Big, Stompy: SupCom 2’s Nearly Here

It’s on my PC, in fact, but I can’t tell you about it until March 1st. Although I can exclusively reveal that it’s got tanks in it. Also, planes. I think I might have spotted some terrain at one point too. With only two weeks to go until the game’s released, you’ll be wanting some sort of hint as to whether you want the robotty RTS sequel or not, though. So try these trailers on for size, in which large machines blow up a lot of smaller machines and Chris Taylor sounds uncharacteristically nervous…

Here’s the Cybran underwater Experimental unit known as the Kraken:

And this here’s another Cybran mega-thing, the Bomb Bouncer. A name which undersells it a little, really…

Of course, everyone’s checking their email for Starcraft II beta keys today, so perhaps this is of minor interest. Also: having two big RTS sequels with the abbreviation SC2 is NO GOOD.


  1. DMcCool says:

    For some reason I just can’t get excited a bout SupCom2, which is disturbing. TA was an obession for me and the original SupCom made me giddy with joy, everything that I wanted from an RTS and more.

    The problem with SupCom 2 is it doens’t seem to be better than SupCom in any demonstratable way – just sillier. Sort of like this new Starcraft game that effectively just has to be shinier than the last and similar in any way to sell loads.

    I do hope SupCom 2 does well of course, just because Giant Robots + Massive Armies is the best idea ever. But do we really need more sequels? Should we really get excited about them?

    Jesus, I feel like I’m getting old.

    • MadMatty says:

      yes the notion did creep up on me aswell.
      Although i am probably going to get it, im not really expecting anything major over the first one.
      Heres hoping for some soft improvements to AI, pathfinding… hoping you can use a free camera instead of the forced one from above… and a bunch of new units basically.
      Its definetly more of the same, but which sequel isn´t?

      hoping that my gaming rig can pull thru……….

    • l1ddl3monkey says:

      @MadMatty: CTRL+V unlocks the camera in SC. I found this out last year even though I’ve been playing it since it came out…

  2. Ginger Yellow says:

    To be fair, the pathfinding seems orders of magnitude better. Given that that was my biggest issue with the original, requiring far too much fiddly waypoint usage, I’m pretty excited.

  3. dbdkmezz says:

    Actually, if you’re checking your emails for Starcraft 2 beta invites then you’re looking in the wrong place. Instead you need to log into your account and see if the SC2 beta has appeared amongst the pictures of games you own.

    I know this because I’M ON THE BETAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And I didn’t get an email.

  4. Aldehyde says:

    There are the boats that I was looking for! Maybe it will be a buy for me anyway.

  5. Rich says:

    I’m just hoping the talk of its improved optimisation are accurate. SupCom ran OK on my machine, but it’s expansion was sloooooooooooow.

    • goodgimp says:

      It’s been optimized by hacking the unit count and map size down to about 1/3 of the original, sadly. I have no doubt it’ll run much better.

  6. Plinglebob says:

    I loved SupCom and every so often I load up a saved game of the final mission in Forged Allience where you get a Commander from each faction and try different stratagies/units for fun. Sadly SupCom2’s release is clashing with about 6 other games I want in March and so it may have to wait for summer.

  7. nichevo says:

    I’ve got no problems with a simpler economy and a cut-down unit list. I can see how such trimming could be good if done right.

    I will be sad, however, if the scale is gone. What I feel set TA and SupCom apart were the huge armies and the even huger maps. Where line-of-sight is dwarfed by radar coverage, where travel time matters, and where artillery and tactical missiles are important things. You know, when it feels like you’re defending the borders of a country rather than a small town.

    I would love to get back into some epic team vs team battles across massive maps!

  8. Alphabet says:

    In re: the bomb bouncer and its shield: nice to see the Star Wars prequels finally making an impact on popular culture.

  9. Javier-de-Ass says:

    this game is steam only

    • Rich says:

      ‘Steam only’ doesn’t bother me as long as I can buy a retail disk and activate it, which is almost inevitably cheaper than buying it straight from Steam. An obvious example being Empire: TW, which when I bought if for £10 from some obscure retailer, still cost £25 on Steam.

    • Riaktion says:

      mine is preordered from game for 20 quid. Horay!

  10. Brandon says:

    Well, I personally cannot wait. Hopefully with all the performance optimizations, larger epic battles can take place.

    Pathfinding improvements are quite welcome. March 1, come on!

  11. LionsPhil says:

    Possibly the most exciting thing about those trailers is the ordinary-looking terrain in the latter, rather than the stupid Demigod platforms shown previously.

    • LionsPhil says:

      That said, it’s a stupid unit, like it’s C&C4 counterpart. Yes, I really want to have to individually tell my units to hold fire or otherwise redirect their efforts every time one shows up. Having to micromanage units’ basic survival skills is totally appropriate in a strategy game and not at all entirely artificial, predicated around the inability to tell your units “See the big reflective thing? Don’t shoot these types of weapons at that one. Leave it to the [type of weapon which gets through].”

    • Rich says:

      Standing orders? Units with their own intuition?
      Now that would be something.

  12. MadMatty says:

    mmm hope they havent ruined the economy system too much

  13. Carra says:

    Those units look like fun. And the bomb bouncer looks really useful.

    Then again Starcraft 2 is on the horizon…

  14. MadMatty says:

    I found a real competitor to RPS…. gaming news in a, shall we say, a pleasent format: link to

  15. Arathain says:

    I’m sorry, why is nobody talking about the ginormous laser-tentacled robo-squid? If that isn’t six shades of awesome I don’t know what is.

  16. Tei says:

    huumm? , this looks a big cheesy, like a c&c game or something. the deflector one seems interesting, trough..

  17. Evernight says:

    I’m sorry WTF is Sup Com 2? I am too busy peeing my pants about the Starcraft 2 beta.

  18. Killertedster2000 says:

    I was intending to build a new system to play this game, looking at the requirements looks like I wont have to. Disappointed to be honest. I want to be playing games that look better than they could on any console that’s a few years old!

    Forged Alliance is the best game ever made! I would have been happy with some tweaks and new units
    and paid the price of a new game.

    Hope this does not suck as much as demigod or space siege. They were a major disappointment. I still think this will be great though, preorded from amazon……cant wait