Mods News: Error Report

Sundays are for… oh, no, wait, that’s Kieron’s job. And it’s Wednesday. Wednesdays are for compiling a round-up of the most interesting happenings on the mod scene from the past week-or-so. And that’s my job. So I should probably do something along those lines. Onwards!

– My favourite thing this week is the opening sequence of newly released Half-Life 2: Ep 2 mod Human Error. That’s because it’s the best opening sequence I’ve yet seen in a single-player mod. The rest is… well, oddly mixed, but mainly quite good. A few things let it down, but it’s worth playing for the occasional sparks of brilliance that erupt across its three-hour run time. Review here.

– HL2 mod WWI Source has launched its first public beta. ModDB ratings are good, responses in the comments are mixed. Not had the chance to play this yet. Why not try it out?

AvP2’s very own version of Team Fortress has released an update, including fixes to a couple of maps and some server tweaks.

– Pirates, Vikings and Knights II, which I still can’t stop calling ‘Pirates Versus Knights’ for some reason, releases Version 2.3 via good old Steam. This is one of those HL2 mods I really should have played by now, but for some reason haven’t. It’s good, right?

– People are still making HL1 mods! And one of them, Cry of Fear, has been looking exceptional for a couple of years now. It’s only going to work through Steam, its developers revealed this week. That’s fine, though – all you need to do is activate your old CD-ROM copy of the game through Steam and you’ll be able to play. Still no release date announced, but the big progress bar on its ModDB page seems to show it to be about 75 per cent done.

– Crysis Wars mod Modern Combat Operations needs alpha testers to make sure the thing basically works online. Interested?

Beta 0.7 of Stalker: Clear Sky Reloaded is available. Reloaded does the old “what the game should have been” overhaul to the second of the Stalker games. I must say, playing through the exquisite Call of Pripyat at the end of last month did give me the urge to return to the second game. The knowledge of how bloody awful it often was stopped me in my tracks, but I might have to check this out. Download from here, and not from the button on the link above, which doesn’t work for some reason.

Wonderful Life, an art-mod for UT3, has unleashed beta 2.0. But, er, it won’t be going any further. Says developer Thomas J. Papa: “It is time to use all experience and knowledge that Wonderful Life brought me and focus on other projects now.” Fair play to him. As is a theme this week, I’ve not played this one, but it looks interesting.

More mod talk, updated as daily as possible, over at UserCreated.


  1. Lusc says:

    Really good stuff Lewis. It was only a couple of weeks ago I was like ‘ I wish I could get a consolidated news report on mods’ and low and behold you appear!

  2. Senethro says:

    Thanks for doing this, I hope it becomes a long lived regular column. Its stuff I want to know.

  3. KillahMate says:

    That Human Error thingy sounds intriguing. Always nice to see interesting single player mods, they’re such a rarity these days… And in the HL universe no less!

  4. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Good to see some love for Cry Of Fear; it’s the new mod by ruMpel (the guy who made Afraid of Monsters) and I for one support anyone who’s still working on HL1 mods (love me some HL1 mods, I have dozens I’ve collected over the years and burned to disks and they still take up a lot of my play time).

    Looking good and fingers crossed this one doesn’t do a Nightwatch.

    • Vandelay says:

      I just glanced at some of the screenshots from this and it looks incredible for a game running on the Half Life 1 engine. A quick glance at some of them and you could think it was from the Source engine.

      Looks like it could be quite a creepy one too.

  5. Daniel says:

    That’s because Lewis is everywhere, lurking and waiting to pounce with words.

  6. KillahMate says:

    Oh yes, great job with the column! It’s a perfect addition to a PC gaming site, hope it sticks around for a long time – it’s become basically my main source of information about the mod world.

    And also, get your tags in order! Is it “Mods news” or “Mod news”? Because it’s the other way around in the previous column. Stick to one so I can get all the columns when I click on the tag!

  7. Mike says:

    Needs a ‘failed’ meme.

  8. The Diddler says:

    That WW1 mod is not very good. The way you aim your rife is NOT realistic, the feeling of trench warfare is not present and the movement is awkward. I hope they will improve the “War” feeling.

    Nevertheless, I’d love to see more WW1 Shooters, I love Red Orchestra but I’m fed up with WW2 FPS.

  9. Ben Abraham says:

    Excellent community service you’re doing here. Keep it up!

  10. AVarotsis says:

    I rather liked WW1: Source…
    Also, something Lewis hasn’t covered, Goldeneye: Source is getting release Beta4 on the 19th! It’s a big one, and I’m excited! More coverage at UserCreated, as usual.

  11. GYAD says:

    The WW1 mod seems…bare? Rifles, machine guns, dull green-grey fields: we’ve been here before. They’re following the school of thought that thinks that WW1 is like WW2 but with less interesting locations, units and weapons. Tha hell wiv dat I sez!

    Where are my Arditi? Camel Corps? Schutztruppe? Why aren’t I climbing the Alps to fight Austro-Hungarians? Why aren’t I rolling around the deserts in my Rolls Royce Armoured Car? Why aren’t I riding hard with the Cossacks? Why aren’t I sneaking through the snow in my camouflage to raid trenches in France? Where is my body armour? My jam-tin grenade? My trench club? Where are the Dadaists? The Communists? The Vorticists? Where’s the Judo?

    Its cruel to jump up and down on a mod for not having all trillion and one things it could have but nonetheless WW1:Source is rather stultifying in its lack of ambition.

    (End Soapbox…)

  12. Theory says:

    PVK is a great joke and a terrible game. It’s worth playing for a laugh and for the novelty value, but despite the huge amount of talent that’s clearly gone into it, that’s all.

    Edit: with that said, I do like its take on CTF.

  13. Dominic White says:

    An interesting mod recently gone into public beta:

    link to – Legend of The Galactic Heroes, for Sins of A Solar Empire.

    It’s based on a truly fantastic Japanese animated series from the 80s, which in itself as a direct (almost word-for-word) adaptation of a series of sweeping political space-opera novels.

    On a notable tangent, you really should track down and watch the show. The animation is dated, but the characters and writing are fantastic, and the show is actually presented in the form of a future-history documentary (as you might see on the History Channel), going over the lives, times and achievements of notable political figures in the far future. It also has lots of huge (literally tens of thousands of ships) space battles where miillions die and strategy/tactics win the day because no one man is a fortress.

    Both it, and the mod, have an all-classical soundtrack. It is the classiest show, and hope it develops into the classiest mod as well.

    • TCM says:

      I think I stopped around episode 5 or so. Of 110.

      I should pick it back up.

    • Dominic White says:

      It really takes a while to get going – it’s not laid out like a TV show would normally be. Each episode is literally a chapter or two of the novels adapted directly, which means that it’ll be doing introductions of the core characters up to the first ten episodes.

    • Quijote3000 says:

      This anime is truly a space opera. I truly recommend it.
      I’ll take a look at the mod.

  14. Torgen says:

    Just another reader adding his thanks for this new feature! Yay, mods! You give Wednesday a purpose!

  15. Duck says:


  16. A-Scale says:

    PVK is an OK but hugely outdated game. It’s decent fun for an hour or two, but the combat is lacking. I wouldn’t recommend the download.

  17. Davie says:

    Human Error is really quite excellent. I haven’t finished it yet, but there a lot of really neat features. Controlling manhacks is the best. I’ve also been playing some WWI Source, which needs some polish, but could easily become one of the strongest and most fun multiplayer source mods out there. It’s exciting!

  18. Mistabashi says:

    That Clear Sky mod has some of the worst promo shots since Microsoft’s DX10 propaganda – before shots edited to look ridiculously bright with no contrast, after shots with loads of bloom and shader effects dialled-up to 11.

    If you want a genuinely interesting mod for CS, try Total Faction Warfare, it completely changes the gameplay and adds loads of new & interesting stuff :D

  19. Eschatos says:

    PVKII is extremely fun, though it gets old fast. It can make for a great evening, but don’t play it more than once a month.

  20. Tyler says:

    I’ll throw in for PVK2. It and Hidden-Source are the only two FPS mods with active servers I’ve enjoyed in years. A lot of mods out there with plenty of potential, but are too unpolished to realize it. I’d totally play that UT3 steampunk racing mod if I could find any servers for it :)

    Also, PVK2 can be installed through the steam store, which makes trying it super easy.

  21. Oak says:

    Despite frustrations brought on by its who-the-hell-knows hit detection and a loud, idiotic playerbase, I’ve had a great deal of fun with PVK2.

    • DarkNoghri says:

      Sounds like L4D2.


    • Tyler says:

      Loud and idiotic, yes. I suspect half the people playing it are drunk. But very polite, for the most part! I’ll take that playerbase over MW2 or CS (uhh..Counterstrike, not Clear Sky) any day.

  22. Auspex says:

    I like this, every week please.