Actung, Baby: Achtung Panzer! Demo

Kharkov! Tank battle! Tank battle! Well, as previously reported, Paradox are publishing this tanky-a-bit-like-total-war-apparently-game. Tim Stone played the Russian demo and liked it. You can get it from here or watch a trailer below…

…or you could carry on talking about the Ubisoft DRM farago. Longest comment thread of all time? I think so.

Oh – if you’re interested, the game’s available to pre-order now, with a 15% off.


  1. GT3000 says:

    Well hot damn.

  2. Scalene says:

    Seven… pages?


  3. Fabu says:

    Es heißt übrigens “Achtung, Baby”. ;-)

  4. Flameberge says:

    This comment page just looks like an opportunity for the ubisoft DRM anger to diversify and spread itself around. Like an unopposable cancer.

    Also: Quite liked the trailer. It’s games like this that remind me tanks were originally portrayed in games with a top-down perspective as various sizes of rectangle with a line jutting out of the middle. How far we have come.

  5. Sad-o-lon says:

    Nice…i liked their previous games alot. Still play Kharkov ´41 occasionaly. This looks definatly better than the horribble ToW2 Kursk

  6. uhye says:

    well, the biggest l4d2 comments thread was 595, so…

  7. Acidburns says:

    Yay tanks! I’ll be giving this a shot pronto.

  8. TimA says:

    This looks great, but I was utterly confused in the demo. Hopefully there’ll be a tutorial as it looks quite fun, reminds me of Combat Mission in a way.

    Tip: turn the music off.

  9. tigershuffle says:

    if this is by the same good people that did Steel Fury……..then its a Da from me

    if not ill check it out any way

  10. Count Sessine says:

    Very ambitious game, I like it… a lot. Lost sleep last night with the first play through, can’t wait to play more later today :-)

  11. LordCraigus says:

    I didn’t really know what I was doing but it looks right up my alley. I just wish there was a tutorial.

  12. Junior says:

    That’s possibly one of the best WWII game names I’ve seen.

    No one will be forgetting that title, unlike Men of.. valour, war? Men of Faces? I forget…

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