for it.

      But they still haven’t worked out how to do Versus yet. To my mind, Versus is the mode in which you get to play as Infected, but Valve seem to insist on making it as frustrating as they can for you when it is your turn. Survivors should very rarely be reaching the saferoom and only making it to about halfway most times.

      The best way to have made it more fun is to have the Infected side much more powerful and balance it from there, but they have got it the wrong way round and made the Survivors more powerful. Most of the changes they need to make are fairly simple, and they have been done by some server plug-ins (Confogl and CEVO), but the problem is trying to find servers that run them and people willing to play without their precious medkits.

      L4D2 is one of the few games where I have ever been tempted to own a server.

    • Morph says:

      The auto-save on Dragon Age is infuriatingly random. Why it doesn’t save before you leave an area is beyond me. I lost 30 mins after being killed by a pack of wolves. Wolves! The game goes out of the way to make you feel like you suck.

      Not sure if I should stick with it (maybe setting it to easy mode for a speed up) or just play something else (Call of Pripyat perhaps).

    • Vandelay says:


      Was that a pack of wolves you would encounter randomly when travelling around the world map? I was killed loads by those very wolves! The ones that really got me though, were the Bandits. I only managed to get passed them when it suddenly decided one time that I wouldn’t encounter them, even though I had ran into the previous 5-6 times I attempted to travel.

      Forgot to mention, I’ve also started playing Borderlands again. I had previously been playing it in Single Player mode, but now one of mates has a copy too I’ve been playing it from the beginning again. I really like the way you seem to level up much quicker than playing solo and the better loot that brings with it.

      Using Brick and his Berserker power is just awesome. I would still like to see more variety to the characters and make their abilities really change the game a lot, but it doesn’t hinder my enjoyment too much. Hopefully, the inevitable sequel will work on expanding the characters a bit more, although I have a bad feeling they will probably just resort to adding a couple more instead of building on what is already there.

    • Morph says:

      Yeah those ****ing wolves. Doesn’t help that the ground is littered with wolf-traps that the wolves seem to ignore.

      Oh and multiplayer Borderlands is sooooo very good, if you can get it to work.

    • Vandelay says:


      I had no problem getting it to work. I was originally thinking that we would end up having to get hold of some Virtual LAN program, like Himatchi, but everything seems fine. We are both using the latest patch, which supposedly removes the need to open ports, and we were ready to play as soon as the game loaded up. I heard there are also problems with the in-game chat, but we always use Skype anyway, so not encountered any problems there either.

  21. The Diddler says:

    I’m playing my all time favourite Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour” and Yoshis Island

  22. Evo says:

    I’m playing Global Agenda at the moment. I doubt I’ll subscribe but the PvP matches are great fun. I’m enjoying it more than TF2.

    I’m also playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory: 1001 Ways To Kill An Unsuspecting Terrorist again and trying and failing to get better at Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

  23. Guernican says:

    I’m doing an evil run through KOTOR… although the Steam version seems to get grumpy with Windows 7 every now and then. Case in point… froze just before the first turret gunner sequence as you’re escaping Taris, meaning that – because I foolishly didn’t save – I now have to kill bloody Davik again when I get home.

    Finished Bioshock 2 on Sunday. Much, much better combat. The EG review nailed it: there are moments, later in the game, when you can stand in the midst of the carnage you’re wreaking and have a quiet grin to yourself.

  24. tka says:

    League of Legends and Solium Infernum mostly. Some Street Fighter IV occasionally.

    Got ME2 right there on the table but just haven’t found the enthusiasm to install it.

  25. Rinox says:

    Mass Effect 2 (second run), Dragon age (ditto), TF2 (regular MP fun), Solium Infernum and just started Dead Space.

  26. nabeel says:

    I came right off Mass Effect 2 into BioShock 2. It’s been a frickin great start to the year.

    • matte_k says:

      Yeah, same here- about halfway through Bioshock 2. Didn’t really like the start of it, but it’s opened up in the way the first game did. Lamb’s constant smack-talk is becoming very irritating though, really does make you want to put a hot rivet through her mouth to stop hearing it.
      ME2 was fantastic though, soooo many things carry across from the first game, even minor decisions you made.
      **SPOILER** Tali’s sidequest though- couldn’t decide what to tell the Quarians to do, and I have a feeling that’s going to be a big gamechanger in ME3…

      Then there’s Call of Pripyat, probably won’t get near that till March, at least if i want to do other things, like take my other half to the pub, or go to work :D
      Also, Kongregate seems to have slowly sucked me in-anyone tried “Electric Box”?

  27. Nihilille says:

    I ran through the entirety of Shadow of Chernobyl last week (started it but not finished it before, silly me) and bought CoP last night. I’ve had a great time so far but also some mixed impressions. What I love about SoC is that it’s terribly unforgiving when you’re on your first few missions, and in CoP I found a nato-round rifle (can’t remember the name, green assault rifle) halfway into my first recon and I already rule the zone! I’m sure this will change eventually as enemies become hardier but for now things are a bit easy. This is easily made up for by the great quest design though, -SPOILER WARNING- sneaking through that bloodsucker lair really had me at the edge of my seat! -SPOILER OVER-

    I also keep thinking that CoP is a bit like Oblivion with guns, even more so than I thought Fallout 3 was.

  28. Carra says:

    I just finished and loved ME2.

    Currently started playing through C&C: Red Alert 3. Been a while since I played a classic RTS (base building!). The RPS topic showing of the first three C&C games are now free & the new C&C preview reminded me that I still have RA3 on my “to-play-list”.

    Probably up next: Bioshock 2.

  29. Taillefer says:

    Call of Pripyat, mostly. Enjoying it immensely. It still has it’s little…eccentricities, but overall very solid. It lacks some of the scarier underground moments, but mutants aren’t unknowns anymore, so that’s unsurprising. What does makes up for that though is night time. The difference between day and night is like the difference between…well, you know. It’s like a whole different game, distances suddenly seem further, every sound can startle you, little beeps signalling the presence of other stalkers suddenly becomes a massive comfort so you know you’re not alone.

    Last night still haunts me. I spent too long on a mission, and it was dark when I had to head back. So I cautiously start to make my way back, 3 little blips appear on the radar – friendly stalkers; so I run over to them for safety. Make it to their little camp “Hey guys, thank goodness you’re h…” bloodsuckers suddenly appear right behind one of them and knock him dead. Everybody starts firing all around in panic, I’m getting hit by stray bullets, I can hear invisible mutants running around us, another stalker goes down, I’m panicking and firing almost blindly into the night. Some bloodsuckers fall dead, I can just make out another running towards me, auto-firing shotgun prevails! One stalker left injured on the ground. I heal him up, make a new friend. Suggest we head to base together. Then I calm down, and that’s when I thought “I really love this game”.

    • jrmyers says:

      reply to Taillefer….

      CoP is scary enough during the day. I head to base when it’s getting dark to take advantage of the great new sleep feature. Is it me, or have the nights gotten much, much darker since SoC?.

  30. Andy says:

    I have a terrifying backlog of games to get through at the moment, Mass Effect 2 is at the top of the list and it is quite simply wonderful. I’m mostly just really glad to get back into that world which I always felt was rather well crafted.

    Closely behind that is Bioshock 2. I feel like everything that needs to be said about it has been already (which I feel is the most stand out difference between it and it’s prequel) but I’m enjoying it none the less. Except for the multiplayer which I personally think is rubbish despite it getting some positive comments in the reviews.

    I’ve still not quite managed to get through a first playthrough of Dragon Age which I really want to do before I get my teeth into the various upcoming DLC and expansions.

    Call of Pripyat has been bought but not yet played. I skipped Clear Sky after the less than glowing reviews so I’m looking forward to getting back to the Zone.

    I’ve been playing Star Trek Online a bit too but I’m already feeling that one slipping away from me. I can’t tell if it’s something wrong with the game or if I’ve just go too much else to play. I’ve invested some serious time in MMO’s before but I suppose I was a student then and the rest of the country was providing me with the time and money to do it, now that I must bow down to the man I just can’t seem to invest past the point of no return.

    Finally I’ve been trying to get through a fresh playthrough of Dawn of War 2 so I’ve got a fresh save game to take into the imminent expansion.

    Yikes, that’s a lot of gaming that I don’t have even half the time for. I really have to find a job that builds in time for my ‘hobby’.

  31. The Dark One says:

    Still having fun with L4D2. While I haven’t found a custom campaign for L4D2 that I really enjoyed, the not-completely-straight ports of the original campaigns have worked well (to the point that I don’t have any interest in playing them ‘stock’ in the first game).

    Who can deny the awesome potential of the Dead Air finale being a scavenge map?

  32. CMaster says:

    Company of Heroes, Borderlands and TF2 still.
    As well as bits of flash gaming, and making a map for Synergy.

    Interestingly, my beta account meant that I got invited to the free 2 weeks for old accounts of FE a little bit ago. Although the new features sounded interesting and I’m sure that it is less buggy, I just couldn’t face the sheer slog that is getting started in that game for a 3rd time.

  33. xyuppiex says:

    EVE. Goddamn motherfucking EVE.

  34. Cinnamon says:

    I’m playing Wizardry 8 because I am living in the past and am not brave enough to face the futuristic real time combat systems of the present day. I am also enjoying playing it, which is a bonus. The furry player character options and character personality selection thing are entertaining.

  35. jon_hill987 says:

    Well my Steam Profile suggests that I am playing Shattered Horizon (Still waiting on that Moonrise map pack, it looks good from the screenshots), Psyconaughts (only £1!) and Toki Tori (One of the best Indie puzzle games I have played in a while). I am also loosing two PBeM games of Solium Infernum, though I have a strategy planned in both that might let me get ahead if the conclave don’t vote too soon… I’m also on Chapter II of The Witcher but as it is a game that, in my opinion, is better in longer sittings, I don’t seem to find the time to continue.

  36. the affront says:

    Sword of the Stars. Been craving some 4X and after not liking it at release (because… I can’t remember why exactly) bought it on Impulse for a measly €7,49 (with all but the last addon..which I then bought for another €7,49 after finishing the tutorial, lol.) and… it’s surprisingly fun.

    Here’s hoping Stardock’s Elemental will deliver my next fix soon™.

  37. MadMatty says:

    Had a few games of Supreme Commander with my friend..i started him up on the game about a year ago, winning almost all of the matches, but last week he finally beat me 3-in-a-row :) which means i have to step up practicing a bit.
    I also tried the Galcon Fusion Demo, which was kindof fun, but a lot like a high speed Eufloria game- its basically the same innit?
    Picked up Sword of the Stars on sale with all of the expansions, and played about 4-5 hours in- seems good, but the graphics definetly need self shading and some bloom or something. Looks a bit puny compared to Eve Online, but whatever, as long as the gameplay is solid.
    And i played some Eve Online aswell.

    • MadMatty says:

      and some L4D survival mode- dam that shit is hard…. which is better: shotgun or assault rifle?

  38. Batolemaeus says:

    You see, Wurm Online and Eve Online cover the two parts of what I’m interested in almost perfectly. Build stuff, and tear stuff down. Also, it somehow feels like wurm was some sort of refuge. I come back from an hour long op in eve, it’s already pretty late and I really need to get to bed soon because i need to get up early.
    So I log into wurm, tend my farm and groom the horses, then go to bed. In both rl and vl.
    Someone should take the two games and arc weld them together.

    Also, there is still this unfinished game of Civ4 that has been keeping me for months. I always play my own mod, with research speed slowed down to a crawl, so I can have >2000 rounds of medieval battles. It also means that every game can take me months to complete..

  39. Wisq says:

    Currently not playing anything because I’m nursing a repetitive strain injury from too much Bioshock 2. (Two different fire buttons AND a melee button, all of which I want to hit a ton — one of them bound to the mouse’s side buttons I normally barely use at all, but now find myself holding down a lot — makes for a very strained mouse hand.)

    Mind you, my keyboard hand survived quite well, mainly because I gave up on all the other weapons and just went drill-only. The other weapons are meh, but the drill is always fun, and having to manage both the usual 1-to-9 weapons and a set of F1-to-F9 weapons was a bit much.

    I made that particular decision at Dionysus Park, and decided to replay from the start with just the drill (and trap rivets for Sister defense). No sooner do I get back to Dionysus Park than do I find the “Drill Specialist” tonic, causing me to cackle in glee and let the game finally align itself to my new brutal drilling-spree approach. (Plus the “cyclone trap” plasmid did a pretty good job replacing those trap rivets.)

    Honestly, IMO, the game should’ve been drill + plasmids only. Your arm is a BIG HONKING DRILL — it’s a lot easier to just leave it at that, than to claim you can both detach it and carry a dozen different replacement weapons for it (just as big). But then, Punching Heavy is my most played class in TF2, so maybe I’m just a melee nut.

    Also, Drill Specialist tonic (reduced EVE cost) + Drill Vampire tonic (regen health/EVE on drill damage) + EVE Saver 1 and 2 + Electro Bolt 3 (continuous stream) = game-breaker. Hold down your plasmid fire to electrocute the target non-stop, bore into them with the drill, and watch your EVE (and health) actually increase. Extra points for Cure All (to get EVE from healing stations), Fountain of Youth (to get health/EVE from standing in water), and Electric Flesh (to up the electric damage, and more importantly, make you impervious to it). Super bonus points for all of the above plus standing in water while you do it.

    • toni says:

      it aint broken, you get those tonics (vampire) late in the game where you actually HAVE to be that buffed to survive (at least on hard). I found the drill route satisfying and balanced, in the endlevels it’s OK to own since you worked for it. not everybody will max out their research as us “need-to-find-and-try-everything” gamers.

    • Wisq says:

      Also (very minor spoilers):

      I can see how Bioshock 2’s story does feel a bit like a prequel, though the gameplay definitely feels like a sequel. But what I love most is how they take the Little Sister / Big Daddy concept you saw in Bioshock and let you experience both sides of it. I truly did feel attachment to the Sister I was escorting, to the point of being concerned about her having trouble getting into the vent (even though I knew it was scripted). And playing as a Little Sister was an amazing touch, too, though I really wish they had taken it further and had you being defended by a Big Daddy while you harvested corpses. Just a little bit, mind you — there’s not a lot of interactivity there. But as is, it feels like they stopped just short of completing the experience.

      I was also horrified the first time I rescued a Sister and it looked like I was harvesting her instead. This is mainly due to the utterly deranged keybind system, which is probably the worst part of Bioshock 2. Some binds are editable via the config, some aren’t — I honestly thought I had a glitch and could not hack, since the key was the default and I had to edit the config file (tens of thousands of lines!) to change it. And even once you edit the binds, the on-screen cues very rarely actually match what you configured. So when it said “press this key to harvest and that key to rescue”, I was basically hitting keys at random, starting from the most used ones.

      Do they even bother to test things like remappable keys? (Hint: Delete all keybindings in the config file, give the game to a beta tester, tell them to map everything themselves. Can they still play the game?)

  40. Sam says:

    Spelunky, because it finally works in Wine with no workarounds, and because I’ve always enjoyed roguelikes, and I’ve always enjoyed platformers, so roguelike platformers are the logical combination… (It’s appropriately hard, though, I have to say.)

    Other than that, nothing but my vaguely-in-progress-first-Unity-project, which is all RPS’s fault. :D

    (I would have tried Bioshock 2, but the DRM (considering I’m using Wine here) is a no-no, and Mass Effect 2 seems to be better if you’ve played Mass Effect (which I never did, so if I ever acquire a copy of the original…) )

  41. Malagate says:

    Been almost exclusively playing AvP the original for the past few days, it just works so well on my knackered old machine.

    I would perhaps also be playing the likes of L4D1 and 2, TF2 and maybe some Penumbra for the hell of it, which used to run smooth as silk but now are all juddery and weird. So I’m stuck with web games (that sky dungeon is fun by the way, thanks for that! Giant Flying Eye ftw!), free indy stuff (Spelunky, Dwarf Fortress) and old classics as I already said.

    I’m actually quite pleased with it, nothing else that’s quite new has really caught my eye, although I’m regretting not being able to play DoW 2, continue in Fallout 3 (which again used to run so well a few months ago…) and even think about trying Shattered Horizon (I’d need a huge upgrade before trying that mind).

  42. Mr Pink says:

    EVE. The RPSH move out to 0.0 is proving to be quite the funtime.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      Where’d you guys go? I ran into you near Tribute a few times, but then suddenly you vanished.

  43. vader says:

    I’m playing the Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta… constantly. No time for sleep, food or other games when there’s houses to demolish and people to shoot in the face .

  44. Fatrat says:

    *Call of Pripyat, which is MUCH better than the previous STALKER games.
    *A dabble in L4D2 multiplayer
    *A dabble in WoW (yes, kiss my butt =P )
    *Aside from that, maybe just a little xbox, i tried Red Faction Guerrilla multiplayer last night and it was actually quite a good bit of mental bash-em-up fun.

  45. GibletHead2000 says:

    Fairly boring and predicable, but… I’m playing Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, and hopefully by the time I’m done with those the expansion for Dragon Age will be out, and I’ll start that over again. (I didn’t get far past Lothering last time)

    Oh, also I’ve been firing up The Void every now and then.

  46. Xavii says:

    Nothing. I just can’t do it any more.

  47. mrpier says:

    Mass Effect 2 – Which I’m enjoying immensely.

  48. Anthony says:

    Mass Effect 2. Second playthrough mostly to fix up some choices made that I later regretted.

  49. Surgeon says:

    Bad Company 2 Beta
    Which is brilliant.

    I’m really tempted by Call of Pripyat, but the wife is hogging the PC at the moment to do, supposedly, important MSc work.

    Oh and I really want to play Mass Effect 2, but I’m waiting to see if my Rock, Paper, Shotgun monster was good enough to win the RPS ME2 DDE competition :)

    So I’m mainly busying myself with playing Uncharted 2.
    Which is slighly off putting, because the main female lead is voiced by the same actress who voiced Morrigan.
    And after spending 85 hours romancing ,and then jilting, the evil witchface, it’s all a bit strange seeing her flirting with Nathan Drake.

  50. corbie says:

    Dawn of War 2 – just go it in the rather intimidating THQ complete pack after meaning to try it but never managing to break my DoW1 habit long enough.

    Going to be trying Last stand tonight with a friend, which is keeping me going today.

    Oh and WAR has finally broken out in my Neptunes Pride game. I’ll find out how badly that went tonight too. >.<